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Mycroft Holmes is a reclusive mystery writer whose books have topped bestseller lists for years and, finally, one is being made into a movie.  Mycroft’s agent, Anthea, nearly had to resort to torture to persuade the writer to allow a studio the rights to film one of his books and he only agreed after a section was added to the contract that gave him final say on the choice of actors to play the detective in his novel.  The studio wants the talented, highly profitable and extremely sexy Greg Lestrade for the role, but Mycroft isn’t happy with the choice, since Greg’s films tend towards the more action-adventure or light comedy sort and not the more cerebral tone of the novel being filmed.  On Greg’s part, he’s extremely hopeful for the role, as he’s desperately wanted to break out of the pigeonhole he’s been confined to, acting wise, and really get the chance to show his skills as a serious actor.  The studio finally pulls Greg from a publicity tour for his latest film and sends him to Mycroft’s remote country home to do some persuading.  Once there, after getting to know the secretive, brilliant and slightly-eccentric Mycroft Holmes, Greg isn’t certain which ranks higher on his persuading list… him getting a role he dearly wants or him getting a man he dearly wants.  One of those however, might be winning by a nose…

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Im Jaebum

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Kim Namjoon

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me: *is feeling under the weather and generally in a bad mood*

Florence: Happiness hit her like a train on a traaaaaaaack


Second episode in the first season of Samurai Jack: 

Jack is confuzzled about the future and wants a drink. He heads into a bar and feels so out of place in this time. After getting into a minor scuffle at this bar, Jack befriends a group of talking dogs who request his help in getting out of forced labor. Tons of funny jokes are littered throughout the episode :D

Second episode in the fifth season of Samurai Jack:

Light comedy from Aku which is quickly zapped from you as it focuses back on Jack. 

Jack is tired. He thinks about suicide as his attackers try to kill him. He ends up killing one of Aku’s bots but SIKE it’s a real person which causes Jack more emotional trauma, since he has never killed a human before. As he bleeds out from getting stabbed, he falls into a fast paced river which could ultimately drown his unconscious body.

Oh and a white wolf dies, blood staining its coat and its eyes open and dull, from its attackers as well. :(