light leaves dark sees pt. ii

the best los campesinos! songs

  • every song they’ve ever MADE kidding that’s not the case but i actually am nearly that biased when it comes to them and do love all of their songs in some way almost… but anyway, to be serious, to address the topic truthfully
  • what death leaves behind, a portrait of the trequartista as a young man, as lucerne/the low 
  • by your hand, light leaves dark sees pt. ii, baby i got the death rattle, to tundra
  • romance is boring, i just sighed. i just sighed just so you know, who fell asleep in, every defeat a divorce - three lions
  • miserabilia, we are beautiful we are doomed, ways to make it through the wall
  • knee deep at atp, ..and we exhale and roll our eyes in unison, sweet dreams sweet cheeks
  • four seasons, she crows (documented minor emotional breakdown #4), letters from me to charlotte (rsvp), romance is boring (princess version), uhhh that cover they did of going away to college by blink-182 honestly? seriously? that was good
  • i hate los campesinos!