light mod

  • Priscilla Woods .

Ya~ New sims 4 sim. Her face. I like her face looots. *pinches cheeks* so cute *3* Now let me take a moment to appreciate the new lighting mod. If you can see it.. It doesn’t look blue-ish in game and yay o/ It looks so good you know?

Priscilla: “Don’t pinch my cheeks like that! It hurts you know?”

Paul: ! TORD!

Paul: …the fucks wrong with you…..

Tord: ….

Tord: Tyler, get a room set up with edd,matt,and tom in it. its about time i reveal who their captor is.

Tyler: I cant do that sir, While i can get edd and matt, toms gone missing

Tord: ….- sighs- get who you can, ill search for tom myself. 

                                        ACT ONE: BEGIN


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