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Sam rubs his hand over his face. What the hell just happened? How did he go from the one doing the dismissing to the one being dismissed? Sam’s not used to this. He knows how a mind works. He knows how to make sure he never has to be anyone but the one saying goodbye. What is it about this Bucky fucking Barnes that made him slip?

When Sam Wilson’s called to help solve a series of crimes in the small town of Brentonwood, Indiana (pop: 4,736) he expects to do what he’s done hundreds of times before: explore a new town, meet some new people and solve the case. What he gets when he meets Bucky Barnes is so much more than that.

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because of the recent shortage of gays in space, I was motivated to draw one of my favourite Space Gays, Steve Cortez, whom I love very much

@ FF bloggers concerned about the new wave of blogger bans that Tumblr’s dicking around with instead of going after pornbots and pedo blogs because priorities:

  • Go through your archives for audio posts you put up as Dave and Taylor (via their publishers/labels) are on the list of artists who get it up for the DMCA takedowns
  • It ultimately doesn’t make a difference but it doesn’t hurt to credit the sources of photos when you can find them, or post the pic as a copied link that comes from the copyright holder’s site/account
  • Check the email account that you registered with - if you get three takedown notices in an 18-month period, you’re gone; that said, Tumblr has been banning people on copyright holders’ behalf lately without such warnings

the-green-light-blinds-me  asked:

@every mad over the leela gifset; why do y'all hate lesbians

I know!!! Thankfully nobody is being transphobic on any of versions of the post, but that butchphobia? That lesbophobia? Sam-I-Am, I am not a fan. No, thank you, thank you, Sam-I-Am.