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Consume Me

A/N:   Hey guys this is a new story that im starting that is a Harry Fionn vampire AU, hope you all enjoy it. REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN FOR IN BETWEEN CHAPTERS.

———————————————————————————————————–Chapter 1:The Beginning 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Harry’s POV

It had been been ages, well literally for me it had been ages, but also it had been ages trapped there in that place, fighting that battle that I didn’t even have to enlist in. How did I get myself in that God forsaken place? Oh yea I thought it would seem strange if a perfectly able young man like myself were just walking around London while all the others were fighting a battle to save the world, besides it’s not like I could die or get hurt even, I might as well make my immortality productive and put it to good use. But what i didn’t expect was no matter how long I had been living, no matter how much death I had seen in all my days, all the gore, nothing could have prepared me for this, this was different from any battle I had ever seen, this was the humans fight.

 Humans, the most destructive beings on earth. They not know what they truly do, starting not one but two world wars in one century, with young men greedily fighting for survival, but that’s what survival is isn’t it, greed. I know that sounds harsh but that’s also what it is, it’s a bunch of young men that came together to defeat one evil while simultaneously trying to survive, beating each other at who gets to go home first, finding ways to get their before others. Making sure you make it out alive without giving others even a second thought.

That’s what was in store for me next, I just didn’t know it yet. I was actually lucky, I was boarding a boat to finally go home from France, and yea I know I was the last person there that needed to go home that second but people were starting to get suspicious of me surviving deadly wounds and not dying of starvation or dehydration. That was the first time that I had actually smiled since being there, seeing all the men happy and smiling to be boarding the ship. All the starving humans hungrily eating the food that was provided and drinking the water to wash it down before getting more.
And then just like that it was all taken from them, and they went from happy to fearful. I could hear it first, the planes coming to bomb us, I could tell by the engine that it wasn’t one of ours either, but what was i going to do, how was I to stop it. There were explosions everywhere, panic filling everybody and chaos taking over. I could hear the deck being blown apart and screams coming from the men on it just innocently waiting to be taken home. I could feel the ship sinking, most people were just jumping overboard but the wounded couldn’t, we had to leave them. And I made the mistake of jumping over on the side of the ship that was slowly making its way towards the deck about to crush anything between the two, and yes I wouldn’t have died but I was too weak to get out of there on my own, and I wasn’t going to let it crush me, that would have exposed our kind. That’s how I met Fionn, I will forever be grateful to him, and now forever stuck as well.

“Well Mr. Styles, it seems that our time is up for today, as it was good for you to talk about the war and meeting Fionn, that’s not what I asked you about, you dodged my question again”.

I started Therapy with Dagwood 3 weeks ago, this was our third session. He’s a doctor for special people, not human people, so we can talk to someone and tell them the real things that are bothering us, and him being what he is can see right through me and knows I’m not talking about what’s really getting to me, I just don’t know if I’m ready to talk about that yet.

“I can feel that you think you’re not ready to talk about  your family yet,  but Harry I really think your family could be the root to your problem”.

 “I’m just having a reoccurring dream, that’s all, don’t see what my family s’got to do with it”.

 “Well maybe if you told me what the dream was I could help you overcome it, and from what I can tell from your fear when talking about, it’s more of a nightmare not a dream”.

 “Maybe next week Dagwood”.

“Ok, will Fionn be coming in for a session today?”

“Uhh no, no he’s at uni, living there actually, in a dorm and all. He said something about wanting to try and live a normal human life. He’s attending the University of York”.

 “Ah I see, and let me guess he used his charm to get in?”“Ha, yea considering he’s a 91 year old that looks 19 and his birth certificate is a bit off he kinda had too”.

Dagwood was now packing up his things getting ready to leave as I walked towards the door of his conveniently dark, quaint office.

“That’s better for me anyway, my … niece is moving in today, she’s actually attending the university of York as well”.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the poor flustered man, I knew she wasn’t his niece and I could tell he could sense I knew. We both exited the office heading outside to the cold Yorkshire air that was filling the streets. Streets filled with humans all bundled up in jumpers, beanies and boots. I didn’t need any of those things, considering I never get cold, but in order to fit in I usually wear a light peacoat with a scarf of some sort. 

Me and Dagwood have been chatting about how maybe Fionn and Solstice, his “niece”, may know each other and he’s still panicking in his head over the fact that I know what she really is. 

“Dagwood, look, your secrets safe with me, I trust you with my deepest darkest secrets, you can trust me with this one”.

 Dagwood smiled at the ground, embarrassed that I knew the truth, 

“I should have known you would have figured it out with your mind reading”. 

“Well I knew you knew with your empathy”. 

“Its why i do what i do”.

Each of us gets a “special” power when we become vampires based off of what we were good at in our human life. You see Dagwood here was good at sensing how people felt, therefore he is now an empath. 

Dagwood is now getting into his car with nervousness and excitement filling him

,“Harry, thank you.. for keeping my secret”.

 “It’s no problem, if anyone understands secrets it’s me”. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Solstice’s POV
I woke up gasping for air, sweat coating my body, I’m now sitting up in my small bed with my heart beating at a thousand miles an hour. I had the dream again, well the nightmare, every night its the same thing. 

It starts off with a beautiful man walking towards me on a deck by the lake, there is a beautiful wooded area surrounding us and flowers filling what there is of ground. The man finally gets to me and sits down, caressing my cheek with the back Of his hand. 

“I’m so lucky to have found you, v’been lookin for you for ages”. 

The mans smiling down at me sweetly as his face slowly moves closer to mine, his breath fanning my cheek as his nose nudges it. He gently places his lips on mine intertwining them as we kiss, I feel a hard pinch on my bottom lip and taste blood, he bit me and is now kissing me with more passion and more hunger than before. 

Suddenly it’s night and we’re in the middle of a field of blood red flower all burning, except a small circle surrounding us where there is no fire. 

My back is now to the mans chest as his hand is wrapped around my throat, pulling it to the perfect angle for better access to my neck, better access for him to bite. Outside of the circle I see two figures in the fire running towards us screaming for the man to stop, the man quickly turns me around, fangs protruding from his gums and the soft green eyes I saw before are now glowing green with veins popping out from below. I scream as loud as I can as the man harshly pierces my flesh with the sharp fangs sucking me dry, killing me.

That’s how it ends, that’s how it always ends, with me dead only to be woken up at 4:00 AM to realize it was just a dream, but the thing is it never feels like a dream it’s always so real, too real. And now there is no way I’m going back to sleep, I never do. I think the cause of these stupid nightmares is this dorm, I started school 3 weeks ago and that’s when these nightmares started, or maybe it’s just England.

I decided that I was just gonna go ahead and get up, I have a big day with moving and all anyways maybe I can just go ahead and get my shower out of the way. Making my way to the bathroom I grab my towel, toiletry bag and what I plan on wearing for the day, struggling to open the door with all the items in my hand only to notice once it is open the room is full of steam, like someone showered.


Finally with all the steam leaving the room through the door that I opened I can see a boy getting out of the shower, a very naked boy. 

“Oh my gosh I’m so so sorry I… I didn’t know anyone was in here I thought this was my own bathroom and well I keep having this reoccurring nightmare so I thought while I was already up might as well sho-“

“Would you please just excuse yourself!”

The boy was trying his best to keep himself covered with just his hands as I made an idiot of myself and just rambled on about why I was awake and why I was gonna shower. 

Quickly exiting the bathroom I scold myself for being so weird, like why when I’m embarrassed do I just ramble on like that. That poor boy has no interest in my life or even any clue about the things I was talking about.

 “Umm, its all yours”.

 The shy boy now fully clothed, opening the door that led to my room allowing me into the bathroom. 

“Thanks, and I’m sorry I honestly didn’t know that I shared this bathroom with someone and I really didn’t expect it to be a guy”.

 He’s  still not making eye contact with me, looking uncomfortable he continues to stand there rubbing the back of his neck,

“Didn’t expect it? These are co-ed dorms”.

 Even more embarrassed than before, I stand there clutching my items as I bite my bottom lip. 


When I bit my lip it felt just like it did in my dreams when the beautiful man did it. Feeling my lip with my fingertips I look down at the blood coating them. 

“Um you should take care of that, maybe start that shower”. 

The boy is now completely turned away from me, did I really embarrass him that much I didn’t even really see anything. Ok that was a lie but he didn’t know that. 

“No, I just bit myself too hard, it’s fine really…just a little blood”. 

By looking at his back he seems like he’s breathing heavy,

“Hey, are you ok?”

“Yea…yea I’m fine, just got too hot in the shower”.

 “Ok, well I’m Solstice by…the way”. 

As I was speaking the boy rushed out of our shared bathroom, not even telling me his name. 

“Yea that was great…great meeting you too dorm mate”. 

It’s now 10 AM and Blaise has been helping me pack up most of my dorm all morning. Dagwood said that he was gonna continue paying for the dorm in case I wanted somewhere private to crash in between classes.

 “I just don’t understand why you didn’t ask mystery guy to help you, I mean you seem pretty close and all”.

 I rolled my eyes at Blaise, every since I told him about the shower incident he hasn’t let it go, and has made comments all morning. I met Blaise when I first arrived here, he’s the first friend I made…well he’s the only friend I’ve made but we’re already really close.

 “Blaise, I don’t even know the guys name and I met him for like 2 seconds, that’s not close”.

“You’ve seen each other naked, doesn’t get much closer than that Sol”.

“For the last time we did not see each other naked, I saw him naked”. “But you were both in the shower”.

 Ok now he’s just pushing it, he knows how the story went, he’s just trying to get under my skin. 

“No, we weren’t. He was in the shower I walked into the bathroom”.

 Blaise put his hands up in defense

,“Ok, ok whatever you say”. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Fionn’s POV

She was having the nightmare again, the girl, my dorm mate. I don’t know if she knows it, but every time she screams in the dream she screams in real life. I’ve had to charm everyone in this building to forget about the scream every time they hear it. I just don’t want attention to be drawn to myself, I’m trying to stay low. 

With being a vampire my senses are already heightened, but with also being an empath not only are my own senses heightened, but everyone else’s around me that I can feel. I’ve learned to deal with it mostly over the years, but every night when she has that dream an insane amount of fear and pain fill her, then it’s multiplied by ten for me. 

That’s why I was in the shower, I get in the shower every morning around 4AM when she’s having the dream, the running water helps me calm down, the sound drowns out her feelings that are running through my head.

I grabbed my bag and phone before I left my dorm, I had a big history test this morning, well I guess not really big for me since I lived it. Right outside our dorms is my neighbor and some guy, they’re packing up what looks like things that would go into her room. Is she moving? She can’t be moving it’s only been 3 weeks. I feel an urge come over me to ask her to stay, for some reason I don’t want her to leave, and for some reason I really don’t like her laughing with that guy. God her laugh, it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, she has the kind of laugh that makes you feel warm and happy, safe, the kind of laugh that makes you want to laugh. What am I saying I don’t even know this girl, I must be feeding off of that guys emotions.

“Hey, Solstice’s dorm mate guy!”

Oh no, why is that guy calling me over? How does he even know I’m her dorm mate?  

Solstice is now trying her best to hide her face and act like she can’t see me. Was the situation really that bad this morning?The guy continues to call for me so I head over towards the two. I make it to the both of them and Solstice still won’t look at me.

 “Hey Solstice”.  

She looks up from the curtain of hair blocking her face from my view,


“Uhh, Fionn, its Fionn”. 

She gave me a quick smile, now fully looking at me, God she’s gorgeous. 

“Fionn, look again im sorry about this morning I really didn’t know”

“It’s fine, promise”. 

I cut her off from her rambling, I could feel how flustered she was getting.

“Are you moving?”

“Yea, well mostly. I’m going to live with my uncle but he’s going to continue paying for the dorm in case I need some privacy while on campus”. 

“Oh that’s cool”.

 Suddenly I smelled it, it was the same scent from last night when she bit her lip, she was bleeding.

 “Shit, it’s  like I just can’t seem to stop bleeding around you”.

 I could feel myself losing control, I quickly turned around hoping I could calm myself down so I didn’t  have to run again.

 “Sol what the hell did you do?”

I could feel that guy whose name I still don’t know moving towards her to check on her hand.

 “I just cut it on the side of the truck, no big deal”. 

I could feel the hunger taking over me, I had to get out of here, I haven’t fed in over a month.

I quickly ran towards to the woods and as soon as I was out of eyesight I orbed myself to Harry’s apartment. I knew he kept a stash of blood in the deep freeze.

 Appearing in his apartment I was grateful that he wasn’t here, he would have scolded me for not taking care of myself like I should, he probably would make me move back in with him. I grab a blood bag and immediately suck it down. I can feel the hunger slightly ease but really all I wanted was her, there was an urge in me to just turn back around and have just a taste, but I knew I couldn’t. I would lose control. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••      Solstice’s POV 

When I finally look up after cleaning my hand from the blood, Fionn is gone. Why does he keep doing that, running every time we are starting to have a good conversation. Maybe he’s just not good with blood, I was bleeding both times.

“C’mon Sol, we got to get to Dagwoods”.

 I hop into the truck with Blaise as we head off to my uncles home, well Manor is more like it. I can’t help but to think about Fionn, I’m not sure why he’s all I want to think about but he is, there’s just something about him that pulls me to him. The stupid voice in my head is telling me that it’s because I saw him wet and naked, but that’s not it.

We finally arrive at the manor, Blaise is helping me carry my bags in as the front door opens. 


I drop my bags to run up and give my uncle a hug. My uncle means a lot to me, him and my aunt Valeria.

My parents died when I was a baby, I don’t even remember them, so my aunt took me in and we lived in America. My aunt was my moms sister, Dagwood is my dads brother. Even though I didn’t get to live with him when I was younger, he always came to visit the states and see me.

“Solstice, you’re beautiful as ever”. 

I missed him, he smelled familiar, which is something I miss since the move, familiarity.

 “Well c’mon, lets get inside, I want to hear everything since the last time I saw you”.

 Blaise, Dagwood and I all grabbed some bags and headed in. “Hey Harry, come down here there’s someone I want you to meet. Harry is one of my clients and after our session today he called me and asked if there was anything I needed help with with the move, so he’s been putting together your bed”. 

We hear footsteps coming down the stairs, as the man makes his way to us he makes eye contact with me. No, it can’t be, it was the same beautiful soft green eyes from my dream, he was the man from my dream.
I felt weak, lightheaded ,the room was spinning and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The next thing I know the man is rushing past me with my uncle calling after him. Black spots are starting to fill my vision as my uncle calls my name asking me if I’m ok. Dagwoods worried blue eyes are the last thing I see before complete blackness. 


i remember my crammed shoulders rubbing
against the fabric of another boy’s tuxedo,
stuffed in the front seat of the limo, eyes red and shot.
i crossed my arms,
to give him space. the boy

i took a moment of rest.

i opened my eyes. we were driving
down the highway, in the middle
of a motorcade, behind the hearse,
the roads tinged pale gray with salt and
ice. the lights of three police
cars danced in front of us like red and white stars.

i remember
carrying the casket, sleek, fresh, with
mahogany finish,
thinking, frantically, with fear,
i can’t drop it, joshy’s in there
can’t drop it, joshy’s in there

i remember standing at your grave, that open wound
of earth, dug deep. i remember lowering you in, with the light
snow coating my peacoat like dust, and
i was wondering

frantically, with fear
are you in there?? really in there, are you in there??

day five of yatoriweek
title: ten firsts
pairing: yato/hiyori
word count: 2,309
summary: the first: promise. confession. kiss.
                  break up. get back together.
                   anniversary. "first time."
                        date. fight.
                    "i love you."

i. promise.

her first promise was told in an alleyway with stray cats and moldy bricks. the rain kissed the ground and yato’s bangs his forehead as he sat next to a trash can with fish bones and rotten banana peels, but all that he could concentrate on was hiyori sharing her umbrella with him, bowing a bit so they would both be protected.

“i’m not like you, yato! i will keep my promise! i will never forget you..!”

stupid hiyori, he’d thought. she held her umbrella in a way to completely cover him and so the back of her hair had rain tangled between strands, coat on its way to five shades darker and school bag with beads on it. yato’s cheeks flared red; he’d been made a promise by a human instead of making a promise to a human.

he’d granted wishes to stay alive, for a few days of remembrance, a window for him to find more clients, more wishes.

he hadn’t granted hiyori’s wish yet, but she promised more than a few days, she promised an eternity to remember him–him, someone that used to kill to survive, someone that hadn’t quite gotten his footing steady in who he wanted to be.

and yet she still promised him.

she promised to never forget him and it was the first.

the first of many promises she’d keep.

ii. confession.

he walked her home after school, took a detour and blurted out ‘i like you.’

spring coaxed cherry blossoms from their branches, little petal boats flowing down the gentle stream. lawns were pink and green, pavement scattered with the soft hues. 

light blue peacoat and soft pink scarf, her leather school bag was held with both hands in front of her. yato stared at her, his cheeks red to contrast his blue eyes and the blush on hiyori’s cheeks matched her eyes.

“i like you.”

and then moments later because his racing heart took hold of his tongue…

“…a-as a friend!”

but he saw disappointment flicker in hiyori’s eyes before she covered it up with a laugh. her lips moved with words he couldn’t hear because he suddenly blurted out…

“…as more than a friend. i… like you. i really, really like you!”

she stared and he stared back; cherry blossoms met ice and forever passed before she smiled so shyly that his heart felt like it would burst.

“…i like you too.”

iii. kiss.

he’d gotten a tad bit drunk and she’d come home a tad bit late. yukine was right next door and she knew the sound of her body to the wall would get his attention, but she’d have a few seconds to kiss him back.

his lips tasted of beer and hers of raspberry, feeling of his fingers pulling her hair more prominent than the pain of her head to the wall. yato’s palms were sweaty and her palm to his chest had his heart drumming to her; noses pressed together and teeth clicked, tongues didn’t know where to go or what to do but their first kiss couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

breath was stolen and lips were bruised, eyes half lidded as yato stared at her and she stared back. both were at a loss for words but hearts raced with words tongues couldn’t form.


he asked.

he smirked.

she smiled.

she nodded.

his body to hers.

her hands to his.


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