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I’ve been wondering about the relationship between brain module and spark for a long while. Where does the thinking occur? Where are emotions felt? Where is the seat of consciousness? If you got some bots and shuffled their brains and sparks around so they all had mismatched brains, sparks and bodies, who would they be? Would they still the same bots with different bodies? If so, would the the bot’s identity be carried on in their brain or their spark? Or would mixing up the brains and sparks create entirely new, chimera identities? 

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Do you think that Tailgate will get out of that box or do you think he'll die?

i think he’ll get out of there eventually, but also my track record for predictions in this comic has been PRETTY SHAKY lately so…do with that what you will

All we see is sky for forever

Here’s the speedpaint :D

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