light into dark

I decided to write a bit of poetry

As the shadow grows to fight the flame

I, too, learn his name

He prowls through the dark of night

Looking for something new to fight

As the others grow blinded by the day

He is able to spot his new prey

And in the silence of the dead of night

You can’t hear the screams of the fight

A constant light fights Him though

Never allowing him room to grow

People stare and mock and chatter

But soon they will fall off the ladder

Those who listen closely seem to know

How the ways of life go

The constant battle never stops

Until the last of the bodies plops

On to the ground their heads seem to fall

A slit throat marking them all

As the light of day begins to bend

The Darkness begins to descend

Forces begin to duel

To see who will gain the power to rule

The Dark fights the other

Each punch brings life to another

Although this is as backwards as it seems

The light of day slowly gleams

Above the Darkness in the pine wood

Now everything is back to as at should

Only to begin again the next night

Ok ok so I hoped you liked! I was literally sitting in my bed and just was like “hmmm. These words sound cool and show things about my fav egos ever. LETS POST IT ONLINE!” And now you have this. Also the gif is not mine. It’s really sweet tho so I wish it was! Figured it fit well with this.

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You know, I find it really amazing how modern children’s cartoons can get so dark. 

To prove my point, let’s compare a light scene to a dark scene from some modern cartoon children’s shows:

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil:



Steven Universe:



Adventure Time:



Over The Garden Wall:



My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:



The Amazing World Of Gumball:



Regular Show:



Gravity Falls:



See how dark some modern children’s cartoon shows can get? 

It’s just so fucking amazing.