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Witchy things to do when you’re low on spoons

As a witch with a chronic illness that can leave me extremely low on energy for weeks at a time, I’m always looking for witchy things to do that won’t leave me exhausted. Even simple spells draw from your own energy pool so these are the things I do when my pool is running dry.

  • Cleansing -  Negative energy always builds up in my space during a bout of sickness, after a good cleansing of my outer I find my inner much more positive also. Here are some easy ways to cleanse

-Light some incense
-Fill a spray bottle with water (moon water would be handy for this), herbs of your choice (I usually use sage), and some salt. Then go around to each room and spray some into each corner
-Cleanse yourself by taking a bath or shower and using gorgeous smelling products
-Open a window and let the fresh air blow positive energy into your house

  • Sigils -  When I don’t have the energy for full-on spells/rituals I sit down and make some cute sigils. I try to make them specific to my situation, so when I am feeling especially down because of health issues I will make a sigil with the intent “My health does not affect my mental state” or something similar. You can also

 -Put a sigil on your pill bottles for a little boost (although magic is NOT a replacement for medicine and you should never completely rely on it for any health issues)
-Put a sigil on your heat bags/hot water bottle
-Draw them on your wrist
-Draw them at the bottom of your tea mugs with honey

  • Beauty Products -  Being stuck in bed feeling like death himself can make me feel, well, not awesome appearance wise. I found making myself feel nice on the outside can help my moral SO MUCH. I don’t mean you have to get up and put on a full face of make-up, but these little things can make a big difference

-Rosehip oil spray. It smells amazing, has many magical benefits including health and feeling calm and sensual, and is super refreshing with the added bonus of being rly good for your skin
-Scented lip balm for when your lips are feeling dry and sore eg I have pomegranate lip balm for when I want to make an offering to Persephone but have absolutely no energy. They come in sooo many flavors and scents, just pick which ones resonate with what you need!
-Perfume/essential oils. Just use a scent that corresponds with what you would like to do, like tea tree oil for health or lavender for relaxation. Also, smell pretty=feel pretty.

  • Prayers -  It can be hard keeping up appearances to the Gods when you have no energy so every night before bed, or generally whenever I feel like it, I say a little prayer. Of course if you are a secular witch you could just take some time to appreciate the things in nature/your life that makes it magical.
  • Tea -  It’s so nice having a soothing hot drink when your throat feels like a huge cluster of quartz has gotten stuck in there. There are so many posts out there about magical uses for tea but here is a couple 

-Adding herbs for intent
-Leaving a crystal in your mug overnight so your mug and tea is charged with intent
-Blowing away the steam and visualize blowing away negative energy

  • Get to know your crystals - Lets be honest, I have so many crystals I’ve forgotten what half of them are. I like taking them out and surrounding myself with them and then picking them up one by one and focusing on its energy to re-connect. This takes barely any of my energy as I can do it in bed, and makes me feel warm and fuzzy seeing all my pretties in front of me.
  • Read/Study - This is what I spend the majority of my time doing. There is ALWAYS more to learn about witchcraft and I can do it while lying down. There are so many free witchy book pdfs on tumblr as well, just remember not to believe everything you read.
  • Witchy Crafts - This one could take a little more spoons than the others, but it’s super gratifying. To find some things to do you can scroll through the tumblr tag “witch diy”. Some things I have done are 

-Sewed cute tarot bags to hold my cards
-Used thick cotton to make my own little necklace crystal holder
-Bought gemstone beads and made my own jewelry

  • Visualization - This is in my opinion the foundation of all spells and a lot of the time I don’t even use any other ingredients because that takes too much energy. I just focus on my intent and chant a little bit or sing and let the spell come to light all through visualizing it. I have charmed items, helped my plants grow and a lot more this way. I also like to visualize myself in a beautiful, flower-filled forest and feel the sun/moon pulling dark clouds of negative energy/illness out of my body to help when i’m feeling particularly unwell.

  • Meditation - My favorite spoonie witchy thing to do. It calms you, cleanses you, broadens your mind and senses and helps me personally deal with any pain caused by my illness. It can be done at any time and you really feel recharged afterwards. You can even light some candles, light some incense, sit outside under the moon, so many things.

So these are all I can think of right now, feel free to add on so we can all help each other out! Much love to every one of you 💕


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tasks for the tired witch

I am always stuck trying to balance my professional life and my magickal one, which seems to stress me out WAY more than it should, but I’ve recently discovered that you don’t have to do anything huge for it to be magickal. 

If you want to do something witchy but just don’t have the energy, here’s a few things you can try that either take little effort or that you probably would have been doing anyway:

  • take a bath or shower - dedicate it to washing the stress and negativity of the day away
  • eat food - ground and recharge yourself
  • if you feel like cooking - charge your ingredients before adding them to the mix 
  • light a candle, incense, or plug in your wax warmer - let the scent help keep your space cleansed and free of negative energy while you sit there and chill 
  • meditate - turn on some relaxing music and just close your eyes for a while 
  • and lastly, get some sleep! 

feel free to reblog and add your own suggestions c:

Quick Morning Magick

Here are some quick magickal techniques you can use first thing in the morning to help make your day go a little easier!

Morning Shower Meditation - use the element of water to cleanse yourself of any lingering negativity from the previous day. Use herbal soaps, herbal bags for aromatherapy, oils, or other means to help you focus on your intent to wash away negative energy down the drain.

Light some incense - I do this on most mornings to set a tone for how I want the day to proceed. Aromas can produce powerful emotions and moods. Here’s a brief list of some of my favorites scents and some of their attributes.

  • Frankincense and Myrrh - uplifting
  • Amber - comfort, healing, and happiness

  • Cinnamon - success and strength

  • Jasmine - love and wisdom

  • Pine - grounding

Altar Devotion/Invocations - You can light some candles on your altar and speak some invocations for your deities to guide you throughout the day. I do a Goddess Devotion every morning to ask Her for her strength, vitality, love, and intuition to guide me.

Breakfast - Even your breakfast can be spiritual! You are filling yourself with the nourishment that the Earth has provided you with. Be conscious of what you eat. Try fruits, oatmeal, grits, milk, juices, meats, and breads to start your morning by showing your gratitude to all that is.

Glass of Water - Having a glass of water in the morning can be used to cleanse the body, just like the shower. You can even do an herbal tea blend to incite a mood just as the incense does.

Yoga and Exercise - This can also be a form of meditation in the morning.

Dream Journals - You can keep a dream journal by your bed so you can record your dreams in the morning when you first wake up. Writing can also be considered a form of meditation and getting into a routine can become your personal ritual.

Greet the Sun - Going for a walk outside or just watching the sunrise can be a very powerful ritual. The Sun lends us its strength, passion, and love as we go about our busy day. Greet the sun and ask it for guidance.

How to cleanse your room of bad energy

- Open the window and let fresh air and sunlight flow through the room. Also keep the door open if you can.

- Since your bed is a huge part of the bedroom, strip your bedding and throw it in the wash.

- Quickly tidy up any clutter. This doesn’t need to be a huge job. Just tackle the main things like dirty laundry and dirty dishes.

- Light an incense and walk around the room with it. Hold the incense for a while in each corner, behind furniture, and around any new items you have brought into your room that need to be cleansed. 

- Fill a spray bottle with water, salt, and your favourite essential oil (I recommend lavender for the bedroom) and spray it around your room in any spots you still feel negative energy. 

- An alternative to spraying salt water is you can sprinkle salt around your room and then vacuum it up.

- Still feel negative energy? Walk around your room and clap! This works wonders.

- Once your bedding is clean and dry, make your bed with it. 

You’re done! You will probably feel a lot better. You don’t have to do all of these things at once. If you don’t have much time or energy but need to cleanse, just try doing one of these things.

Black Hole Grounding 💫

Many practitioners like to use various elements and other sources to ground their loose, extra, or negative energy - one of my favorite methods of doing this is Black Hole Grounding. This method ensures that the energy you’re trying to ground or get rid of is compressed into something so small and insignificant that it practically doesn’t exist, instead of just being transferred to another source. This method traps the grounded energy, similar to how the force and gravity of a black hole is so strong that not even light can escape it.

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  1. Dim the lights 
  2. Sit comfortably, whether it be outdoors under the stars or inside - your choice
  3. Feel free to play some ambient music on your computer or phone, perhaps something on YouTube with a backdrop of the cosmos
  4. If you have a crystal you like to use to help you ground, grab it now and hold onto it
  5. Similarly, light a candle or incense that you like to use to help you ground, if you wish
  6. Close your eyes and begin breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth until you reach a relaxed state of mind
  7. Visualize the energy you wish to ground traveling up your spine, out of the top of your head, and into the cosmos - once you can visualize this energy floating in empty space, imagine it being sucked into a black hole until you can no longer see it
  8. Continue rhythmic breathing until you come back to reality, and go about your day as usual 

Crystals to aid in Black Hole Grounding:

  • Astrophyllite 
  • Black Calcite
  • Black Obsidian 
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Bronzite 
  • Dolomite
  • Halite
  • Hematite
  • Lodestone
  • Magnetite
  • Meteorite
  • Nebula Stone
  • Onyx
  • Smoky Quartz 
  • Tiger’s Eye

Scents to aid in Black Hole Grounding:

  • Basil
  • Cedar
  • Cinnamon
  • Coffee
  • Cypress
  • Fir
  • Frankincense
  • Ginger
  • Jasmine
  • Myrrh
  • Patchouli
  • Pine
  • Sage
  • Sandalwood
  • Spruce


Be a Better Writer Spell Bag.

What you’ll need:

  • Small bag/sachet. 
  • Small piece of paper, and pen.
  • Your favorite incense (mine is Dragon’s Blood).
  • A gemstone (I used Dragon’s Tooth Coral). 
  • Green candle wax: To represent success and abundance.
  • Peppermint oil: Promotes concentration and regeneration.
  • Cilantro: Brings peace to your home (or wherever you write), also helps attune yourself to your soul.
  • Dandelion: Increases psychic ability and opens the mind. 
  • Rose leaves or petals: Increases passion and motivation. 

What to do:

  1. Light your favorite incense to cleanse your space.
  2. Rub gemstone with peppermint oil. Remember, a little goes a long way.
  3. Hold gemstone over the incense smoke for a little while, then set it near by to charge.
  4. Gather the Cilantro, Dandelions, and Rose. Place them into your bag. Shake it up a bit.
  5. Take your small piece of paper and write “Writer” on it, along with any symbols/sigils you’d like to use if applicable. I wrote the word in both Theban and English. 
  6. Fold the paper, then seal it with green candle wax.
  7. Place your charged gem into the bag along with the paper. Shake it up again.
  8. Now get to work! Start that novel, or that blog you’ve been contemplating. Good luck!

Thanks for reading! And as always, you can personalize this in anyway you’d like. And if being a good writer isn’t something you are trying to achieve, with a little research you can work this spell to fit your needs. For any questions, or even suggestions, please feel free to visit my ask box. 

- carbonlyingnexttome 

A method to Cleanse and Ward after unsavory people visit your house

Personally, I wait 15 minutes to ensure they haven’t forgotten anything (it’s a long, painful wait, I know. Just bear with it!) and then get straight to work!

First off;

If they ate or drank at your house:

  1. DO NOT save any leftovers from that meal, as it is now connected to them. Use it instead in the compost heap to help further along your garden.
  2. Rinse down the dishes they used with vinegar first, spritz with sage-infused water, then proceed to washing the dishes normally.

And now if they did not eat or drink at your house

  1. Open all doors and windows to air out the house.
  2. Light some incense (honestly any will do at this point your just trying to make sure their scent doesn’t linger)
  3. The couch or chair they were sitting on needs to be thoroughly vacuumed.
  4. After vacuuming the couch or chair, cast a consecrated circle around the object and banish their energy from it.
  5. Lightly mist with moonwater and place energized crystals in a spiral in said area.
  6. Dust the House.
  7. Sweep the floors and collect any trash, immediately taking it out.
  8. Wash down all tabletops and counter surfaces with vinegar.
  9. Wash the floors and walls with a mix of lavender/sage/moonwater.
  10. Vacuum the carpets and rugs.
  11. Smudge.
  12. Squeeze out some garlic juice from 3 cloves of garlic and rub into ground outside of door (3 cloves per door).
  13. Mix lemon juice with a drop of peppermint oil and use it to draw a line on the door frame, both sides; make sure you left no line breaks!
  14. Rub a touch of dogwood oil on the outside doorknob.
  15. Recharge your witch balls!
  16. Air out your dreamcatchers if you have any!

If they sat down on your bed

Ohhhhhh boy oh boy oh boy. Guess who’s about to wash their sheets?

Surprise it’s you!

  1. Wash your sheets.
  2. Wash your comforter.
  3. Wash the pillowcases.
  4. Wash the pillows.
  5. Wash the mattress pad.
  6. Vacuum the mattress.
  7. Mist lightly with moonwater.
  8. Place energized crystals where they sat in a spiral.

Optional; write their name on an egg, take it outside, and crush it beneath your heel.

Can be a curse or just an emotional outlet, either way; it feels pretty good.

“But what if I don’t have all those incenses and oils and moonwater???”

Silly, just air out your house and clean it top to bottom using regular cleaning supplies!

If it helps, you can also say the following;

Your body left my house, 
Now, your spirits can too.
And by ‘can’ I mean ‘will’,
It’s time for all of you to leave.

You’ve worn out your welcome,
When you never had any at all,
Out the door with you lot,
Away you go, away!

May you never return here!
May you never come back!
I banish you from this threshold!
Now get the fuck outta my house.”

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I ran out of incenses a few weeks ago and since I’m a lazy sloth I didn’t get new ones until just a few days ago. And I just want to say there’s no smell like the smell of a sweet honeysuckle incense. Nothing makes me feel more like the badass witch I am.

Bonus Witch Tip: If you want to create a custom scent when doing any meditation, ritual or spellwork try lighting 2 incenses at once. I like to do honeysuckle (are you seeing a pattern here? lol) and vanilla.

Valentine’s spells

As V-day approaches, some of you may be thinking of getting cards for your friends, family and loved ones to express your love for them. Why not add a little charm to them?

For romantic love


  • Spray bottle
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Lavender incense
  • Rose water
  • Red Candle
  • Valentine or gift

For Friendship/Family love


  • Spray bottle
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Vanilla incense
  • Rose water
  • Pink Candle
  • Valentine or gift

Gather your supplies and put them in the four corners. As some of you have different correspondences, Salt=Earth, Incense=Air, Candle=Fire, Rose water=Water. *Put the rose water in the spray bottle first to make this easier

Light the candles and incense. Place Valentine or gift in the center. Grab a pinch of salt and place it in the spray bottle. Pass the bottle over the smoke and the flame. Put it back in the correct corner. Next, take the valentine or gift and show it some love.

  • If it’s for a friend/family member, hug it, high five it, whatever you do to show the recipient your love normally. Say some loving words of affirmation.
  • If it’s for a (potential) romantic partner, give it a kiss, pinch the bottom ;) , give it an extra squeezy hug, whatever form of PDA you would normally give them (or think they would enjoy). Say something romantic/loving.

Finally, give it a good spritz front and back w the rose water.

Now your Valentine is imbued w extra love and affection :) <3

Moses had a son named Aaron, who himself had two sons named Nadab and Abihu: They appear only briefly in Leviticus when Moses is showing the priests how to priest properly. Following the rules prescribed by God, Aaron slaughters some animals, cuts off the bits he’s supposed to cut off, lays the offerings down on the altar in the correct way, lights up some incense, and waits. God approves of the ritual and makes a big light show to tell Aaron that he did well, and all the priests celebrate a job well done.

Next, Nadab and Abihu do the exact same thing. Only this time, God instantly incinerates the brothers in a furious hellstorm right in front of their horrified father.

Now, there’s been a lot of debate among Bible scholars about what exactly Nadab and Abihu did wrong. Some have suggested they used the wrong incense (“Is that that pine bullshit? Nobody likes that pine bullshit!”), while others think they may have lit the fire wrong. Either way, Moses puts his arm around Aaron and basically tells him, “Yeah, your kids explode sometimes. C'est la vie!”

Aaron’s surviving children and nephews then have to bury the dead brothers, but Moses warns them to be doubly careful because if they make God any angrier by complaining, or even not combing their hair properly, he’ll probably kill everyone in Israel. Why? Well, you’ve guided all your Sims to the pool and then removed the ladder. You know why.

6 Bible Stories Where The Moral Was ‘Haha F*ck You, I’m God’

To Get a Job: A Blessing

This spell is a blessing for a resume you’re about to turn in. Of course, do your best on the resume itself!

You will need:

- Your resume

- 5 green or gold candles (or a mix thereof)

- Allspice, Frankincense or Strawberry incense (for luck)

- Basil, Cinnamon, or Clove incense (for wealth)

- A green pen

Light the green and gold candles, and put them in the form of a pentagram large enough for you to sit in and fill out the resume in. Inside the pentagram, light two sticks of incense, one for luck and one for wealth. Once you’re inside, fill out the resume in the green pen (only if you’re allowed to! If it explicitly states to use blue or black ink, use one of those!). After you’re done filling out the resume, pass it over the smoke coming from the incense. Allow the incense to burn down.

*Be sure you turn the resume in afterwards!!

New Year Ritual Bath [REVISED]

This is a revision last year’s spell, which can be read here and here.

What You’ll Need:

  • a bathtub or shower
  • body wash or soap
  • a washcloth, sponge, etc.
  • 1 black candle
  • 1 white candle
  • Optional: Incense (Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, or Sandalwood)
  • Optional: Plain bath salts, lightly scented oils or bubbles, bath bombs, etc.

Note: This is intended for beginners. More intermediate or advanced practitioners can feel free to modify this ritual by adding herbs to the water (Rosemary or Lavender recommended), making a space to reflect on new ways you plan to engage with your deities, or performing more advanced uncrossing or healing spells.

Performing the Spell:

I recommend doing this spell around sunset on December 31st, but that’s just a symbolic preference. Anytime during the last week of December or first week of January are fine - just spend the week thinking about your past year and what goals you have for the next.

Light the incense if you chose to use it, and begin filling the bath. As the tub fills, add any bath salts or oils. Leave bubbles or bath bombs until the end.

While you wait for the tub to fill, light the black candle. Take a moment to think about the negativity you’re carrying with you - regrets, loneliness, stress… Be honest with yourself and experience your feelings in whole. Try to breathe through them without smothering them down or becoming overwhelmed.

Once you feel ready, say: “With this candle I release from my mind, body, and soul all the negativity I have stored during the year.”

Get in the tub when you’re ready and spend a moment soaking, letting your body relax from your rumination. Then, take your washcloth or sponge and apply as much soap or body wash as you like. Carefully wash each part of your body while saying: “I wash away all negativity from my mind, body, and soul. This suffering will not follow me into the new year.”

After you’re completely clean, submerge yourself entirely under water as long as you feel comfortable. (If for whatever reason you are unable to do this, pour water over your head with a cup or with a shower hose attachment until you feel relaxed once more.)

When you come up, get out and snuff the black candle. Do whatever you have to to prepare the bath for relaxation - refill it with new hot water, add your bath bomb or bubbles, etc. When you’re finished, light the white candle and get back into the water. (If you’re unable to stay in the water this long, get out and get into some comfortable pajamas. Light the candle somewhere safe and proceed to the next part of the ritual.)

Make yourself comfortable and gaze softly at the light of the white candle. Imagine all the ways you will be seeking positive growth in the new year and visualize yourself meeting your goals. Think about your current life path and think about the future you want to have. Set small goals for yourself and make a commitment to self-honesty, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Stay like this until the candle has burned out, the water gets cold, or you start to prune. Unstop the tub, snuff out the candle, get into cozy pajamas, and get something hot to drink.

“Turning Over a New Leaf” - spell for new beginnings

I’m trying to take more responsibility in my life, really owning my new adult status and working on improving myself. Autumn is about productivity- so this is a spell for everyone who wants a fresh start. It can be modified for discreet witchcraft if you need to. 

You will need: 

A leaf. Preferably an fallen one, so it’s drier, and with a broad, flat surface. I used Magnolia, but use whatever you can find. 

Incense of your choice. I used orange, because citrus to me signals energy, but you could use any kind you want. If you can’t use incense, you’ll need something to write on the leaf. But I like including the incense because fire represents rebirth and rejuvenation- think phoenix. 

How to cast: 

Step 1: Identify the change you want to make. For example, let’s say you want to drink more water. Light your incense/candle/wax melter. While it’s burning, write down the steps you’re going to take to achieve your goal. If you want to drink more water, write down steps like: filling your water bottle every night, restricting soda to the weekends, or getting a smaller size coffee. 

Step 2: Once the incense has burned down, use the cooled ashes to draw a symbol or word on one side of the leaf- to represent you before the change. On the other side, draw a sigil, symbol, or word to represent your new goal. For our example, you could draw waves, a health sigil, or a word like “hydrate”. 

Step 3: Crumple the leaf and scatter at the roots of a tree. In this way, the past will fuel and nourish the future growth. 

Hope you enjoy this spell, and that it brings positive changes in your life. 

Blessed be!- Kate