light hog

Meenah is a Thief of Life.  She literally steals life–the energy needed to create and influence reality.  We’ve already seen with the Condesce and her Helmsman, a graphic example: Meenah can perhaps extend existence, but she steals true life.

(Vriska) came into Meenah’s deadlife full of vigor and determination and attitude, the epitome of a Thief of Light.  A spotlight-hogging, bossy gal who was always so sure that what she wanted and willed was what was best for everyone else, and who was willing to do whatever it took to make the things she wanted to happen, happen.  And after some setbacks and losses of support, (Vriska) was left with Meenah.

And Meenah told her nah, there’s no need for you to be a glory-hog, no need to strain so hard against the inevitability of destruction, no need to go around risking your deadlife to help people who apparently don’t even like you and won’t appreciate you.  Meenah said, let’s just hang out and explore these bubbles.  You should get a tattoo.  Your hair looks cool half-shaved and with braids.  You should try to be more like me, and not give any fucks about anything!

And by doing that, by leading her down a path of complacency, Meenah extended (Vriska)’s existence, by taking her away from the danger she’d always been willing to put herself in.  But she also took all her energy.  Her spirit.

Her Life.

No wonder (Vriska) has ended up a “happy” but weak-willed shell of her former self, letting her alive alternate self’s words stab through her and oh so quick to backpedal and say, yes, I’ll do what you say you want to do, Meenah, I’ll do whatever you want so long as you’ll stay with me.  And it’s no wonder Meenah now wants to leave.  (Vriska) is out of Life to be stolen, and here’s a living Vriska just full of it.

Meenah seems sorry to be doing this, and she herself says she is by nature “bad,” but whether she really is a bad person or not, whether she does it on purpose or it just happens passively, she is a Thief of Life through and through.


Hogging the light by Andrew steele
Via Flickr:
Rosy Bonnet (Mycena rosea) in Balls Wood Nature Reserve