light of luna


Mont Saint-Michel by Tony
Via Flickr:
an evening visit to the mount, as it was evening (sunset timed at 9:20) the roads to the site where clear unlike in the morning. this was a magical sight with just enough clouds to give interest. Eagle eyed flickerists will point out that a full moon to the west is some what impossible. At this angle the moon should be a new moon on it’s back. Ok hands up the moon was out that night but behind me, so I threw a rope and dragged it around the sky………….with a little help from photoshop.


“I did it for you.”

worship, an epiphany, and hair

“Rebel Captain” - Digital Oil Painting

I just had to capture this sweet moment in a painting. I really wanted to do my best to capture the lighting with the ‘halo’ effect in Felicity’s hair.

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