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Pretense in the Air

“Just try to be nice,” Izaya says as they climb the last few steps to the front of the school. “Don’t fly into a jealous rage or anything just because he’s my old meister.”

Shizuo snorts. “I’m not going to be jealous,” he informs Izaya. “You were only working together for a few months, weren’t you? And you’re my partner now.” He pauses a step shy of the main courtyard, hesitating to turn a frown on the dark of Izaya’s hair. “Should I be jealous?”

“Why would you be jealous?” Izaya says airily, continuing up over the last step before he turns to look back down at Shizuo on the stairs below him. The sunlight spilling over the front of the school catches a shine off his hair and picks out flecks of crimson from behind the dark of his eyes; his smile looks like a knife-edge, as if the shape of his weapon form is pressing close against even his human outline to leave its mark on the world. “I didn’t even know you, Shizu-chan, how could I have known I was meant to pine for you?”

“You didn’t need to pine for me,” Shizuo tells him, but he’s stepping up over the last stair anyway, partially to regain the advantage of height and mostly so he can reach out to fit his hand against Izaya’s neck, to press his palm against the reassuring smooth of the black collar that Izaya wears all the time, regardless of setting or formality. Izaya’s lashes dip at the touch of Shizuo’s fingers, his mouth tugs up at the corner into the beginning of a smile, and Shizuo leans in closer to bump his forehead against the dark of Izaya’s hair so he can breathe in against the sun-bright flicker of the other’s mouth. They’re standing at the top of the stairs, in full view of everyone in the school and the latecomers still making their way up the endless steps behind them, and still for a moment Shizuo thinks about leaning in, about tipping his head and shifting in nearer and fitting his lips as close against Izaya’s as the collar under his touch fits against Izaya’s skin.

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the finished version of that sketch I posted a lil bit ago :Dc
in my lil self insert world Crona gets these tattoos after we get married (look! you can see the wedding ring hehe) they’re mostly centered around where his scars are, the idea of them was to add colour and life to places that were reminders of pain

Crona is agender and my headcanon Crona goes by she/her and he/him, please respect his gender and pronouns, especially in regards to my art
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related, thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum!

Starting off my end-of-hiatus transition by easing myself in with updating maps and doing some portrait work. I’m probably going to be expanding on some sections, since I decided that some others were dragging the story down and would probably be better off cut entirely. 

I can’t really promise that I’ll update as often as I did before, since part of the reason I tried to put consistent updates out was because there was no demo to play - the screenshots and updates I posted were the only way to see what the game’s about. Now that a demo’s available, I think there’s a little less pressure to do that… still, thanks for sticking around!

Writing Survival was my dream job, but it was a mournful time in the show’s history. This has been a very different experience. There’s more of everything; people, resources, confidence, success… but the same constantly renewing and indefinable wonder that is Doctor Who. When I was very small and watching the First Doctor, I had a special cushion known as ‘Rona’s Doctor Whocushion’. I would hide my face in it when the Daleks or other monsters appeared on screen! The Eaters of Light is my version of other stories that have haunted me for almost as long.

is it just me or when you finish an anime you just get really obsessed with it like you buy merch, fill your gallery up with pictures from that anime, and basically act like the characters


LIGHTS OUT [Mindless Self Indulgence] Soul Eater AMV

Based on a cool Soul Eater meme floating around, something along the lines of “tell me whether I’m a Weapon or a Meister; and if Weapon, what type would I be?” I am taking this as an opportunity to apply this to my OTPs.

Meister: Gray
Weapon: Natsu
Weapon Type: scythe. Gray eventually masters the demon hunter with him through resonance and when Natsu is in this form, his blade is ON FIRE.

Meister: Lucy
Weapon: Juvia
Weapon Type: double ended spear. She’s also capable of spewing water attacks out of the spearheads.

Meister: Erza
Weapon: Jellal
Weapon Type: Sword! With multiple forms!!!
Bonus: Jellal shifts out of weapon form once to save Erza’s life. The kishin egg moves in to finish him and Erza discovers dormant weapon powers. She covers Jellal in steel armour, saving him, and her arm transforms into a cannon and she takes him the fuck out.

Meister: Levy
Weapon: Gajeel
Weapon Type: Mace. If Levy smashes his end against a hard surface, his iron spikes shoot out at all angles and impale their opponents.
Bonus: if a kishin hurts Levy to the point she is out of commission and her life is in danger, he will shift back into his human form, change his forearm into a chain and use it to choke the fucker out.

Meister: Laxus
Weapon: Freed
Weapon Type: LIGHTENING HAMMER. I may have gotten a little excited over that idea.

Meister: with them I feel they’re both weapons. All weapons can double as meisters.
Weapon type: pistols, both of them. The twIN PISTOLS. Whoops, got excited again. They match, but Sting’s gun is white and Rogue’s is black. Sting shoots shadows, Rogue shoots out light/white lasers because pistols shoot compressed wavelengths of their meister’s soul.

Meister: Chelia
Weapon: Wendy
Weapon Type: kusarigama, or chain sickle/scythe. Chelia can swing one side around by the chain and create strong winds capable of knocking the enemy off their feet.

Meister: Levi
Weapon: Eren
Weapon Type: either a huge sword or twin swords. I can’t decide which but I do lean towards twin blades.

Alternate to above: Ererijean
Meister: Levi
Weapons: Eren and Jean.
Weapon Types: matching swords and Levi can wield both at once. Their wavelengths all sync up. Don’t you dare fight me on this.

Meister: another pairing where I feel like they’d both be weapons. They meet, see how strong the other is and know they have to partner up.
Weapon types: for Mikasa, a ninja sword. For Annie, a halberd.

Meister: Katara
Weapon: Zuko
Weapon Type: he has multiple forms. One is dual broadswords. Another is his pearl-handled dagger. He is also a crossbow that shoots out either insanely hot flames or boiling water (wavelengths) in lieu of arrows.

I know in Soul Eater canonverse, you need two people to produce dual weapons (such as the dual swords/broadswords I’ve listed for both Eren and Zuko), but as I’ve said to myself many times… fuck canon.

Also, thinking about how protective the weapons would be over their meisters is killing my shipper heart. Bury me in the dumpster where I belong.

I have a Soul Eater x Fairy Tail crossover (gratsu centric, of course) AU in mind and when I learn to write fight scenes, I am writing some of these pairings in it!


Thanks to @angelandsilverlover for the request!

Part 6: What happens when you combine three spirits? You get some powerful gods with the power to manipulate time and space. I gotta say, it took me quite a while to decide on a design for each that I really liked (how do you even add time eater its literally just smoke??), but I think these are the best combination they could have.

I bet if someone taught him how, Crona would be a good dancer… I however, will never be

(Crona is agender and my headcanon is that he goes by he/him and she/her, please respect his gender identity and use those pronouns for him when referring to my art)
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Soul Eater AU where everything’s the same except instead of Meister-Weapon partners, they’re dance partners

Winter Fes feat. Akashi and Kuroko is nearing the last days and J-World changed the voice conversation once again. This time Akashi and Kuroko are having a date trying the dishes at the venue.

Kuroko: Akashi-kun, would you like to try this dish as well?
Akashi: Is that alright? …mn, yes, this one is also delicious. Do you want to try the dish I ordered as well, Kuroko?
Kuroko: Then I’ll take just one bite.  …mn, this is really delicious.
Akashi: *chuckles* I don’t mind if you want to eat more
Kuroko: Thank you! Ah…no…I need to restrain myself…
Akashi: Restrain?
Kuroko: If I have a full stomach then I would not be able to eat desert..
Akashi: *laughs* You’re a light eater as usual
Kuroko: If I could eat more I would try other dishes as well, it’s a pity.
Akashi: Then next time we should invite Aomine and the others. If we divide the dishes with everyone, we can conquer all the menus in J-World
Kuroko: That’s right. Let’s go here with everyone next time.


Notes: yes Akashi uses the word conquer idek

Translation for Christmas ver. convo is over here