light on ep

tim riggins has such a good heart but literally no support system at home or anywhere he thought that jasons accident was his fault for weeks after it happened and just isolated himself and broke up with tyra and quit the team because he literally had zeRO people he could tell how he was feeling because if he did they would be like ‘tim thats ridiculous’ and he would get over it but he dOESNT so he just spirals until coach taylor sets him straight and for a while lyla becomes the person he needs but that relationship is so messed up it doesnt last and the show never puts tim in a relationship where he can learn to be a better person and live up to his poTENTIAL he is so good inside but he doesnt let anyone in and he has so much heart and so much love to give whY DID THE SHOW JUST SHOVE HIM AND TYRA TOGETHER AT THE END!!!!!!!! THEY NEVER EVER WORKED TOGETHER EXCEPT WHEN THEY WERE FRIENDS!!!!!!!! TIM RIGGINS DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

‘It came with an image attachment of the target.’

“Hell, bring it on up. Might as well see who’d pay that much to be stolen away from their own kin. I betcha two credits it’s some princess trying to get away from a marriage or somethin’ – oh.”

a thing for @mariejacquelyn‘s look up and wonder because i cant remember the last time i was this invested in a fic OTL