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Me: So who’s ready for some Shance?

Also me: But kiesh, don’t you have a lot of unfinished stuff, why the hell do you start another one?

Me: I don’t know man, blame Shance 

So uhhh… consider this: Shance Singer!AU

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Sofia Falcone in “Let Them Eat Pie”

Curtis “The Samurai Scorcher” LeMay
Curtis “The Ninja Nullifier” LeMay
Curtis “The Nipponese Neutralizer” LeMay
Curtis “Nanking gets the rape, Tokyo gets the nape” LeMay
Curtis “The Anime Annihilator” LeMay
Curtis “Firestorm the Tentacle Porn” LeMay
Curtis “The Ramen Remover” LeMay
Curtis “The Sushi Sizzler” LeMay
Curtis “The Weeaboo Whacker” LeMay
Curtis “Rice Krispies” LeMay
Curtis “The Otakon Obliterator”
Curtis “The Bushido Broiler” LeMay
Curtis “Nagasaki’s famous boiled sake” LeMay
Curtis “Superfortress Hibachi Grill” LeMay


cassiopeiasara  asked:

Spaceparents-"tried breaking into my flat when they were drunk because they thought it was theirs au"

Carefully, Laura retracted her fingers, poised to dial emergency services, and put down the phone.  She crossed her arms over her pale blue robe, trying to project the same poise and confidence she’d display in front of a full Cabinet meeting standing in front the broken glass of her bedroom window with wild hair and bare feet.

“You say you live in this building?” she repeated, feeling for her glasses on the nightstand, not wanting to take her eyes off the intruder, even if she had (mostly) deemed him harmless.

Slowly, careful not to make any sudden movements, he held out her glasses to her.  “My friend Saul, actually,” he explained, the dim lighting of her bedside lamp casting shadows on the grooves of his chagrined face.  “He said I could stay at his place while he was out of town, but he forgot to leave his key.  I was going to stay with my son over my leave, but…”

He trailed off in a way that indicated that nearly being bludgeoned to death with a paperback by an irate woman in her nightgown had not been the low point of his evening.

“Your leave?” she repeated doubtfully.  “From some sort of institution?”

She was glad he’d given her her glasses, so she could appreciate the magnificent scowl that twisted his features as he pulled himself up to a not terribly impressive height.  “I’m the commander of the battlestar Galactica.”

Well, it was a good thing she’d put down the phone; Adar’s communications director would have had her throat if she’d had a military commander arrested over the weekend.  

“Then I tell you what,” she called over her shoulder as she went to fetch the dustpan, “you can help me clean this up, and in the morning we’ll see about getting into your friend’s apartment.”

silverliening replied to your post: Has Gwyn smoked pot again after that one time with…

Would Augus ever try and incorporate drugs of some sort into a scene or is that a no no for both of them?

From Augus’ perspective, he already has? There’s a scene in The Court of Five Thrones where he makes Gwyn take two drugs that alter his physiology/metabolism pretty significantly. (And he makes a mild miscalculation on one of the doses in the process as Gwyn doesn’t always react properly to drugs with his metabolism). One was certainly significant enough that Gwyn had had it used on him before as a literal torture device.

Augus is actually pretty knowledgeable about different fae drugs, especially the ones made from plants, and he’s made a good trade selling them in the past (along with painkillers and medicines). (The waterweed from his hair has properties that can be used for a lot of different potions/ointments etc.) He doesn’t like working with mind altering substances in scenes because they can be unpredictable, and in his line of work, he just thinks it’s flat out irresponsible. So he tends to stick to physiology altering drugs, which he’ll pretty happily use. (He was pretty damn delighted in the scene where he used them, it’s the chapter called Heat if you want to check it out!)

This is my idea for the second silhouette.

This is Miyoko Hirayama. She’s reserved and the most peaceful person in the student council. She’s the problem solver and often settles disagreements. She has difficulty speaking in public, so Megami often helps her. Megami treats her like a younger sister and cares for her; perhaps it reminds her of the sister she lost long ago.

Miyoko has an incredible sense of intuition. She senses something unsettling about Ayano, and follows her around, resulting in her discovery of Ayano’s obscure behavior. She may have warned Megami of this, causing her to become suspicious of Ayano.

Not that anyone cares, but I heard this song and it gave me some massive Jiven feelings.