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Elorcan - love is gonna win the fight (fear is gonna run and hide) - Part 1


Elide x Lorcan - Elorcan

Words: 1322        

Series Summary: Elide and Lorcan, together they stopped just surviving and started to truly live again

Chapter: 1/5

Author’s notes: Don’t mind me I just needed some Elide and Lorcan fluff in my life….they have control of my soul and I love them. Hope you enjoy!

Elide peeked around the corner with a grin. The hallway was dark, the light from the lanterns dancing across the stone walls. No sign of him. She rounded the corner, careful to keep her footsteps as quiet as possible as she looked for any sign of movement.

The sound of deep laughter echoed through the hall and Elide quickly slipped into an alcove. She waited and waited and held her breath until she saw a shadow pass by. When the footsteps faded, she peeked out and quickly took off in the opposite direction. But as she rounded the corner, arms reached out and grabbed her spinning her around. Laughter tore from her throat as Lorcan nipped at her neck, his heart singing at the sound of her laughter.

As Lorcan placed her on the ground Elide turned to face him, winding her arms around his neck. She lifted up onto her toes as he leaned down. His lips brushed against hers and she smiled against his mouth, feeling his returning grin as she pulled him closer.

However, their happiness was short-lived when Lorcan suddenly stiffened. Elide swung around, not believing her eyes.


They were supposed to be safe. How was he here?

Elide moved to place herself in front of Lorcan, but he was gone. She spun around until she caught sight of him on his knees next to Vernon.


Vernon’s grin cut through her like a sword. Her breath feeling as if it had been knocked out of her. Her eyes shot to Lorcan but before she could even speak, his eyes turned soulless black and he collapsed to the ground. A scream tore from Elide’s throat.

But before she could make a move, a figure stepped out from behind Vernon. A man with golden hair.

His body was surrounded by a rippling darkness. The seemingly black smoke looked like a living breathing creature covering his skin. The man’s face broke into a jagged smile as creatures began to form out of the mist. Horrible creatures. Monsters. Their bodies jerked as they formed from the darkness.

Elide’s heart was pounding and as if they could hear it, the monsters turned toward her. As they approached, she tried to run, she tried to scream, but hands pushed her to her knees. She slammed into the ground, her teeth gritting against the strong hands. The darkness neared.

The golden man before her stood, not even a foot away.

She could feel the blackness begin to seep into her skin, her eyes, her mouth, and she felt herself burning. Burning. Burning.

And the last thing she saw was Lorcan’s body motionless on the ground before she turned to ash.

Elide shot up, her heart racing, her body sticky with sweat. She felt a hand sweep across her back and she all but threw herself out of the bed. She stumbled over to the window, her ankle screaming under her weight, as she threw the window open. The cold air struck her face and she welcomed the icy blast with a sigh. Her heart settled down and she heard gentle steps behind her, knowing that Lorcan was making noise so that she knew he was approaching.

“I’m okay.”


“Really. I’m fine. I just-” she took a deep breath wrapping her arms around her body, the cold air already seeping deep into her bones.

“Another nightmare.”

She knew she didn’t need to give him a response but nodded her head anyway. With a shaky sigh, she turned to face her mate. Lorcan stood there almost unsure of himself. They had been together for a year, but they were still learning how to be normal together.

It had taken time for her to forgive him, but after they rescued Aelin and defeated Maeve and Erawan, Aelin had given her a good whack on the head for still blaming Lorcan. And not a few minutes after that Elide found herself in Lorcan’s arms, the man himself breathing so shakily that she knew he had been on the verge of a breakdown. And not a few days later they discovered that they were mates. Their eyes met and something just snapped. And in that moment, they knew everything would be alright.

It took time. Lorcan didn’t know what love truly was. He didn’t know what happiness felt like. He had gone centuries without anybody truly loving him. Other than the love he felt from his cadre. But this was different. And he was worried he would screw it up.

And Elide. Elide was slow to trust. She had learned the hard way that the people closest to you were the ones that could hurt you the most. She didn’t know how to let anyone in. She didn’t know if she could let Lorcan in.

They were both complete messes.

But together they stopped just surviving and started to truly live again.

Vernon’s smile flashed through her head again and she knew Lorcan could see the pain that flit across her face, her normally sparkling eyes dull. He opened his arms and Elide gladly stepped into them, her tiny body fitting against his massive figure, pulling her in completely until she felt undeniably safe. She gripped tight to his shirt, her dream still flittering across her memory, as his hands rubbed soothingly up and down her back.

After a few minutes of silence, Elide yawned into his chest.


But Elide just vehemently shook her head. Lorcan suppressed a sigh before gently picking her up and carrying her into the living room off of their bedroom.

“Come on.”

He sat on one of the chairs pulling her into his lap. He reached over and grabbed a book off the shelf handing it to her.

Elide began reading slowly and Lorcan couldn’t stop himself from brushing a kiss against her temple. She paused for a second, and looked up at him, giving him a smile that almost stopped his heart. His eyes flitted to her mouth and he watched as it curled up slightly. He leaned in and waited until she met him halfway. Their lips brushed together once. Twice. And then she pulled away, her eyes once again shining with that sparkle that he loved so much. She turned back to the book and began reading again. Lorcan just stared in awe at the woman in his arms, wondering what gods had been working in his favor to give him a woman such as this to love. He began running a hand through her hair and with a sigh, she leaned her head onto his chest as she continued to read.

About a month after the war ended, Lorcan had entered her room to find her surrounded by ten piles of books, trying to teach herself how to read. She began to rant how as the Lady of Pennanth she had to know how to read. So Lorcan sat down next to her and gently took the pile of books from her hands. And from that day on, he taught her how to read. And write. And soon she was reading and reading and reading.

And in the days that followed, he would often wake up early in the morning finding her side of their bed empty. The first time he found her missing, he had flown into a panic and had sent outbursts of magic to the cadre. But he had found her not a second later. There was Elide. Curled in the chair. Smiling as she read her new favorite book.

Elide’s voice began to grow hoarse and her words began to slur as she grew tired. Lorcan gently plucked the book out of her hands and started up where she had left off. His hand continued running through her hair as she tucked herself deeper into his side, listening to his deep voice as she drifted off to sleep, safe in his arms.

Author’s notes: Definitely gonna continue this. Not sure if it’s gonna be like one-shots or a continuation of this chapter…maybe both. We’ll see, I just love Elide and Lorcan so much so I need more fluff with them 


And at last I see the light,
And it’s like the fog has lifted.
And at last I see the light,
And it’s like the sky is new.
And it’s warm and real and bright,
And the world has somehow shifted.
All at once everything is different,
Now that I see you.