light of eternity

The voice calling my name
was vaguely familiar, I opened my eyes
and saw the city had been dead
billions of years
ten times longer than
the age of our planet today.

But nothing destroyed it,
it’s too dead to suffer the pains of life.

I wandered up bloody light
preserved by the eternal cold,
“I’m right here. Just hang on.”

His long hands flashed across
a blinding beam of light, tearing away stones
tossing them aside
where they landed with little hollow thuds.

The moon peered down at me
from behind a bank of black clouds
that raced across the sky.

He screamed and I went flying
down a black tunnel—
none of it made any sense,
his hand reaching for me at last
his fingers curling around my icy palm
like hot steel.

“How badly are you hurt?” he asked, his hands
flashing gently over me.

“It’s my head,” I said above
the thundering pain.

“Oh god,” he said beneath his breath
lifting me up. “Oh god,” he said again.
He took a deep breath,
“You’re the joy of my life.”

“I love you,” I whispered,
“I should have told you.”

Me with any anime
  • Me: Oh, ouran high school host club looks stupid
  • Me *a week later*: KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE
  • Me: Free!? Me watch that? No thanks
  • Me a week later: *Is reading readerX rei ryugazaki fan fics*
  • Me: Ugh, I dont understand why Yuri on Ice is so popular
  • Me a week later: VICTURI
  • Me: Deathnote is too weird for me.
  • Me a week later: L, Light, and Matsuda are my children

All messengers of the Light reveal to us that the human being carries a spark of the eternal Light within him. Jesus called it the kingdom of God within you; oriental philosophy speaks of the jewel in the lotus; the Rosicrucians speak of the spirit-spark atom, the primordial atom or the rose of the heart. The theosophists characteristically call it the last remnant of the once divine human being.

Poetry as a cemetery. A cemetery of faces, hands, gestures. A cemetery of clouds, colors of the sky, a graveyard of winds, branches, jasmine (the jasmine from Swidnik), the statue of a saint from Marseilles, a single poplar over the Black Sea, a graveyard of moments and hours, burnt offerings of words. Eternal rest be yours in words, eternal rest, eternal light of recollection.
—  Anna Kamienska, Industrious Amazement : A Notebook

I walk with the grace of a thousand goddesses. Those who aren’t with me or scorned me only did so because they could not handle my grace or light. I am fire and eternal

Anime that surprised me despite their outward appearance/synopsis (not in any particular order)

Anime that I have misjudged…

1.) Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji) 

aka the show about farming

My thought going into this show: 

Why the fuck would anyone watch an anime about farming?”

“I’m only watching this because the author of FMA created this… but I doubt it’s going to be any good.”

My thoughts after watching: 

“Fucking hilarious. I laughed so hard in this show more than anything I’ve seen in a while.”

“You don’t even need to like agriculture- or know a single thing about it to enjoy this show.”

“The character development and all the characters in general are fantastic”

2.) Welcome to the NHK

aka the 24 episode anime about a NEET-stalker-hikikomori, his otaku kouhai, and a depressed teenage girl

My thought going into this show:

"I’ll watch it later- seems boring”

My thoughts after watching:

“This show has some of the best dark humor- seriously- a masterpiece. ”

“T an adventure that seems like an epic journey to those who seem to live in a small world, removed from society. ”

“Conspiracy. Conspiracy. Conspiracy.”


3.) Ping Pong: The Animation

aka… the show… about pingpong with the weird art

My thought going into this show:

“Why ping pong out of all the sports- ping pong is like the least interesting sport”

"Strange art. I can’t get used to watching this”

(I pushed this show off for like about a year now)

My thoughts after watching: 

“If you haven’t watched this you’re missing out- this show barley has anything to do with ping pong. Just watch this amv and you’ll see >

"The visuals are fantastic. I like how this studio took the risk to stand out like this. They made a good choice in making the art this way- it seems a bit more realistic and ‘closer to home’”

4.) Free! 

aka the gay swimming anime/ fan-service crap

My thought going into this show:

"As a girl… I like this kind of stuff but I’m not sure if this is worth the time.”

“Is there even a plot?”

My thoughts after watching:

“It’s more than just a gay swimming anime. It has fanservice- and it does live up to it’s nickname as the ‘gay swimming anime’ -but that’s just the humor in this show-

"Sure this show got more hype than it probably deserved- however- this show is also not all about swimming”

"Good message- deeper plot than first glance”

5.) Nobunaga Concerto

aka one knows this show, that one historic show with the weird art that no one watches

My thought going into this show:

"I’m bored out of my mind- but this will make me even more bored.”

“not interested in Japanese history

My thoughts after watching: 

"It’s not your traditional ‘realistic Japanese history drama’

“I found this show in a corner, the bottom of the stack beneath all of the great shows out this season- and it turned out to be the most interesting/ unique.”

"This is one of the best WRITTEN shows of all time- even in eng subs I can tell that the dialogue was thought out carefully ( but not tooo carefully )”

"It’s funny! The main character is quirky and clumsy.” “The Op/Ed is great- I have it on my ipod”


These five anime are one of the most unique and best shows I’ve ever seen in my whole life.
If there is a lesson gained from this- It’s to never be afraid to try something new

Because you never know… you might just come across a gem and you wouldn’t even know it.

Because He respects your agency, Father in Heaven will never force you to pray to Him. But as you exercise that agency and include Him in every aspect of your daily life, your heart will begin to fill with peace, buoyant peace. That peace will focus an eternal light on your struggles. It will help you to manage those challenges from an eternal perspective.
—  Richard G. Scott

It seems to me that people tend to portray Hufflepuff as the house of sweetness-and-light. Hufflepuffs are eternally kind and caring and bake cookies for everyone. They bend over backwards to make everyone happy. They abhor violence and strife and value hard work for the sake of working hard. They are precious cinnamon rolls, too pure for this world.

That’s all well and good, but I want more nuance. Hufflepuff is the house that has canonically turned out the fewest dark wizards, but I don’t think it’s accurate to depict Hufflepuff as nothing but the cinnamon roll house.

Give me Hufflepuffs who despise hard work but do it anyway because somebody has to get everything done.

Give me Hufflepuffs who don’t trust easily and make you earn their loyalty, but will bring the world to its knees to avenge their loved ones.

Give me Hufflepuffs who are polite to strangers but will destroy somebody when they are wronged. 

Give me Hufflepuffs who are the most caring people on the planet, but only to those who have proven themselves trustworthy beyond a doubt.

Give me Hufflepuffs who come off as coldhearted and mean because they show their soft side only to those who make them feel safe and loved in turn.

Give me stale cinnamon rolls whose loyalty is near impossible to earn, but who give absolutely everything to their chosen family.

And you know what? I want to see Hufflepuff villains, too.

Give me Hufflepuff villains who guard their loyalty so closely that they are horrifically cruel to everyone they don’t feel has earned it.

Give me Hufflepuff villains who are loyal to the bone and work themselves half to death, but for all the wrong causes. 

Give me Hufflepuff villains who treat their inner circle like royalty, but who don’t care who else lives or dies.

Give me Hufflepuff villains who are vindictive and awful to those they see as lazy underlings.

Give me Hufflepuff villains.

Someone please take me to the alternate universe where the character of Anakin Skywalker is actually valued and not just viewed as ‘that part people fast-forward through to get to Darth Vader’.