light collor

For crossover day, of #25daysofKlaroline. The second Klaroline thing I ever wrote (which my laptop ate) played with this idea. An ORGANIC crossover, if you will. Writing it made me remember how terrible TOKlaus is but I hope it’s okay!

You Never Close The Door

She’s just about to text Enzo, and ask him just where the hell he is. He’d set off two hours ago. How long did it really take, to track down and befriend a vampire, and get a general direction for Klaus? The last thing he’d texted her, ‘There’s a lot of wolves, in this bar’ weighed heavily one Caroline.

Enzo was a pain in the ass, but he was kind of her pain in the ass, at this point.

He should have contacted her by know. She highly doubts that Klaus had moved quietly into the neighborhood, with barely a ripple.

It just wasn’t his style.

Flashy, forceful, leaving the heads of his enemies on spikes – that was Klaus. Finding out where those spikes were mounted should have been cake.

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