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FMA Extended Media Recommendations - Gold Tier (Second Place)

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The Abducted Alchemist (Novel)

This novel is a classic example of FMA’s fantastic combination of humor and seriousness. It all starts with an irritated Ed pranking Roy by pretending to be his son while Roy’s chatting up some women. Yep.

An odd series of terrorist attacks has been going on, with bombings targeting train tracks, family of military officers being targeted, and most strangely, no casualties. The public is growing increasingly hostile towards the military as they continue to fail to catch the culprits in this bizarre case. Fortunately, Roy gets a hilariously ironic lucky break when the terrorists, apparently having overheard Ed’s prank, mistake him for Roy’s actual son and kidnap him.

Upon hearing the news, Al and the soldiers at East City have a unanimous reaction of “Oh god, those poor terrorists. Maybe we should send flowers.” But there is still a mystery to be solved, and the story has a wonderful mixture of suspense, humor, and drama.

Fullmetal Alchemist Profiles (Book)

Known in Japan as “Perfect Guidebook 1″, this one one of few FMA guidebooks released in English. The reason it’s not red tier is because it’s a very old book from early on in the series, and doesn’t include characters like Ling, Olivier, or even Father. A lot of the information included is also fairly basic.

But nonetheless, it’s a great book with interesting insight into characters, fun trivia, quizzes, a look at Arakawa’s office and gossip from her assistants, bonus manga, development notes, and more. As old as it is, I actually refer to this book for trivia and fact checking all the time. It also includes an original bonus manga, the Blind Alchemist, which the OVA of the same name was based off. It’s a fantastic book that I would highly recommend to any FMA fan.

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel (Game, Playstation 2)

Broken Angel is the first of the PS2 games, and thus not as… nice-looking as the second one, but the plot is a lot more FMA-like than Crimson Elixir. Like Crimson Elixir, the gameplay is very similar to Kingdom Hearts. I haven’t played this game in a long time and I have never fully understood the plot at all, so bear with me as I try to give a summary!

After a train crash, Ed and Al arrive in the town of New Hiessgart. Ed and Al meet a girl named Armony Eiselstein, whose father is an alchemist working on developing I Can’t Believe It’s Not the Philosopher’s Stone!™. Ed and Al hope to learn more about this item, known as the Philosopher’s Catalyst, while Armony wants them to teach her alchemy behind her father’s back. But strange things are afoot, with chimeras overrunning the town, and corrupt military groups going rogue. There may be more to the Eiselstein family than even Armony knows…

My favorite part of this entire game is the hilarious recurring boss, Genz Bresslau. Genz, the Armor-Piercing Alchemist, is a corrupt military officer with an automail arm of which he is very proud. After getting totally trashed by Ed, Genz makes it his goal to prove that his automail is better. Despite having little to no bearing on the actual plot, Genz repeatedly reappears for fights with more and more automail, defying all logic, though Ed keeps trying to explain that he really just does not care about this whole automail superiority complex or Genz at all.

Prince of the Dawn (Game, Wii, Japan only)

Really, the picture says it all. Prince of the Dawn and its sequel, Daughter of the Dusk, are very zany games. If you ever happen to come across something that looks like Brotherhood official art, but seems too ridiculous to be real, it’s probably from one of the Wii games. This game takes place some time in the middle of the manga’s plot, and unlike other games, it does include later characters such as Ling and Greed. It also gives more worldbuilding information, with the first real detailed mentions of Amestris’ southern neighbor, Aerugo.

I can’t say much about the plot, because I never made it very far in the game. I know Prince Claudio Rico of Aerugo has come to Amestris to negotiate and hopefully end the ongoing border war, and a festival is held to celebrate. But it seems the homunculi are trying to frame Roy for an assassination attempt on the prince… I think? I’m really not sure. Rather than being a fighting game like most FMA games, it’s mostly a point-and-click game, with multiple choice dialogue options to try to solve a mystery. There’s also a lot of minigames that make use of the Wii’s motion controls.

Because the game is based around discussion and mystery-solving, unfortunately it’s really not for anyone who isn’t fluent in Japanese. I’ve tried to play it several times, but my Japanese isn’t good enough to really understand what’s going on, and it took me forever to figure out this one mandatory Biggoron’s Sword-esque trading sequence because I couldn’t understand what my orders were. But if you do speak Japanese, it’s a fun and ridiculous game, and great for people who might not be into fighting games.

The Tale of Teacher (OVA)

We’ve all heard about the legendary incident in which Izumi Curtis stole rations from the Briggs mountain guard for a month, but have you ever wondered why she did that? This short OVA tells the story of 18-year-old Izumi’s quest for an alchemy teacher, her harsh initiation test, and how a dead bear helped her find true love. If you thought Ed and Al’s month on Yock Island was brutal, Izumi’s apprenticeship story will make you go “Woah, she really coddled those kids.”

Guren: I love Mahiru even if she’s a demon and she killed a lot of innocent people.


Guren: I love Mahiru even if she’s a demon.


Guren: I love Mahiru.


Guren: Mahiru.


BNHA Light Novel No.2 Trans

Chapter 4, AB Union: A Girls Only Gathering Part 2

[Part 1

t/n this has to be my favourite part of the chap, everyone talking about the boys and their boyfriend potentialness lol ahhh <3 p.s sorry if this a little short of a part!

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FMA Extended Media Recommendations - White Tier (Third Place)

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The Land of Sand (Novel)

Remember the Tringham brothers from the 2003 anime? A lot of people don’t realize it, but that episode was actually based on the first of the FMA light novels! While the basic premise is the same- two boys use Ed and Al’s name to continue their father’s research under the patronage of a rich man in a run-down old mining town- the plot is quite different from 03′s interpretation. Unfortunately I haven’t read this one in a while, so I can’t remember what said plot actually is, but if you’re a fan of the Tringham brothers you should definitely check them out in their original incarnation. And even if you’ve never seen 03 or didn’t like that episode, the novel is still definitely worth a read!

It also includes another story, the Phantom of Warehouse 13. (Similar to the Xenotime plot, that story also had an 03 episode loosely based off the premise.) In this story, Havoc leads his coworkers in the formation of a ghostbusting squad, and gets way too into it, to the frustration of Roy who wants his subordinates to stop playing around and just do their work.

The Valley of White Petals (Novel)

In this novel, Ed and Al travel to the town of Wisteria, a utopia governed by the principal of equivalent exchange. No matter who you are or what you’ve done in the past, in Wisteria, all that matters is that you pull your own weight. People in Wisteria are happy, even social outcasts, to the point that Ed and Al consider staying there. Some of the townspeople also help Al learn to accept himself for who he is, as he is, instead of constantly comparing himself to what he could be.

But as you may have guessed, there’s always a catch. As it turns out, a town governed by equivalent exchange is pretty terrible if you’re disabled and can’t “pull your own weight” the way you’re expected to. Not only that, but Wisteria may be hiding an even darker secret, and what’s with all the unconditional worship of the reclusive mayor? Looks like everyone’s favorite meddling kids have another government to dismantle, as usual.

Stray Rondo (Game, Gameboy Advance, Japan only)

Good news for those of you who are bad at Kingdom Hearts! This game is a classic pixel RPG, with a turn-based battle system. I, uh, can’t actually really explain the plot because even though I really liked this game, I played it all in Japanese and don’t really remember the plot. I do know there are English translations available online, though.

What I really remember about this game is two of the exclusive characters: Corniche Royce, a young woman with healing powers who wants to become a state alchemist like her late brother; and Aston Martins, the Lightning Alchemist (or Thunder, depending on how your want to translate it), an easygoing ladies’ man with a southern accent who likes to think of himself as a samurai. (Yes, a samurai. In Fullmetal Alchemist. I love him.)

It’s an interesting game with some great characters, and I really enjoyed it, although there are some… extremely long and dialogue-heavy moments that can get quite tedious. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re playing it with an English patch or you’re fluent in Japanese, though.

Simple People (OVA)

Another look at the lives of characters within FMA, this OVA takes place not long after Ed becomes a state alchemist. Winry inspires Riza to grow her hair out, and Riza inspires Winry to pierce her ears. Meanwhile, Ed’s attempt to bribe Winry with gifts to calm her rage at his broken automail goes just a liiiittle bit wrong. Just a little bit.

The Blind Alchemist (OVA)

This OVA adapts the bonus manga of the same name from the first guidebook, although the OVA does make a few minor changes. The Elric brothers visit the manor of the Harbinger family, where an alchemist named Jude/Judeau (depends on the translation) is reported to have performed a successful human transmutation on the family’s daughter, Rosalie.

Jude refuses to tell the boys how he did it, as his secrets are to serve the family only. While Ed pleads with Jude and Mrs. Harbinger to tell him the secret, Al befriends Rosalie, who decides to share a grim secret of her own with him.

Boku No Hero Academia Light Novel No.2 Translations

Commence Study Groups!

そろそろの勉強会: Chapter 1, Part 2 [click here for part 1] [Part 3]

(t/n: for some reason I found this quite hard to translate, but it was a quick short part before they switched back to yaomomo and gang, nonetheless enjoy the bakushima! p.s dont forget to read part 1!!! ^_^)

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