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Here is a fun and interesting tip owo in my Au 'Akumatale' i have two factions in one grouping. The royal Casters. There is the light caster and the shadow caster owo Sorry i just felt like saying this qwq ignore this ask if you want

oooOo that’s p/ cooL tbhHHH

you’ve always hated caster!calum, with his evanescent abilities it seems to be his only goal in life to infuriate you, always stealing items out of your hands, or, watching you struggle to get an item only to have it vanish across the room the second your fingers brush it. it always ends in you screaming at him while he smirks, and you just know that come his claiming he’ll be dark. you find yourself oddly at peace when he leaves for his claiming, until a week or so later when you’re volunteering at a soup kitchen when he walks in, his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. you feel your skin crawling as you glare at him, positive he’s there to cause problems. you watch as he goes up to your manager, clearing his throat. “I’ve got another donation for you.” Your manager clicks her tongue, smiling, and replies, “I don’t know where you come by all this money, Calum.” he grins cheekily and pulls his sunglasses off. you gasp when you realize his eyes are green. “It just comes to me, I guess.” she hugs him and he turns to leave, but you intercept him on his way out. “You’re light?” you whisper in shock. he smirks at you in response. “Always have been.” you continue to gape at him, and he just winks. “You just wait, I’ll steal your heart yet.”

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