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Things I’ve overheard primary school kids say this year:
  • “Miss! He said ‘fuck’!” 
  • “What are thoooooseeeeee?” *points to my shoes*
  • “Simon Says ‘dab’”
  • “Miss, can you dab?”
  • “Miss, he called me the c-word. He said ‘cock’”
  • “So our healthy food store is called Mount Fruity and the special drink there is called PPAP and comes with a free pen.”
  • “Our healthy food store is called Salad and Crop Tops, because when you’re sweaty and running in a crop top, you need a salad. You also get a free crop top on your first salad purchase. Also, Serena Williams comes in with a crop top to do signings.” 
  • “Miss, you look like you could be a woman on Craigslist … are you on Craigslist?”
  • *kids playing with Beyblades* “LET IT RIIIPPPP!”
  • “Cash me ousside, howbowdah.” 
  • *kids giving a PowerPoint presentation using 98% ancient memes used in 2010* *presentation ends with that Elmo gif on fire*
  • “Miss!” “Yes?” *kid winks and fingerguns me* 
  • “Yo, yo, what up, Miss? My name’s Leo,” *kid proceeds to fist-bump me, which I return* “WHOA NO OTHER TEACHER’S ACTUALLY DONE THAT BACK, YOU’RE THE COOLEST TEACHER HERE.” me: is mortified

And perhaps the best one of all that I almost laughed in response to because it was just so advanced for their age,

  • “Miss, he told me to fist my asshole.” 

These kids are no older than 10 or 11, I might add. 

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Heyyy!! I'd love to know some of maggies favs, i love their taste!

This is so sweet I’m sobbing!!!!! I literally took a screenshot of this ask so i can save it forever, this is so unbelievably nice and cute -Maggie

Maggie’s Favs tag

we don’t need to keep it hush by jojotxt (1/1 | 5,525 | Teen And Up)

snuggle muffin (6:38): haha i know right
snuggle muffin (6:38): i love you too

Pidge’s eyes widened, and she audibly gasped.

No fucking way.

it grows stronger by tylerproposey (1/1 | 8,979 | Teen And Up)

College campuses are a cesspool of awkward encounters. Some more unnerving than others, as Lance comes to find. He thinks it’s important to note that in all those instances, Keith is there to witness them. Actually, that’s unfair. Admittedly Keith happens be useful in getting him out of those situations. Affection, as it goes, grows stronger when you’re constantly being “saved” by a protective rival – but mostly friend at this point.

Or 5 times Keith helped Lance out of a situation and the 1 time Lance tried to pay back the saves.

when i’m without you (i’m something weak) by jojotxt (1/1 | 4,185 | Teen And Up)

Keith wondered how much damage could be done to his dignity if he just threw himself into the oven to avoid the inevitable. Probably not much, really; he didn’t have much of a dignity to begin with. “My life is in shambles,” Keith whispered to the still-baking pie. “My life is in shambles and the bane of my existence is in my restaurant.”

Monkey Bars Without The Monkeys by BleuSarcelle (1/1 | 1,440 | Teen And Up)

“Dropping off a youngling after a stupid stunt he pulled on the park.” Officer Marmora says casually, stopping on the red light, “I should be home in an hour.”

The other line stays quiet for a second before, “Is he cute?”

The Officer hums and then turns around to meet Lance’s startled face, “Hey, kid, are you cute?”

“I would like to believe so, Sir.” Lance says shyly and the Officer barks a laugh at the answer.

“I think yes, buddy.”

(The one when Thace meets his son’s boyfriend before he even knew he was his son’s boyfriend.)

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"crying is an action lol"... so? Fiction evokes emotions, and crying or laughing etc. are all reactions to those emotions. But fiction does not DICTATE those emotions and actions lol That's the main problem, you basically say that if someone reads or watches certain things, then they MUST act upon it. People who say "fiction doesn’t affect reality" mean the opposite: we can distinguish between fiction and reality and don’t let fiction dictate our actions. I hope you're being dumb on purpose.

“fiction doesn’t dictate those emotions…” okay i hated myself for being gay until nico di angelo came out in heroes of olympus and i hated myself because i didn’t see myself in fiction ever!! fiction sure as hell does dictate emotions!! 

if fiction didn’t affect reality, no one would be so happy when authors add representation into their stories (@ rick riordan, the light of my life), or add no representation/bad representation to their stories (@ sarah j maas, the bane of my existence). y’all can’t say fiction doesn’t affect reality/doesn’t affect our actions and claim representation for marginalized groups is important lol.

fiction affecting reality doesn’t mean we can’t distinguish the difference between fiction and reality. i’m very well aware that the greek gods don’t exist and there was no battle of manhatten in, what, 2010? but i am aware that a certain character from the pjo series (nico) being gay affected me in reality and actually, you know, made me not hate myself all that much. 

fiction affects reality and it dictates our emotions. please, just use common sense and critical thinking for once in your lives and stop making teens on the internet do it for you. 

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Hi! I was wondering for someone who hasn't read any Marvel comics, which issues are the best ones for getting into Deadpool/Spideypool? Thanks!

this message ABSOLUTELY MADE MY DAY /rubs my hands together so fast they catch fire AAAAAA

Ok so. I’m automatically gonna jump straight into suggesting the Deadpool comic run that started in 2012 (first collected volume right here). You get to know Wade’s character really well (amazing writers) AND it’s genuinely one of the most entertaining comics I’ve ever read. Then I’m going to recommend digging up the Deadpool Annual #2 because it legit destroys me (you can also find it in this collected vol which is worth it because anything with Deadpool is a. hilarious and b. worth it)

THEN I’m gonna recommend the title that’s running right now and the current bane of my existence/light of my life, Spider-Man/Deadpool. This one is so new you could stroll into your local comic book store and most likely pick up the three issues straight off the new release shelves. It’s also SO. GOOD. The interaction and dialogue between Peter and Wade is ELECTRIC. I can’t read these comics in public because I’m either laughing my ass off or biting my knuckle fighting off tears or about to punch through several walls. The fourth issue comes out in a week (april 13th…. I have an alarm set in my phone) and I’m SO IMPATIENT AGH

Anyway. I don’t have much experience with spider-man titles but I will admit I’ve done an insane amount of wikipedia/marvel wikia reading to understand the timelines and where the characters are at…. like what happened in Superior Spider-Man is important in Spider-Man/Deadpool, and Secret Wars has made everything crazy, and like… Peter reveals his secret identity in Civil War but by the time it’s to Spider-Man/Deadpool that continuity has changed and I highly recommend just googling things that you have questions about.

I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you. I love marvel but it’s also scary-big. But I promise that Wade (and spideypool, holy hell) are worth it. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!

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which bts song reminds you of each member? :)

It’s so difficult to pick just one song per member, like I agonized over this, so I’m going to cheat and do which songs remind me of each member <3 This is very long, I’m sorry I got carried away.

Jimin: Ah, my sun and stars, light of my life, bane of my existence. For him I immediately think of Tomorrow and Let Me Know. Tomorrow is one of my favorite BTS songs, and I just think his vocals on it are so good, especially on the live rooftop version which I think is better than the studio version. It blows me away every time I watch it. For Let Me Know its because of his high note which completely fucks me up every time I hear it. After you listen to it you can’t think of anyone else but him for awhile. And he nails it on every live performance too, he’s incredible.

Suga: UGH SO MANY. Honestly every song makes me think of him but I’ll try. So Suga composed Let Me Know and Tomorrow so they also make me think of him. But for some reason I really associate Suga with Converse High. I think it’s because of his iconic line “I really hate converse” and how that conflicts with him wearing them a lot in real life. Other songs that come to mind when I think of Suga are Blanket Kick, and 어디에서 왔는지 (Where Did You Come From) because I think he really shines on mid-tempo retro sounding songs.  And I always think of him with Miss Right because of his lines about the baby shoes that kill me and make me want children despite not liking kids and never wanting children. God, I’m such a Suga slut.

Rapmon: Expensive Girl. It’s got to be Expensive Girl. I know its one of his singles and not a BTS song but “Imma beat that pussy like you never ever felt before” is iconic and sums him up for me. He’s so weird and pervy and I love him. But I also associate him with Cypher Pt.3 and We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 because they’re aggressive and I think he really stands out on them.

J-Hope: I feel like his signature song is Satoori Rap, because he’s known for his dialect and his verse is first so to me that’s his song.  I also associate him with 2학년 Second Grade because he kills his verse in this. There’s a vine floating around of him performing it live and if you’ve seen that then you know why I picked this. Also the song is really upbeat and peppy and so is J-Hope.

Jungkook: Love Is Not Over because he composed it and he talks about it and his Dad’s hopes for him to make money off of it in SKIT: Expectations! and its really cute. And then also Boy In Luv because until recently he was still in school, and its a school themed video so it just fits for him really well. Also I always think of his his cute little rap at the beginning and how he awkwardly did it on Weekly Idol lol.

Taehyung/V: Ugh this one is going to be really emo so prepare yourselves. First and foremost I associate him with Hold Me Tight because he composed it. He’s so loving and gentle but yet really fun and wild, and this song kind of gives me the same feelings? Idk It’s sad and slow at times, but also upbeat and energetic at the same time and just really beautiful and oh my god I’m such a sap I need to turn this around. Ok other songs that remind me of him are War of Hormones and Boy In Luv because they feature his growl really well and he looks great in both videos.

Jin: To me his songs are Miss Right, and Rapmon’s Trouble which he features on (not a bts song but still very important). These are perfect because I feel like Jin is the poster child of like a sweet caring perfect boyfriend, or at least that’s his image to me. But then Trouble is the complete opposite of that image. It’s sexy and shows that there’s a stripper inside of him that he needs to let out more often.

Wow this was longer then I meant for it to be.  I’m sorry, but it was fun for me so deal with it <3

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I randomly found you 😅 I'm recently getting into BTS and I don't know all the members, sorry to ask but would you be willing to give me a rundown of them💕

Okay I’ll give it a shot.

Rap Monster/Rapmon/Namjoon

Leader of bts and possible minion? He’s one of the three members that makes up the rapper line and is the reason bts was formed. He’s like that Dad who thinks he’s cool and wants to be friends with his kids but he just winds up embarrassing them and himself in the process. Sometimes problematic but very talented, very lovable, and very strange. He’s also pretty fluent in English, has an IQ of 148, and is known for making poor fashion decisions.

Suga/Rap God Min Yoongi

Has a tongue that can send you to Hong Kong. He’s the backbone of bts, one of the oldest members, and often called the father or grandpa of the group. He’s very talented and works hard composing songs, writing raps, and keeping the brats of the group in line.  His hard exterior hides a gooey center as he’s actually very sweet and caring (for example, on his birthday he made over 300 personalized gifts for his fans) He’s also very good at basketball, and is the reason the Suga Slut Society was founded.  


The light of bts. J-Hope is the leader of the sunshine line, main/lead dancer, and important member of the rapper line. He also has a really nice singing voice that he should use more often because when he does he fucks everyone up. He’s always happy even when he’s sad and has probably never done anything wrong in his life. He loves Jimin but is often rejected by him because he’s too busy pining after Jungkook  :(


Bangtan’s den mother, dancing machine (he tries), and important member of the vocal line. Is known for his gentle voice, beautiful face, and a kind heart. He has the image of a nice sweet boy on the outside, but he’s secretly a bad bitch. He takes care of the members, cooks, and makes videos where he just eats food and he’s just a real god damn delight. Very under appreciated, everyone needs to love Jin he’s so important. 


Big butt bigger heart. One of  the main/lead vocalists and dancers and is in charge of high notes, body waves, and booty. Sometimes he has abs, sometimes he doesn’t, but he’s a 10/10 either way. He’s part of the sunshine line, is obsessed with Jungkook, and acts like the maknae since Jungkook isn’t very good at it. He is also known for being thoughtful and angelic as well as fucking me up on a daily basis. Simultaneously the light of my life and bane of my existence. 


The actual baby/maknae of the group who tries (and fails) to act cool instead of acting cute. He’s often called the “golden maknae” because he’s good at everything and all of the members want a piece of him. He’s one of the main/lead vocalists but it seems like he wants to be a part of the rapper line. Very talented and versatile. Has been breaking Jimin’s heart since pre-debut :(  


The original cypher slut and true treasure of bts. He’s an important member of both the vocal and and sunshine lines, and is in charge of growling and making me cry. He’s also known for having a 4D personality because you never know what he’s going to do or say and it’s great. And he’s just very sweet and loving and he likes to make an elephant with his arm and he’s just really fucking precious and I don’t know how anyone could not love him.