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I'm so tired - A Black Girls Ode

I’m tired of the stereotypes
Black girls are
“Too dark”
“Not desirable”

I’m tired of the hair hate
“Wannabe white”

I’m tired of the skin hate
Like we’re on opposing teams…

I’m tired of the hate for liking out of race
“Black guys”(Who sometimes don’t even want us)
“White guys”
“Asian guys”
“Hispanic guys”
And forever wondering if said guy will even like us back

I’m tired of being told I can’t be
“ A geek”
“A nerdy”
“A gamer”
“Good at school”
“A princess”
“Or a Queen”

Or can’t have
“A stable family”
“Good grades”
“Drama free love life”
“Normalcy of any sort”

Or I can’t like
“Comic books”
“Video games”
“Indie music”
“Pop music”
“Rock music”
Anything other than Rap/R&B

I’m tired of the names and things said
“White girl in a black girls body”
“I don’t date black girls”
“You’re pretty for a black girl”
“You talk/act white”
“You’re not like the rest”
“I like chocolate”
“You’re my Nubian princess” (Like we are food or a prize to be won)

I’m so tired
…. Of constantly trying to prove myself
….. Always explaining myself
….. Trying to keep my voice down
….. Being too dark
…… Or too light
…… Steering away from stereotypes
….. Being treated like less than
….. “No I don’t have kids” “Nit currently or planning to be pregnant”
….. “No you cannot touch my hair”
….. Yes I live with both my mom and dad
…… “Nubian princess”
….. Keeping my hands to myself in a store so I don’t get accused of stealing
…… Social media and News representation
…… Being a fetish
…… Being wary of cops when I’ve done nothing wrong
…… Knuckling under
…… Black on black hate

I’m so tired of fighting

My skin color and hair does not, has not, and will not ever represent me.
I am in touch with my black and Haitian roots but none of it defines me unless I say it does.
No matter I do or say people will still see me that way. I’m so tired of people not even seeing who I am but what they perceive me to be solely based on my skin.

I’m so very tired, BUT, too many people (men, women, and people of every race) have fought too long, prayed too hard, and died too often for us to GIVE UP because we’re TIRED! No, this is when we push even harder, because if we’re tired so are they, but now we have one foot in the door ^3^


Good Cop & Bad Cop AU: Shiro & Keith

I wanted to color the rest but i got lazy 


Keith and Shiro knew each other from childhood. Shiro is a high ranked police officer with a really great reputation and offered to train new police cadet, Keith. Keith aspires to be a cop just like Shiro, hOWEVER, Keith gets all his interrogation tactics and motivation from watching American Cop movies, which Shiro tells him that’s not how real cops work.

Keith doesn’t believe him. 

ok I just watched the Death Note netflix trailer and I ???? what is going on here? why do we have Light running from the cops and hanging off of a ferris wheel??

netflix does know that a solid 90% of Death Note is just a team of law enforcement sitting in a hotel room speaking in extended, often absurd, logical assumptions, right?

Shared Pain || Bucky Barnes x Reader [[soulmate au]]

[prompt: soulmate au where you and your soulmate share each other’s pain]

i’ve found a loophole with my laptop and am able to type my stories in my email drafts ;w; it’s a pain to do it, but….it makes it hella easier for me to write without wearing out my thumbs and making typos.

there’s going to be two versions of this story/prompt with two different characters. the first one (this one) will be a bucky barnes x reader while the second one will be a peter parker x reader.

consider this a late birthday fic for bucky barnes as I try to get used to writing for him ;w;

that being said, lets delve into this first story shall we?

warnings: none

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


You didn’t think you had a soulmate because you seldom felt any pain that didn’t originate from your own personal mishaps. If you did have a soulmate, then perhaps he was someone who wasn’t clumsy and had a high tolerance for pain.

But you highly doubted the existence of such a perfect being. After all, everyone could feel pain.

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The Horizon Beckoning. 

by SS98 (4k)

Published : 2017-05-30


“Don’t say you’d take a bullet for me.” Louis interrupts him before he can finish. “Just say you love me.”

Harry bothers with a sigh but it is far from agitated. “I love you.”





Nekhbet visits Percy from time to time, just to watch him freak out when everyone around him becomes walking flashlights.

This happened in the Olympus Council Room while all the gods were there and Percy just starts screaming “MY EYES, MY EYES!” And NO ONE KNOWS WHY UNTIL PERCY FINALLY CALMS DOWN.

anonymous asked:

is your job fun?

Here’s a few notable people i have encountered at my job at an amusement park

-very drunk man who tried to light a cop car on fire with a bic lighter. Gave me thumbs up while being arrested

-at least 30 attack on titan cosplayers

-a pluto activist (the most boring conversation i have ever had)

-a pleasant group of furries. One bought me a soda.

-middle-aged couple with matching ‘stop obama’ shirts who angrily lectured me on why i should vote republican. (i’m a 17yo Canadian girl)

-shawn mendez

-intoxicated group of australian tourists that had me sing the canadian national anthem with them

-intoxicated group of indian tourists that tried to convince me one of them was the guy from life of pi 

-a man who wasn’t kanye west but i thought it was

-a lovely elderly woman who told me her favourite food was pussy

-large group of attractive arab men who didn’t speak a lick of english but sang 'let it go’ with me

-a man in a straight-jacket who played ring toss with his mouth

-suburban dad in his late 40’s who covered his daughters’ ears and asked if i wanted to go for a drink

-child on a leash (no parent)

-a very intimidating gang who offered me drugs and, when i politely declined, had a lengthy conversation about death note with me

-adam sandler