light peacoat

day five of yatoriweek
title: ten firsts
pairing: yato/hiyori
word count: 2,309
summary: the first: promise. confession. kiss.
                  break up. get back together.
                   anniversary. "first time."
                        date. fight.
                    "i love you."

i. promise.

her first promise was told in an alleyway with stray cats and moldy bricks. the rain kissed the ground and yato’s bangs his forehead as he sat next to a trash can with fish bones and rotten banana peels, but all that he could concentrate on was hiyori sharing her umbrella with him, bowing a bit so they would both be protected.

“i’m not like you, yato! i will keep my promise! i will never forget you..!”

stupid hiyori, he’d thought. she held her umbrella in a way to completely cover him and so the back of her hair had rain tangled between strands, coat on its way to five shades darker and school bag with beads on it. yato’s cheeks flared red; he’d been made a promise by a human instead of making a promise to a human.

he’d granted wishes to stay alive, for a few days of remembrance, a window for him to find more clients, more wishes.

he hadn’t granted hiyori’s wish yet, but she promised more than a few days, she promised an eternity to remember him–him, someone that used to kill to survive, someone that hadn’t quite gotten his footing steady in who he wanted to be.

and yet she still promised him.

she promised to never forget him and it was the first.

the first of many promises she’d keep.

ii. confession.

he walked her home after school, took a detour and blurted out ‘i like you.’

spring coaxed cherry blossoms from their branches, little petal boats flowing down the gentle stream. lawns were pink and green, pavement scattered with the soft hues. 

light blue peacoat and soft pink scarf, her leather school bag was held with both hands in front of her. yato stared at her, his cheeks red to contrast his blue eyes and the blush on hiyori’s cheeks matched her eyes.

“i like you.”

and then moments later because his racing heart took hold of his tongue…

“…a-as a friend!”

but he saw disappointment flicker in hiyori’s eyes before she covered it up with a laugh. her lips moved with words he couldn’t hear because he suddenly blurted out…

“…as more than a friend. i… like you. i really, really like you!”

she stared and he stared back; cherry blossoms met ice and forever passed before she smiled so shyly that his heart felt like it would burst.

“…i like you too.”

iii. kiss.

he’d gotten a tad bit drunk and she’d come home a tad bit late. yukine was right next door and she knew the sound of her body to the wall would get his attention, but she’d have a few seconds to kiss him back.

his lips tasted of beer and hers of raspberry, feeling of his fingers pulling her hair more prominent than the pain of her head to the wall. yato’s palms were sweaty and her palm to his chest had his heart drumming to her; noses pressed together and teeth clicked, tongues didn’t know where to go or what to do but their first kiss couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

breath was stolen and lips were bruised, eyes half lidded as yato stared at her and she stared back. both were at a loss for words but hearts raced with words tongues couldn’t form.


he asked.

he smirked.

she smiled.

she nodded.

his body to hers.

her hands to his.


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