light of his of his loins

Mutant...Part 13

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As the crack of the gun silences your roaring emotions for a split second, the fire dies in the palms of your hands just as you see a body shoot in front of you.

“Nooooooooo!” you shriek before you realize who it is.

Watching as Emily peels herself off of the floor, blood dripping from the wound in her chest, she pops her neck as she girds her loins, bending her knees as a light squishing sound is heard emanating out from the room.

The mystery man was so entranced with what she was doing…so in awe of her ability…that he didn’t even notice that his life’s work was boiling right behind him.

“Peekaboo,” Emily grunts, bearing down pressure in her abdomen as that same bullet shoots out from wound now closing up in her body, hurtling at top speed towards the man who had fired the shot in the first place.

It ripped through his shoulder, causing the gun to fall from his hand as he howls in pain.

“Y/N,” Emily whips around as she looks you up and down, “you alright?”

But all you could do was drop your eyes to the massive stain of blood on her shirt.

“Nothing there, see?” she breathes as she raises her shirt for you to see, “Nothing there.”

“My serum works!  I have made our evolutionary advancement available to everyone!” the man roars as Hotch handcuffs him and begins to read him his rights.

“I am a genius.  The world will know of my greatness!” the man grunts.

“Not really,” you muse, smirking as you grasp his arm and whip him around.

And as his eyes settle onto the boiling glass vials busting in his cabinet, his shrieks echo down the hallway as both Hotch and Morgan work to restrain him long enough to get him into the back of a SWAT van out front.

Settling back into your original form as steam begins wafting from your skin, you breathe out a long sigh through your nose as bellowing clouds of water vapor come pouring from your nostrils.

“Good job, Smaug,” Spencer smirks.

“I think I like Angel better,” you fire back as you watch him approach you.

“I didn’t honestly think this case would be so quick,” Spencer muses as the two of you watch SWAT member after SWAT member walk out innocent mutants who were being stored for their blood.

“They usually not this quick?” you ask as you look up at him.

“Never,” he chuckles as he looks down at you.

His eyes were so calming…like the lazy sloshing of waves on a cool fall morning at the edge of the beach.

“Spencer, I-”

You felt a strong pull to tell him what had happened in there.  The transformation.  The touch.

The want you felt for his kiss…

As he watches you intently, his body turned completely towards you now, you sigh as you dip your head to the floor as another question comes barreling through your mind.

“I have to find Claire,” you whisper.

“Then let me come with you,” he says lowly as he places his hands on your shoulders, “Emily’s got all of this back here.  The children can do without us.”

His sentiment made you chuckle as you shake your head and look back up at him.

“Where do we start?” he asks as he begins to remove his bulletproof vest.

“Her cabin,” you lull as you bring your eyes down to his chest.

“We start at her cabin.”

the signs & 'off to the races' lyrics

aries: “queen of coney island, raising hell all over town.”

taurus: “says it feels like heaven to him.”

gemini: “he likes to watch me in the glassroom, bathroom, chateau marmont.”

cancer: “I’m your little scarlet, starlet, singin in the garden.”

leo: “kiss me on my open mouth.”

virgo: “i need you, i breathe you, i’d never leave you.”

libra: “he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam.”

scorpio: “light of his life, fire of his loins.”

sagittarius: “I love you forever, not maybe.”

capricorn: “I can’t deny the way he holds my hand.”

aquarius: “slippin on my red dress, putting on my makeup.”

pisces: “swimming pool glimmering darling.”