light bulb boxes

Random Comments - Sentence Starter Memes

- Her books are actually pretty fun to read. She’s honest about her lifestyle. And she’s quite well versed for an “Anal Queen”.
- I once laughed so hard in my sleep that it woke me up. No idea what I was laughing at.
- When in doubt, gas it out. You’ll either solve the problem or end the suspense.
- Was that an actual baby bear or some weird dog breed?
- Excuse me? You call yourself what?
- I ordered the same sandwich so often that the lady, in a very busy lunch rush, asked loudly, “large salami, right?”
- In some places, that meat would cost more than a baseball bat.
- But does it even work?
- I’m not crying, you’re crying. Shut up.
- I prefer using free range water, because I care about my health.
- Instructions unclear. Neighborhood on fire. 14 dead.
- How dare you make me laugh at such nonsense.
- I hate when people charge too much for stupid products. This is not one of those times!!!
- Not the sharpest crayon in the light bulb box.
- We should reinstate a person’s right to a trial by combat, but only for really unimportant things like speeding tickets.
- I remember that movie about the bus that had to speed around the city. I think it was called, ‘The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down.’
- How do I reload this gun? *Google’s*. Gun basics for dummies.
- What the fuck?! We practiced this!!
- Google “owl without feathers” and be prepared to have your mind blown.

What’s a good audio thing to sort things to? (Relatedly: why the fuck would you give a single light bulb in an opened box to a woman’s shelter?????)


Narva #2

Another example of a box from the East German company Narva. The logo is the same but the cyan and magenta colours makes this one look a lot more modern than the ones in blue and red.


Word Count: 11,077.

A/N: I wrote these from about february til october of last year but didn’t publish them for reasons. If I did publish one of those already and can’t remember, I’m sorry.
Short lines mean breaks within the drabble, long lines mean a new drabble.

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I’d like to preface this by saying this got way out of control and it’s because the lovely and amazing Kayla told me to use This Song for inspiration.  It spiraled from there.

Also, I asked Cassie for a prompt and she wrote a ficlet, so the italics at the beginning are from her, here.  (whew, that’s a lot of links!)  Okay, let’s do this!

Title: Save Tonight

Word Count: 2462

Pairings: Olicity


All day her phone kept buzzing. She would look at it and smile, type something out, before her attention would return to Oliver and Diggle. Neither of them knew why, and whenever they would ask she would change subjects on them.

“Why does your phone keep going off Felicity?” Oliver asked later that night after training. Felicity looked at the clock and saw that it was after midnight finally.

“It’s all my family and friends wishing me a happy birthday. Something I hoped you two would have remembered before now. But I understand, Diggle you have been busy with Lyla and the baby, and Oliver you’ve been busy trying to regain your company, it’s alright. Well it’s late guys and I’m tired. Night.” She told the two before leaving the foundry.


Oliver met Diggle’s eyes as Felicity left– a silent plea between the pair of them that the other had somehow not forgotten.  Oliver always had the ability to think quick on his feet, and he used this to his advantage now.


“Can you stall her?” Oliver asked.  “Five minutes, that’s all I need.”


Diggle nodded, grabbing his jacket and heading for the stairs, taking them two at a time.  Oliver was quick on his heels, although they went separate directions once they reached the top.  Oliver went to the left, toward the store room, where a certain bottle of wine had been sitting in an unmarked box for the last couple of years, waiting for the perfect moment.  Oliver had to admit that if there was one, this was probably it.


He tucked the bottle of wine into the passenger seat of his Porsche and sped off, taking roads far too fast.  He knew that if Diggle was able to hold her up for a few moments he would have no trouble getting back to her house before she got there, and he was right.  He parked up the road a ways, in the opposite direction from where Felicity would come from.  When her headlights turned onto the dark road, he wasn’t sure why his heart leapt in his chest, or why his hands felt clammy.  He hadn’t thought the plan through any further than this.  He had no idea what he was going to do now that he was here.

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some of my favorite things about batman vs superman:

  • they called him ‘it’
  • that jeep commercial
  • “no one cares about clark kent taking on the batman”
  • granny’s peach tea
  • flash just casually selecting a beverage
  • aquaman looking directly into the camera
  • flash: did i go too far? bruce: whaT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHA
  • “you’ve never known a woman like me”
  • lex
  • lex’s painting
  • lex’s fashion sense
  • “oh, shit”
  • alfred
  • grandkids
  • clark: i need your help. bruce: [mortal kombat voice] ROUND ONE FIGHT
  • green light bulbs in a box
  • “the cape”
  • lauren cohen


The colour and the refined simple illustration on this box is just fantastic I think. The Luma logo is not that special but the fact that it looks the same during the years makes it so strong.

This edition is older than than LUMA BOX #2 but the illustration and the typography on the numbers is the same. One thing that changed between the two designs is the paper quality. This one still has that beautiful rough uncoted cardboard that most of the boxes in my collection has. But some time, probably in the 80’s most brands started to use cardboard that is coated on the outside of the box. More resistent to water and dirt but not as nice.