light of the west

Finished watching sing and Wow

Ok I know I’m fashionably late to see this but I was also fashionably late seeing Zootopia. (I will see the sequel opening night if and when hopefully Disney announces it and does their magic) I noticed a lot of self esteem issues with all of the main characters but, there is a something driving each one of them. Everything from Ash trying to make a better life for herself in the end showing that she’s capable on her own to Mena coming out of her shell. In my opinion it’s a great movie and some Very interesting music. For example: that scene where the squids light up the stage to the tune of “flashing lights” by Kayne West (not a fan of Kanye but I really like this song) and Johnny’s father showing how proud he was of his son. What a great movie and the sequel I hope has shipping 💓 but maybe not. I’d rather watch Zootopia anywhere,anytime but I’d definitely recommend if you haven’t seen it please go to red box and rent it or Netflix. Or Amazon prime fire TV stick