light godtier

transparent jane crocker, roxy lalonde, john egbert, rose lalonde, and kanaya maryam prepare to fight!

all of them separate

anonymous asked:

why do you ship roserezi? ive never seen anyone talk about it before and im cuuuuuuuurious :0


okay im rlly shitty at explaining my emotions for them im ngl but i will try to cONVEY 

okay first off: both dual wield. it’s awesome.

and they’re both Seers like honestly – seer squad.

Plus with what them on Rose’s planet that eon ago that was

Their interaction was so??? funny and cute i mean yeah Terezi was just: dont fucking try and be buddy buddy w me just cus we’re stuck here

Like Ros ewas TRYING and then she ended up taking Terezi’s glasses

and honestly they’re such GOOFS

Rose and Terezi are also both little snarky and total fuckin dorks like

Come on, Rose had a therapy session with her cat before.

Terezi plays out trials w her scalemates tbh the POSSIBLITIES AND FUN LITTLE ACTIVITIES THAT COULD ENSUE

Also they both know Dave p fucking well they fcould honestly fucking roast and shit talk bout him all damn day

Also Terezi also enjoys the smell of the Light godtier clothes and also admitted she liked Rose’s text and her lands smell

Also this happened:

(tbh i personally ship them in both Red and Black because I can imagine them being all hatey and snarky w each other but at the end of the day being all tired n cuddly and shit ya know <3)

And another few things and fave interactions (i went back to look up this shit even)

And on that note: they both had problems w some kind of drinking and honestly could support each other and like relate and shit you know???

Rose is also!! V supportive and helpful w Terezi at her low point and honestly woULD BE SUCH A GOOD INFLUENCE FOR HER HONESTLY

Like!! Okayh i kinda went rlly overboard?? kinda idk theres just a lot of pics and i hope tumblr doesnt fuck them up and make them too small you cant read them


Okay so in the hall of Items Of Vague Historical Importance

So far we have

An old mothbitten tapestry, which is VERY difficult to make out, but I think it looks a bit like the Signless, wouldn’t you? Also, seeing as Equius seems to be intent on showing this to Karkat, who looks a great deal like the Signless, I’d say it’s a safe enough bet.

What appear to be fairy wings. Red, in this light, much like Aradia’s godtier wings. This arouses many questions

Redglare’s noose. Possibly the one she was hung on?

Her Imperial Condescension. Here  could be an idea as to what that whole thing is about.

The Grand Highblood’s horns. Terezi you stop that, creepy sweaty paint-covered clown handprints CANNOT taste that good. Also, how long have those things even been sitting there?

Dualscar’s horns. Or another troll’s, whose horns just so happen to do the zigzag things. They’re totally Dualscar’s

Now see this one is very difficult to see, but it looks to be the paw of a giant cat, or, as the teal tint might indicate, perhaps a dragon! Either way, there are claws and padded feet bottoms, so while my initial idea is that it’s a cat paw, that’d be a p big cat, and I suppose like all things it’s open to interpretation.

I made this because of reasons.