light filled spaces

So miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him, then drop it. You’re just afraid to let go of the last bits of him because then you’ll be really alone, and you’re scared to death of what will happen if you’re really alone. But here’s what you gotta understand. If you clear out all that space in your mind that you’re using right now to obsess about this guy, you’ll have a vacuum there, an open spot – a doorway. And guess what the universe will do with the doorway? It will rush in – God will rush in – and fill you with more love than you ever dreamed. So stop using that boy to block that door. Let it go.
—  Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert)

What does it mean to lose your land, your language, and your heritage?

For Alaska Natives, these are existential threats.

On a trip to Southeast Alaska, I traveled to one village that is finding new ways to survive: Klukwan, ancestral home of the Tlingit tribe.

Nestled along the banks of the Chilkat River, Klukwan is quiet and tiny, home to about 90 people.

The Haines Highway runs through town, but on the day we visited, you could walk right down the middle of the two-lane road without worry of passing cars.

On a tour of the village, we pass by small homes and trailers: some abandoned, some with rusted old trucks out front, sinking into the soil.

“It’s a struggle,” says tribal president Kimberley Strong. “You see the buildings, some of ‘em are falling down and dilapidated. But we’re working at it. We’re working very hard at trying to keep the village alive.”

By doing that, they’re also trying to preserve the heritage of the Tlingit people, who have lived in Southeast Alaska for thousands of years.

Looking to the future, the tribe has great hopes for the new Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage Center, a soaring, light-filled space that opened in Klukwan last spring. It’s an $8 million investment in the tribe’s future, funded through grants, as well as state and federal money.

A Native Village In Alaska Where The Past Is Key To The Future

Photos: Elissa Nadworny/NPR

Tree Bros: Dead Girl(Boy) Walking

Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen 

Characters: Evan Hansen and Connor Murphy 

Rating: T 

Authors Notes: Ok so I’m really into both DEH and Heathers. One fateful day I watched a Heather’s anamatic followed by a DEH Waving Through A Window aniamatic that had the ‘school shooter chic’ thing and this fanfic was born. This is more mature than most of my fanfics, cause Heathers. So fair warning, it is the Dead Girl Walking scene and Connor is playing JD and Evan is Veronica. If you don’t know Heathers, go watch dead girl walking and then come read this. It won’t make sense otherwise. There is no smut, it’s all the on stage stuff, but it gets a little hot and heavy.

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Conflict and Confined Spaces

Originally posted by dunkirknharry

A bit of angst for you all, she and Harry are bickering and reading an article about their relationship only intensifies it more. 

You and Harry had been bickering on and off all day, it had started over you not being ready on time for a breakfast meeting he had wanted you to come to, it then was about a pair of boots you had left in the lounge room he had tripped over while on a business call, the pair of trousers that were on the line when it had started rain that you hadn’t gotten off and now were wet. They were petty little things, he was stressed you understood that he had so much on at the moment with press for Dunkirk and finalising things for the tour, but this didn’t mean he could take everything out on you. Things didn’t get any better when it was time for the two of you to get ready for a dinner with some of his friends, you had gotten ready before him to avoid the same argument that had happened earlier that day and spent the time on the couch reading news articles on your laptop, it was something you’d come accustom to, you’d loved to keep up to date with current affairs generally skipping over the gossip section not having the patience to read anything related to Harry or the friends he had made in the industry, but when a headline accusing Harry of cheating come up on your timeline you hadn’t scrolled past like you generally would have. Maybe it was the bickering the two of you had done all day, or the way he had told you to shut up this morning when you had argued back at him that made your eyes stick to the screen taking every word in analysing every piece of “evidence” the writer had provided. She was a friend of Harrys the girl the article was about Jess, you didn’t know her well just knew she was at a lot of the parties you had attended with him over the years, the article had spoken about the two of you, your relationship that had been going on for 2 and a half years. The article had quoted a “reliable source” who said that your relationship had been on the rocks over the last couple of months, it was true you and Harry had been fighting more frequently but you’d never have called your relationship on the rocks, there were photos of Harry and Jess leaving a few cafes and restaurants and one from a club. You tried not to let any of this get in your head, he loved you no matter how much you fought, he had always had female friends and you’d never been jealous of them and she was no different they had just ran into a few more photographers than usual. He had always sworn that he would never cheat, but people lied, you’d had your heart broken before by cheaters and you’d promised yourself you’d never allow that to happen to you again.

Your overthinking had been interrupted by him calling your name, you looked up from your computer quickly shutting the lid to see him coming down the stairs.
“ Put a jacket on will yeh we don’t need yeh distracting everyone with your breasts” he hardly looked at you as he commented causing you to cross your arms across your chest suddenly insecure about your outfit. You’d done as he said, in any other situation he’d never say anything about what you wore and if he did you would have told him to back off, but that article was chipping away at your confidence bit by bit. The car was silent and so was the ride up the elevator and you were almost relieved not to have to speak to him, you wanted to question him about the article, it wasn’t unusual to see stuff like this in the papers and your usually just discuss it and move on but tonight he could barley look at you. He had grabbed your hand as you exited the elevator and you pulled away instinctively when you saw your table with Jess sitting there looking perfect and gorgeous, you were thankful for the dull lighting so no one could see the way your fake smile had dropped and been replaced with sadness. You hated it was getting to you this much, that when you had so sit next to Harry with her directly across from you, you felt sick it wasn’t her fault that she had been the target of a cheating article with Harry, but the more your watched the two of them interact the more you saw how they got along so well. The conversation between the group was constant enough that you only had to fake a laugh and give short responses occasionally throughout the night and when Grimmy and Loud sent concerning looks your way you just had to fake yawn to get their attention off you.

You thought you were doing fine at keeping your emotions at bay, from letting jealousy creep into your veins and make you regret your actions, that was until they started a conversation about a nightclub they’d gone to together, but it wasn’t just any nightclub it was where you and Harry had met. The club in discussion was renown for its 80’s and 90’s music nights, you and Harry had met there and it had become your spot and you’d spent most of your anniversaries there rocking out to the classics and to know he had taken her there had shattered your heart into a thousand pieces. You had excused yourself in the middle of your conversation and had made a beeline for the bathrooms a few stray tears making their way down your face. You had walked past the toilets and through the slightly ajar door that lead to the rooftop of the restaurant, you’d allowed yourself to slide down the wall and rest your head against your knees, you willed yourself to stop crying to stop thinking about the article and Harry and Jess and how she was gorgeous and everything you weren’t. The door had opened and out the corner of your eyes seen Harrys familiar shoes walk to where you sat.
“ I just need a minute Harry, Ill be back to keep up appearances soon” your words came out dryly not lifting you head from your knees to look at him, you didn’t need to he would have a scowl on his face like he had whenever he had looked at you today.
“ Is this your rebuttal for the fighting today to just sit at the table like you’re there against your will while everyones trying to have a good time” he spoke his words with anger which made your head snap up and raise your eyebrow at him.
“ Yes of course I live to make your life difficult Harry, didn’t you know?” the sarcasm and annoyance dripped from your words and he had shook his head at you.
“ Yeh know I was really looking to tonight and then you’ve gone and acted like a brat and ruined it” he shook his head again before going to leave the rooftop.
“ Looking forward to seeing Jess you mean” the words hadn’t meant to leave your lips, they were meant to be snarky comment in your head, but now they were out in the open and you couldn’t take them back.
“ what are yeh talkin about” his ignorance or blatant lying infuriated you
“ Don’t act dumb Harry! You took her to our club, where we met and have spent every anniversary, our spot” You had yelled at him this time as you stood up the tears had started again a look of realisation washed over his face.
“ You’re not seriously upset about that are you?” You rolled your eyes at his response and had wanted nothing more to be the brat he accused you of being and throwing a fit and screaming at him.
“ You know what I cant do this here, I’m too tired for this Harry” you sighed a stray tear rolling down your face, you couldn’t look at him without wanting to scream, and you didn’t want to ruin this night anymore than it had already been ruined.

To your surprise he had followed you out to the table and before you could say a thing he had told everyone you weren’t feeling well and he was going to take you home, he left money for the bill and the two of you left without a word. The elevator ride was silent and longer than you had remembered it being on the way up, until it stopped all together with a slight drop and the main lights turned off and emergency lights dully filled the space. You had groaned loudly before repeating the word no about 6 times, you couldn’t be trapped in an elevator while fighting with Harry with no where to escape to when things got to much.
“ Are yeh gonna speak to me now” you turned to face him you could feel the anger slowly fizzing out and all that would remain would be hurt. You just looked at him, the person you fell in love with was there somewhere, underneath the stress and anger of the day your Harry was still there you knew that, and thats what hurt you most that despite knowing he was yours this doubt and scary feeling of betrayal and thoughts that he was cheating filled your mind.
“  Are you cheating with Jess?” the words had slipped out of your mouth as tears poured out your eyes, his facial expression turned from shock to confusion before he looked you in the eyes standing up. 
“ Yeh think I’m cheating with Jess?” his words were a mix of hurt and confusion.
“ You took here to our place Harry, there are pap photos of the two of you everywhere, I don’t know what to think” you raised your voice at him a sob leaving your throat as you finished your sentence, you had let your legs collapse into a kneeling position on the floor and allowed yourself to cry harder than you did on the rooftop. Harry had stepped towards you but you had told him no.
“ Baby Im not cheating on yeh, I-I would never, Jess and I are just friends I promise yeh” You had allowed him to get closer and bend down in front of you, still keeping his distance but watching you carefully with his green eyes.
“ I read a stupid article and I believed everything, you’d been so cold to me and we had fought all day and then I saw how well you get along and she’s so pretty” you had worked yourself up so much that hiccups had accompanied your cries, Harry didn’t say anything just wrapped his arms around you before lifting you so you were between his legs your face in his neck. He had shushed you and reassured you for the first half an hour of being stuck in the lift and had you giggling over how stupid the two of you had been for fighting all day for the next 1 and a half hours. You were more than relived when the electricians fixed the problem and you safely exited the elevator, the two of you looked crazy when the doors opened the two of you sitting on the floor your tear streamed smiling face and his white shirt which had black spots from your mascara.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it, please reblog and feel free to request! I will now be uploading on Wednesdays and Sundays to fit into my work schedule a little more! x Ohsweetkiwi 

Warm Touch

Jack Kline X Reader fluff

Word count: 1237

Warnings: a bit of swearing,thats all 

“Ahhhhh” you groaned in pain while clutching your stomach,turning in bed for what felt like the milionth time. The warm cuddly blankets laying on you suddenly became too warm ending in you throwing them off the bed violently and shuffling around trying desperately to get comfortable. 

Giving up a few minutes later you floped on your back and sighed.

“Why must I go through this,what did I do to deserve this? Periods are bullshit” A new wave of cramps washed over you making you once again curl in a ball on your bed untill it would go away. And then repeating,all night. The pills you took no longer worked so you were left to suffer
About 3 waves of pain later you cried out in mostly anger and frustration. Regretting it when you realized the sound was too loud and one of the boys probably heard you
“fuck” you whisper sighed to yourself and soon enough there was a gentle knock on your door and a soft worried voice following it,asking if everything was alright. You lit up with happiness and relief inside when you realised it was jack. The pure innocent Jack who wouldn’t know awkwardness if it punched him in the face. Because if you had to explain your pain to one of your brothers it would definitely be awkward. 

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The lighting and visual design of each room in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is meant to guide the player to highly specific points, without outright illuminating the area or leaving all of it in darkness. Light fills the space, but through a combination of hard shadow divides and dust particles, it doesn’t reach everything, and thus keeps plenty of the environment hidden.

Thank-you fic #2: for @brb-theres-cookies, who requested Stucky h/c with hurt Steve in need of comfort:


Bucky stared at him. Steve tried to stare back, but he couldn’t face Bucky with this, couldn’t wear that face around Bucky; he didn’t look away, but he did wince. “Buck…”

“Don’t even try,” Bucky said, and actually lay down on top of him: on top of Steve, in the bed where Steve was confined for the next six hours, while his bones and internal organs knit themselves back together. It’d been what Steve would’ve called a close encounter with a mad-scientist modified Chitauri weapon; if he said so Bucky would point out that close was not the same as hole through your gut, punk.

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Elevator Rides and Expert Tongues

Yoongi x Reader 

Genre: Smut 

A/N: Kinda missed his birthday…whoops :P This is actually written for the other admin L.E.D because her bias’s birthday is also her birthday apparently! Enjoy <3

                                                                                 -Ray :)

You were just returning home from the art exhibition that your university held. It was late and you were tired. All that you wanted in this moment was to take off this skin tight dress and welcome the soft covers of your bed. You had said your goodbyes to your friends at the lobby of your building before arriving to the elevator. The doors opened and just as you were about to step in, you collided head first into someone. You almost stumbled back when the person you collided into caught you by the elbow.  

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Imagine...The Boys Comforting You

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

Request: Would you be willing to write a story where The Winchesters comfort the reader who is having a pretty bad panic attack when tornado warnings are going through the area where the hunt is? 

Pairing: none

Your eyes were glued to the TV, watching the tornado warning scroll along the bottom. You kept glancing over to the door, wondering where your boys were. They were taking too long. Why weren’t they back yet? Couldn’t they see how bad the weather was outside? Or gotten an alert on their phones yet?

“It’s freaking awful out, Y/N,” you heard Dean say finally, your head buried in your knees. “You…”

“Y/N, you alright?” you heard Sam say, the power going out making you jump. “I’m guessing that’s the wind.”

“Come on,” said Dean, taking your hand and pulling you up. “You too Sammy.”

You followed Dean into the bathroom, Sam right on your heels with a few blankets and pillows from the bed. Dean turned on his flashlight and had you sit down by the tub, reaching into the takeout bag and handing you a container. Sam handed you a blanket and pillow, sitting right up against you as the three of you heard the wind whip outside.

“Want your dinner Y/N?” asked Sam softly, wrapping an arm around your shoulder as he dove into his bag. You nodded, thinking maybe eating would distract you. It worked for a little while but soon the food was gone and it was just the three of you cramped into the small motel bathroom. Dean noticed your growing agitation and nodded for Sam to slide over. 

Sam moved to the left, tugging you with him, Dean settling down with a blanket on your right, sandwiching you between them. Sam kept his arm around you, Dean un-fisting your right hand and holding it in his left. Neither of them said anything but they both got a little closer when the wind picked up.

“You’re okay, Y/N,” said Sam, moving his hand to rub circles into the space between your shoulder blades. “We got ya.”

Dean’s finger tips started drawing patterns on your skin, the two pairs of hands slowly relaxing you. You leaned your head on Dean’s shoulder, sighing as you felt the tension in you fall away. You shut your eyes eventually, feeling Sam’s lips press against your forehead when you were close to sleep, followed soon after by Dean’s.

“Sleep sweetheart. We won’t let anything happen to you,” said Dean.

When you woke it was quiet, the lights on in the bathroom. You opened your eyes and saw you were laying your head on Sam’s chest, his light snores filling the space. You could feel Dean pressed up against you, his steady slow breathing hot on the back of your neck. Both boys were passed out, gladly letting you use them as pillows if it meant you felt safer. You’d thank them when they woke but you knew they wouldn’t accept it, saying that’s what family does for each other.

Even still, you weren’t sure how’d you’d gotten to be so lucky to be a part of this one.

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Even in inconceivably many billions of eons
An enlightened guide of the world is hard to meet;
The beings of this land are very fortunate
That now they can see their second Buddha.

The Buddha’s body emanates great light
With physical forms boundless and totally pure,
Filling all lands like clouds,
Everywhere extolling the Buddha’s virtues.

All illumined by the light rejoice,
Beings in distress are all relieved,
All are induced to respect and kindness:
This is the work of the Buddha’s power.

Producing inconceivable clouds of mystic displays,
Emanating network of lights of infinite colors
Filling all lands in the ten directions:
These are manifestations of Buddha’s mental powers.

From each hair pore appear clouds of light
Filling all space, emitting great sound:
All dark places are illumined,
Causing the pains of hell to disappear.

Buddha’s wondrous voice pervades everywhere,
Fully producing all sounds of speech,
According to the power of beings’ standing goodness:
This is a function of the Teacher’s mystic power.

Measureless, boundless, the oceans of assemblies:
Buddha appears within each one,
Expounding the inexhaustible truth for all of them,
Harmoniously pacifying sentient beings.

Buddha’s mystic powers have no end,
Appearing in every single land;
Such is the Buddha’s knowledge, unimpeded:
He attains enlightenment to benefit all beings.

You should all be joyful;
Dance, delight, and pay respect.
I will go with you there:
If one see the Buddha, all miseries will cease.

Arouse your minds to seek enightenment,
Kindly care for all living beings,
Abide by the great vows of universal goodness,
And you will attain freedom like the King of Truth.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 264, 265

Note on the image: Maitreya, the coming buddha.


♛ Morgan le Fay +  books  {3/ ∞}

daughter of tintagel - morgan le fay series (fay sampson)     

“Morgan uses her womanhood like a warrior who seizes the nearest weapon to her hand. She could have matched Arthur, strength for strength. Instead, she is the converse of his shape, the darkness to his light. She fills the space he cannot. Because he is a man, she is a woman”. - Taliesin’s telling [Morgan le fay series book 4] 

[author’s note] “In physics, Dark Matter forms an unseen world that is the inverse of the matter we observe. Matter and Antimatter were created to exist in equal proportions. Together they hold the universe in balance. But when they come into contact the result is mutual destruction. Morgan’s story is the Dark Matter of Britain”.

[synopsis/prologue] “I am what I am. I am eternal. I am the shape-shifter. I am Morgan the Fay. Yes you may recoil. If you have heard of me at all, it will be nothing to my credit. I am the half-sister of good King Arthur, and his arch-enemy, am I not? The wicked witch, the embodiment of evil. And yet… Others call me Morgan the Goddess. After battle of Camlann a silk-hung comes to fetch the morally wounded king away to Avalon. I am the queen who takes Arthur in my arms for healing.  How could you understand? You do not want to live with this ambiguity. Some editing of the story will clearly be necessary” (x).  

Found//Taeyong Scenario

Originally posted by nctaezen

Title: Found//Taeyong Scenario

Pairing: Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 1680+

Request/Plot: You and Taeyong are playing hide and seek, get a bit too close to each other, and end up revealing your feelings!

A/N: Just some cute little Taeyong fluff to help you all go by! This was such a cute request! If you guys like this, please feel free to check out my other stuff and request! Thank you! 

“Pleaseeeeee, I promise it’ll be fun!” Jisung says, clinging on to your arm.

“But Taeyong invited me over to be with him!” You say.

“So what?! You’re always with Taeyong!” Jisung says, continuing to tug on your arm.

“He’s my best friend!” You say, resisting.

“Yeah, sure. You guys are only ‘best friends’.” He says.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” You say, finally wiggling your arm free.

“You know what it means! Come on, please just play one game of hide and seek with us until your boyfriend comes down!” Jisung begs.

“He’s not my boyfriend! But fine, I’ll play just one game while waiting for Taeyong to be ready.” You reply, unable to resist Jisung’s puppy face.

“Yay!” he yells, his entire face lighting up. “I’ll go tell the rest of the guys!”

As Jisung runs off, you see Taeyong walking out of his dorm room. His hair is still slightly damp from the shower, and his face is makeup less. This is your favorite Taeyong. Of course he looks incredible in all of his stage clothes and makeup, but it makes you happy knowing that you are one of the only ones that gets to see this side of him.

“Hey y/n! Sorry to keep you waiting, I ended up hopping in the shower really quick!” He says, walking up to you and pulling you into one of you guys normal casual hugs.

“That’s alright! I was actually just about to play hide and seek with dreamies while waiting for you!” You giggle, pulling away.

Taeyong sighs and shakes his head lightly, “We have to stop letting Jisung answer the door.” He says.

“Y/n we’re all ready and I’m going to count first!” Jisung says running back into the room. 

“Sorry kid, i’m gonna have to steal y/n from you now.” Taeyong says, lightly ruffling Jisung’s hair.

“No not yet, she didn’t even get to play one game!” Jisung pouts.

“I’ll still play one game with you guys and then i’ll go with Taeyong.” You say.

“Yes! Do you wanna play with us Taeyong?” Jisung asks happily.

“No… I’m ok…” Taeyong says, trailing off after he sees your puppy dog eyes.

“Fine, one game. But then me and y/n are leaving!” He says, cracked.

“Yay!” You and Jisung yell simultaneously.

The rest of the dreamies walk out and greet you, along with some of the 127 members. After recruiting Johnny, Jaehyun, and Sicheng to the game, Jisung finally starts to count. The sounds of feet hitting the floor fills the room as everyone darts to go find a hiding spot. Familiar with the dorm, you quietly make your way through the hallway looking for the best hiding place. 20 seconds gives you a bit of time, but you don’t want to wander for too long. Aimlessly walking for about 5 seconds ends up bringing you to the little closet in the hallway right next to Taeyong’s room. Deeming that the best you could find within the time frame, you lightly open the door, get in, and shut it as silently as you could. Though the sound is faint, but you think that Jisung is up to about 15. Suddenly the door clicks and someone else’s body is pressed against yours. The two of you gasp loudly and end up shushing each afterwards. Squinting with a lot of strength, you eventually make out the figure to be Taeyong. 

“Taeyong?” You ask. 

“Y/n? I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be in here.” He says, laughing slightly.

“Yeah me neither, but hey great minds think alike right?” You say, not failing to notice how close you two are to each other.

“Yeah.” he says smiling. 

This closet was small to begin with, but it now feels even smaller after stuffing two people in there. There is no choice but to be so close that the two of you are basically hugging. Every single breath you take, a part of your body touches Taeyong. You can even slightly feel his breath upon your face. Jisung has stopped counting by now and all that you can hear is his footsteps along with the occasional noise when he finds someone. The atmosphere feels slightly awkward, despite the two of your normally being so close with one another. You can’t help but feel nervous when standing is such a close proximity to your crush. Your body becoming tight, you try to move around a little to loosen up your joints. Bad idea. As you move your arm, your hand brushes up again Taeyong, causing a small noise leaving his mouth. “Sorry!” You whisper nervously. “Was that..”

“Yep.” He responds, not even letting you finish the question. Not knowing what to do, you just giggle, causing him to break out into a smile and giggle along with you. After the little laughing fest Taeyong let’s out a sigh.

“What?” You ask, smile still permanate on your face.

“Nothing, you’re just cute.” He says, causing heat to flood your cheeks.

“You probably can’t see it, but I’m blushing right now.” You say.

“Oh I can see it nice and clear. You look like a tomato!” 

“Taeyongggggg” You whine, blushing even more.

“I’m kidding!” He says, one of his hands lightly brushing over your cheek. “But i’m sure that you look beautiful when you blush.” 

“You can’t say stuff like that!” You say, unintentionally hiding your head in his chest. His hand comes up and gently cradles your head against him while lightly stroking your hair.

“Why not? I’m just telling the truth!” He says.

“Yeah, but we’re best friends.” You reply.

“So?” He asks refuting.

“Best friends don’t say that to one another.” You say.

“Well what if I don’t wanna be just best friends…” He trails off.

“What?” You say, slightly tilting your head up so that you could look him in the eyes.

“I don’t wanna be just best friends… I wanna be more.” He says, meeting your gaze, but quickly looking away because of nervousness. 

“You have feelings for me?” You ask, giddy over the moon.

“Yeah…” He answers, shyly looking down and the other direction.

“Taeyong, I have feelings for you too!” You say backing out of his hold to look at him completely. “I have for a long time!”

“The guys weren’t lying to me?” He asks with a huge grin painting his face.

“Nope. And they apparently weren’t lying to me either.” You say, smiling in response.

“So technically, we could’ve been dating for a long time, but both of us were too scared to admit our feelings for one another?” He asks laughing.

“Sounds about right.” You respond.

“Wow.” He says bluntly, his eyes trailing down to your lips. The silence is comfortable as the two of you stare at each other. Taeyong’s brows furrow in thought, as he debates his next move.

“Y/n I don’t know if you think this is too soon…. but can I kiss you?” He asks, blush prominent on his face. “I-I just have been waiting for so long an-”

“You don’t have to explain yourself Tae!” You say, cutting him off before he rambles. “We both want this.”

Taeyong doesn’t respond, but instead starts leaning in. His large hand softly cradles the back of your head, guiding it to his. What should feel like a short distance feels like a long one since the two of you are so nervous. Taeyong finally just goes for it and places his lips upon yours. You begin to kiss back immediately. You wrap your arms around his neck pulling him as close as possible. Taeyong then deepens the kiss, and you start playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. A quiet sound of pleasure leaves his mouth, but it is quickly dismissed with the frequent kissing. Neither of you want to pull away as the kiss becomes more and more intense; however, you’re the first one to pull away, the desire for air becoming too strong to resist. Taeyong stares at you while breathing heavily. His lips are puffy and red from all of the kissing, and you swear it’s the most beautiful sight that you’ve ever seen. Taeyong leans in once more to give you a kiss. Before anything can happen, the door is yanked open and light fills the tiny space.

“Found yo- AHHHH!” Jisung screams, covering his eyes. Red floods your cheeks along with Taeyongs as you two just realize what Jisung almost saw. Jaehyun comes running at the sound of the scream and looks between the two of you. He studies your faces and realization occurs.

“Did you guys do it?!” He asks, no shame whatsoever.

“Jaehyun no! We just kissed!” Taeyong says, hiding his face in his hands.

“Oh ok. But i’m so happy for you guys! See, I told you that you liked each other!” Jaehyun says proud of himself.

“DID OUR PLAN WORK?” Donghyuck screams, pulling Mark behind him by his wrist.

“What plan?” Jisung asks.

“Well I saw y/n go into the closet first and then I saw Taeyong looking for a hiding spot, so I told him the closet was empty.” Mark says smugly.

“You set this up?!” Taeyong yells.

“Hey, it worked!” Jeno says coming out of nowhere, Jaemin and Chenle trailing slowly behind him.

“I can’t believe you guys!” Taeyong says.

“Hey, I wasn’t in on it!” Jisung says.

“Yeah that’s because you can’t keep a secret Mr. I’m gonna tell Mark to put out rock so that Donghyuck looses rock paper scissors on live tv.” Donghyuck says patting Jisung on the head.

“Will you ever let me live that down?!” Jisung asks.

“Nope!” Donghyuck says walking away.

“Well anyways, let’s congratulate y/n and Taeyong on their relationship!” Jaehyun says clapping, with everyone eventually joining him.

“Thanks for all the support guys, but y/n and I have to go on our first date.” Taeyong says, pulling you out of the closet.

“We do?!” You ask, still completely flustered at everything that happened.

“Yes! Besides, we need more alone time, there’s too many kids here.” He says laughing. “Come on let’s go!”

silver-twilight  asked:

How about ♠ with Starkquill? Please and thank you.

AN: This was so much fun! I’ve never written Peter Quill before, and honestly this prompt got me to finally watch GOTG. I’ve had it forever, but had never sat down and watched it. D: Terrible of me, I know. But I watched it to write this and OMG. I LOVED IT. Obviously I still have not seen the second movie, so uh… there’s probably wrong stuff in here? But I tried?

Also, this fic turned into a beast, and I maybe didn’t focus on the prompt enough. D: But I hope you like it anyway, @silver-twilight​!

Beware of the ‘Read More’ thingy. <3

Peter had noticed Tony’s anxiety almost as soon as they’d met. It maybe wasn’t obvious to the unitiated , but Peter could recognize it easily. There wasn’t a person (or alien or experiment gone AWESOME) in his crew that wasn’t damaged or scarred in some way. They all had moments of panic, times when fear and regret took hold of them hard enough to reduce them to a pile of tears and the shakes. Peter’d had panic attacks before, and regularly found himself coaching his teammates - especially Drax and (strangely enough) Rocket - through their own. And while Tony wasn’t in a full-blown panic when they’d been introduced, Peter could see the warning signs.

He also noticed the way Tony’s eyes kept darting over to a stern faced man holding a brightly colored shield and the people standing behind him, a few looking actively hostile. Okaaaay… so there was probably some bad blood there. Like, maybe sorta like what had existed between him and Yondu. Because Tony was willing to stand with the group (the Vengeance Group or Renegades or something? he’d stopped trying to keep track of every team’s name) in the face of disaster, but it didn’t look like there was a whole lotta love lost between them. He could be wrong and regularly was, but he just got this sense that Tony was desperately looking for the blond leader’s approval even as he wanted that whole group as far away from him as possible.

Man, could he ever relate.

So instead of going on with the introductions, Peter stepped away from his own team, ignoring Gamora’s knowing groan and the way Rocket got his gun ready, and reached out to grab Tony’s hand. “Hey, I’m Peter Quill, better known as Star-Lord in the best, coolest parts of the galaxy. I was part scavenger, part mercenary and part thief before I became a hero - still am all those things sometimes. So I’m gonna steal you now, okay?” He waited just long enough to see Tony’s eyes go wide, but not long enough for anyone to protest. Laughing merrily at the start of this new adventure, Peter turned and pulled Tony after him, going through the members of his team - the team that would form a wall between them and any pursuers. He just hoped the Earth teams wouldn’t turn things violent, because they really kinda needed everyone alive to fight Thanos and his team wasn’t very good at holding back.

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The Personal Sketchbook- One Shot-

A lil one shot in regards to the threat of Blueberry and Ink’s personal Sketchbook. *warning mild sin*

Anger flared in the little blue sans as the artist version of him spoke those words to him after shouting at dream.

“Learn your place dream! This doesn’t involve you! Now blue, we’re all leaving now!” Ink shout then attempted to use his magic on Blueberry but got his wrist grabbed instead.

“Keep your magic off me!” He scowled. “And if you’re going to talk to him like that. we may aswell find Dust without you! Dream has just as much of a right to be here, like you do and if I remember correctly you ASKED him to help. So learn what you say before you complain!” Blue poked Ink’s shoulder hard, then turned away walking towards Dream.

“We’re all leaving the Void now! Dust isn’t important right now. you’re safe from that murderous psychopath. E-Error probably took that lil-douche anyway” Ink slightly stuttered mentioning his name but made an attempt not to show it as he strengths his voice with his view.

Dream flinched at Blues change expression as pure hatred filled his eyes, even more from simple rage. “B-Blue…” He stammered, lifting one hand towards blue then to his mouth as he trailed off show utter terror and concern realising his happy feelings were fading.

Blue turned to face Ink. Both holding firm. The space closing between closed. Blue stop and looked Ink dead square in his eyes finding a weakness. Seeing none he spoke in a low voice without breaking eye contact.

“What if it was error?”

The question shook Ink causing his eyes to flash from stars to question marks. Showing that that it caught him off guard and shook him causing him to step backwards. “W-what..”

Blue stood his ground and spoke up.

“what would you do if it was Error?”

Inks eyes changed once more then settled on a set, one oval, one diamond both grey making his expression dark. The question killed him and struck him hard. He didn’t know how to respond rightly to the question so he began stutter.

“I- I… d-don’t know… what… your on about. E-Err…” The name caught in his throat. “Why… are y-you…changing the subject….” Inks face still shocked but a light rainbow blush began to form. With this Blue new he had won and changed his tone slightly.

“Please, as if I don’t know what you put in your sketchbooks and with at least 3 double pages dedicated to Error. A little fan fiction between you too.” Ink’s rainbow blush was slowly spreading as he tried to hide in his scarf. Blue sighed not losing and anger and sas “Gotta say though, didn’t expect you of all the sans to have an Bondage kink.” Blue added.

“H-How did…. Blue! you went though my personal sketchbook!”

“Geez Ink, it’s blatantly obvious you love Error.”

Ink interrupts “N-No I don’t-”

“Also you kinda gotta stop hanging with Lust he’s a bad influence for the AU guardian!”
That broke the blushing Ink. muttering to himself about Error and his feelings. Blue Smirked taking the opportunity and raised his hand.

“Blue… Blueberry that’s enough!” Dream jumped towards them trying to stop him but was too late.


Glowing blue bones broke the surface of the void encasing Ink and white ones creating a small fence to stop dream who ran into one taking 5 damage.

Tears welled in Dreams eyes. His friends, the star sans were fighting and he was powerless to stop or help.

Blue crouched in front of Ink chuckling, his magic still activated he clicked his fingers and a leather bound book fell into his hand. Inks eyes flashed once more in shock and horror then proceeded to frantically patted himself down. “H-How did you get that?!”
with a chuckle, blue replied “magic” then cracked or open and flicked through the pages. Ink fell forward in an attempt to grab the book but blue teleported backwards with the book and Ink had 10 damage dealt to him instead, Blue added more bones and restrained Ink within inside the cage.

A now flustered ink. Sat there complaining and still heavily blushing.

“Now. now ink. Behave.Right where was I? Oh yes here. The story I found alluring”
Ink glared at Blue as he began to read the segment.

“Story time with Blue! Everyone comfy? Okay I will begin with The First Encounter!” with a chuckle he read on.

I was minding my own business in the void, creating stuff like always, when he appeared and began to destroy my creation. Launching those blue cables everywhere and erasing my hard work until it was just us in this vast empty world. Looking at what he had just done,  I felt like time itself was stopped and I just stared. Then he proceed to attacked me and I started to dodge his attack, i retorted by sending attacks back at him, using my paintbrush. “so you’re the Artist me I’ve heard so much about!” This caught me off guard and I ended entangled in his cables. The cabled slowly moved snake-like around my bones trapping me, suspending me in mid air. “and you must be Error, the glitched version of me!” Error pulled me closer. “and you’re Ink. Creator of these stupid world’s. I will put an end to this all. starting with you” Error tightened the vines around me and spreading them further between my bones and around my neck. blushing hard with a jagged breath. Error leans in an-


A bone slammed into Blue, causing him to falls backwards losing control of the bones releasing Ink and his hold of the Sketchbook. Ink the uses his magic cover the book in paint and make it disappear, then in the same  split second he teleports to Blue and punches him square in the face sending him flying across the empty space, jumping to going after him but Blue regains his balance jumps back at ink and returns the gift.

They both jump back and scowl then run at each other exchanging a series of punches and kick mixed with different bones attacks and an paintbrush.
In an mid air attack crossed with two bones and a paintbrush, they slip clipping each other causing them both to  fall backwards and swivel, summoning and landing on their gaster blaster.

A bright light filled the empty space then silence as both blasters fired at the same time.


Blue and ink Stunned and squinting stared at each other briefly equally bemused. There gaze panned to look at an annoyed Dream who had tearfully eyes. “that’s enough!” He choked on his tears as he fell forward hugging the bruised skeletons.

Mod R “  this is gay af lmao”
Oak-  OMG i am such a horrible person!
This was inspired by @percefiney updates of Blue blackmailing Ink. gahhh >.< 

Headache (Mark Tuan)

Originally posted by jypnior

Word Count: 643
Genre: Angst

Warnings: Character Death

Thank you for requesting Anon, I hope you like it <3

The abnormally cool temperature in your room made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  You were all too aware of the empty feeling in your room as if the walls surrounding you were somehow aware of your emotions. Ah, I wish he were here. You thought to yourself as you curled deeper into the fetal position you were sleeping in. 

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Locked In (Part 2)

Originally posted by green-circles

Summary: Reader finds herself stuck with Detective Winchester once again…

Part 1

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,700ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: Detective Dean, back in action….

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In-Flight (Coming in for a landing)

Chapter 3

“Felicity, are you still with me,” Oliver called out in the dark. He already knew she was. She was clutching onto his arm, holding him as if it was the last thing she wanted to do before they crashed into the ocean below.

“Yes Oliver,” Felicity answered him.  “I’m here. I’m not going to let you go. If we’re going to die…”

Oliver shook his head. “No Felicity…uh, actually I was wondering if maybe Overwatch might be able to do something.”

“What are you talking about,” Felicity said, squeezing tighter on his arm.

“I thought that maybe you could…Felicity, doesn’t your tablet have self-sustaining power? Didn’t Lyla give it to you to work outside the grid? An Argus upgrade?”

Felicity suddenly detached from Oliver’s arm and turned to look at him, but the darkness in the cabin only gave her his voice. She could feel herself going in the direction of Oliver’s thinking. “Oliver, you’re right. It has its own power source built in.”

“Right,” he acknowledged.  “Do you think you could…I don’t’ know, maybe hack into the plane’s computer system. Find the problem and fix it?”

Felicity nodded in the darkness. “Maybe,” she replied, finding her way out of her fear as she contemplated his suggestion. “If I can get in, maybe I can find where the power drain originated and re-route power from another system. Maybe enough to bring the lights back on…and give Captain Dewitt his radio back. And the landing gear. Oliver, I think I can do this.”

He was already out of his seat and standing up in the aisle way. He reached up into the darkness and opened the overhead compartment. He found Felicity’s stored bag. He pulled it out and brought it back to his seat. “Felicity, I got your bag.” He opened it and found her tablet. Oliver gave it to her.

Felicity took the tablet and powered it on. The screen came up and light filled their space. She looked over at Oliver and his face was aglow in pearly  shadows. She could see the intensity of his eyes, lit up by the tablet’s illumination. “Oliver, I’m sorry I thought we were going to crash and die a few moments ago. I should have known you would find another way to survive.”

“Just work your magic, hon.  You can praise my uncanny abilities later.”

Felicity began typing into the small super computer in her hands. She brought up a real-time algorithm and sent it out to the plane’s brain. The 777 suddenly dropped another couple hundred feet, but Felicity had turned her fear off and let Overwatch take her over. After two or three minutes, she was in. Thousands of signals that gave the jet its identity rolled across her screen. Guidance and environment and flight status. Air speed and altitude and radar. She found a path that took her deeper into the airplane’s computer. Subsystems came up in 010101 code and she sent her algorithm down their paths. Schematics came up, and after another couple minutes, Felicity found the affected area. There was apparently a shorted out circuit that burned out a small contact on the computer’s electrical mother board gird, causing the lights to go out, as well as the power needed to keep the cabin pressurized…and more importantly; the landing gear to come down when it was time to settle back onto the safe ground. On the same system was the ship’s radio and digital operations. Felicity was totally lost in an electrical wonderland, suddenly detached from the real world as she began to transfer power to the affected circuits. She was not surprised to find out that the jet’s engines did not draw any power from the electrical systems. Like her tablet, they had their own power source. Enough to use for her purposes.

Oliver could feel Felicity drawing away. It is a sense he has developed over the years they’ve worked together. He knew that Overwatch was in charge of their fate and he trusted her to save them all.

Then the lights came back on again. Oliver looked over at his wife and she had a secret, knowing smile on her face. It was total concentration. She looked up from her tablet and let him in on the secret. “It worked,” she told him. “Maybe you should try to let Captain Dewitt know that he will have the necessary power to land this bitch.”

Oliver nodded in admiration and awe. “Felicity, I knew I was right all those years ago, to come to you and ask for your help. I knew it when I first saw you in my mother’s office that night…” Oliver suddenly realized he just let the cat out of the bag by his platitude for her.

“Oliver…what are you talking. What night?”

He shook his head gently. “Maybe this can wait until we get on the ground.”  He took her hand again and brought it up to his lips, brushing a soft kiss into her palm. “I trust you, and I will tell you a story about a tempered weapon and a broken man that infiltrated Queen Consolidated one night long ago.”

“Ohh…a mystery,” Felicity responded. “Oliver, I hate mysteries. This one better be good.” She took her hand away from his and began typing into her tablet again. “Hon, go see the Captain. Let’s get out of here.”

Oliver got out of of his seat and stood up in the aisle. He turned and started to walk up to the attendants station just outside the cockpit door.

“And Oliver…” Felicity added one more thing before he left.


“After we land, we still have a honeymoon to get to. But we should think about maybe going on a boat this time.”

“Hmm…” Oliver pondered. “That is a brilliant idea, Felicity. Do you think while you in your computer, you could book us passage?”

“Yeah, I just did,” she smiled at him.

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We don’t have to be Valentines

It was a small cabin that he was staying at these days, not far away from the next village but still a bit removed. A peaceful place where one could enjoy some calm. Sceada could definitely see why the owner had decided to build it here. It was the perfect place for someone to just relax a few days with little risk of being disturbed and yet still close enough to civilization that one could get help quickly if needed.

Likewise, it also should not be much of a challenge for Maria to find her way here.

Ah… Sceada had to admit that he was quite excited for this. It wasn’t often that he was in a position to welcome guest in the first place, but to do so on a day that celebrated togetherness, a day he’d otherwise spend all alone once again, that was even more special to him. And it wasn’t just any guest either…

The fire in the fireplace had already been started, it’s warmth and gentle light filling the small central space of the cabin, where a couch and an armchair stood around a small table. A pair of cups stood ready as well, only waiting for the tea that would be brewed shortly after her arrival.

Hopefully, it would not be long before she’d get here.

keyplant  asked:

hey!! so i wanna make my room have more positive energy in it since it feels really, really negative to me and i'm pretty sure a spirit lives in it who doesn't like me too much. anyway tho on ur witchy bedroom tips post you said we could request things, so may I request a few herbal tea recipes and a few sachets recipes as well? ty! 💕

Hi Angel! 

I want to invite you to try a 180 mantra repetition x 40 day practice - This will help open your room to the light and power that you have within you and birthing this energy outward. I love chanting in Sanskrit, but If you are not familiar with Sanskrit, I would suggest creating your own mantra or affirmation in your native tongue. Example of a Mantra “The pure light within me fills this space, I beam love in all corners of this room.” You can pray with the 4 directions of the room -North, East, West, South- cleansing each direction with Palo santo or White sage. I also invite you to open all windows in he space for fresh air circulation. I invite you to welcome in the plant people and sing pleasant songs to them each day  – look up great indoor or bedroom plants. Keeping crystals out and around the room and putting them next to the plants and the window for protection and healing. 

May the Golden Sphere of light around you protect you and guide you, always.

Your sister,