light hitting buildings

Author’s Note: This is part two of “Shocked”, which I am glad to say that people seem to have enjoyed. I really liked writing both parts, so I really hope you guys like reading it.

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Recap: (in part one) the reader and the rest of the Avengers are sent to a small town to put down a violent mutant rebellion, but it turns out the mutants are stronger. With most of the team injured or out of sorts, they all (except the reader) have gathered in the local church, awaiting their deaths. What the rest of the Avengers don’t know is that the reader had a hidden ability, one that may destroy everyone if she can not control it. The reader has just gotten permission from Fury to use it.


“Shocked” (Part Two)

“Sir,” you piped up. “I can…”

Fury knew exactly what you were talking about. “Yes, Y/N. We’re out of options.”

You closed you eyes and clenched your fists together, that was exactly what you needed to hear, but also what you never wanted to hear. For as long as you had known about them, your powers had been a burden. You would have done anything to be human. But now, at least you could use them to do at least one thing right.

It was perfect, really. The Avengers were all on one place, which in turn drew all of the mutants together. Maybe, just maybe, if you could keep your calm and get rid of the mutants fast, you could reseal your powers and not level the rest of the town. But, it was very unlikely. You had only ever used your powers a few times, and each time had been more detrimental than the last.

You made your way to the church where Natasha had said that they were hiding out, and sure enough, both Pietro and Vision were still fighting. You could see that Pietro was a lot slower than normal and that his punches were beginning to be borderline ineffective, but he still fought on. Vision was doing okay, but the number of mutants around him was too many and he couldn’t fight them all off. You saw Tony’s suit laying on the ground in scraps, so you assumed that he gave up on fighting once his suit became useless and fled inside the church.

“Pietro, Vision, get inside the church.”

Pietro looked up at you, his icy blue eyes widened in shock, and then in horror. “No, Y/N! I told you to stay where I left you! Get away from here!”

You laughed a bitter, humorless laugh. Everything was falling apart and all he could worry about was you?

“Pietro, get inside. You too Vision.”

Neither of them budged.

“Do what agent Y/N says, now.” Fury’s voice boomed through the head sets, and Pietro looked at you with tears in his eyes.

“Y/N, what could you possibly do?” I came up next to you, forgetting about the mutants that wanted his blood on their hands. “If you die…”

You want to assure him that you wont, but you can’t. You have no idea what will happen.

You look up at Vision with a desperate look etched onto your face. “Please, get him inside and safe.”

Vision nodded and took Pietro by the arm, dragging him away from you. Pietro fought back; punching Vision, screaming words in a language you didn’t know, and giving you the most scared set of eyes that you had ever seen.

You held back your tears, you didn’t have time to cry. The mutants were on you faster than lightning hitting the ground. Jumping at you, clawing at your skin.

“Stop this!” You pleaded, hoping that maybe they would listen to you. “You don’t have to kill to make the humans notice you! This will only show them that you are exactly the same monsters that they think you are!”

They weren’t listening to you, they were past the point of coming a back to a rational thought.

Between the bodies of mutants that were on top of you, you could see the entire team watching you in horror, yet still staying loyal to Fury’s orders about staying inside the church. It was the only way that they would even have a chance of walking away from this town alive.

“It’s time.” Fury said into your earpiece.

You swallowed and shut your eyes as tightly as you possibly could, then shot out your hands. You felt your fingers begin to shimmer and shake, you felt the raw energy coming through your veins.

You snapped your eyes open and let go of all the seal that you had put on your powers.

Bolts of lightning shot out of your fingers and hit every mutant around you, sending them flying through the air. The lighting kept coming, hitting buildings, cars, and anything else that was within a mile radius of you. You heard the windows of the church shatter, and you prayed that your team wasn’t hit.

All of the mutants were down and out, yet you couldn’t stop. The lighting grew larger and larger, hitting almost everything around it with extreme power. The bolts themselves grew larger in size and in energy. Fires erupted all around you, buildings crumbled to the ground.

So, You thought, I couldn’t control it after all.

The lightning was getting to be too much even for you, it began to bounce off roads and building at shoot back in your direction.

Eventually, you were going to get hit. You were going to die. You were glad that you had been able to put down the rebellion, but at what cost?

You were shaking violently, you were completely out of control. Every time you opened your eyes all you saw the destruction that you caused, which only fueled your panic, making it harder and harder to stop.

“Someone, stop me before I level this entire town!” You screamed in the air, hoping that one of the Avengers could hear you over the crackling lightning. You were in so much pain from your own powers that you couldn’t even stand anymore, you sank your knees, lightning still shooting in every direction.

You felt strong arms wrap around your back and hold you tight, rocking you back and forth whilst another hand rubbed your back soothingly. “I am right here, listen to my voice. Only focus on my voice.”

Every once and a while Pietro would quickly leave you to doge a bolt of lightning that was coming at him, but he always came back and continued to calm you down. Eventually, after what felt like years, the lightning vanished and was concealed yet again inside you.

You were breathing heavily, as was Pietro.

“It is okay, I love you…” He whispered in your ear. “I love you…I love you…”

Once you were stable enough, you opened your eyes to see all of the avengers watching you with amazement. They hadn’t known that such a fire resided in you, and honestly, you hadn’t either.

Clint put his bow on the ground and looked at you with wide eyes. “Well, that was…shocking.”

when I was 15 I wrote a long email to myself and scheduled it to arrive today, I just got it, little bits of it:

  • I hope you’re feeling happier with who you are and understand life a bit more (if only a tiny bit). I feel pretty melancholy at the moment 
  • God, I just want to know that you’re happy 
  • Go out! and do something that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, or just go and get an ice-cream and go for a walk and look at how nicely light hits buildings through trees 
  • wonder if you’re in art school? if not I guess you’ve chosen another path and that’s cool, I can’t wait to get there. 
  • I just want to tell you that you are worthwhile! You are worth the time of day, you are worth it you are worth it you are worth it. 
  • I guess I will see you/be you when you read this.