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I tried a bunch of different of new things while making this, I hope it turned out okay! I know you said you love the dragon slayers, but I wasn’t sure if there was one you liked more than the other, so I decided to go ahead and do the main seven!!

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•Dragon Force•

•Fire Dragon Slayer Magic
•Iron Dragon Slayer Magic
•Sky Dragon Slayer Magic
•Light (White) Dragon Slayer Magic
•Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic

°All five children raised by dragons, sent 400 years into the future, have finally achieved Dragon Force. FUCK YEAH!!!

Dad Things 3

Laxus: *crawls in* DAD! COBRA BROKE MY LEG

Acnologia: *reading newspaper*  Did you do your homework?

Laxus: WHAT!? NO!?

Acnologia: well get that done then we go how bout that.

Laxus: DAD

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I would love to hear more about your NaLu son, I adore when they have a son

hoooo boy nonny. Are you ready? cus I sure as FUCK am

Igneel Dragneel

  • aka, Elly
    • because Elly could not believe his parents actually named him fucking Igneel Dragneel
      • he understands it’s after his deceased grandpa dragon but ffs his name is ‘Igneel Dragon-Igneel’ wtf mom
  • Elly is the first born, and as such, has decided it is his job to protect his little baby sisters from the gross men of the world. 
    • it is the world that needs protection from his baby sisters
    • they are literal fucking demons okay like imagine Natsu as a tween with Lucy’s cunning and intelligence
      • it is
      • bad
  • His hair has a pink tinge in the sun but mostly looks like a reddy blond. He usually keeps it short and with either one or both sides shaved. He has his father’s eyes and his mother’s nose
    • He has three ear piercings all in his left ear
    • His guild mark stamp is between his shoulder blades and is gold
  • Elly realizes he is gay when he is six and his best-friend-five-ever is talking about how cute Dreyar is and Elly wholeheartedly agrees. The two spend their recess planning the joint marriage to this poor boy, Azure Redfox in a pretty white dress and Elly in a pretty white suit and Dreyar in a black suit.
    • its basically that shitty ‘x has two hands’ meme but schoolyard love version
  • Elly can be very set in his ideas
    • see; his little sisters can do no wrong
      • like objectively he is aware that if something explodes within a ten mile radius it’s probably Luna, but he is always very confident there was a good reason for it
      • the reason was that a random dude stole her coffee from the basically-starbucks shop and she called a firey storm of righteous fury from the sky and blew him to shit
    • if he decides you’re a good person you could kill a man in front of him and he’d help you hide the body
    • alternatively, if he decides he doesn’t like you, you better buckle the FUCK in for one hell of a bumpy ride to change that idea
  • The boy has Natsu’s hatred of change and it drives his mother up the wall
  • He also has Lucy’s imagination and zero tolerance for bullshit attitude
  • Elly LOVES spicy food but he can also only take three bites before it gets to much and he needs to chug the milk gallon
  • Elly has a stuffed dragon he calls Mr. Scales and he will cut a bitch if they look at him the wrong way. 
    • so what if a wing has had to be sown on five separate times and it’s faded and black glass eyes are so scratched they’re grey it is his friend and he has aged like fine wine 
  • The easiest way to get Elly to do something is to tell him not to do it and give him no reason as to why not
    • If you explain to him he is likely to see the logic or at least respect you more for treating him like a fucking human but if you say ‘bcus I said so’ you can bet your ass he’s gonna climb to the top of the bell tower from the outside and fucking hit the lunch gong at 11:16 and fuck everyone’s internal clock up
    • This also manifests as a lot of spite and apathetic rage (how?? who knows) at homophobes
      • He’s usually lowkey bcus it was never made a big deal of in his family and you don’t see normal boys being extra straight and also while he gets crushes as easily as Lucy he cares for a real relationship about as much as Natsu
        • Mitsu: Hey, Gail was checking out your ass today
        • Elly: Oh that’s nice
        • Tatsu: Yesterday you literally said if you had a womb you’d carry his children
        • Elly: Yeah but have you seen  Ulijha’s eyes today?? Take me now please you green haired knight of muscle
        • Mitsu and Tatsu in synchronization: why are you like this
      • However he will deck out in all leather assless chaps and pride flags if he thinks for a hot second you have a problem with gay people
        • Lucy helps him bcus she’s so proud of her little boy standing up to bigots and she doesn’ for a second doubt his ability to punch out a motherfucker if someone tried to make it physical 
        • But he will do it in a way where the person is unsure if it’s just ironic timing or if Elly is being a Bitter Bitch and being passive aggressive
  • Elly gets irritated easily over minor things but that goes as quickly as it comes. Now if you really piss him off you won’t know until he snaps and then cuts you out of his life. Boy can hold a grudge. 
    • He may have inherited many things from his parents but forgiveness to the point of being a flaw is not one of them. 
    • There will be consequences if you’ve fucked up
    • Very, very, cold and painful consequences
  • Elly decides he wants to be a dragon slayer like his father, but fire always seemed so volatile to him and brash
    • he was always entranced with the winter and snow and Uncle Gray’s creation and manipulation of ice
    • Natsu is. Betrayed
      • how dare his own flesh and blood prefer to be like that Dick-sicle than his own father???
      • Lucy has to remind him that it was Natsu’s idea to make Gray the godfather of his children
      • Natsu asks how that has any relevance
        • Elly perfected his ‘do you see the shit I have to put up with?’ at a very early age due to his mother’s conversations with his father and mimicking her facial expressions
    • When Elly is twelve he asks if Gray can help train him alongside Natsu so he could practice both skills. 
  • Elly takes to ice like Luna to fire. His rate of learning and mastering dragon slayer techniques skyrockets, and over the years he also manages to combine lighting and ice dragon slayer magic, and shadow and ice dragon slayer techniques. 
    • Oh how the next generation builds on the work of their parents
  • Gray brings his son Tenkiame to the training session
    • Elly has known Tenten since he was born, but watching the nine month older boy train Awakens Things. 
    • Elly works even harder to train and get stronger to impress Tenkiame. He may also be a tad bit competitive and legit just wants to surpass him, but it’s mainly trying to get his attention and impress him. 
      • The first time he performs a successful Roar of the Ice Dragon he accidentally pins Tenkiame to the guild wall. 
      • Tenkiame doesn’t stop complain-bragging about it to everyone for a week
        • Elly is a flustered and mortified mess. 
    • As the years pass the crush fades but never fully goes away, but the boys grow to be inseparable. 
    • Tenkiame makes the first move and kisses him and Elly runs away for a month as he tries to process his emotions and the major change in his world
      • He runs away to Natsu’s old cottage and Lucy rolls her eyes but leaves her dumb seventeen-year-old son alone
    • He comes back with his tail between his legs and has a long and painfully awkward conversation with Tenkiame bcus even tho he’s Lucy’s son he is also Natsu’s and the boy does not use words to explain his emotions well
      • Tenkiame, however, can translate dumb dragon and listens patiently. 
        • Tenkiame has inherited his mother’s steadfast determination of ‘wait and the boy will come to you if you wear him down enough’
  • For most missions the group is Elly, Tenkiame, Azure and her fellow triplets; Aegen and Admirl. 
    • yes the triplets are named after shades of blue starting with A
    • Levy is a fucking linguist nerd what are you expecting here
  • Elly also goes on family missions with his sisters and it usually costs the guild a shit ton and a ver sincerely written letter of apology to whatever own they half destroyed
    • those trips are his favourite
      • bcus the boy will Kill for his sisters and they are his closest friends
        • Their favourite thing to say is ‘you’re like family to me’, and the other responding in the flattest voice ‘we are family numb nuts’
        • Tatsu: Mitsu, when you show me such devotion I can’t help but feel as though you truly are my sister
        • Mitsu: We’re twins dipshit. We shared our mother’s womb.
        • Mitsu: Also it’s a donut please chill for minute of your life
        • Elly: Did someone ask a Dragneel to chill?
        • Mitsu and Tatsu: No one asked you go and be gross in your boyfriend’s lap
        • Elly :(
        • Luna, without any emotion: oh my, whatever could be so delightful as a chilled Dragneel child. 
        • Elly: :D
        • Elly: You know, Lulu, if I were to have any siblings I feel in my soul that you would truly be my favourite sister

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Angel of Light - Dragon Chronicles, Robert Crescenzio
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The dragon slayers...
  • Natsu: I'm the fire dragon slayer!
  • Gajeel: I'm the Iron dragon slayer
  • Wedny: I'm the Sky dragon slayer!
  • Laxus: I'm the lighting dragon slayer
  • Erik: I'm...the poison dragon slayer
  • Rogue: I'm the Shadow dragon slayer
  • Sting: I'm the Light Dragon slayer
  • God Serena: Oh please I'm the Cavern Dragon Slayer, Purgatory Dragon Slayer, Sea King Dragon Slayer and the Gale dragon slayer, try and beat that bitches

My Favorite Fairy Tail Men

Jellal Fernandes

  • Crime Sociere ; Fairy Tail Ally ; Tower of Heaven ; Heavenly Body ; Sinner and Redeemer 

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Gray Fullbuster

  • Fairy Tail ; Ice Make ; Devil Slayer ; Stripper ; Avenger 

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Laxus Dreyar 

  • Fairy Tail ; Lamia Scale ; Lighting Dragon Slayer ; 2nd Generation ; Protector 

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Zeref Dragneel

  • Black Wizard ; Emperor Spriggan ; Immortal ; Cursed ; Contradiction  

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Natsu Dragneel

  • Fairy Tail ; Fire Dragon Slayer ; First Generation ; E.N.D. ; Family 

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Gajeel Redfox

  • Fairy Tail ; Magic Council ; ex-Phantom Lord ; Iron Dragon Slayer ; First Generation ; Singer ; Diamond in the Rough

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Rogue Cheney 

  • Sabertooth ; Fairy Tail Ally ; Shadow Dragon Slayer ; Third Generation ; Twin Dragon ; Hidden Depths 

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Sting Eucliffe

  • Sabertooth ; Guild Master ; Fairy Tail Ally ; White Dragon Slayer ; Third Generation ; Twin Dragon ; Personal Growth 

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