light painting

“Milky Bay”

Another shot of the steaming lake, this time with the Milky Way in the background. I did the light painting a little different for this shot, making the flashlight brighter and only briefly illuminating the steam, essentially making it a shorter exposure so there was less motion blur and some more detail to the gaseous streams floating just about the water.

“Late to the Party”

I went down to the point to try and get some shots of the lake steaming under the stars, and I was lucky to catch a meteor streak across the sky while I was trying to figure out the best way to illuminate the steam coming off the water.
After checking out the 2016 meteor shower schedule, it looks like this was either a late Perseid meteor, or a random straggler. (The Perseids active peak ended August 26th. I shot this on September 3rd and the start of the next active shower was a moth away.)


Fairy Path by James Mills
Via Flickr:
Peak District, uk Single exposure, no photoshop


People forget that photography isn’t a perfectly framed photo of someone with the light hitting them just right. Or a baby making a face, or anything like that. Photography is whatever you capture in the moment. I look at these images and I have memories of when I took them, how, and where. They tell me a story about part of my life. And that is what a photograph is truly supposed to do.