light of night

suddenly i opened my eyes
and there you were.
sea glass and ocean breath
shimmering in moonlight.
everything about you burns
like stars
twinkling in my palms.
being with you is alive.
it’s driving through cities at night
when the world is asleep.
you are waking up.
and i wish every moment
could be that.
i crave it.
i crave it.
i crave it.
the night fog whispers,
that it breaks.
so easily.
but i say let it.
let those stars burst open
and i will sprinkle the dust.
i will throw it
so high it grazes the clouds.
that stardust will rain back down
and i’ll breathe it in,
breathe you in.
for you are a magic
that never fades.
—  midnight dreaming // @nirvanaexplosions