light golden brown

colours i associate with sun/moon combos

(*note: this is mostly from auras i associate the sun/moon combos with and an “if i were to make a colour a aesthetic” point of view)


aries sun, aries moon: blood red, glow red, sunset orange

aries sun, taurus moon: red, golden yellow, white

aries sun, gemini moon: pastel pink, glow pink

aries sun, cancer moon: bright red, black, shiny gold

aries sun, leo moon: golden yellow, sunset orange, orange-yellow

aries sun, virgo moon: red-brown, earthly brown, pastel red

aries sun, libra moon: pastel pink, pastel orange, pink

aries sun, scorpio moon: black, glow red, blood red

aries sun, sagittarius moon: crimson red, gold, pastel red

aries sun, capricorn moon: earthly brown, beige-brown

aries sun, aquarius moon: pastel pink, red-pink

aries sun, pisces moon: pastel pink, baby pink, white


taurus sun, aries moon: earthly brown, golden yellow, white

taurus sun, taurus moon: beige, caramel, dark brown

taurus sun, gemini moon: caramel, white, gold

taurus sun, cancer moon: golden brown, white, green

taurus sun, leo moon: yellow, golden yellow, yellow-orange

taurus sun, virgo moon: caramel, beige, light green

taurus sun, libra moon: pastel pink, caramel, white

taurus sun, scorpio moon: dark brown, light green, dark green

taurus sun, sagittarius moon: golden yellow, gold, beige

taurus sun, capricorn moon: dark green, dark brown, brown-green

taurus sun, aquarius moon: light caramel, white, beige

taurus sun, pisces moon: very light green, fresh green, light brown


gemini sun, aries moon: pastel pink, baby pink, baby blue

gemini sun, taurus moon: white, light pink, light brown

gemini sun, gemini moon: blue, turquoise, baby blue

gemini sun, cancer moon: white, very pale blue, pale blue-green

gemini sun, leo moon: pastel yellow, pale pink

gemini sun, virgo moon: very pale green, white, pale blue-green

gemini sun, libra moon: baby pink, pastel pink, peach

gemini sun, scorpio moon: black, glow blue, light blue

gemini sun, sagittarius moon: light blue, baby blue, pastel lavender

gemini sun, capricorn moon: very pale yellow, white, pale caramel

gemini sun, aquarius moon: blue, white, baby blue

gemini sun, pisces moon: light blue, baby blue, pastel blue


cancer sun, aries moon: bright red, white, gold

cancer sun, taurus moon: gold, light blue, white

cancer sun, gemini moon: very pale blue, baby blue, glow blue

cancer sun, cancer moon: turquoise, white, silver

cancer sun, leo moon: golden yellow, gold, white

cancer sun, virgo moon: gold, white, white-grey

cancer sun, libra moon: very light greyish blue, pastel blue

cancer sun, scorpio moon: black, light blue, glow blue

cancer sun, sagittarius moon: golden yellow, white, blue

cancer sun, capricorn moon: white, light caramel, pale brown

cancer sun, aquarius moon: baby blue, pastel pink, pastel blue

cancer sun, pisces moon: white, silver, baby blue


leo sun, aries moon: bright red, bright orange, yellow

leo sun, taurus moon: orange-red, sunset orange, sunset red

leo sun, gemini moon: pastel yellow, golden yellow

leo sun, cancer moon: white, golden yellow, peach

leo sun, leo moon: gold, golden yellow, yellow-orange

leo sun, virgo moon: light brown, caramel

leo sun, libra moon: gold, white, caramel

leo sun, scorpio moon: gold, black, white

leo sun, sagittarius moon: golden yellow, bright yellow, peach

leo sun, capricorn moon: bright yellow, caramel, brown

leo sun, aquarius moon: white, caramel, gold

leo sun, pisces moon: white, gold, pastel yellow


virgo sun, aries moon: brown, red-brown, red

virgo sun, taurus moon: fresh green, dark green, dark brown

virgo sun, gemini moon: caramel, white, pale beige

virgo sun, cancer moon: cream, white, caramel

virgo sun, leo moon: golden yellow, yellow brown, yellow

virgo sun, virgo moon: light brown, white, earth brown, fresh brown

virgo sun, libra moon: light brown, white, white wood

virgo sun, scorpio moon: dark blue, dark brown, dark green

virgo sun, sagittarius moon: red-brown, brown, dark purple

virgo sun, capricorn moon: dark brown, forest green, light brown

virgo sun, aquarius moon: light brown, caramel, white

virgo sun, pisces moon: white, light brown, sea blue


libra sun, aries moon: pastel red, pastel pink, bubblegum pink

libra sun, taurus moon: peach, pale orange

libra sun, gemini moon: light blue, light pink, pale blue

libra sun, cancer moon: pale blue. silver, white

libra sun, leo moon: pastel golden yellow, pastel orange, baby pink

libra sun, virgo moon: pastel pink, light brown, gold

libra sun, libra moon: white, pastel pink, pastel blue

libra sun, scorpio moon: neon blue, blue, light blue

libra sun, sagittarius moon: red, pastel pink, lavender

libra sun, capricorn moon: pale orange, peach, gold

libra sun, aquarius moon: blue, baby blue, white

libra sun, pisces moon: turquoise, baby blue


scorpio sun, aries moon: bold red, dark blue, black

scorpio sun, taurus moon: dark blue, dark brown

scorpio sun, gemini moon: blue, navy, midnight blue

scorpio sun, cancer moon: sea-blue, dark grey, black

scorpio sun, leo moon: navy, bright red, blood red

scorpio sun, virgo moon: dark brown, midnight blue, black

scorpio sun, libra moon: bright red, blood red

scorpio sun, scorpio moon: black, midnight blue, bold red

scorpio sun, sagittarius moon: blood red, bordeaux, navy

scorpio sun, capricorn moon: dark brown, black

scorpio sun, aquarius moon: navy, midnight blue, black

scorpio sun, pisces moon: sea-blue, blue, midnight blue


sagittarius sun, aries moon: bright red, golden orange

sagittarius sun, taurus moon: peach, light orange-brown

sagittarius sun, gemini moon: light blue, pastel blue, pastel yellow

sagittarius sun, cancer moon: gold, bright blue, turquoise

sagittarius sun, leo moon: gold, golden yellow, golden orange

sagittarius sun, virgo moon: bordeaux, dark red, red-brown

sagittarius sun, libra moon: light red, lavender, peach

sagittarius sun, sagittarius moon: lavender, bright red, turquoise

sagittarius sun, capricorn moon: orange-brown, peach, red-brown

sagittarius sun, aquarius moon: pastel blue, turquoise

sagittarius sun, pisces moon: dark blue, turquoise, blue


capricorn sun, aries moon: red, brown-red, orange-brown

capricorn sun, taurus moon: light brown, dark brown, beige

capricorn sun, gemini moon: white, pastel yellow

capricorn sun, cancer moon: brown, light blue, sea-blue

capricorn sun, leo moon: gold, golden brown, light brown

capricorn sun, virgo moon: light brown, dark brown, white

capricorn sun, libra moon: dark brown, white, gold

capricorn sun, scorpio moon: navy, dark brown, midnight blue

capricorn sun, sagittarius moon: midnight blue, dark red-brown

capricorn sun, capricorn moon: dark brown, earth brown, green

capricorn sun, aquarius moon: dark brown, navy, blue

capricorn sun, pisces moon: light blue, light brown, sea blue


aquarius sun, aries moon: bubblegum pink, pastel pink, red

aquarius sun, taurus moon: peach, pastel orange, pastel pink

aquarius sun, gemini moon: midnight blue, light blue, white

aquarius sun, cancer moon: light blue, turquoise, navy

aquarius sun, leo moon: gold, white, pastel yellow

aquarius sun, virgo moon: peach, light brown, white

aquarius sun, libra moon: bubblegum pink, pastel red, white

aquarius sun, scorpio moon: dark blue, navy, blue

aquarius sun, sagittarius moon: pastel purple, navy, pastel red

aquarius sun, capricorn moon: light brown, white

aquarius sun, aquarius moon: navy, midnight blue, light blue

aquarius sun pisces moon: light blue, turquoise, sea-blue, navy


pisces sun, aries moon: red, sea-blue, pink, light blue

pisces sun, taurus moon: light blue, light brown, light green

pisces sun, gemini moon: light blue, sea-blue, turquoise

pisces sun, cancer moon: sea-blue, blue, green-blue

pisces sun, leo moon: gold, light blue, turquoise

pisces sun, virgo moon: navy, light blue, dark brown

pisces sun, libra moon: light blue, white, pastel turquoise

pisces sun, scorpio moon: dark blue, dark green, sea-blue

pisces sun, sagittarius moon: turquoise, lavender, light blue

pisces sun, capricorn moon: dark blue, navy, sea-blue

pisces sun, aquarius moon: light blue, navy, midnight blue

pisces sun, pisces moon: green, sea-blue, green-blue, turquoise

Everyone says they want someone with bright blue eyes;
or green, maybe Hazel;
you’d never think brown eyes would be what you would fall in love with.
The sparkling golden brown that catches their eyes in the sun,
deep brown around the edges,
lightening into the middle.
The different shades when they’re loving, angry, and tired;
The gold coming out when love is surrounding them;
the darkness that devours the once light brown when their irritated,
and the light foggy brown when they’re too tired to keep their eyes open.
You’d think brown eyes were just brown eyes,
until you fall in love with someone with brown eyes.

Sometimes, when Mike Hanlon would wake up in the morning to the familiar hunger and the sound of his neighbor watering the garden plants, the sunlight lazily creeping through the almost closed curtains and the smell of his own perfume in the sheets, he would remember something.

Something not quite clear. Something he had maybe just dreamed about. Something that, giving any other circumstances, would be long forgotten.

But Mike was still in town. Mike was Derry’s librarian. He didn’t have much money, and he didn’t own much material stuff. But he did have his memories – sweet, terrible, haunting memories.

Most of the time he didn’t even think about it. Pennywise, the dancing clown. The dead kids. How he and his friends almost faced death themselves. That horrible summer. Not until it begun again – but that’s not the issue.

Sometimes, when Mike would still lie lazily in bed, with his legs spread haphazardly and his big arms below the pillow, he would think about light brown, almost golden curls. Soft locks of hair, as smooth to the touch as they were to the eyes, which he remembered feeling with his fingers, carefully tracing them through the boy’s scalp.

A boy. A beautiful boy. How could anyone forget about him?

Sometimes, when Mike would sit at his kitchen table, serve himself a cup of coffee with just the right big amount of sugar and put some bread in the toaster, he would remember a smirk. A small smile that would come across white rosy cheeks and spread itself whenever they were together. He would remember white teeth and inviting reddish lips and suddenly the taste of coffee was nothing compared to his taste. Nothing in the world would ever be compared to his taste.

And sometimes, when Mike would come back home late after working on the library, as tired as a tired man can be, rushing himself inside his cozy house, he would somehow remember his eyes. They always set him at ease – brown, just like his. Not quite as dark, but much more mysterious. Yet those eyes were his answer for everything. There was nothing he couldn’t do when he looked at them.

But he couldn’t quite remember his voice. It’s been so long since he had heard it. He didn’t really think about hearing it again since he tended to put thoughts of him away.

Until he could not put away anymore.

Because IT was back. IT had returned.

And so he called. He dialed his number with shaking hands and waited not-so-patiently for him to reply.

When he answered, Mike could swear his heart had stopped. Just like Stanley Uris’ heart would stop not long after that phone call.

How sweet, he thought, it was to hear his voice again. How much it had changed and how much it stayed just the same. How much memories he brought together with that voice and he wondered how he had ever forgotten how it felt to listen to it. He could hear Stan Uris talking for hours.

But hearing his voice was not the point of that phone call. The point was that IT was back. And they had made a promise.

Once they said goodbye, Mike was not sure he would hear that voice again.

He received a phone call himself not much time after that conversation. It could have been a minute later, an hour, or maybe it was the following day. Those moments were such a blurry for him.

“I hate you, Mike Hanlon.” He remembers Patty Uris saying to him in choked anger, her voice cracking and trembling. “It’s your fault. Whatever you said to him, I don’t want to know, It’s. Your. Fault.”

He didn’t know what to say, shocked. He asked her how he died. His wife almost laughed sarcastically.

“He slit his wrists in the bathtub and bled to death. Do you hear me? He bled to death. Is there a worst way of dying?”

Sometimes, when Mike would lie lazily in bed, too tired but unable to sleep for some unknown reason, he would think about Stanley Uris death. He would think about his wrists being slit open, the blood flowing freely and painting the water red. He would think about how terrified he must have felt, or how relieved, to be leaving such a messy world. He would think about his eyes that held galaxies, once so bright and beautiful, closing slightly as life left his body slowly.

But instead of writing “IT”, the source of their nightmares and reason of his death (and many others), he would write the last words he said to Mike Hanlon before that phone call. Before he left Derry and ran out of his sight forever.

“I love you, Mike” he would write in bright red. And as he closed his own eyes, Mike would like to think that he died in peace, with only love in his heart as his spirit sneaked through the open window, dancing with the wind, being set free from all worries forever.