light cause she is an angel

Alice the goofball is known for being the stupid one, but it’s just because she’s light hearted and wacky, she’s not actually dumb

she’s a very good singer, loves puns and dreams of becoming a comedian

Polly is a frog-like lady who’s super stuck up and loves to boss others around which is why she hates Blackhat cause he mostly the one who tells her what to do

Willen is kinda stuck up like Polly but not too much, he can see the error of his ways; and even though he doesn’t admit it, he likes Alice’s company and her jokes

(the three of them where banished from the heavens but the reasons are for another time to explain)

  • Alice/ theMeatly
  • Polly and Willen; BABTQFTIM/ me

Stay  ~Jeff Atkins x Reader~

There’s something beautiful about the summer- they way it creates a new version of reality where music sounds better and happiness feels sweeter. Parties can give the same kind of feeling where nothing feels real, but all of it feels great. Well, until the next morning.

This makes an end of the summer party the pinnacle of a new reality. Inhibitions run low and everything else is on overdrive. In a week they will all be students again, studying to ensure the best future possible. But for tonight they are 60% alcohol and 40% bad decisions.

“Y/N!” Jess squeals with excitement, running towards the girl who just entered the room. She had been away visiting family abroad for the majority of the summer, and while the beaches had given a whole new meaning to the word ‘paradise’, this was where she was truly happiest.

“Jess!” she returns the enthusiasm, hugging her best friend tightly. The warm breezes that blew in through her window every morning this past summer brought her comfort, but this was home.

“I want in,” Justin grins, approaching the two and enveloping them between his arms.

“God I’ve missed you guys,” she sighs contentedly.

“You have so much third wheeling to catch up on,” Jess teases light heartedly.

Her face twists up unpleasantly at the thought. She loves both Jess and Justin dearly, but she does not love the thought of third wheeling. “With all due respect, I think I’ll pass.”

“Is that Y/N Y/L/N?!” a fourth voice enters the picture, causing the trio to part and turn towards the person walking towards them.

Jeff Atkins. Baseball star and literal ray of sunshine with the face of an angel and the body of a Greek God.

“Hey, Jeff,” she laughs, walking away from Jess and Justin to meet him halfway.

“I haven’t seen you in forever,” Jeff grins warmly, brushing her arm with his hand. It’s a sweet gesture. He’s always been so sweet.

“It’s only been like two months,” she mirrors his grin. It’s impossible not to smile back at someone who radiates warmth the way he does.

“Feels like forever though. Especially since I was used to seeing you everyday at school. You look nice by the way,” he bumps her shoulder.

“I missed you, too,” she chuckles, “I look like I always do.”


She bites her lips together before looking down shyly and letting them fall apart into a smile. Jeff Atkins was so genuinely good in a way that was uniquely him.

“Jeff!” Troy yells from the outside patio, “Beer pong, now, c’mon man!”

“Coming!” Jeff yells back to Troy, but turns back to her before walking away. “Come watch us play? You can practice cheering me on for baseball season,” his mouth twists into a smirk.

“Who says I’m gonna come to your baseball games?” She challenges playfully, using quick wit to redeem herself from the shy smile.

“Don’t break my heart, Y/N,” he pouts childishly, walking backward to join the boys for a game of beer pong but not breaking eye contact with her. He finally turns away from her to exit the house and join those outside, but not before mouthing a “pleaasssseeee” and sticking out his bottom lip.

“I’ll be there in a second!” she yells so he can hear her over the music.

His pout transforms into a grin before he disappears through the threshold, indicating that he heard her.

“So how about a double date instead of third wheeling?” Justin and Jess approach her with Justin wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh shut up,” her face heats up at the thought, “He’s a nice guy. He’s friendly with everyone.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t flirt with everyone,” Jess interjects, crossing her arms over her chest vindictively.

“He didn’t ask me to cheer for him,” Justin fakes offense, “Honestly I’m a little hurt.”

“Fuck off, Justin,” she laughs loudly, putting her hands over her face.

“You better get out there,” Justin presses, gesturing to the sliding door, “After all, it’s mine and Jess’s two month anniversary so an intense make-out session could happen at anytime.”

“Bye!” she turns on her heels quickly, running away from her friends before they could make things awkward, or more awkward.

Five cups of jungle juice and two games of beer pong later she’s sitting on a folding lawn chair watching Jeff singlehandedly win a third game of beer pong since Troy had wandered off and was bothering Hannah and Clay.

After sinking another shot, Jeff notices where Troy had gone. A brief look of panic flashes across his face before he mutters a quick, “be right back!”, making a beeline for Troy. Jeff was just about as invested in Clay and Hannah as Clay was in Hannah. She wondered just how much better off the world would be if everyone had the same heart as Jeff.

“Did you save the day?” she asks upon Jeff’s return. She’s quite drunk and seeing two of everything, including two Jeffs. How wonderful would that be? A world with two Jeff Atkins. Incredible.

“I don’t know about that,” he chuckles modestly, “It’s up to Clay.”

“Meanwhile that beer run is up to you, buddy” Troy points out, his words slurring together.

“Later man,” Jeff replies, picking up a ping pong ball.

“Because you definitely need more alcohol,” she rolls her eyes at Troy, a sick feeling blossoming in her stomach.

“Don’t be a buzzkill, Y/N,” Troy retorts.

“Hey, relax,” Jeff snaps at Troy, “you’ll get your beer.”

The sick feeling in her stomach intensifies tenfold. She doesn’t want him to go, but she can’t beg him to stay. He’s not drunk, he would never jeopardize his life or anyone else’s so recklessly. But something about it still doesn’t feel right. He shouldn’t go.

She stands up, wobbling slightly. She grabs the back of her lawn chair to steady herself before heading back for the house. The twisting in her stomach is ominous in a way that refuses to be ignored.

“Where’re you going?” Jeff asks, his eyebrows knitting together.

“I need another drink,” she mumbles, brushing past him.

Three shots and a game of suck and blow later she’s feeling light and airy. All the anxiety from earlier has been replaced with a tingling feeling that reaches her feet. She’s quite hammered, and all the slip ups in suck and blow have her laughing and her sides aching. She’s starting to get lightheaded.

“I’m gonna go get some air,” she gasps in-between fits of laughter.

“Can you even walk?” Jess giggles.

“I’ll crawl if I have to,” she shrugs, stumbling her way out the door.

There’s nothing like the refreshing sensation of cool air hitting your skin after being cooped up in a house full of drunks, especially when you’re drunk yourself. The feeling of a breeze on her face is intoxicating in its own right, so she continues to walk around the outside of the house until she reaches the front.

There’s someone else at the front of the house, too. She can only see their back as they walk towards the row of cars, but she knows who it is. Suddenly she remembers why she felt the need to down three shots of vodka.

“Atkins,” she calls out, stumbling a bit as she walks forward.

He turns around at the sound of his name, smiling when he sees who it is. “Hey, you. Looks like you got that drink you wanted,” he laughs lightheartedly at her shaky balance.

“You making that beer run?” she asks, wringing her hands together nervously.

“Yeah. I’m not even a little buzzed, don’t worry,” he says soothingly.

“Stay,” she says softly.

“Huh?” he tilts his head to the side.

She continues to walk forward until she’s standing right in front of him, her weight falling to the side enough to make her falter. He reaches out to steady her, keeping a firm grasp on her side. She places her hands on his chest to steady herself before locking her eyes on his.

“Stay,” she repeats.

“Y/N, it’s okay I’m completely fine I promise. I only had two beers like two hours ago,” he assures, his voice gentle.

“I know, but it’s not like anybody needs anymore alcohol. I’m one of the more sober ones right now and that says a lot. Honestly I don’t even know how I made it out here on my own,” she sighs, “Just stay, please. ”

He looks at her softly, his eyes studying the worry etched onto her face. She feels so delicate in his grasp, like a porcelain doll that could shatter with too much pressure. He has always been enamored with her.

“Okay,” he moves his hands to hold her face, “I’ll stay.”

She lets out a heavy breath, letting her forehead rest against his chest and wrapping her arms around him. Maybe she was worrying over nothing, maybe she wasn’t, but she’s unexplainably relieved at those words.

“You gotta promise to watch me play baseball though,” he teases.

“I’ll be there every game with a sign that has your name on it,” she laughs, tilting her chin up to look at him.

“You gotta stop looking at me like that,” he shakes his head,“I might just fall in love with you.”

“Don’t get my hopes up.”

“Don’t leave for two months at a time,” he counters, grinning boyishly.

“I’d stay right here forever if I could,” she tightens her arms around him.

“I’d kiss you if you weren’t like 10 drinks deep right now,” he laughs, rubbing her back gingerly.

“Let’s go inside. I need to get sober. Right now. Immediately,” she pulls away, grabbing his hand to tow him behind her. Their laughter echoes down the empty street as they run around to the back of the house.

There’s something beautiful about the end of summer- the way things begin to feel more permanent. A simple request can change so much. All he had to do was stay. And he did.


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Tantalizing: 03

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Sex Toy, Masturbation, Handjob, Oral, Degrading Names, Film, Exhibitionism, Blindfold, Hair Pulling
Word Count: 7,243

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All of our players are very new to DnD and as such the DM is being lenient with us, so 30 minutes into our session we’re fighting a boss who is angel like.

Ranger: Alright, I want to throw one of you at her since she’s in the air.

Me: Well I’m the shortest and I have a shortsword so-

Ranger: I want to throw the elf druid.

Proceeds to roll well enough to throw our 6 foot tall elf druid at the angel being.

Our druid who goes by the name Noot Newt: Alright, what can I do, help me guys I need suggestions.

Me: Well you could use your thorn whip to bring her to the ground or burn her wings.

Ranger: I’ve already done my part.

Druid: I have an idea!

Druid, instead of doing anything practical kisses the angel lady on the cheek, making her blush a little but only for a moment before she slaps our druid away to the ground.

Me to Ranger: Why did you throw the unarmed druid and not the short lightweight bard with a shortsword, I could have done more.

Ranger: I just grabbed the nearest thing and threw.

He had also tried to throw a large rock later which caused him to get stabbed by four spears of light.


❝In private life, she was not in the least what her calumniators would have wished her to be. She was very quiet, had a great natural dignity, and was extremely intelligent. She was also exceedingly sensitive.❞  - Dame Edith Sitwell

There was no such person as Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was an invention of hers. A genius invention that she created, like an author creates a character. She understood photography, and she also understood what makes a great photograph. She related to it as if she were giving a performance. She gave more to the still camera than any actress- any woman- I’ve ever photographed.❞  - Richard Avedon

❝ She went right down into her own persosnal experience for everything, reached down and pulled something out of herself that was unique and extraordinary. She had no techniques. It was all the truth, it was only Marilyn.❞  - John Huston

I found myself in the privileged position of photographing somebody who I had first thought had a gift for the camera, but who turned out had a genius for it. She had a naive quality, but she also had a great sense of showmanship and self-promotion. She was very clever. She was able to assess each photographer. Even if it was only an amateur with a box camera, she worked with the same diligence that she would have if she were working with a top professional. She would photograph ten pounds lighter which is against every rule in the book. The smile was brilliant. Her skin was translucent; white luminous. She was always sort of golden-looking, and because she had a down of just very fine golden hairs on her face, it trapped the light and caused an aureole to form, giving her a faint glow. It was extraordinary. I’ve never seen it before. It was nimbus, so that she looked almost angelic.❞  - Eve Arnold

Marilyn would have been 91 today. I want to wish her all of the love in the world. Happy Birthday, Norma Jeane. You are so special. I love you. ♡ 

Another year, I’m reminded to keep Marilyn’s legacy alive in the truest way I can; sharing truthful statements, tidbits of knowledge and accurate quotes. It was important to Marilyn to be remembered as she was, to be quoted correctly.

❝Please don’t make me a joke. End the interview with what I believe. I don’t mind making jokes, but I don’t want to look like one. I want to be an artist, an actress with integrity.❞ - Marilyn Monroe

1ˢᵗ of June, ¹⁹²⁶ - 5ᵗʰ of August, ¹⁹⁶²


Karlie “100% sunshine” Kloss

Comet's final show ft.CRYING

Oh boy you guys do I need to write down about that show. It’s been my 8th time and I honestly don’t know what to do in my life now that it’s gone. So let’s get into it!

(More under the cut cause this got long)

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"please come home. i miss you." // that's what home felt like.

prompt list. number thirty nine. (( #39 ))
“please come home. i miss you.” // “that’s what home felt like.”

1,678 words 8,889 characters
summary: reader calls harry in the middle of the night crying explaining to him how much she misses her. she eventually describes throughout the story what home means to her when he’s around.

restless cold nights in your bed alone wasn’t ideal. being too lazy to close the window because it was giving off such a cooling yet uncomfortable breeze to the point where you were freezing. it also didn’t help that you were currently wearing just your underwear and one of harry’s shirts he left at home.

home. your shared london apartment with your boyfriend of three years. there was a lingering odor of cinnamon and vanilla from the spray that you had sprayed all over your apartment from the previous day. home was staying up on a friday night with your significant other and watching romantic comedies while you ate popcorn together. he would lay his head on your chest and wrap his arms around you and repeatedly speak about how he “got so lucky to have a girlfriend as amazing as your are.”

home was waking up in the morning underneath the same sun. the sun that would beam through the windows forcing you to groan and wake up. the sun never seemed to bother him but every time you tried to get out of bed he would immediately pull you back in. he hated sleeping alone.

and so did you. it was preordained that harry would be touring another country while you stayed home in london working and taking care of your shared apartment. however, that doesn’t mean you were strong enough to do it. two calls a day and text messages weren’t enough. and as the days went by your realized how much you were craving his touch. loving the way his soft lips touched your skin. loving the way he pulled you back into bed because he swore up and down the king size bed felt much colder when you weren’t around. loving the way the both of you debated on what the two of you were having for dinner that night.

that’s what home felt like. but he wasn’t there. he wasn’t in your home. and suddenly home felt like hell. you sat up in your king size bed that’s usually shared with your boyfriend before reaching over to the nightstand and turning on the lamp. you immediately grabbed your cell phone before unlocking it, the passcode being the day your boyfriend asked you to be his. it was a memorable date.

you immediately checked the world clock seeing what time it was in new york city. that’s where harry currently was. 12:43am. you knew harry like the back of your hand and depending on how he felt he could either be getting rest or staying up all night with band mates on the tour.

your days usually weren’t like this. you made the best of your days and you weren’t dreading the days without him. however, these months seemed longer than usual. it was causing you to wake up in the middle of the night just craving his arms wrapped around your body. you felt tears swell up in your eyes. it felt like they were going to become waterfalls coming from yours eyes.

your one motivation wasn’t laying in bed next to you. instead, he was on a whole different continent. you knew you should only be calling him when it was urgent this late at night but it felt urgent in that moment.

dialing his number wasn’t the hard part. the difficult part was waiting for his answer. well, hoping he would answer. your pressed the phone against your ear pulling your knees up to your chest impatiently waiting. it felt like an eternity and you were just going to give up and end the call when the phone stop ringing. your eyes widened before hearing his voice on the other line.

“y/n? isn’t it like 5am over there? why are you awake?”

hearing his soothing voice did nothing but make the tears come down your eyes. you immediately put your hand over your mouth silencing yourself but a small whimper escaped your mouth before you could and immediately he knew.

“oh no y/n. you’re crying.” he spoke, not asking a question. he just knew. he knew you like the back of his hand and of course you were the only person he didn’t mind interrupting his slumber. it was one of those nights when he was in bed early. you figured silence wasn’t your best choice in this situation so you decided to speak up.

“please come home. i miss you.”

you squeezed your eyes shut letting the tears fall down from your eyes onto your skin and bed sheets. you’ve never had nights like this when you called him sobbing your eyes out but this was a different case.

“facetime me.” he spoke, softly before turning on a light switch in his bunk. you immediately took the phone from your ear and pressed the face time button. maybe you looked a wreck but to him that’ll be the total opposite. you waited for his answer. it seems like the call connecting took years but your heart started racing when you saw the male wrapped in blankets inside his bunk.

“y/n my love. what’s wrong?” he asked. worried written across his face as he starred at you. tear stained cheeks cause heartbreak in his eyes. if there was one thing he wasn’t too comfortable watching it was his girlfriend crying.

“i-i just… i miss you so much.” you spoke, causing him to frown as he saw more tears fall from your eyes.

“hey now, i’ll be home in two weeks. you’re a strong woman. you can wait that long for me can you?” he asked. obviously the answer he wanted was yes. but in the back of his mind there was always a strong feeling of doubt building up. in his mind he knew for a fact that you would never throw it all away unless he had done something horrible to harm you. but doubt was a whole different story.

he was scared another man would somehow take her away from him while he was gone. his girlfriend was the most loyal woman he ever met and he knew for a fact the woman would never cheat on him. however, he knows. he knows how men are. some have this mindset when they see what they want and their immediate first thought is to take it. he didn’t want any man leaving an good impression on her.

“of course i can wait. but it gets hard.” you spoke, causing him to sigh. a sigh of relief.

“well, im not denying that. i suppose it gets very hard over here too. you know i don’t like-”

“sleeping alone..” you cut him off practically stealing the words right from his mouth. finishing each other sentences was normal after being in love for months now.

“neither do i. i guess i’ve just come to the sudden realization that sleeping alone is not my cup of tea.” you mumbled, wiping the tears from your eyes. speaking with him was relaxing and it gave you a sense of hope.

“you know i’ll be home soon. sooner than you think. it kills me to see you crying in the middle of the night over me. you know if i could i would jump on a plane and come see you right now.”

but you didn’t like that. you didn’t like that at all. harry had two happy places. two asylums. two heavens. performing on stage and being with you. you knew that having so many of his fans see him every night meant the world to him. who would you be if you were to take that away from his fans simply because you have a difficult time sleeping alone?

and he knew you didn’t like that. he knows he shouldn’t put his job before the love of his life. and he doesn’t. however, he cares about his fans more than anything. he sometimes finds himself debating which is more important. he knows that those are horrible thoughts but sometimes he can’t seem to help it.

“you know i wouldn’t want you to do that.”

“then you have to wait for me, love.” he spoke, keeping his eyes locked with yours. if you didn’t know any better you’d think he was right in front of you. everything has felt too real.

you nodded your head because you knew he was right. you knew that you needed to wait and crying wasn’t going to do anything but make the experience much longer.

“you know i would wait an eternity for you.”

“likewise. but you know i hate to see you cry.” he spoke, keeping his eyes on her examining her every feature.

“i guess i just badly missed you tonight.”

“in a few days it’ll be just me and you. a romantic comedy and eating brownies together.” he smiled, causing her to laugh.

he missed that laugh. he’d be lying if he said seeing her upset didn’t want to make him cry as well. however he stayed strong. strong for her.

“and morning sex. then breakfast.” you spoke, causing his smile to grow wider.

“i wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world angel.” he spoke, causing them both to laugh a little.

you smiled, wiping away tears from your eyes before speaking up. “i love you styles.” she spoke, holding the phone in her hands starring at him through the screen.

“i love you more.. try getting some rest for me? i’ll talk to you in a few hours alright?” he asked, making her nod.

“goodnight y/n.”

“goodnight harry.”

and with that the call ended. you locked your phone sitting it on the nightstand before turning off the light and closing your eyes.

and he locked his phone closing his eyes as well thinking of his return to you. how you were the only girl who dare call him while he was sleeping just to tell him you missed him. in a way, that made his heart flutter. someone who would wait for him no matter what.

that’s what home felt like.

Darling I know, the road ain’t easy,
and darling I know that life’s not fair.
And darling I know, it must feel like hell;
with all your fears right here,
and heaven way out there.
But darling, you know I believe in you,
and you know that I care.
I’ll be your light in the dark,
the angel on your shoulder
and the hope in your heart.
Just don’t give up on me, darling,
‘cause I won’t give up on you, I swear.
—  I know what it’s like: to be lost; that’s how I found you | m.a.w
What I’ve Done

Characters: Y/N Winchester (sister!reader), Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Self doubt, self loathing, making wrong decisions. Canon typical.    

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Hopeless Opus

This is kinda a rewrite of the ep The Man That Would Be King. I changed and took out a few things to fit in my reader but it is very much based on the ep. I stole and rephrased some of Castiel’s monologue from that ep as well. I do not claim to own any of that writing.

Thanks so much to the amazingly sweet @bkwrm523 for betaing this for me. I love you Sara!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

The expression on her face, when she realized he had been lying to them for almost a year was burned into his mind. It was all he saw, no matter where he went or what he did. The hurt, pained expression on her face. His betrayal had hurt them all. His betrayal had angered them all.

For such a long time it had been so clear to Castiel he was doing the right thing. Working with Crowley had been a necessary evil. It had been the only way and Castiel knew the Winchesters would never have understood that. Nor should they have too. They stopped one apocalypse and now the angels or a portion of them anyway, was trying to start another. Castiel had never been more ashamed in his life. Y/N and Dean had lost a brother to this war. A brother Castiel unsuccessfully had tried to bring back. Y/N had gone to school and Dean had found love. They moved on. They deserved to have lives. Castiel hadn’t wanted to disrupt them but he had watched. He had thought about asking for their help so many times. He knew it was his best option, but he couldn’t. Dean looked peaceful and Y/N looked happy. Castiel knew they missed Sam, but it was his choice to not contact them and to keep hunting on his own. Or so Castiel had thought back then. He hadn’t realized it wasn’t all of Sam he had pulled out of the cage. He hadn’t realized until it was too late. As soon as Dean learned about Sam’s missing piece, he had called his sister back in. Castiel had not shown himself but she has watched the anger and pain on her face as she faced her oldest brother. The same pain he had watched on Dean’s face when he had realized Bobby had known about Sam being back, had been written all over Y/N’s face as she confronted Dean.

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Well, this is going to be a reeeeally long post… so, be prepared.
I’ve always loved Christmas: I love buying presents for my friends, love the shiny lights down the streets, the atmosphere, the ritual of decorating the Christmas tree and making the nativity scene (I used to  do that with my sister when we were living at my parent’s house), the fact that I can stay with all my family (and my doggy of course) and just enjoy the time together and have long conversation with my cousins or my grandma.

I’ve had a beautiful childhood and I decided to put some of my memories in this drawing.
It’s a little present for all of you, for your tireless support, for your kind words in chat or asks. I’m grateful for this full year, even if it has been a bit difficult and, sometimes, I was really scared.
I want to thank all the tumblr community and wish you all the happiness in the world.

If you are interested there’s an “explanation” of the drawing under the “read more” line, useful for those who aren’t Italian and want to know more about some of our Christmas food and traditions.

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Viserys x Female Reader

Part Two - Prove you’re worthy

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine being best friends with Daenerys and having a deep conversation about issues but it gets interrupted by her brother, Viserys. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Can I request a oneshot where the reader is Dany’s best friend and she’s having a heart-to-heart chat with her about Jorah’s true intentions (since he obviously likes Daenerys)… then, as the dialogue progresses, Dany brings up Viserys (who has shown an interest in the reader) and as she question the reader about him, he barges in suddenly and interrupts their conversation - dismissing Dany so that he can talk to the reader alone? You can decide what happens from here on in. Thank you! xo.

♡ ♡ ♡ Part One ♡ ♡ ♡

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My best friend and I,
we make lame jokes about
being too spicy
and our math teacher’s strong opinions
against feminism
and airport food.

We laugh until we cry and
I swear I can see the sky in her eyes.
But she lives amid vacuums that suck up all
the expression from her face,
panic at the sound of her ringtone.

Reporting her location and who she is with
to her parents
pleading innocent
pleading guilty
whatever lets her keep a few clouds in the sky.

And I don’t know much about
but she is not the only angel that I know
who lives with the devil.

Another friend’s parents buy a new TV every time 
their brother punches a hole through the old one,
even on the months when
they can barely afford food.

I don’t know much about
Or cause and effect,
but they are not the only light I know
shining in a jar in the dark.

I don’t know if this
is what has made them the strong, gentle souls that I love.

If living in a
has taught us how to trace our words so softly
over each-other’s
bruised bodies,
like we are used to
and bombs hidden under grass.

I love them so much,
sometimes I catch myself thinking,
I’m glad everything happened
in such a way
that made them this beautiful.

I’m glad the world
spins like this,
hurls like this.

It teaches you a few things
about soft landings
and solid ground.

—  my dad just came in, I’ll call you back
The Agreement: Part 2

Originally posted by hermioneharry

An unexpected visitor comes to offer Diana the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to save the man she loves from Hades. Diana wants nothing more than to give Steve the life he was so deserving of. The Queen of the Amazons decides if the opportunity is too good to be true.

Feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged!

Word Count: 1645

Rating: M (Eventually, I promise.)

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The light of the morning sky slipped through the soft beige curtains in the small room. But it wasn’t the sun’s warmth that washed over her body, but the soft skin underneath her. His fingertips followed the path etched by her bone structure, across her collarbone, and down her arms, so lightly that it tickled. She had been awake long before he was, but she wasn’t ready to share him with the world quite yet.

“I had a dream last night.” He laughed a little to himself, shaking his head. “I haven’t had a dream that didn’t turn into a nightmare since…” He trailed off, looking down to be sure she was still asleep before continuing. “I honestly couldn’t even tell you. But last night, I dreamt of us. It was what imagined happy people do on a Sunday. I was reading the newspaper, out on the porch, when I heard giggling. It almost sounded like birds singing.” Diana continued her performance, even shifting a little to not cause too much suspicion. “You came out, dressed in all white. God, Diana, you looked like an angel. The way the light shined all around you. There was a bundle in your arms that you were so amazed by. It wasn’t until you were standing in front of me that I noticed it move. Somehow, it turned around to look at me. This beautiful baby girl, wearing the same white dress as her mother, reaching out for me.” She smiled to herself, her mother had told her many times of the joys of having a child, she could be so honored to be the one who gave that same joy to Steve.

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The Unbreakable Vow


A/N: :) This is inspired by SPN, cuz like binge watching is big thing! 

I am so sorry for posting this so late but I hope the content makes up for it  :)

PAIRING: Xiumin x Reader

 Angels! Demons! AU. 

Group: Exo 

Genre: Angst, fluff, romance, suspense 

Words: 2.3k 

Warning: very mild cursing and graphic imagery. 

He is an angel, you are a demon. It is a forbidden relationship. He will go to any lengths to protect you. But behind his bold intentions is a secret waiting to be revealed. A secret that makes his vow truly unbreakable. 

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“Where do you think you are running off to?” the man dressed  in black asked you. The pain in your head was making it difficult for you to react. You didn’t hear his words as images of people screaming, and dying swarmed in your head. “P-ple..please stop” you pleaded to him, your knees giving out. Your head could have exploded if it weren’t for the tiny voice telling you to hold on. Despite all the chaos that surrounded your mind, the excruciating pain that was beginning to travel down your back, you kept his voice as the focal point of your consciousness. ‘Help me’ you repeated in your mind, hoping that he received your message.

The sounds of the man’s laughter began to register in your ears. Everything hurt, but you kept pleading for help in your head. “Why are you doing this?” you asked the man in a strained voice still holding your head in your hands as the pain became unbearable by the growing seconds. 

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A Little Too Late Part 40

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 40

Characters: Gabriel, Lucifer, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Denise (minor OC), Y/N

Word Count: 1,104

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I didn’t want to spoil who the reader ended up with, so I left it out. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

You took a step back from the angels, bumping into two other people.  You turned around, noticing Dean and Sam were standing behind you.  Their arms were folded across their chests.  Your mother stood behind them, leaning against the wall.  

“As much as we hate this [Y/N],” Dean mumbled.  “You have to choose.”

Sam gave your arm a gentle tap.  “You can do this [Y/N],” Sam encouraged.  

“I think you know who it’s been all along,” Dean spoke in a low voice.

“I know you don’t wanna hurt anyone [Y/N],” Sam added, keeping his voice quiet enough to where the angels could not hear him.  “I think they’ll be fine with your decision.”

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Just Hold On

Request: Can you please do an imagine where the reader(female) is in the van in the S-6 finale and Daryl is in bad shape. You find him a blanket and hold him until dwight gets them out after Abe’s chosen Daryl passes out you help care for him at hilltop when Daryl realizes whats going on hes shocked to find out you caring for him.He thought you hated him. You found his scars and he opens up to you.You have always loved him but he’s always so mean. Please=super awkward Daryl Fluff comfort/care love

A/N: Super excited to be writing again tbh

     “Just hold on, just a little bit longer,” you whisper, emotion spilling into every word you said to Daryl. He was covered in his own blood and shallow breaths were the only response you got. You could tell he was close to blacking out. Your arms were wrapped around his much larger frame, keeping the blanket secure while his head rested on your chest. The hunter didn’t acknowledge you, most likely in a world of his own pain, just trying to hold on to the thin line of consciousness he had left. 

     You were gently running your fingers through his hair, attempting to bring yourself some serenity as the man you loved was bleeding out in your arms. Tears were no stranger to your face in this moment; you were desperately praying to whoever, whatever was out there that Daryl would survive. You couldn’t let him die, not now.  

     The love for him blossomed back at the CDC. You don’t know what did it, maybe it was his fierce determination to keep everyone safe, but you knew in that moment that you fell hard. It continued at the farm, growing more and more. Although you were undeniably attached to this man, you never got too close. You knew this love was one-sided, that he only felt your presence bothersome. Every time you approached him, he’d snap or give you stares that froze the courage in your body.

     But now, he was weak and letting you take care of him. You were whispering reassurances in his ear that you would keep him alive and that he didn’t have to worry when the truck lurched forward and stopped. A groan escaped Daryl’s lips from the sudden motion.

      Then the doors swung open to reveal Dwight. He yanked Daryl out of your arms and then pulled you as well. That’s when you saw it.

     Your family was lined up, all on their knees. 

     Dwight pushed Daryl to the left while you got tugged to the right by another arm. You were forced to fall to your knees next to Carl, who gave you a sympathetic but intense look. 

      You glance to the hunter, aching to be by his side and protect him from harm. He was looking at you already, fear evident in his eyes, making you feel terrified of what was to come.

     And then the trailer door opened.

     Sobs came from everywhere once Negan and his men left you all there, taking in the sight of Abraham’s mangled body. Rick looked defeated at this point, slowly taking in what happened. 

     You couldn’t look at the body, not without feeling a wave of sickness wash over you. You couldn’t look at your dead friend, not after what Negan did to him. 

      So instead you look at Daryl who was silently crying, unable to move. You were the first to stand, rushing over to Daryl who looked on the brink of something deadly. You sit and cradle his head on your lap while you both cry. But mere moments later, Daryl was closing his eyes, igniting panic in your body.

     “No Daryl,” you said firmly, “you have to stay awake.” you knew what could happen if he fell asleep, you knew you could lose the person you loved.

     Instead, he drifted off into a deep, blood-loss induced sleep.

     The journey to Hilltop was excruciating; everyone was haunted by the images of the barbed wired bat striking Abraham’s head again and again while none of you could do a single damn thing.

     Daryl’s arm was slung around your shoulders as you helped his half conscious state move forward. His groans were the only sounds that came from your group, all too traumatized to speak. You were struggling to keep him standing, but the thought of him dying fueled your determination to get to Hilltop.

     Once you saw the gates, you almost cried from relief.  

     You rushed, trying to half drag the hunter’s bloody form into Hilltop as they opened the gates to you and your broken down family.

     Daryl was in pain. He could feel every muscle cause a splinter of fire to travel to his wound. He was met with lights above his head and a bed under his body. But also, there was a pressure on his legs.

     His eyes traveled down to find you, clutching his hand and sleeping on his lap. A frown was on your lips, making you look distressed, even in sleep.

    “She hasn’t left, you know.” Daryl glanced to the doorway, finding Maggie standing there. He looked down at you, taking in the sight of your angelic face breathing in and out. After getting no response, Maggie spoke again. “She dragged you here and wouldn’t eat or drink or shower until she knew you were getting treated. I suggest you thank her when she wakes.” And with that, Maggie left Daryl alone with you.

     He hesitantly brought his other hand to your hair, combing it out of your face. He absentmindedly ran his fingers through your hair while you continued to sleep. Daryl thought you hated him. You avoided him at every cost, acting like he was the big bad wolf. He was shocked that you were caring for him.

     You did wake though, briefly forgetting everything that happened; you woke up warm and nothing seemed wrong. But then it all crashed into place. The truck. Daryl. Negan. The bat. Abraham. The struggle to get to Hilltop. Everything just started hitting you hard, one by one. 

     “Uh, you okay?” 

     Then you realized you dozed off on Daryl’s lap. Heat flooded your face as you brought your head up. “I’m so sorry Daryl. I really didn’t mean to.”

     “’S alright.” He muttered, looking anywhere but you. Awkward silence filled the air as you struggled to find something, anything to say. Daryl beat you to it though when he said, “Thank you. For what you did. Maggie told me.”

     You nodded, saying that it wasn’t a problem and that he would’ve done the same for everyone else. Guilt was eating you up, though. You helped change his shirt and you knew you saw something you weren’t supposed to. You had a feeling you knew what happened and your heart broke every time you thought of someone hurting your Daryl.

Not your Daryl, you corrected yourself.

     “Daryl,” you said slowly, “I saw your back and I swear it will stay between us. You don’t even have to tell me what happened.” You looked back up, expecting an angry glare. Instead, you found a soft expression fall over his features.

     “’S not your fault. It was my dad. Used to hit me ‘n Merle when he was drunk.” Daryl said quietly. You nodded, not sure of what to say. Again, Daryl filled the silence with a question. “Why did you do all this?”

     “You would’ve done it too.”

     “That’s not the reason.”

     You sighed, knowing that even when injured, the archer was hard-headed. “I’m in love with you. I have been for a while now.”

     You dared to peek at the hunter’s face. He was wearing a confused look, almost doubting. “I thought you hated me.”

     “No,” you insisted. “I thought you hated me, so I stayed away.”

     He softly smiled. “Couldn’ hate you if I tried.” You gave him a smile as well, as much as a smile you can give after everything that happened. “I think I might be in love with you too.”

     And that night, you slept next to Daryl, shielding him from the evils of the world you lived in, while he gathered you into his arms as best he could. That night you got the best sleep you had gotten in a while.

She crinkles her nose.

The dense rainfall outsides pours down, hitting the hotel window, causing your little one to stir and begin to wail at the abrupt disturbance. You with great care pick her up from the hotel cot, soothing her as you rub her back. Since the eleven hour flight from London to Las Angeles, she’s been to some extent grumpy and hasn’t been sleeping for too long. You sigh, sitting down on the bed, keeping her in your arms as your eyes move waveringly towards the television. At just two months old she has mastered the art of wailing and being an excessively light sleeper. “I know sweetheart, L.A isn’t like home, I know.” You say with a sigh, pressing her dummy (pacifier) to her small lips, her cries commencing to fade as she sucks on the dummy. Your eyes meet he the dress hanging against the hotel wardrobe, the lavishing black gown residing inside a coal-black bag. Tonight’s original plan was to atten he awards at the Staples Centre, accompanying your husbnd as he’s nominated for ‘best solo artist’ and a few other awards. With your two month old, being inordinately cranky and exhausting the two of you, you determined it was better to stay with your little girl and not have Liam baby sit her while he too is in Las Angeles, but for different reasons. Your eyes shine intermitently towards the television, your little girl cradled contently in your arms just as the ravishing interviewer reveals Harry.
“Here we have Harry Styles, nominated for four awards tonight. How does that feel?” She wears a smile, sticking to the particular opener question she’s probably reading from behind the camera. As customary harry gives an eminently modest and well-mannered response, adjusting his suit jacket, a small indication he’s slightly nervous. “Is your lovely missus back in London holding down the fort?” The young lady beams, handing the microphone back to Harry.
He shakes his head, “no, no, she’s here at the hotel, our little one wasn’t wanting to part ways with her so they’re at the hotel.” He discloses with a smile, a small glimmers to his eye as he’s probed about the love of his life,
“Ah, we are running out of time but your little girl is so precious, we’ve seen pictures, tell us, does she have your eyes?” She queries as others walk behind them, accessing the venue,
“She does not,” he shakes his head with a grin, “she has m’ wife’s, but she does this thing where she crinkles her nose with her smile and somewhat content responses, she definitely got that from me.” He gracefully broadcasts to everyone watching, unable to contain the beaming smile he’s wearing across his face. You can’t help but chuckle and look down at your little girl, her leaden-eyes gazing up at you while she continues to soundlessly suck her dummy. “Your Daddy basically said you’re the cutest thing in the world, yes he did.” You coo, leaning down and placing a small kiss to her warm, rosy cheek. You guardedly lay her beside you on the California king bed, rubbing her very little tummy as she wiggles her teensy legs and becomes comfortable, her eyes shining brilliantly at you to make sure you’re still beside her. You press another tender kiss to her forehead, admiring her beady eyes, long eye lashes, and her gummy smile. She batters her groggy eyes, yawning adorably, before closing her drowsy eyes. When they say you sleep when the baby sleeps, they definitely weren’t wrong.

Your eyes leisurely open as you overhear the hotel door opening and quietly closing, your husband emerging, his tie already undone and hanging around his neck, his suit jacket draped over his arm, “hey,” he talks in a whisper, taking note of his sleeping infant on the bed,
“Hey.” You whisper back, admiring his apparel. A man in a suit has always turned you on, but him more precisely in a suit with a tie hanging around his neck flat-ass kills you inside. “How’d it go?” You delicately question as he places his jacket down on the chair, he shrugs wearily, perhaps with a few glasses of alcohol in his system, “I won, how are you?” He graciously inquires, his eyes narrowing down on you,
“Congratulations, I’m tired. Shouldn’t you be at an after party? Celebrating and getting tipsy?” You smoothly chuckle, remembering the several other nights he has gotten drunk after events and found himself stumbling into the wrong limo. “I preferred to be with you.” He responds, walking closer to the bed as he unbuttons his shirt, allowing it to drop to the floor, exposing his tan skin and tattooed body. “Go and celebrate.” You gently press, not wanting him to miss out on all the fun. After all, you’re only going to sleep with the baby while he’s out, there’s not much fun in this hotel room. He shakes his head, declining your encouragement. “Please be careful, don’t wake her.” You instantly respond as he presses a hand to the bed, getting ready to climb on.
“I don’t intend to.” He assures you, with great care getting on the bed and lying beside her, carefully leaning over and placing a tender kiss to your lips, “if she wakes up you’re calming her.” You give fair warning, holding your breath as he conscientiously presses back down into the bed, being cautious of his light sleeping baby. “I’ll soothe her when she cries next.” He whispers, “do you know how many people asked about the two of you? It was almost as if they weren’t interested in me.” He playfully pouts his lips, not caring at all that people are curious about you and the baby. You’ve been under the radar since having the baby, not wanting to jump back into being thoroughly exposed to the world. So, when Harry is occasionally asked about the three of you, he proudly answers, more than delighted to brag about the newest family addition, and how you’re unconditionally astounding when it comes to the three in the morning bottle feeds that he dreads doing. “Well, I’m sure they’re just interested that Harry had a baby.” You crack a smile, admiring his drowsiness.
“No, darling. Correction; I did not have our baby, you did.” He chuckles adorably, the baby letting out a small grunt as she is sleeping,
“Whatever.” You roll your eyes, “so how many pictures did you show off?” You quaintly ask, knowing that there’s a high chance he proudly showed eager friends some exclusive pictures of the baby. You two have only publicly released three pictures, and there is bound to be at least a hundred pictures stored on Harry’s phone. “I showed a few to other artists.” He admits, “she’s just so lovely, I can’t help it.” He adds. You wear a smile, continuing to listen to all the events that happened at the awards while unhurriedly falling asleep with your daughter securely between you and Harry.


An Anon requested Reylo Burlesque Drabble (song is You Know What I mean by Cults


It’s not enough that Kylo made partner six months ago.

It’s not enough that he can’t remember the last weekend he had off.

Apparently, it’s not even enough that Kylo’s personally logged in over twenty hours this week on this client. No, obviously, none of that commitment matters because he’s been requested to provide the night’s entertainment for Mr. Snoke, to act like a first-year lemming. To sacrifice and serve as a powerful man’s personal concierge in a city that Kylo knows little to nothing about since he’s always laboring while so rarely enjoying any sort of fruiting.

Wedged under anybody else’s thumb was a position that didn’t suit Kylo Ren one bit, and he jerked his earpiece off with a groan.

Cursing under his breath, he yanked his tie loose to alleviate the pressure tightening around his jugular, but it was no good. It wasn’t his neck that he longed to lay his hands on, and so Kylo directed his fingers back through his hair. Messing up the perfectly gelled dark strands until a few hung over his brow, and even that upset him. No matter what he did, there wasn’t enough of him to pick and pull out that would calm the annoyance of being unable to even comfort himself by slamming down a phone after the order he’d received from Snoke’s assistant.

Why are phones too damn expensive to throw around these days?

Aggressively pressing down the intercom button on his desk, Kylo waited. Fingers tapping to time how many seconds it took his assistant Poe to respond as he craved an excuse to yell at anyone, but before he could get to two seconds the buzz came back. “Yes, sir.”

“Damn it,” Kylo growled under his breath.


“Two questions.”

“Shoot,” his capable assistant answered back.

“How much does it cost for an old-fashioned work phone?”

“Are you asking because you’re angry again that you can’t slam your cell?”

“No,” Kylo indifferently disputed, but the half second pause gave him away. Leaning back in his chair, he positively glared at his ocean view outside as he heard a faint snicker on the end of the line.

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