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Had to take a break from requests but I finally finished this Christmas card! I also think it’s the first time I’ve drawn all of them together??

From left to right, top to bottom: Cosette, Marius, Eponine, Bahorel, Bossuet, Joly, Jehan, Feuilly, Musichetta, Courfeyrac, Combeferre, Grantaire, Enjolras. (Psst. View in full res!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


✨🍍What’s in my Pencil Case?✨🍍
• Lihit lab double pen case in “green”

✨🍍Front Compartment🍍✨
• Bic “wite-out” mini
• SanDisk flash drive & Princess Bubblegum Keychain
• Post-it notes
• Post-it flags
• Binder clips
• Refill erasers
• 0.5 & 0.7 Lead
• Sharpie Clear Point highlighter
• Rilakkuma 15cm ruler

✨🍍Main Compartment🍍✨
• Pilot G2 07 Metallic pens
• Pilot G2 10 black ink pen
• Teal Mildliner
• Light Blue Papermate Flair Pen
• Bic Velocity 0.9 Mechanical Pencil
• Bic Mechanical Pencil 0.5
• Papermate Clear Point Elite 0.7
• Pilot Opt. 0.5 shaker mechanical pencil
• Pentel Click 0.7


Part 3 of Charlotte’s PPV Victories

In her 18 months on WWE’s main roster Charlotte has accomplished something unmatched in recent pro wrestling history. No one has been able to defeat Charlotte in singles competition on a PPV, and as of Dec 18, 2016 she has racked up 15 victories.

Pisces Horoscope Compatibility

February 20 – March 19

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and the most spiritually mature. Being a Piscean means being compassionate and able to love unconditionally. You are empathetic, genuinely care about your fellow man and will usually go out of your way to help someone in need. Your friends can count on you to be a shoulder to cry on. However, beware, as some Pisceans like to tell it like it is.

One of the areas in life where Pisces struggles is making hard decisions. Pisces can see most situations from most angles and this is what makes it hard for them to decide. It’s as though they have information overload and it is no wonder, because Pisces are the most intuitive of all the signs.

You are fond of culture, music and art and love being surrounded with classic finery. You want the world to be perfect, but it isn’t, Pisces. You are an idealist and a dreamer, and part of your challenge is to accept what can’t be changed in life.

Pisces, you are free-spirited, independent, mysterious and malleable, meaning you adapt and change, depending on the circumstances and the person you are with.

Pisces Love Horoscope Compatibility

Pisces - Aries
Pisces is great at providing emotional support, and throwing people off track. The first quality is appealing but the latter is infuriating for an Aries. On the surface, the Pisces appears easy to dominate. This may be the case in the beginning of the relationship but, the more Aries dominates, the more the Fish will feel the need to escape. There is hope for this relationship as long as you can find a balance between domination and submission.

Pisces - Taurus
Pisces, you are everyone’s soul mate, or so it seems, even the Bull’s. Give each other space and ‘me’ time and you will get along well. Taurus, you are known for your perseverance and this personal quality is enough to at least get Pisces’ attention. Taurus, you will keep the interest of your Pisces partner if you are prepared to receive all that the bountiful and nurturing Pisces has to give.

Pisces - Gemini
These two star signs are generally up for trying anything new and, within this pairing, there is much to explore. Both Pisces and Gemini enjoy their own personal freedom and, indeed, are happy to accommodate this quality in their partnership. Gemini, while you are attracted to Pisces’ sensitivity and wisdom, to ensure your relationship lasts, you need to hone your intuition a bit more, so that you can develop a deeper understanding of your Piscean partner.

Pisces - Cancer
Cancer, you and Pisces are similar natured. You both tend to be emotional and are sympathetic and compassionate. However, for this relationship to last, you both need to let down your guards. The Fish will embrace the Crab. In return, the Crab needs to be wary of not overwhelming the Fish. If you both really work at your relationship it will work, but if either of you is unwilling to really compromise, it is probably best that you move on. Cancer, you hate lying and Pisces, while you are not prone to outright lying, your exaggerations will get to your Crab partner. If both of you are willing to work at this partnership it will happen, if only for as long as you can sustain the effort.

Pisces - Leo
Pisces is usually out to shower the one they love with love and loads of affection and attention. This suits Leo just fine. To an outsider, this relationship looks like one in which the Lion rules and the Fish is happy to be submissive. However, things are not always what they seem when Pisces is involved. Pisces, you are more secretive than your Lion partner and Leo, you love to put all of you out there on display for others to see and admire. For this relationship to last you will have to indulge and accommodate the marked difference you have. Are you up to the challenge?

Pisces - Virgo
You are both sensitive by nature. You like to manage life in an organized way and be very clear about the things you do. You both enjoy other people and, in the end, your life goals are pretty similar, even though you set about achieving them in very different ways. There is potential for a good balance in your relationship and your relationship is an example of opposites on the zodiac wheel attracting. One of you tends to give and judge and give and judge. The other just gives and gives. One of you (Virgo) likes to diarize everything and expects the other to fit in. Pisces, you need independence and because of this, you need to let Virgo know that you intend to keep making your own arrangements, rather than hand over your diary to your Virgin. If you respect these differences this will be a strong relationship.

Pisces - Libra
Did you enjoy the moment when you first met each other? Did it feel like you’d finally found someone who had similar values to you? Hope so! You see, you are both kind and thoughtful and you do value each other a lot. While the Fish is prone to being judgmental, on the upside, Libra, your partner is able to see things from most angles, and that includes your own. Libra, this is a quality you are sure to admire, given it’s one that you probably don’t possess. Are you looking to formalize this arrangement with your Fish, Libra? If you are, you may be moving too fast for Pisces. The Fish is oftentimes reluctant to commit too early, so be patient.

Pisces - Scorpio
This is a good match. You are both empathetic and naturally aware of the other’s needs. You are both passionate and Scorpio, if you can trust your Fish more and be less suspicious of them, you will find the Fish a faithful partner. Pisces, you need to let Scorpio know, in no uncertain terms, that you hate being scrutinized. Pisces needs their freedom and Scorpio you need to put away your microscope and trust your partner more. For your part, Pisces, you need to play down the secrecy thing and not overplay your intuition. If you don’t, you are likely to drive Scorpio mad.

Pisces - Sagittarius
While you are both flexible and can adjust to each other’s needs, the main differences between you lie in the way you think and how you approach things. Quick as a flash, Sagittarius, you like to make decisions. Sometimes you even forget to consider your Piscean partner’s feelings. On the other hand, the Fish is more intuitive and likes to soak up the mood, absorb the vibe slowly and ultimately show their sensitive side. So you, the Archer, needs to be careful where and how you shoot off your verbal arrows. If they hit your Fish you will wound them deeply and, before you even notice, Pisces will withdraw, hurt. You two could make a go of this relationship but that depends on how much effort you are prepared to put in.

Pisces - Capricorn
Pisces, you are the dreamer and who better to help you ground your dreams than your Goat? Capricorn, you are so intent on matter and form and how things look and should be, whatever can your dreamy Fish offer you? Magic! Pure and simple magic! Pisces brings little bits of lightness, even flair and creativity, to your relationship. The Goat tends to be industrious and hard working and could, if Pisces is so inclined, form the bedrock on which the Fish builds their dream. So, Capricorn, you need to appreciate your charming Pisces more, just like others do, and Pisces, continue to weave your magic and don’t let Capricorn ground you down. If you do, you will have a partnership that complements your personal natures and is likely to last.

Pisces - Aquarius
There are similarities between your signs and once your friends start to see the rhythm that develops in your relationship they will understand why you two get along so well. You both love freedom and enjoy your time together, and your time apart. Pisces, you’re the dreamer in this partnership. You rely on your intuition more than anything else so don’t play with your Water Bearer’s emotions by using what appears to others to be your ability to gather secrets as a weapon against your partner. Aquarius, don’t try and impose your logical way of thinking and doing on your Fish. If you two can sort out these differences, your relationship stands a chance of enduring.

Pisces - Pisces
This partnership could go either way, and the way that it does go will change from moment to moment. Sure Pisces, you are the most intuitive of all the zodiac signs and, because of this, you can read each other very well. However, you are also highly mutable, meaning you both change according to your circumstances. So, if you happen to shift in different directions at the same time, you may find yourselves apart and out of sync. Then there is the issue of who will take the lead in the relationship, and when. Good communication skills are required in this partnership to ensure that your relationship moves forwards, rather than drifts in circles.

Party at Loki's //open to all alpha omega rp//

((I figure on this one anyone can post, but if you wish to have a specific conversation with someone, I don’t mind if you make your own too! <3 ))

Loki finished hanging up the last of the lights, draping the living room and kitchen in old Christmas lights for added flair. The food was set on the table, chips, sandwiches, Pizza, pop, and bowls for ice cream in the freezer. A few beers and one lonely bottle of wine were hidden in the fridge incase the older guests wished to have some.

He added a few more pillows to the chairs on the balcony incase anyone wished to smoke, and turned on his iPod, playing a mix of dancy songs. Loki hesitated by the closet, having an array of board games and party games,
But unsure if it would seem to childish to bring them out.

Anxiety mounting, he sent out his texts, hoping the evening would go well.

-if anyone is in the mood to party, my house is officially ready. =)here’s the adress, and it’s unit 570. Buzz me when you are at the door. Friends are more than welcome.

He sent out the mass message and began to fidget, fussing over small things while he waited.