light court

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ACOTAR Fic, part 1 I guess??

Another endless day in the Spring Court, every day seemed worse than the one before. I was tumbling into that pit of darkness once again, I was tired-so tired of being in this place, once again playing that idle, innocent doll they wanted me to be-as if I wasn’t stronger, more powerful than all of them, pretending to be the opposite of my true self.

Rhys had begun to sense my rage and despair, and if I didn’t get out, I was soon to crack and every emotion would pour out. Soon he repeatedly sent down our bond, and I would tug back on that bond to let him know that I understood, understood that our court was doing everything they could to set our plans in motion so I could leave this shamble of a court.

A light knock on my door had me rising from the bed, I could scent who it was before I saw them-

“Alis,” I greeted her with a smile.

She briefly nodded and waltzed in to carry out her usual duties. She had me sit down before the vanity so she could arrange my hair into one thick braid. We sat in comfortable silence until she was done. Alis arranged my options of garments for the day, and silently left.

I stared at the attire I dreaded to put on everyday, no doubt Ianthe had picked out the garments. With not much thought I picked one and threw it on and chucked the rest of them into the closet. I sat on the foot of my bed wondering what I could spend my time doing today, when a note appeared in front of me with my mates handwriting scrawled across it. Today. No pen appeared with it, just the note. I threw it onto roaring fire lest someone came across it.

I had to plan, and I had to plan quickly. I scurried out of my room and flew down the flight of stares into the dining hall where I found Tamlin, Lucien and Ianthe sitting. I walked in calmly a bit flustered albeit, but I made sure that I calmed my heartbeat so none of them could sense anything out of the ordinary. A brilliant smile bloomed across Ianthe’s face as she saw me walk towards the table, and I had to fight the urge to throw a vulgar gesture at her. I sat next to Tamlin, with Lucien opposite me. I piled fruits and pastries onto my plate and began to eat.

“You’re awful perky today,” Lucien eyed me warily.

“Well… it’s a good day.” I replied, grinning.

Tamlin looked up into my eyes, and gave me a soft smile which I forced myself to return. They were oblivious-maybe not Lucien, but the other two, they had no idea what their innocent, prized possession was capable of doing. Little did they know that their world was soon to be turned upside down by a wolf they unknowingly let into their home, not a wolf-me.

I stood up and told them I was returning to my chambers. Tamlin raised himself from his chair and planted a kiss on my cheek, still unaware of the fact that the High Lady of the Night Court was in his presence, and he unwittingly let me leave to plan my vengeance.

First part of my fic, I’m not sure how may parts there will be, but I’m trying😇 Also it’s super short because I’m terrible at writing so

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When Jean dreamed, he dreamed of the sky. Sometimes, he dreamed of the make-shift Exy court next to his elementary school in Marseille. In those dreams, it was nighttime, and bright court lights illuminated only the bright green of his little league uniform and the white of his breath in the cold. 

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