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krystalstudies  asked:

Hello! I am sorry if you have already answered this, but what sort of lighting do you use in your game/in post? When I saw your most recent build WIP, I loved how the lighting in it looked, and I was just wondering. Thanks x

I don’t use lighting mods. I have my lighting setting set to ‘very high’ which gives me the window reflections. I also use the ‘subtle saucer’ light in all my builds. No problem (: 

anonymous asked:

hey, i looked through your post trying to find if someone asked this question already but i don't think anyone did. so i was wondering which mod do you use for such good lighting/quality? if it's not a mod then what is it? (if you're willing to share)

Hey, I think you looked a little bit too hard because I answered an ask about this 3hrs ago:

 “I don’t use lighting mods. I have my lighting setting set to ‘very high’ which gives me the window reflections. I also use the ‘subtle saucer’ light in all my builds.”

Here’s another response of mine 

“When lighting is set to ‘Very High’ you get the window light reflections. It was added into the game some months ago. (:”


Sylvan Glade lighting for all the worlds  

Install Instructions:unzip and replace one or more .world file(s) in: C:/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/The Sims 4/Data/Shared/Worlds/Area–installation location may vary depending on the modified world you are adding

Install Instructions for mac: go into applications. Left click and press ‘show package contents’. Then click contents/data/shared/worlds/area. And all the files will be there. Just download the files and drag them in and replace them.

Uninstall Instructions: Go to Origin, and click the cog wheel next to your sims 4 game and select Repair (this won’t remove your saves, mods, tray files, or even your sweetFX/reshade) 

If you’re not replacing files in your game/bin directory you’re doing it wrong. Feel free to message me through the chat or mail if you need help installing/uninstalling it.

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I’m making this simple for downloading, but you can delete the worlds where you don’t want the lighting changed, install half of one type/half of the other or install them all! It’s up to you :)

★ Download for All Worlds/Hoods 

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A new project

I’ve bulldozed all the lots in Willow Creek, and I’m starting over. This is the town square (it’s actually two lots to maximize playabilty), and it’s loosely based on Stars Hollow. Pics are unedited to showcase @brntwaffles​  gorgeous lighting mod.

P.S. As regards Pleasantview 4.0, there are still a few posts queued (and the story about Bella’s mystery will be finished) but I will put it on hold for the moment, because I’ve run out of inspiration/interest.

BSD rarepair week day 7: free
theme: akutagawa ryuunosuke has eyebrows high school AU

I would love to see more of ryuunosuke and gin’s interactions in the manga tbh

Also thanks to all the mods at @bsd-rarepairweek for hosting this event! It’s been tonnes of fun and I got to draw themes and relationships I never thought of drawing before. I didn’t expect to finish all the prompts but somehow I did; here are all the other submissions 

  1. Light dance (atsukyou)
  2. Basils & Roses (ranpoe)
  3. Fool-proof plan (kunikidazai)
  4. Beauty and the Beast (atsulucy)
  5. Love Poems (kouyouchuuya)
  6. Hopeless future (odazai)
  7. New semester (akugin)