light of life tbh

The Midgar motorcycle chase scene in FF7 was always one of my favourite parts of the game, I think the music + the concept of driving a motorcycle while swinging a bigass sword always seemed PRETTY DANG COOL to younger me, haha! This was reaaaally rushed though so I will probs come back to the “80′s neon motorcycle chase” concept with Cloud again sometime. :’)


today is my birthday and I’m riding high💋


“Listen to me, I sound like a Blake Shelton song!”
“Yours is better!”


Tome’s anxiety + a passionate outburst (upcoming Tome arc? pls ONE;; let her communicate w/ aliens)

“ Our research on telepathy still hasn’t yielded any results!

And we haven’t met any aliens!

There’s hardly any time left!

It’s NOW OR NEVER !!  (ch. 98.1)


25 Days of Outlander - Dec 14 - Favorite Scene That Wasn’t in the Book
I’m not sure I’m ready to go to war again.

reasons to love kim taehyung

1. his boxy smile that’s all eyes and teeth and sunshine

2. how kind he is to the members and everyone around him

3. when seeing a member of staff sneeze, he reminded him to drink hot water and get lots of rest

4. his love for children (and animals)

5. his love for his family

6. his deep voice that’s as deep as the earth’s metallic core

7. the way he growls during lives

8. his dopey laugh that never fails to make everyone else smile

9. his ability to make friends in the bathroom

10. how he sprints to and from the bathroom just so he won’t miss a performance

11. how he sings and dances along to performances from other groups

12. he’s not afraid to hide his dorky side

13. his love for making silly faces

14. he’s 21 but still has the heart of a child

15. every end of the year when asked what he wants to do the following year, he says ‘to be a good son’

16. how much he loves his grandmother

17. he auditioned for big hit without his parents knowing, and had to convince big hit to let him become an idol

18. he left home so young and was ineffably overwhelmed, going from the farm to the big city to chase his dreams

19. bts thought he was spoiled when they first met him because he was wearing a really expensive jacket, but in reality, his mother had bought it for him because she didn’t want the ‘rich city boys’ to make fun of him

20. how he (and the rest of bts) never gave up even though the first few years (pre-debut especially) were really tough

21. he really wanted to make video logs before debut but because he was the ‘surprise’ member he didn’t get to and he was sad

22. his ability to gain literal armies of men who are all Whipped™ (ex. the cast of hwarang, bts, various male idols)

23. he worked so hard to become an actor

24. how, in the one fanmeet, someone brought a baby boy there and he was so excited

25. the way he clings to the members in public

26. his blank expression

27. his 4d personality

28. the way he role-plays with himself

29. how he sneaks into jimin’s bed to sleep and when jimin kicks him out he goes to jungkook’s bed instead

30. his ridiculous vocal range (the largest in bangtan)

31. the way he got a discount in american hustle life because he was cute and then ended up getting the store owner’s number

32. the way he danced effortlessly in heels and giggled and said ‘i like them, i like them’

33. how cute he is as the maknae in the hwarang cast

34. how hype he gets whenever any of the cyphers are mentioned

35. that one time he did a 50 second v-live just so he could show us some impressions

36. his bare face™

37. when he wanted to go on a trip with the rest of bangtan even though they all wanted to go alone

38. when he wanted to exercise so he could comfortably show his back in WINGS but stopped because he doesn’t like exercise

39. “my grandma likes me chubby so i eat a lot”

40. how he wanted to say ‘i love you’ to his grandma but then it was too late

41. the way he told us during the 3rd muster and it broke everyone’s heart

42. when he puts on glasses in the no more dream choreo and then whips them off

43. his ridiculously loud sneezes

44. how he’s not afraid to show the stupidest faces

45. how he goes from bunny to daddy in like 0.02 seconds in live performances

46. his ponytail and headband look during ISACs

47. his rainism fancam

48. the way he danced during their dubai summer package 

49. how he looked as the joker in the war of hormone Halloween dance practice

50. when he introduces himself and just screams ‘V!!!’

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