light filled spaces

So miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him, then drop it. You’re just afraid to let go of the last bits of him because then you’ll be really alone, and you’re scared to death of what will happen if you’re really alone. But here’s what you gotta understand. If you clear out all that space in your mind that you’re using right now to obsess about this guy, you’ll have a vacuum there, an open spot – a doorway. And guess what the universe will do with the doorway? It will rush in – God will rush in – and fill you with more love than you ever dreamed. So stop using that boy to block that door. Let it go.
—  Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert)
Tree Bros: Dead Girl(Boy) Walking

Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen 

Characters: Evan Hansen and Connor Murphy 

Rating: T 

Authors Notes: Ok so I’m really into both DEH and Heathers. One fateful day I watched a Heather’s anamatic followed by a DEH Waving Through A Window aniamatic that had the ‘school shooter chic’ thing and this fanfic was born. This is more mature than most of my fanfics, cause Heathers. So fair warning, it is the Dead Girl Walking scene and Connor is playing JD and Evan is Veronica. If you don’t know Heathers, go watch dead girl walking and then come read this. It won’t make sense otherwise. There is no smut, it’s all the on stage stuff, but it gets a little hot and heavy.

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The lighting and visual design of each room in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is meant to guide the player to highly specific points, without outright illuminating the area or leaving all of it in darkness. Light fills the space, but through a combination of hard shadow divides and dust particles, it doesn’t reach everything, and thus keeps plenty of the environment hidden.

Thank-you fic #2: for @brb-theres-cookies, who requested Stucky h/c with hurt Steve in need of comfort:


Bucky stared at him. Steve tried to stare back, but he couldn’t face Bucky with this, couldn’t wear that face around Bucky; he didn’t look away, but he did wince. “Buck…”

“Don’t even try,” Bucky said, and actually lay down on top of him: on top of Steve, in the bed where Steve was confined for the next six hours, while his bones and internal organs knit themselves back together. It’d been what Steve would’ve called a close encounter with a mad-scientist modified Chitauri weapon; if he said so Bucky would point out that close was not the same as hole through your gut, punk.

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Imagine...The Boys Comforting You

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

Request: Would you be willing to write a story where The Winchesters comfort the reader who is having a pretty bad panic attack when tornado warnings are going through the area where the hunt is? 

Pairing: none

Your eyes were glued to the TV, watching the tornado warning scroll along the bottom. You kept glancing over to the door, wondering where your boys were. They were taking too long. Why weren’t they back yet? Couldn’t they see how bad the weather was outside? Or gotten an alert on their phones yet?

“It’s freaking awful out, Y/N,” you heard Dean say finally, your head buried in your knees. “You…”

“Y/N, you alright?” you heard Sam say, the power going out making you jump. “I’m guessing that’s the wind.”

“Come on,” said Dean, taking your hand and pulling you up. “You too Sammy.”

You followed Dean into the bathroom, Sam right on your heels with a few blankets and pillows from the bed. Dean turned on his flashlight and had you sit down by the tub, reaching into the takeout bag and handing you a container. Sam handed you a blanket and pillow, sitting right up against you as the three of you heard the wind whip outside.

“Want your dinner Y/N?” asked Sam softly, wrapping an arm around your shoulder as he dove into his bag. You nodded, thinking maybe eating would distract you. It worked for a little while but soon the food was gone and it was just the three of you cramped into the small motel bathroom. Dean noticed your growing agitation and nodded for Sam to slide over. 

Sam moved to the left, tugging you with him, Dean settling down with a blanket on your right, sandwiching you between them. Sam kept his arm around you, Dean un-fisting your right hand and holding it in his left. Neither of them said anything but they both got a little closer when the wind picked up.

“You’re okay, Y/N,” said Sam, moving his hand to rub circles into the space between your shoulder blades. “We got ya.”

Dean’s finger tips started drawing patterns on your skin, the two pairs of hands slowly relaxing you. You leaned your head on Dean’s shoulder, sighing as you felt the tension in you fall away. You shut your eyes eventually, feeling Sam’s lips press against your forehead when you were close to sleep, followed soon after by Dean’s.

“Sleep sweetheart. We won’t let anything happen to you,” said Dean.

When you woke it was quiet, the lights on in the bathroom. You opened your eyes and saw you were laying your head on Sam’s chest, his light snores filling the space. You could feel Dean pressed up against you, his steady slow breathing hot on the back of your neck. Both boys were passed out, gladly letting you use them as pillows if it meant you felt safer. You’d thank them when they woke but you knew they wouldn’t accept it, saying that’s what family does for each other.

Even still, you weren’t sure how’d you’d gotten to be so lucky to be a part of this one.

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I’m Not Afraid

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,594
Warnings: Drinking. Smut. Unprotected sex. Fluffy out of character Lucifer.  Requester asked for “making love” so it’s soft, fluffy smut.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Hi! Would you be ok with doing a fic where the reader is very shy in front of Lucifer (going so far that she hides behind the boys when he’s around) and he thinks she’s afraid of him but when night she gets drunk and tells him how in love with him she is and how afraid she is that he will only ever see her as a dirty, hairless ape before she falls asleep on him. And then the next day he cures her hang over and makes love to her 😘

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Elevator Rides and Expert Tongues

Yoongi x Reader 

Genre: Smut 

A/N: Kinda missed his birthday…whoops :P This is actually written for the other admin L.E.D because her bias’s birthday is also her birthday apparently! Enjoy <3

                                                                                 -Ray :)

You were just returning home from the art exhibition that your university held. It was late and you were tired. All that you wanted in this moment was to take off this skin tight dress and welcome the soft covers of your bed. You had said your goodbyes to your friends at the lobby of your building before arriving to the elevator. The doors opened and just as you were about to step in, you collided head first into someone. You almost stumbled back when the person you collided into caught you by the elbow.  

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♛ Morgan le Fay +  books  {3/ ∞}

daughter of tintagel - morgan le fay series (fay sampson)     

“Morgan uses her womanhood like a warrior who seizes the nearest weapon to her hand. She could have matched Arthur, strength for strength. Instead, she is the converse of his shape, the darkness to his light. She fills the space he cannot. Because he is a man, she is a woman”. - Taliesin’s telling [Morgan le fay series book 4] 

[author’s note] “In physics, Dark Matter forms an unseen world that is the inverse of the matter we observe. Matter and Antimatter were created to exist in equal proportions. Together they hold the universe in balance. But when they come into contact the result is mutual destruction. Morgan’s story is the Dark Matter of Britain”.

[synopsis/prologue] “I am what I am. I am eternal. I am the shape-shifter. I am Morgan the Fay. Yes you may recoil. If you have heard of me at all, it will be nothing to my credit. I am the half-sister of good King Arthur, and his arch-enemy, am I not? The wicked witch, the embodiment of evil. And yet… Others call me Morgan the Goddess. After battle of Camlann a silk-hung comes to fetch the morally wounded king away to Avalon. I am the queen who takes Arthur in my arms for healing.  How could you understand? You do not want to live with this ambiguity. Some editing of the story will clearly be necessary” (x).  

Headache (Mark Tuan)

Originally posted by jypnior

Word Count: 643
Genre: Angst

Warnings: Character Death

Thank you for requesting Anon, I hope you like it <3

The abnormally cool temperature in your room made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  You were all too aware of the empty feeling in your room as if the walls surrounding you were somehow aware of your emotions. Ah, I wish he were here. You thought to yourself as you curled deeper into the fetal position you were sleeping in. 

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Locked In (Part 2)

Originally posted by green-circles

Summary: Reader finds herself stuck with Detective Winchester once again…

Part 1

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,700ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: Detective Dean, back in action….

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Eye of the Hurricane: a Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

Requested? Yes (a quick note, this was a requested to be paired with “I Don’t Love You” by MCR, so it’s a bit dramatic. You can read with or without music, it will make sense either way, but I feel the music may enhance emotion within the piece)

In this imagine, the reader and Draco Malfoy hit a rough patch as the war begins. Vicious fights and survival are at the center of this story, as well as love, or a lack of love for protection. Sides are chosen, winds are high, and lives are at stake. All is calm in the eye of the hurricane, but even moments of peace must pass.

Y/N - your name
~~~ - indicates the passage of time

Warnings: language, dark content (death, violent arguments, confrontation, war)

Word count: 1,610


“Why are you acting like this?” I don’t even try to wipe the tears from my cheeks.

“You know nothing, I’m not acting like anything. This is me Y/N!” Draco opens his arms wide, voice raised angrily.

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Please don’t apologize
for the oxygen your lungs take
or the carbon they make.
The elements by which you are powered
and of which you are made
and which you take and remake,
melt down, reforge,
in the furnace beneath your ribs –
these are given to you freely,
a love letter from the ancient stars,
and each of your exhalations
is a heartfelt reply:

Yes, I hear you.
Yes, I am yours.

And your breath feeds the green,
and your flesh feeds the earth,
and your light feeds mine,
fills this space, makes me shine.

So breathe deep. Breathe slow.
You have stories to tell.
You are one with the cosmos,
and you are well.

—  I dare you to do better. – s.s.

Soymilk September Fic / Writer Appreciation D6: @brightwingedworks / Brightwinged @ AO3

Excerpt from Oathkeeper:

He disappears inside his chest, smooth as his element. Perhaps after being crushed by the Lord of Calamity he should feel afraid, but this time he’s with Sorey, and fear does not exist here. Maotelus’s light fills the vessel-space, buffets him here and there and tires him, but at the centre of things the place made for him remains. Sorey’s soul curls securely around him when he reaches it, holding his weary self together like a chick in an egg, letting him rest.

Beautiful. Just… beautiful. Just read everything, it’s all exquisite, and it all speaks for itself:

Tabula Rasa. Elixir Vitae. Ecdysis. Hot and Cold. Journey.

Truest Desire [ Kanato Sakamaki x Reader ] [ Oneshot ]

A dozen roses were bestowed upon a grave site by a pale hand, a young man dressed in a rather olden style kind of clothing rose to his full height. “Well, mother, you wouldn’t believe as to who I’ve met just about a year ago.” He admitted to the stone and dirt whom never spat a single word back to spark up the conversation between two. Instead, it was just mono, and he was left to speak a symphony of words only he would remember. “They’ve made my whole entire world.” He added warmly as he pushed Teddy to his chest. “Even Teddy really likes her.” He slowly rose to his full height and took a step back. “Please don’t be jealous mother, you still mean very much to me, but simply, I really like her. And I’m sure that one day she will even bring you flowers. Don’t be worried at all, mother, you will always mean much to me.” He murmured, tilting his head back as he sent a look of endearment towards the grave. It was then that he turned on his heel, and vanished just in time to be before his grand home, guarding your arrival from his brothers whom were very ‘sly’ people. 
        The gentle footfalls that your shoes made enough noise to hear sounded into the night air, the half moon bestowing it’s light upon your person. You glanced upwards towards it for a brief moment, before you looked forward just in time for your eyes to meet a chest, and your face rammed into it by accident, but you jumped back just before you could fall, tensing immediately before you realized that it was just Kanato. “Kanato!” You called out breathless from your brief worry, after all, that one brother whom donned a fedora hat was just a tad not too promising. 
        Taking your hand in moments, a gentle kiss was pressed upon it. “Why hello, (Y/N). You seem frightened, you aren’t frightened by me, are you?” He questioned, his pale fingers tightening themselves around your hand -not enough to be bone crushing. 
        “No, no,” you shook your head, however, Kanato slowly leaned into you so that his eyes captured yours in a stare so ensnaring, it was more inescapable than the scent of cheap incense. Brows furrowing, you leaned back a little bit, unsure why he was acting so strange today. In truth, Kanato and yourself were just friends. His shy seeming regime was cute, but there were moments in which you were a tad in question. 
        “Very well then,” he added after sometime as he pulled away. Of course, you knew well that he wasn’t human, that wasn’t a secret that was kept between the two of you. Your feet no longer continued to make contact with the concrete, and now made better contact with the grass just centimeters away from two large, mahogany doors that belonged to a gray building. 
        “I wish to show you something,” he began after a minute, his eyes darting over towards you before he handed Teddy to you. “You like Teddy, don’t you?” He cooed softly. 
        “Mm…. Yes.” You responded softly before you gasped subtly feeling hands over your eyes. The sound of a door taking eternity to open with a creaking in it’s motion sounded and you walked forward feeling the small nudge. “Kanato…. What is this place?” You questioned softly to him as you stepped along blindly. Multiple times your legs brushed along smooth fabric, but you knew nothing of what such a softness could be. Eventually you stepped up steps with the same blindness as before, and Kanato’s eyes disappeared from your hands so that your hues met the world once more. The incandescent lighting filled the space, and the structure on the wall before you.
You can turn around now, (Y/N).” He stated to you, as you heard his buckled shoes reeling back. Very slowly, you turned right around, only to be met with the sight of figures; each dressed in white with a significant grace to each of them. But they all looked so real. Their flesh, their hair, every feature non-glossy other than their eyes. You stared at them all with faint concern before you slowly looked over to Kanato who stared at you. “Meet the others." 
        ”Who are they? What are they?“ 
        ”Why, they’re the sacrificial brides that are now dead.“ Kanato explained vaguely as he looked around towards the figures that littered the flooring of the building. 
        ”Are you going to run away?“ Questioned the lavender haired male as he looked towards you, you walked down the steps and looked towards them all. 
        ”No.“ You responded with enough strength to briefly take him back, your eyes casting themselves to a doll beside you. "No.” You added in a softer tone. “I’m not going to run away, and I’m not going to leave you.” You murmured softly to him, before you looked up to see him there before you. 
        “Is that a promise?" 
        ”It’s a promise.“ You nodded. 
        A subtle grin graced his lips as he reached out and pulled you into his chest. "Then I believe the worst is over now,” he whispered as his pale, nimble fingers reaches up and stroked along your hair. The gesture causing your eyes to close automatically, your hues hidden behind your lids and lashes. 
        But in that moment, it was as if things had taken a turn for the most sweet. His heart could no longer contain himself as he gazed to your most serene expression, and he enjoyed it more than the idea of seeing your fear. His lips softly pressed themselves to yours, powerfully, as if any moment you’d be stolen away and he’d be left to face another abyss of endless dark. 
        To his pleasure, the gesture was returned by you. 
And that was his truest desire. 

I See Wings Pt. 1

@oswinsoufflegirlie request: What about a supernatural fic where humans can only see an angels wings if they are that angels soulmate? Hope this fits! Sorry for the long wait, but I wanted to take some time on this one. I’m splitting it into two parts so I don’t make it too long.

Summary: You ask Castiel about soulmates and discover some interesting news.

Setting: Motel room, season 6-7ish (?)

Age: Whatever you feel like works pretty much. I did it around 16-19

Warnings: None

Tags: @the-third-winchester-warrior @winchesters-favorite-girl @fantasticburninglakes @oswinsoufflegirlie @ally-miller16 @haleyhay96

You walk down the dusty street away from the roadside motel, hands in your jean pockets, reflecting on all Castiel had told you. The moon beams down as you’re left alone with your thoughts. Stars glitter gently on the dark sky. The case you and your brothers were working had dealt with some crazed teenage witches. You shudder at remembering; you could taste tuna in your mouth from when they turned you into a cat. Those girls had been obsessed with finding their ‘soulmate’. But, when finding your soulmate turns into a near cannibalistic adventure of doom, it’s time to stop…two angels, three victims, four mutilated cow corpses, a close shave with a guillotine, and a desperate prayer to Cas later, the situation had gotten under control. Sam and Dean thought the whole soulmate thing was a whole truckload of crap, but something inside you had doubts. You think back to about ten minutes ago…
“Cas?” Sam and Dean were grabbing food and supplies, so it was now or never.
“Yes, Y/N?”
You bite your lip, hesitant to ask. “Do you know if…I mean, are there really-”
“Soulmates?” Cas finishes. He tilts his head while looking at you. “That is what you’re asking about, right?”
You nod. “I kinda don’t want Sam and Dean to know I did. They don’t exactly buy into this stuff, so can they…not know I asked?”
“You fear your adopted brothers will think of you differently.”
Your mouth twitches into a petite smile while you roll your eyes. “Stupid, I know, but I want to find out…I can’t believe I’m even saying this. Do soulmates exist?”
Cas takes a seat on a motel room bed. “Yes.”
You sit across on the adjacent bed. “Really? It wasn’t just some witchy bs those girls were doing?”
“I…am not sure how to respond to that, but yes. Soulmates are real. How you can tell, however, is not a thing of mystical arts. There are clear signs whether or not someone is your soulmate.”
“Okay. So, tell me.” You place your elbows on your knees. “I’m listening.”
Cas knits his eyebrows together in concern. “Is there a specific reason you’re concerned with soulmates? The knowledge behind discovering soulmates can be dangerous, as you witnessed earlier today.”
“It’s not like I’m planning on going crazy like those freaky girls. That’s just messed up.”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“Neither did you,” you rebuttal.
Cas stares at you. “You Winchesters. Such a stubborn bunch of humans.” He sighs. “Tell me why you’re interested and I’ll tell you about soulmates.”
You blush a little. “My mom, when I was little, she told me about the Greek myth. How people were originally created together and then Zeus split them in two and now people wander the Earth for their other half.” You continue a tad embarrassed. “It was my favorite bedtime story as a child. I wanted to believe…someone was my other half.”
“You are not alone, Y/N,” Cas comforts. “I’m not entirely sure on the truth to that myth. Greek myths are different than other lore , but the idea is correct, more or less.” Cas stands up. “A soulmates usually find each other through the actions of a Cupid. Whether that bond is between two humans depends on the situation.”
“Wait, back up,” you interject. “Soulmates don’t need to be the same species?”
“No, they do not. Humans with werewolves, vampires, shifters, even angels can be soulmates. There are obvious signs for the creature based-”
“Just, let me stop you for a sec. Does that mean you have a soulmate?”
Cas looks uncomfortable. “Perhaps. I do not know what mark they would bear to signify they are mine, but I suppose it is possible.” The angel paused before continuing. “Humans with angels is one of the more rare combinations.”
“Okay. How does one tell?”
“A human’s soul will sometimes radiate a frequency Angels can detect. Other times, souls will look different. In your terms, it would be best described as color.”
“So I could have like a pink or a green soul?”
“No. A soul looking like that would have a completely different problem,” Cas states matter-of-factly.
He doesn’t seem to pick up on your minor disappointment. “I have seen a soul described as radiating infrared or ultraviolet.” He leans over like he was sharing a secret. “The different colors can mean different things.”
“But the most significant indicator of a soulmate comes from the perspective of a human.” Castiel’s eyes began to shine.
You feel a burst of fear pierce your heart. “Cas?”
“It’s all right, Y/N.” His voice radiates through the room. Ringing echoed off the walls. You watch as light filled the space and a dark outline you had seen before appeared.
Angel wings.
You shield your eyes from the brightness. “Okay Cas! You can turn it off now!”
The angel heeds your wish. The room returns to normal. “I gave you consent to see my wings, manifesting them in a form visible to the human eye.” Cas walks over to you. He takes your hands and lifts you from your sitting position on the bedspread. “If a human had an angel for their soulmate, the angel needs not to change their wings for the human to see.”
You take a deep breath, amazed. “Soulmates see wings.”
You’re shocked from this new knowledge. “Wow.”
Cas smiles at you. “Yes. It truly is amazing knowledge.”
To be honest, it was a little much for your brain. “I-I…I need a minute to process this.” You grab your coat, a hamster feeling it’s going to pop out of your chest. “When Sam and Dean get back, tell them I’ve gone for a walk. You run out the door before Cas could protest.
That brings you back to where we started. Nightfall on the dirty road leading away from the safe motel and you, strolling along the side, wrapped up in the thought of this new knowledge.
“Soulmates. Real soulmates,” you think to yourself. You’re so excited. “They’re real. And angels can be soulmates.” You stare up at the twinkling stars. You can’t contain the smile on your face. It bursts with a brilliance matching the moon. “Well, there you go Mom. Real soulmates. You and Dad weren’t just a fairytale after all.”
You hear a familier flutter behind you. You turn around with a sigh. “I just needed a minute to myself Cas.” You stop, immediately reaching for your knife. The angel behind you is not Castiel. You have enough time to register one thing about your attacker before you black out.
I see wings…

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant, when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them. 

RATING: Teen and Up

For the days that followed, Loki noticed that Stark Industries CEO’s assistant was not present in the Tower very often. He had heard that she was awaiting Ms Potts on a lower floor, but had not returned to the penthouse common area, the scene of her little ‘incident’ as Loki had come to call it. His curiosity was getting the better of him, but he knew better than to ask about her, such actions would only raise suspicion.

It was another afternoon that he heard the elevator coming towards him that he stood back a slight bit, not knowing if there were any of the Avengers going to walk out of it. He had once tried to stand his ground against a friend of the Super Soldier that donned a metal arm, but neither man moved for nothing short of three hours until Thor and the Captain dragged both away from each other. Since he was not in the mood for such antics he merely pretended to have been waiting a slight bit back, to begin with.

When the doors opened, he was unsurprised to see someone else inside it, though who it was surprised him slightly. He walked in and saw that the elevator was heading to the common area, so he was not required to press anything. Instead, he stared at the other occupant of the elevator.

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Imagine the Boys Being Upset When Their Teenage Sister Gets a Boyfriend.

Requested By: kolsharrman 

Word Count: 999

“Hey, have you seen my phone anywhere?” you asked, strolling idly into the bunker library. You’d practically tore your room apart looking for it but it’s location remained a mystery. The tables were covered in layers of books and old files spread all over the surface. You began sifting through these remnants of the last case. It had to be around here somewhere.

Dean had never answered the question. Your eyes flicked up at him, drawn immediately to the phone in his hands. Your phone.

You straightened up, arms sliding into a crossed position over your chest. “What are you doing?”

Once again he didn’t respond, his eyes glued to the screen with an unreadable expression. Well, that wasn’t quite true. You knew whatever he was thinking, it wasn’t good. You held your breath, waiting for the bomb to drop.

“Who is this guy?” he demanded, finally meeting your gaze. You took the time to roll your eyes before answering.

“None of your damn business, Dean. Now give me back my phone.”

“Not until you tell me who he is.” You aimed a solid push at his chest, but it did little more than make him stumble a half step back.

Sam’s entrance into the room diverted your attention. He looked between the two of you, his eyebrows pulled together. “Are you two fighting again? What is it this time?”

“Dean is stealing my stuff again,” you said darting for the phone. Dean height towered over you and he easily lifted it out of your reach. A groan escaped between your clenched teeth.

“Our darling little sister,” Dean began with venom in his voice, “won’t tell me about the boy she’s been talking to.”

Sam gave you a curious glance. Great, now two over-protective brothers to fight off.

“Is this the same friend you wanted to go to the movies with on Friday?” Sam asked. He was a lot calmer than Dean but his arms were still folded over his chest.

Dean didn’t let you answer before he cut in. “You’re going on a date and you didn’t even tell me!”

“First of all, we aren’t dating,” you said pointedly. Sam and Dean gave you the same  look of disbelief, or as you called it, the Winchester bitch face. “Okay, fine. I don’t really know what we are. But it doesn’t matter because I shouldn’t have to friggin’ justify talking to my friends!”

“I read the text messages, sis. He’s a lot more than just a friend,” Dean said. It was your turn to wear the Winchester bitch face. “Why did I have to go through your phone to find out about this?”

“You didn’t have to do anything, and I didn’t tell you because of this! Because you freak out every time I talk to someone with a Y chromosome!”

“And for good reason. These punks only want one thing from you, and it sure as Hell ain’t some cutesy relationship. You might be a hunter but you’re still my little sister and I’m not going to let-”

"Just because you’re some low-life player that ruins everything you touch doesn’t mean that all boys are like you!” Your screams were vicious, cutting through the thick air as if your vocal chords were a set of claws.

As your words echoed in your head you caught the glimpse of pain in Dean’s eyes before it was hidden behind his set jaw and and hard stare. More than anything you just wanted him to say something, to scream back at you, but the room was  thick with silence. It wasn’t long before the guilt set in.

Winchesters weren’t known for their apologies and that wasn’t going to change, not now. You stormed out of their, turning quickly before they could see the frustrated tears burning behind your eyes. You hated crying. You hated feeling weak.

The thundering bang of your bedroom door was cringe-worthy. You flung yourself onto the bed, crying out into the fabric. They were ugly, mutilated noises, but the feeling that stemmed at the base of your stomach was so much worse.


You had skipped dinner. And breakfast. You probably would have went without lunch too if Dean hadn’t come knocking at your door. You were halfway through deciding whether you wanted to let him in when he entered and sat on the edge of your bed. You curled your legs closer to you and let your headphones rest around your neck.

“I shouldn’t have over-reacted like I did. I talked it over with Sam, and well, I just want you to know that it’s alright with us if you go see this guy.”

“I was just going to sneak out anyway, but thanks I guess,” you mumbled. There was a brief pause before you spoke again. “I didn’t mean any of that stuff I said yesterday. That was a pretty shitty thing to do.”

“Hey- watch the language.”

“Oh, shut up,” you said, lightly punching his shoulder. “You’re ruining my almost-apology.” His light laugh filled the space between you and your lips shifted into a small smile.

“But you have to promise me, if this kid gives you one sign of trouble then-”

“Then I’ll kick his ass myself,” you interrupted. Dean lifted his eyes to you, about to argue, but you wouldn’t let him. “Dean, I know you just want to watch out for me. I’m your kid sister, I get that, but you already did the best thing you could to protect me. You taught me how to defend myself, how to be fight. I can take care of myself.”

Dean sighed, rubbing his palms into his eyes. “Yeah I know you can, kiddo.” You scrunched up your face in disgust.

“Don’t call me that.”

Dean laughed again, a taunting snicker. “Some battles you can’t win,” he said getting up from the bed.He walked out to the hallway, sticking his head in your doorway before he finally left. He smiled at you playfully, “Kiddo.”


[Fic] Aulë‘s wrath

Little fic about Aulë ripping Gandalf a new one once Gandalf returns to Valinor, about how he treated Aulë’s children in Middle-earth.

Inspired by @asparklethatisblue​‘s posts and written based on this ask by @tygermama (I’m so sorry, for some reason it’s not letting me tag you?!)!

tw for mentions of racism and a whole lotta love of Aulë for his beautiful children <3

The Valar do not think.

Or rather, their thoughts are of such weight and alienness that they are utterly incomparable to what transpires in a mortal’s mind. It is the multitude of the world’s events that swirls in their minds, a billion sparks lightening up and vanishing within moments of a time span that is outside mortal’s perception. They see everything and yet can also pick out a single events – especially those whose children swarm the land, sea and sky. They can follow the fates of their offspring through the multiple streams of time and space.

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