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More on the staging of “Les Mis”: the White Light of Death

One detail of the original production that never fails to be effective is the association of pure white light with death, in contrast to the yellowish/amber-tinted light that generally illuminates the characters. The white light that floods down onto Fantine and Éponine the moment they expire, washes over Enjolras’s dangling body on the barricade, and transfigures Valjean as he rises to join the spirits in the final scene.

Some people call it cheesy, but I think it’s beautiful. It evokes the white light that people usually see during near-death experiences and infuses even the saddest moments with hope of heaven.

Besides, it’s used in subtle ways that first-time viewers probably don’t even notice. At the end of “One Day More,” the whole stage is illuminated with bright white light, which in the moment just adds to the sense of exhilaration – only later (possibly several viewings of the show later) do we realize it was foreshadowing that most of the characters in that tableau were doomed to die. And the costumes reflect the theme too. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Cosette’s wedding gown is actually cream-colored, not pure white. It oh-so-subtly contrasts with Fantine’s white nightgown, Valjean’s white shirt and the light that envelops them, making her look “warmer” and more “earthly,” while they look more ethereal.

Ham-fisted symbolism it might be, but it’s well done!

Believe It or Not. Part 15.

Summary: The group encounters another problem as Derek continues to turn teenagers into werewolves, but they all still try to live their lives giving y/n and Stiles a chance to be alone. On the side, y/b asks Allison for a favor.

Song to listen to: Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis


(Based off 2x03 “Ice Pick”)

In PE class y/n stood on the ground, watching Allison and Scott climb the rock wall.

Once they both returned to ground, coach picked out two more people to take their turn.

“Stilinski, McCall, let’s go.”

Stiles hit her arm playfully, “hope you don’t mind losing.”

She honestly was trying to keep as much distance between her and Stiles as she could. Every time y/n was around him now she just felt uncomfortable.

“Actually coach, if you don’t mind, I’ll wait until the next round.”

Coach nodded his head, “Erica, you’re up.”

Stiles sent her a confused look, but she missed it as she just continued to look down at her feet. He just brushed it off for now and got ready to climb.

Scott approached his sister from behind, “everything okay?” He whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, good.” She turned to him, smiling to reassure him. Unconvinced, Scott decided it wasn’t a good idea to push for information right now.

Stiles easily made it up and down the wall. Erica however, hadn’t even gotten halfway yet. Y/n started to hear the faint noise of someone crying.

“That’s Erica.” She heard Scott say to Allison, concern washing over all of them.

Everyone gathered around into a tight circle to watch the girl.

“Erica, dizzy?” Coach called out to her, “Is it vertigo?”

“Vertigo’s a dysfunction of the vestibular system of the inner ear. She’s just freaking out.” Lydia piped up standing right next to y/n. Y/n looked at her confused, she wondered how smart Lydia actually was.

“I’m fine!” The blonde girl shouted down from her spot on the wall.

“Coach, it’s probably not safe. You know she’s epileptic.” Allison stepped forward offering her knowledge.

Coach tried his best to calm her down, finally convincing her just jump off the wall. She hesitantly followed directions, using both feet to push her weight away from the wall. Once she landed all color flooded back to her face.

A lot of people started laughing at the distressed state of the girl. Y/n reached forward to try and say something to her, but she practically ran out of the room.


“What do you mean tonight’s not a good idea?” Stiles asked his best friend. They had plans to go to the ice rink with y/n and Allison. Stiles was really looking forward to it, for possibly some time alone with y/n. He really needed to talk to her, and maybe even be honest with her about his feelings.

“I don’t know,” Scott sighed, “that thing that we saw last night, Isaac missing, Allison’s grandfather. All this stuff happening with Derek, I just- doesn’t feel right.” He shook his head, removing his shirt and grabbing a new one from his locker.

“No, you’re not backing out!” Stiles complained, “Do you wanna know why? Because you and Allison are obviously having quite a good time together. Also, I really need this time with y/n man. When she got out of the hospital I thought we were finally going to have time to talk about the kiss. Then bam, Derek’s biting everyone in sight and Lydia was missing and everything’s just a mess all over again.” He slammed his locker as he finished his thought.

“Wait, you kissed my sister?” Scott’s attention finally all on Stiles. Shutting his locker just as Stiles put a clean shirt on.

“Yeah dude- well technically she kissed me- but yeah like forever ago. Scott keep up.”

Scott smiled, shaking his head and deciding to drop the topic.

Then he remember, “Oh, Allison invited Lydia too.”


Y/n was walking down the halls quietly during passing period, not really paying attention to her surroundings until Jackson angrily stormed past her, bumping her shoulder and causing her to drop her things.

“Didn’t mean to get in your way!” She shouted at him, rolling her eyes and bending down to retrieve her things.

She stood back up to see Jackson holding Lydia against the wall. Fear evident in the girl’s eyes. Y/n immediately made her way towards the abuse happening in front of her.

She missed half of what Jackson said but made it just in time to hear the last of it.

“You ruined it for me. You ruined everything!”

“Hey!” Y/n cut him off, making both him and Lydia look at her, “How about you leave her alone, and go to class.”

Jackson raised his eyebrows, laughing at her. He walked to her until he was right in front of y/n staring into her eyes. She tried to keep her breathing steady, her heart actually racing.

“What makes you think you can tell me what to do?” He whispered coldly.

“I think that I have the sheriff on speed-dial and everyone in the school hallways right now is staring right at you.” Y/n smiled as he realized that she was right.

“So go ahead, try something.” She didn’t even blink, just watched him storm off in defeat, focusing her attention back to Lydia.

“Are you okay?” She walked towards the frightened girl.

“I didn’t need your help.” Was all Lydia said, taking y/n by surprise. She watched as Lydia ran away from her and into the girl’s bathroom.

“You’re welcome.” Y/n whispered sarcastically, making her way to class.

Y/n stood in her room mute, just kind of staring at all the clothes hanging in her closet. She was actually kind of nervous for tonight, what if she and Stiles actually got a chance to talk, what would she say? What made her even more anxious was the thought that they might not talk about anything at all.

Sighing, she decided on a pair of simple light colored jeans with a few rips in them and and light blue shirt. Once she was fully dressed, she looked at herself in the mirror. And for the first time, she didn’t like what was staring back at her.

She didn’t see herself. She saw a girl who was weak. A girl that needed to always be protected, a girl that wasn’t able to help her friends, someone who was a liability rather than an important part of the team.

Y/n didn’t want to be that girl. She needed to know how to fight, how to protect herself now that she was involved with everything in the werewolf world.

Y/n pulled out her phone and dialed Allison’s number.

“Hey,” the girl answered enthusiastically, “I was just about to call you actually. I just finished getting ready.”

“Okay great. I’ll be on my way in about 3 minutes. And Allison-” y/n couldn’t bring herself to form the words at the edge of her lips.

“Y/n what is it?” Allison asked through the phone.

“It’s nothing,” she replied quickly, “never mind, I’ll be there soon.” Then she hung up the phone.

Y/n’s car pulled up next the curb right outside Allison’s house. She sent Allison a quick text to let her know she was here.

Only a couple of minutes later the brunette swung through the doorway and made her way towards the car. She opened the door with a wide smile, obviously excited for what the night held for them.

“I can’t believe we’re breaking into the ice rink.” She laughed excitedly, happiness glowing in her eyes.

Y/n laughed at her friend, “Really? I can’t believe my brother’s a werewolf and that you’re family is practically a cult of werewolf hunters.” She replied sarcastically, smirking at Allison.

“You’re so funny…” Allison shook her head.

The next stop was Lydia’s house, which was about a ten minute drive from Allison’s. The majority of the drive was filled with comfortable silence between the two, light music from the radio playing in the background.

Y/n played along with the silence, her fingers anxiously tapping on the steering wheel until she just couldn’t bear the weight of her own thoughts anymore.

“Allison…” she started, grabbing the girl’s attention from beside her before continuing, “who taught you how to fight?”

“My dad.” She answered immediately, “why are you asking?” Allison pushed with curiosity.
“I just-” Y/n sighed, not really knowing what she wanted to say or how she wanted to say it.

“That night, in the Lahey house, when that thing attacked- I- I didn’t know what to do! And I- I felt…” Y/n lost all train of thought, feeling tears form at the edges of her eyes she took a deep breath.

“Weak?” Allison interrupted, with an all too knowing look on her face, they were at a stoplight so y/n took the time to look Allison in her eyes as she continued.

“You felt like someone needed to come in and rescue you?” Y/n slowly nodded her head as Allison finally put all of her feelings into words.

Allison kept talking, “And you want to feel stronger than that, don’t you? You could even go as far as saying that you want to feel… powerful?”

Inhaling deeply, y/n nodded her head again. “Yes.”

“I’ll help you feel powerful. I will teach you how to fight.”

Then the light turned green.

The core five waited patiently behind Stiles as he hurried to open the locked door. Struggling for a few seconds, the lock finally gave in and they made their way inside. Scott and Allison immediately rushed to the big switch, flicking it up causing a domino reaction of huge bright lights up above them.

Y/n smiled with her head tilted up, they deserved this. She shifted her gaze to the left, seeing Stiles looking right at her and smiling. She smiled in return, nodding her head that tonight was a good idea.

She and Stiles sat next to each other while changing out their shoes for ice skates. Lydia sat to the right of them a few bleachers up.

“Could it be any colder in here?” Y/n shivered, Stiles laughing as a crinkle formed in between her eyebrows to create an annoyed expression, he thought it was adorable.

“Here.” He offered her his orange hoodie. Just when she was about to take it, Lydia cleared her throat from behind them.

“She’s wearing blue, Stiles. Orange and blue, not a good combination.

He had now shifted his position on the bench so he could face Lydia.

“But it’s the colors of the mets!” He complained, causing y/n to chuckle.

“Besides, maybe orange and blue is not the best. Right, you know, um, sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would make a good combination end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination, you know, like two people together- who nobody ever thought would be together.”

As Stiles was saying this, y/n had stopped tying up the laces on her skates and focused her full attention on the boy next to her. Staring at him with wide eyes as he shifted back away from Lydia. Catching her glance, they locked eyes. He searched deep into her eyes, hoping she understood that he was talking about her, about them, and how he felt about her.

Y/n opened her mouth to speak, but Lydia broke the silence first.

“No I can see that, Scott and Allison are cute together.”

The strawberry blonde payed no attention to the exchange happening in front of her.

“I can see it too.” Y/n whispered, almost inaudible. But Stiles heard her, his heart skipping a beat as she did.

“Alright guys,” Scott shouted up to them, his hand intertwined with Allison’s, “Let’s skate!”

Stiles was the first to break their intense gaze, standing up and holding his hand out for her to take. To which she happily grasped, standing up as they made their way over to where Scott and Allison were waiting.

The couple stood at the entrance of the arena.

“Since you never skated before, maybe I should give you a few pointers?” Allison smiled at her innocent boyfriend.

“Allison. Not that this is news to you or anything, but you remember the werewolf thing? Super speed, strength and reflexes.” He replied confidently.

Allison did her best not to laugh, “So a little ice skating should be no problem.”

Scott placed one of his skates on the ice, “Yeah. See? It’s no prob-”

But just before he could finish his sentence, his foot swept out from under him due to his lack of balance. Y/n and Stiles had no shame in laughing at the boy as Allison rushed to stand over him.

“I give him a 10!” Y/n exclaimed, clapping her hands and feeling out of breathe from not being able to stop laughing. Once Allison got Scott back on his feet, y/n gripped onto Stiles hand harder causing him to look at her.

“Well? Come on.” Y/n stated, putting one skate after the other on the ice and dragging Stiles behind her with their still connected hands. They went around the outside of the rink a few times, laughing and genuinely just enjoying each other’s company.

Out of breath, y/n started to slow down her pace, positioning herself with her back against the walls. Stiles placed himself next to her, just looking at her and admiring how beautiful and happy she looked.

Staring straight ahead she started talking, “What are you looking at, Stilinski?” she shifted her gaze towards him, smirking. God he loved that smirk.

“Your smile,” he simply replied, “I like it when you smile.”

She found herself at a loss for words, and loss of breath staring into his golden eyes.

“So…” he broke the tension, “are we ever going to talk about it?”

“About what?” She asked, even though she knew exactly what he was referring to.

“About, uh- about the kiss.”

Y/n inhaled deeply at the memory.

“What’s there to talk about?” She raised her shoulders uncomfortably. Watching in the distance as Lydia continued to skate around the rink so she could avoid his gaze.

“There’s everything to talk about!” He whisper-yelled at her, “because y/n that night at the dance, standing there and dancing with you- I felt things that I’ve never felt in my entire life. Feelings- that, that I didn’t even know existed. And shit, y/n, all of those confusing things I felt- I felt towards you. It was confusing, and frustrating, and wonderful…”

She was finally looking him in the eye, Stiles continued, “and when you kissed me, I knew that I wanted to feel those wonderful, confusing things again and again.” The boy sighed desperately.

“But I just need to know, that you do too.”

In his eyes she could see desperation, it almost seemed like she could feel it. Or maybe that was her.
Before she had the chance to say anything, an ear-piercing scream filled every inch around them.

Y/n turned to see Lydia sitting on the ice, both hands planted on the ground as she continued to scream. Y/n quickly skated towards her and dropped to the ground beside the disturbed girl, Stiles behind her.

“Lydia, hey- Lydia! You’re okay. Breathe Lydia, you’re safe.” Y/n did her best to calm the girl down. Scott and Allison approaching them. Confused glances were exchanged around the entire room.

There had to be one more. They all knew it. There was no way Derek was going to stop with Isaac and Erica, the only thing none of them could figure was, who’s next?

Y/n was walking towards the exit of the school to go home for the day. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, checking from any new messages from Scott. She didn’t expect there to be any from Stiles after the night at the ice rink.

She had just grabbed the handle of the door, pulling it open and walking through without glancing away from her phone. All in one moment, her legs were wiped out from under her, y/n’s back hitting the ground and an arm on her chest, pinning her down.

“What the hell-” She looked up through squinted eyes to see Allison.

“Lesson number one,” Allison managed to say through heavy breathing, “never let your guard down, not even for a second.”

Allison smirked, standing up and reaching her hand down for y/n to grab. Y/n took the offered gesture, eyes still wide as she returned to her standing position.

Dusting herself off, she sighed, “Is this how we’re gonna do girl talks from now on?” She yelled frustratedly.

Allison just laughed. “No, this is how I’m going to train you.” Y/n’s shocked facial expression changed to understanding. Her eyes meeting Allison’s determined ones.

“So,” Allison smile grew even wider, “what weapon do you want to learn to use first?”

“Here, let’s try these.” Allison handed y/n what looked to be small knives with little holes in the end. They stood in the interior of what looked to be some type of bunker, basement thing. It was dark, cold, and it made y/n’s limbs tense up.

“Where exactly are we?” Y/n questioned, taking the small weapons. The atmosphere of the place made her feel anxious.

“This is where Kate had chained up Derek when we couldn’t find find him. She tortured him here.” Allison whispered the last part, her whole expression changing as memories of her aunt came flooding back. Y/n knew why Allison’s mood had changed, so she tried to change the subject.

“She chained him up? Kinky.” She heard Allison laugh, turning back around to face her again. Y/n smiled at her friend now happy again.

“So is this the part where you reveal your plan that you’re not actually teaching me how to fight, but you’re actually going to kill me?” Y/n joked even more, and Allison laughing even more.

She raised her bow and arrow, pointing it at y/n, “Yes. How’d you figure it out so quickly?”

Now both girls were laughing. Suddenly the place didn’t seem so dark and cold anymore.

“Okay,” Allison started after recovering from her fit of laughter, “lesson two. Your enemy, always has a weakness. Identify it, and use it.”

Allison’s voice had changed from joking to serious. She shifted to a fighting stance, fists up after setting her bow and arrow on the ground. Y/n changed her posture too, mimicking Allison and setting the daggers on the ground.

“Okay, how do I do that?” Y/n asked, when she was talking her stance wasn’t as strong. Allison took this moment to swing at her, y/n recovering quickly by ducking to avoid the hit.

“You fight them.” Allison stated firmly.

Y/n returned to her original position. Eyes wide, and then changing quickly to angry.

“Your stance is weak.” Allison said, swinging with her other arm. Although this time y/n wasn’t quick enough. Allison’s fist hitting the side of her jaw.

Y/n stumbled back in surprise, her hand immediately rushing to the injured area.

“You can’t let one little hit set you back,” Allison approached y/n with a kick now. Which she blocked by pushing Allison’s leg back down.
“Hitting you once isn’t ever going to be enough for them,” Allison’s other leg caught y/n off guard by kicking her in the side, knocking the girl down to ground as she let out a groan of pain.

“They won’t stop until you stop moving, or worse, breathing. So even if they hit you once, or twice, or three times,” Allison forcibly picked y/n up from the ground. Holding y/n’s back against her and wrapping her arm around her neck so her elbow was under the girl’s chin, “find that little part inside of you that still wants to fight back.”

Once Allison’s words left her mouth, y/n felt a shift in the grip around her neck. She took the opportunity to elbow Allison in the stomach. Sending the girl stumbling backwards. Y/n quickly turned herself around and kicked Allison backwards with her foot and knocking her on the ground in the process, rage flowing through every limb in her body. She was blinded with built up anger and fear from everything that’s happened so far. Every time she was lied to by someone she loved, every time she felt scared and couldn’t do anything to protect herself or the people around her, every time she wanted to tell Stiles how she felt but something always got in the way. All of the memories and emotions came flooding back, and she transferred them all into that final kick.

She didn’t even realize she was crying until she felt the cold air stinging her cheeks. Allison stood back up, smiling and letting a small laugh escape her.

“Lesson two complete.” Was all she said before the sound of Allison’s phone ringing interrupted the moment.

“It’s Stiles.” She said before answering the call and putting it on speaker.

“Hey what’s up?” Allison answered, holding the phone between her and y/n.

“Just thought you should know,” his voice echoed through the bunker, “Scott is headed to the ice rink right now.”

“What, why?” Y/n asked.

“Y/n is that you?” He ignored the question.

“Just answer the question Stilinski.” She said louder than she intended to, desperate to know what her brother is up to.

“Right, okay. We’re pretty sure Derek is going to turn Boyd next. So he’s on his way to try and change his mind. But-”

“But what if Derek and his pack show up?” Allison interrupted, knowing exactly what he was going to say. She and y/n exchanged a knowing glance.
“I’m on my way there now.” She said before hanging up the call.

Without saying a word Allison retrieved her bow and arrow from the ground and started walking towards the exit.

“Wait! Let me come with you.” Y/n started, picking up the small knife things from the ground.

“No way Y/n, there could be a fight.” Allison turned back around to face her friend.

“Which is exactly why you would need me right? Makes it a fair fight. Three against three.”

Allison sighed in defeat at the statistics.

“Fine, you can come.”

“Should I bring the small knives?” Y/n held the weapons up in the air.

“Chinese ring daggers.” Allison corrected, walking out the door with y/n following close behind her.

The two girls got there only to see that Derek, Isaac, and Erica had beat them.

“That really hurts, Scott.” they heard Derek’s voice as they ducked down behind the border of the ice rink, letting their heads be the only thing that peaked through the glass.

Derek continued talking, “I mean, if you’re going to review me, at least take a consensus. Erica, how’s life been for you since we met?”

The blonde smiled, “Hm. In a word- transformative.”


“Well, I’m a little bummed about being a fugitive, but other than that, I’m great.” The tall boy smirked.

“Okay hold on, this isn’t exactly a fair fight.” Scott tried to reason. Y/n and Allison prepared to reveal themselves.

“Then go home, Scott.” Derek smirked.

“He meant, it’s not a fair fight for you.” Y/n moved out onto the ice rink, everyone turning and looking at her, Allison right behind her. Y/n had never felt such confidence flowing through her before. It felt amazing, she felt ready.

All hell broke loose. Derek wolfed out and went after Scott, relying on his puppets to handle Allison and I. Erica ran towards Allison, immediately aiming her bow and arrow at the beta.

That meant y/n was left to deal with the boy, Isaac. He wolfed out quickly, standing just a few feet away from her and staring at her. Neither one them made a move. Y/n was gripping the daggers so tight she could feel them leaving indents in her skin.

“You really think you have a chance?” He laughed at her.

“I keep up on all the action movies,” y/n joked, “I’ve seen enough to know the bad guy never wins.”

Just then, she ran towards the werewolf. She swung the dagger towards him but he ducked, recovering by swiping her legs out from underneath her. She landed flat on her back, coughing due to the air being knocked out of her. Isaac pounced on top of her. Holding her arms above her head, baring his fangs at her.

“Please.” She managed to whisper, feeling more scared than she ever had in her entire life. She felt a stray tear roll down the side of her face, Isaac saw it too. His eyes turned back to his normal color and his teeth transforming back to their human form. He just stared at her not saying anything. She looked into his eyes and felt confused. He didn’t look evil, he looked like he was scared too, and that he didn’t want to be here and doing all of this.

“STOP!” Derek roared out, causing him to release her and Erica to stop fighting Allison. They both retreated back to their alpha. Y/n stayed on the ground as the walked out, Boyd following behind them.

“Y/n what were you thinking?” Scott pleaded towards his sister with mangled breathing, shifting his gaze to Allison. “And why did you bring her?” Allison stayed silent.

The door opening startled them, but relief flooding through y/n’s body as Stiles ran onto the rink.

“Y/n.” He whispered as he saw her on the ground, running towards her and dropping on his knees. Instantly grabbing her and pulling her against his chest. One hand wrapped around her waist and the other holding her head against him.

No one bothered to say anything, silence screaming between all of them.

Sippin’ On Fire

Summary: Y/N was in a relationship, while Taehyung was hopelessly in love with her. Y/N knew that the man she was with, wasn’t the man she was in love with. The man Y/N was in love with was the man she was sneaking around with, but she won’t admit it because she’s scared of falling in love like that.

Word Count: 2118

Song: Sippin’ On Fire - Florida Georgia Line

Originally posted by nelliel66

Girl, you melt me like ice in whiskey

With those blue flame looks that you give me

She was sitting across from me at the bar, smiling, raising her eyebrow at me as she was taking a sip of her drink. I raised my drink to her, a silent toast, to us.

Y/N was her name. I’ve been in love with her since the first day I met her in the 6th grade. She only saw me as a friend, because in her first year of college, she started dating this dude, and he wasn’t right for her. I supported her all I could, I tried my absolute best. But, who would have thought that 3 years later, they’d still be together.

The only reason why I’m surprised is that Y/N and I make bad decisions. I know I shouldn’t be doing this because she has a boyfriend, but I can’t help myself.

I shared my first kiss with Y/N when her and her boyfriend got into a fight, and she walked over to my place. She sat on the couch silently, with no tears streaming down her face. “Y/N what’s…”, and I got cut off by her cries. I felt horrible. I pulled her into a hug and I could feel her tears dripping on my shirt. I pulled her back and looked into her eyes and I leaned in, and put my lips against hers. My eyes shut, taking in this moment, I was on cloud 9, until I finally realized that she has a boyfriend and I pulled away. “Y/N, I am so sorry.” She shook her head and attached her lips to mine, with a smile on her face.

It was pure bliss. We would steal glances, share kisses behind his back, and whenever he’s not around she would be with me - going on dates, and being tangled up in my bed, together. But it always ended up the same, her going back home to him, and not staying with me.

You can’t hide what’s inside

And it’s killing me right now to see you wanna slip off with me again

She was smiling across the bar at me, waving at me, playing with me, toying with my feelings. Until he came back and put his arm around her waist and took a seat next to her. Her smile faded, and it turned into a show, a fake smile, with fake conversations. It annoyed me. I made a disgusted face and took a sip of my drink.

They both get up and wave their good-byes to the bartender, and the people around them. She gave me a pained expression. She was leaving to go home, with him, in their shared apartment, again.

Y/N: I miss you.

It’s killing me right now to see that Y/N wants to be with me and not him, because I should be in his shoes.

Why should we go round and round the truth, like we’ve been doin’

Every time we lie girl we’re losin’

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A collaboration with the unbelievably talented Lomonte! Gift wrapping dorks! You can find her part here!

I literally have no idea what I did in my previous life for her to agree to do a collaboration with me BUT WOW GO PAST ME! Well, I hope you’re all having a great holiday! Here’s to a year gone by and a (hopefully) better year to come!


part 3☝️🏻

my three favorite couple of all fucking time💖 💘 💝

i love how they’re all matching thoo😍 rikvannah with the bohemian style with a lot of jewelry and patterns! rydellington with the same blue and green colors! and at last but not least rourtney with the light blue jeans and cream colored tops!

all of the outfits are just 😍👌🏻

Wandering Hands ~ Got7 Jackson

Requested: First time make out session with Jackson. You’re nervous and he comforts you which leads into a heated make out session, which has Jacksons hands wandering around your body.. You scold him at first but then give in… Or did you?

Word Count: 2,016


“I’ll go get the snacks. You can pick out a movie.” Jackson suggested, nudging you towards his living room. Letting a small giggle escape your lips, you strolled towards Jackson’s living room, sitting down on the floor in front of his movie collection. 

This was your sixth date with Jackson, you guys met at your local coffee shop when you accidentally spilled your frappé all over him. You were embarrassed and a flustered mess but he was calm, cool and collected. If fact, Jackson recently confessed that your awkwardness is what attracted him to you. From then on you were extra cautious around him. You were the biggest klutz ever. 

‘The Hangover’ caught your eye, as you went through Jackson’s large collection of movies, smiling you remembered that he had told you it was his favorite movie. You leaned forward to grab it getting on all fours, your cheek against the light tan carpet as you extended your short arm to reach it. Looking up, you saw that you had gotten ahold of it. You pulled it out, smiling in satisfaction you leaned back to sit on your feet only to have your back bump into something. Startled, you looked up seeing Jackson inches away looking down at you his plump bottom lip in between his perfect teeth. 

He looked down at you with hooded eyes making you turn a deep shade of red. Why was he looking at you in such a sexual way..? Why were you liking the way he was looking at you? Your eyes wondered down Jackson’s tank top covered torso to his grey joggers he had on. His ‘package’ was inches from your head. Realizing the very awkward position you were in you got up quickly, fixing your light colored jean shorts. Tucking your loose strands of hair behind your ear you looked up at Jackson his cheeks tinted a light shade of pink as he stared down at the bowl of chips he had in his hand.

“I-I c-chose The H-Hangover..” You stuttered trying to ease the awkward tension between you guys. Jackson looked up at you giving you a wide smile, his mood changing completely. How could he change moods so quickly? He seems to be more skilled at this dating thing. You’ve never had a steady boyfriend so this was all new to you. 

Placing the bowl of chips on the glass coffee table along with the two bottles of Coke, Jackson grabbed the movie from your hand walking towards the DVD player, popping it in. You quickly adjusted your outfit, taking in a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. 

'It’s gonna be okay.. Don’t be nervous, (Y/N). Be cool! Be cool!!’ You mentally yelled at yourself, as you watched Jackson stroll back over to black leather couch, sitting down with his legs crossed, remote in hand. Your heart started to pound at the sight of your blonde boyfriend. He was so muscular and gorgeous from the face down. It made you wonder how you ended up with such a perfect human being. 

With his perfect, yet loud laugh… His accent he had when he spoke English.. The fact that he was fluent in various languages… His amazing physic… The way he danced.. His stupid puns.. Oh the way he looked at you…

“(Y/N)!” Jackson’s voice broke you from your thoughts. You looked down at him shaking your head a bit, he patted the seat next to him giving you a cute smile. You mentally slapped yourself for being such an airhead. Sitting down next to Jackson but leaving a small gap between you two, you also sat with your legs crossed, your eyes glued to the screen as the film you had chosen began.
About 30 minutes into the film you felt Jackson’s hand sliding towards you. Diverting your eyes down but still looking ahead you watched as his hand creep towards your thigh, stifling a gasp your body froze when you felt his large hand grip your thigh. Your heart racing a mile a minute, not knowing what to do you left his hand in its position and diverted your attention back to the movie. 

Minutes passed and you felt his hand start to move again. Swallowing slowly, you relaxed bit feeling it just wrap around your waist. This was normal, right? A little touching here and there during a home movie date, right? He wasn’t being a creeper?! Right?! Ugh! You hated the fact you had no dating experience. You were clueless when it came to these situations, especially now when you could use all the knowledge in the world.

Without warning, Jackson pulled your small frame towards him. You were now cuddling into his side. You felt goosebumps begin to rise, feeling his free hand pull both of your legs on his lap. So now basically you were half sitting on the couch and his lap. Holy cow! You must look like the reddest tomato in the garden. You kept your hands close to your chest as you bit your lip staring down at your red and white polka dotted socks. In your 6 weeks of dating Jackson he’s never shown so much skin ship, hell all he’s ever done was hug you and hold your hand. Of course the occasional peck on the lips but nothing more. None of this, that’s going down in his apartment, the both of you all alone.

You wanted to scream as dirty thoughts started to fill your head. “(Y/N).. Don’t be nervous.” Jackson whispered, making you look up. “Hmm..” You hummed in response, your lip still in between your teeth. Jackson’s hand wondered up your side to cup your face. The pad of his thumb softly pulled your bottom lip from your teeth, making you let out a shaky breath. Jackson started to lean in your first clenched a bit harder out of nervousness. You shut your eyes tightly as Jackson’s lips finally met yours. Relaxing under his touch, your first unclenched going weak, your eyes opened again lazily but closed quickly. Jackson’s lips moved in sync with yours, the tips of your fingers grazed his chin and jawline. His hands wandered down your waist to your exposed thighs squeezing them lightly pulling you even closer to so you were fully sitting on his lap.

Not thinking of much Jackson took even more control pushing his tongue pass your lips into your mouth. You let out a small moan making Jackson’s fingers dig into your outer thigh. Your arms wrapped around his neck, your fingers ran through his hair messing up the comb over look he had. Your long nails grazed his scalp, as you felt him bite your bottom lip. You didn’t know where all of this came from but you’d be lying to yourself if you said you weren’t enjoying it. Jackson’s hands wandered up your thighs, reaching behind gripping your butt, giving it a light squeeze. Pulling away from the heated make out session you looked into Jackson’s eyes both you red in the face.

“I’m not ready to take it… 'That’.. Far..” You whispered, raising your eyebrows as you said the word, 'that’. You wanted to take this one step at a time, that and your a virgin who’s never even gone to first base.. Till about a few seconds ago. Jackson smiled, nodding his head. Gripping your cheeks tenderly in his hands he leaned in placing a kiss on your lips. Your shoulders slump in satisfaction of having his lips back on yours. Not wanting it to end it was you who deepened the kiss, your fingers now completely tangled in his blonde locks. Jackson’s hands grabbed your waist placing you down against the cool leather.
Your eyes fluttered at his fingers softly grazing up your arm although you had told him moments ago you weren’t ready for sex, your body was responding in a different way. 

“Jackson..” You mumbled against his lips making him pull away, placing his forehead on yours. “Yes?” He panted in response. You only looked down his gaze following yours. You were now looking at Jackson’s large hand on your clothed breast. Your felt your face heat up all the way up to your ears. Jackson was now in between your legs, his hand on your breast. You didn’t expect any of this to happen today. He stared down at his hand not uttering a word. It was silent, the only sound was the ignored movie on the TV, your pulse in your ears and your’s and Jackson’s ragged breathing.

“Um..” Jackson muttered, his hand on your breast clenching a bit making your toes curl. You quickly grabbed his face smashing your lips to yours, wanting to ease the awkward feeling in the air. Grabbing the hand that was on your breast you swiftly moved it lower to your waist, you felt Jackson groan in disappointment feeling the lose of contact and by his phone ringing.

You giggle against his lips, as he pecked them one last time getting up from on top you. You watched as Jackson leaned forward grabbing his phone. Reading the caller ID he rolled his eyes slightly swiping to answer it.

“Hello?” He answered, fixing his hair. You smiled at the messy masterpiece you created on his head. Sitting up you fixed your shirt and hair, pulling your knees to chest as you stared at Jackson’s annoyed expression.

“No, BamBam. I haven’t been on Instagram. I’m pretty sure Mark’s lying…” Jackson shook his head rubbing his eyes. But you watched lovingly as he talked to BamBam. He always answers to BamBam’s calls no matter how ridiculous they were.

“BamBam! For the last time, I haven’t been on Instagram so I’m pretty sure I haven’t liked Mark’s picture before yours. Calm down..” Jackson leaned back into the couch crossing his free arm against his chest, agreeing to whatever BamBam was saying.

“Fine, fine.. Yeah.. Yeah.. If I don’t like your picture first Jackbam is over… Okay, but BamBam?” Jackson sat up sitting straight you raised your eyebrows at his serious tone of voice. “MARKSON FOREVER!!!!” He yelled into the phone, hanging up quickly. You stared at him questionably. Jackson scooted towards you, trying to set the mood and again but you couldn’t take it seriously after what you just witnessed.

“Markson forever?” You questioned raising your eyebrows at him. Jackson gave you a cheeky smile,“It’s not what you think.”

“Hmm!” You hummed playfully diverting your attention back to the forgotten movie, although you didn’t know what was going on you wanted to give Jackson a fake cold shoulder. You felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist pulling you into a bear hug. You looked at Jackson who’s face was inches from yours. Staring into his wide brown eyes your heart started to melt at the sight of them. You felt like you were gonna combust at how fast your heart was beating.  

“I’m happy being with you.” Jackson confessed making your heart leap. 

“I’m happy being with you too.” You admitted, looking down. Jackson’s soft lips found your pink colored cheek giving it a soft peck.

“Wanna start the movie over?” He asked looking at the screen, which was now playing the end credits. You nodded grabbing the remote to click the main menu.

“I should get us new sodas.” He grabbed the warm sodas getting up walking towards the kitchen. “Are you gonna like Mark’s picture first?” You called after him, staring at the main menu on the screen.

“You bet!” Jackson laughed in response. You laughed shaking your head at your adorable childlike boyfriend. You smiled knowing that you were gonna be happy with him for a long tim. Clicking play on the movie, Jackson’s returned to the living room placing the drinks on the coffee table, sitting down next to you. He wrapped his arm around you, kissing the top of your head, snuggling your face into his chest smiling at what could be one of the best dates ever.


-Admin Kat