light grey art labs


It’s been a long day of inking and coloring. So please let me know which one is your favorite! Initial I made the blue one then the brown and finally the red.

Oh and this is my piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s “To Be You exhibition”. The piece is a bit of a self portrait, and I am always thinking about how much time and what my fate is and my path in this amazing creative world.

I have lily of the valley through out the piece because they are my mom’s favorite. Also lost of ferns and a fallen tree because I spent so much time in the woods building trails with my dad. Clock gears to represent the machine like quality that makes me feel a little less human, but they also represent my diving into art nouveau through steampunk (never forget your roots!) The scissors are there to help me cut away the threads of fate that are not my true path. The clock weights are the pressure I put on myself to achieve all my goals. and of course two bells at the bottom of the belt because I love Naruto and the strong characters and years of dedication Masashi Kishimoto put into his craft. 

79) NearSusan Bibinski

The mermaid watches me, waiting almost patiently as I wade through the river to get closer to her. Somehow I know that if I catch her, she’ll grant me a single wish for anything I desire. Just when I can almost reach out to her she disappears under the surface, and in almost a blink of an eye darts away downstream, where she resurfaces, holding my gaze as if she had never moved. Again, when I get too close to her, she retreats. This continues awhile longer until I realize I’ll never get my wish.


Enjoy your Saturday night, folks!



Somebody…please…I need some kind of program that stops me from accessing any online shopping after midnight. My self control just disappears at that time and I just buy and buy and buy.

But then again I can’t be too upset because I got these sweet new tarot cards.

I had never heard of the Light Grey tarot before and I can’t think why because they’re so cool, I would have thought that lots of people would want them for their own collections. 

This deck is independently published and comes from the people at the Light Grey Art Lab as part of their “Tarot, Mystics and Occult” Exhibition. It brings together 78 different artists, one for each card.

I think it’s such a neat idea having a different artist design each card. In some of my other decks you sometimes get the feeling that the artist had much more passion for some cards than others. Not criticising at all, designing 78 cards is a gargantuan task, but especially in the pip cards you get the impression that the artist lent more of their energy to particular cards. In this deck each card feels so complete and fully realised. 

Despite coming from 78 different creative places, the deck doesn’t feel mismatched at all. I don’t know if they adjusted the tone of each card (is that even the right term) or what, but the cards don’t clash with each other even though they differ greatly in colour and style. 

Some cards have astronauts exploring alien worlds, some have Victorian ladies taking tea in their parlours, some are bizarre and fantastical, some depict everyday scenes. It’s by far the most interesting deck I own. 

I love, love, love it and I wholeheartedly recommend this deck!