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Talent swaps for fun!!! A lil mini series where i’ll switch the talents from sdr2 and the talents from dr and assign them to different characters!!
Naegi as the SHSL Animal Breeder, Kirigiri as Reserve Course, Hagakure as the SHSL Chef, Asahina as the SHSL Mechanic, Togami as SHSL Yakuza, Fukawa as SHSL Nurse, Enoshima as SHSL Light Music Club Member, Ikusaba as SHSL Gamer, and Oogami as SHSL Princess!

I made a talentswap au between the sdr2 cast and ndrv3 cast

Peko - Kirumi  (shsl swordswoman - shsl maid)

Fuyuhiko - Hoshi (shsl gangster - shsl tennis player) 

Komaeda - Amami (shsl lucky student - shsl ???)

Chiaki - Kaede (shsl gamer - shsl pianist) 

Hajime - Saihara (shsl ???/ reserve course student - shsl detective)

Nekomaru - Kiibo (shsl team manager - shsl robot)

Gundham - Korekiyo (shsl animal breeder - shsl anthropologist)

Hiyoko - Himiko (shsl tradional dancer - shsl magician)

Mahiru - Tenko (shsl photographer - shsl aikido master)

Akane - Miu (shsl gymnast - shsl inventor)

Ibuki - Angie (shsl light music club member - shsl art club member)

Twogami - Shirogane (shsl impostor - shsl cosplayer)

Mikan - Ouma (shsl nurse - shsl dictator)

Sonia - Gonta (shsl princess -shsl entomologist) 

Souda - Kaito (shsl mechanic - shsl astronaut)

Teruteru - Maki (shsl cook - shsl caregiver)


GAHH this took nearly three days to finish but drawing this turned out to be such an intense learning curve, I’m glad I toiled over it without giving up \;w;/

btw I don’t draw like this all the time so please avoid following me if you expect consistent quality/fandoms, because I just draw whatever I feel like ;A;

Mikan's mega Danganronpa talentswap au

Contains Danganronpa 1, Super Danganronpa 2, Danganronpa 3 and New Danganronpa V3 characters.

The talents are switched between characters from the same part.

Danganronpa 1

Makoto Naegi- SHSL Programmer
Sayaka Maizono- SHSL Clairvoyant
Leon Kuwata- SHSL Gang Leader
Chihiro Fujisaki- SHSL Doujin Artist
Mondo Owada- SHSL Gambler
Kiyotaka Ishimaru- SHSL Detective/???
Hifumi Yamada- SHSL Lucky Student
Celestia Ludenberg- SHSL School Idol
Sakura Ogami- SHSL Baseball Player
Toko Fukawa- SHSL Moral Compass
Kyouko Kirigiri- SHSL Affluent Prodigy
Byakuya Togami- SHSL Swimmer
Yasuhiro Hagakure- SHSL Martial Artist
Aoi Asahina- SHSL Soldier
Mukuro Ikusaba- SHSL Fashonista
Junko Enoshima- SHSL Writer

Super Danganronpa 2

Hajime Hinata- SHSL Mechanic
The Imposter/Byakuya Twogami- SHSL Cook
Teruteru Hanamura- SHSL Nurse
Mahiru Koizumi- SHSL Lucky Student
Peko Pekoyama- SHSL Light Music Club Member
Ibuki Mioda- SHSL Imposter
Hiyoko Saionji- SHSL Princess
Mikan Tsumiki- SHSL Animal Breeder
Nekomaru Nidai- SHSL Photographer
Gundham Tanaka- SHSL Swordsman
Nagito Komaeda- SHSL Gamer
Chiaki Nanami- SHSL Traditional Dancer
Akane Owari- SHSL Team Manager
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu- SHSL Gymnast
Sonia Nevermind- SHSL ???

Souda Kazuichi- SHSL Yakuza

Danganronpa 3

Tengan Kazuo- SHSL Chemist
Koichi Kizakura- SHSL School Council President
Great Gozu- SHSL Blacksmith
Chisa Yukizome- SHSL Confectioner
Juzo Sakakura- SHSL Farmer
Kyosuke Munakata- ex-Headmaster
Daisaku Bandai- SHSL Boxer
Seiko Kimura- SHSL Wrestler
Izayoi Sonosuke- SHSL Animator
Ruruka Ando- SHSL Housekeeper
Ryota Mitarai- Talent Scout

New Danganronpa V3

Kaede Akamatsu- SHSL Astronaut
Saihara Shuuichi- SHSL Entomologist
Amami Rantarou- SHSL Child Caretaker
Hoshi Ryouma- SHSL ???
Toujou Kirumi- SHSL Inventor
Angie Yonaga- SHSL Folklorist
Tenko Chabashira- SHSL Maid
Korekiyo Shinguji- SHSL Detective
Miu Iruma- SHSL Supreme Leader
Gonta Gokuhara- SHSL Robot
Ouma Kokichi- SHSL Artist
Kaito Momota-SHSL Aikido Master
Kiibo- SHSL Cosplayer
Maki Harukawa- SHSL Pianist
Himiko Yumeno- SHSL Tennis Player
Shirogane Tsumugi- SHSL Magician

Rules for using this:

- Credit me as the creator of the au
- There are no canon designs! Just go wild!
- You can draw, write or do anything with this list!
- Tag it with #mikans talentswap au so I can see!


I’m definitely taking part in DRFanMonth, it’s too fun not to! And if anyone thought I wouldn’t be doing Kuzudams I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll probably be taking a crack at this weeks other two prompts too, because I love any excuse to draw these two, but here is the Talentswap prompt for now.

Kuzuryuu is the SHSL Gamer, while Gundam is the SHSL Visual Kei (equivalent for Ibuki’s SHSL Light Music Club Member/Musician). This talentswap AU is a collaborative effort with @robokatar so credit for Kazoo’s design and the idea behind SHSL VK go to her. (If you can’t tell that’s a light gun in Kazoo’s hand.)

Of course the only video game worthy of Gundam’s time would be a GuitarFreaks/Guitar Hero/Rock Band one. Bonding over rhythm games is the superior method of obtaining hope fragments really.

Tumblr it’d be nice if you could make these picture sets look nicer.




I’ve heard sorting characters in a series into Harry Potter houses can bring discord, chaos, opinions, conflict, controversy, divide


As a disclaimer, the accuracy of this is probably not as accurate as it could be; I’ve only watched the first and last two Harry Potters, so I really don’t quite understand it and my sortings and assumptions and inferences are solely based on what I’ve read online about it (and doing Pottermore myself) (apparently I’m Hufflepuff)

AS YOU CAN SEE in the picture above, I have:

  • Gryfindor: Azusa
  • Hufflepuff: Yui and Mugi
  • Ravenclaw: Mio
  • Slytherin: Ritsu

I’m sure already someone somewhere is like “WHAT NO SHE BELONGS IN THIS” and “WHAT IS KIM ON THIS IS SO OFF”

These are the basic understandings of the houses that I have, so keep that in mind as we proceed:

  • Gryfindor values bravery
  • Ravenclaw values knowledge
  • Hufflepuff values harmony and hard work
  • Slytherin are dicks (ambition/achievement through cunning actions)

So let’s take this apart as per my brain enjoy friends:

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