light blue speedo

wetkat12  asked:

How about the daisen brothers at the pool? like what their swimsuits would be, and what they would do at the pool. oriftheyevendoINthewater.

I told Ellie about this and now i can’t get a certain idea out of my head xD


  • Wears a light blue speedo (you can blame @helloiamtheworst for this lol)
  • Is usually grilling food for everyone around
  • Will be dragged into a game of volleyball, either on sand or in the pool itself
  • Has to constantly put on sunscreen to make sure he doesn’t burn
  • Doesn’t like to sunbathe due to his skin burning easily


  • Wears the usual swim trunks, a mixture of black and mint green
  • Has designated himself as pool lifeguard
  • He’s constantly blowing his whistle at people and they constantly yell at him to chill out
  • Doesn’t need as much sunscreen as his older brother, but he doesn’t like to burn either.
  • Will wear a bandana or a soft headband to keep his hair out of his face
  • Will wear aviators because he thinks they make him look cooler


  • I see Koko wearing boxer-brief style swim wear, and it’s Hawaiian flower style; bright pink with the flowers being white
  • Sunbathes for HOURS
  • So much that his brothers worry about him, but he never seems to burn.
  • He only tans and gets freckles
  • Will hop into the pool once and while to cool off so he doesn’t overheat
  • Brings the desserts for people to munch on