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Letters; Dear Tyler Joseph

Description: An alternate universe where the story is told through letters mailed to Tyler by his ex girlfriend, you.

Tyler received an unexpected letter from his ex girlfriend, Y/N L/N, who is now also a singer from a famous band, Dark Knights.

Y/N=Your Name, L/N=(Your) Last Name, POV=Point Of View

Chapter 1: The Start of Something New

Letter 1: December 21, 201X


I heard the doorbell ring and I hurriedly shuffle to the front door.

“Who could this be,” I mutter under my breath.

I opened the door and it revealed a guy in his late 30’s. He wore a light-blue button up shirt and had a tattered messenger bag hanging loosely on his shoulder. He had a tired look on his face and his hand held a few letters.

I slightly questioned his lack of clothing considering it was only about nine degrees outside.

“Are you…”

He stopped for a moment and re-read the writing on one of the letter he was holding.

“Tyler Joseph?” he continued.

“Yes,” I answered.

He then proceeded to give me the letter.

“Mail,” he said.

I accepted the letter, unsure at first. I thanked him and he was off.

I went back in the apartment, closing the door quietly and went in the living room.

“Who was at the door?” my fiancé, Jenna, asked.

It had been a tradition for her to stay at my apartment for Christmas. It was fun to have someone and not be alone for once.

“No one important, just the mailman,” I answered.

She noticed the letter in my hand, and pointed at it.

“Who’s that from?”

I scanned the letter. I read the somewhat familiar handwriting.

‘Y/N L/N’, it read.

My heard skipped a beat.

“Um, it’s from my uh…“ I trailed off.

I quickly thought of a name.

“It’s from Michael, my old friend from high school,” I lied.

She raised an eyebrow, unconvinced of my answer. I crossed my fingers behind my back praying to god she won’t ask any further.

“Okay…” she said, dragging the “ay”.

She lightly kissed my cheek and proceeded to go to the kitchen.

I sighed and sat down on the couch and opened the letter. I pulled out the paper inside and rest my back on the couch, already feeling light-headed. I started to read the letter, memories started to flood back to my brain.

Dear Tyler Joseph,

        Hey. We haven’t talked in quite some time. I heard you’re in a long-distance relationship… again. That’s stupid. Wasn’t that the reason why your last relationship ended? Long-distance? Didn’t you say that the distance was suffocating you?

You know, that really got me thinking. Was it really the distance or was it because you’re tired of me? What does she have that I don’t? Was I not good enough? Was I too clingy?

        It was certainly surprising when someone told me that you proposed to her. I’ve always thought you were the kind of person that would rather be free than to be tied down by marriage. Since whenever I ask you about it, you just shrug.

I guess I wish I knew that the girl you wanted to marry and the girl you envisioned to be the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with just wasn’t me. Then, I would’ve got out of your way instead of sacrificing everything I had for our relationship, counting on something that would never happen.

I know that our relationship wasn’t the best, but at that time. It felt right. It felt… good. I felt like life, for once, had a purpose.

When I first saw you, my heart skipped a beat. My breath was taken away and I couldn’t breathe. I was taken aback. I was like, “how could someone be so pretty,”

My lips pulled to a smile and I reluctantly let the memories seep in. Reliving every single one of them.



As I was sitting down on a bench, I eyed everyone that passed me. I have learned that for me to get through this school year, I would need to make friends, but the end of the school day is nearing and I haven’t made any. I haven’t even made at least one conversation today!

“Damn you social anxiety,” I muttered under my breath.

I continued to eye the students. No one seems to notice. I searched for the kindest looking one to make friends with. As I search through the sea of people one student caught my eye.

I felt like I knew him from somewhere else. I scanned his features and looked at him up and down. He had hazel eyes, chocolate brown hair, and a gorgeous smile.

I realize that it was that boy that lived a couple of houses away from me. I silently praised the Lord for having me move in that neighborhood.

“Damn, how could someone be that gorgeous,” I whispered.

I stared at you in awe. I was completely frozen still. Then, you looked back at me and I felt my heart do flips.

I stared at him in complete awe. I was completely frozen still. He then looked back at me, but I didn’t notice. My mouth started to turn to the shape of an “o” as I take in all his features. He smiled at me and I quickly closed my mouth. I started to feel my cheeks heat up so I looked away. I look back at him for a second and he chuckled. My cheeks were probably as red as a tomato.

You know, if you didn’t come up to me that day. I would’ve had no friends and probably be completely lonely. I was completely surprised, too, when you introduce yourself to me. I didn’t expect it because who would be friends with me? And I probably looked like a pervert to you since I eyed you up and down like a dumb ass.

I played with the hem of my shirt and bite my lip.

“Nice going, Y/N, now you’ll never make any friends,” I said to myself.


I jumped a little bit at the voice. It sounded soft and alluring. I looked up and saw it was the boy that I made eye contact a while ago.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said with concern in his eyes.

“Um, uh, i-it’s okay,” I stuttered out.

“My name’s Tyler,” he said.

He smiled at me and pulled up his hand for me to shake.

“Y/N,” I said, shaking his hand.

And that was the start of our love story.

PunkLuke! pulling up to your house for family dinner on his bullet bike with his leather jacket. He takes off his helmet and ruffles his hair in place, leaving a messy but sexy look to his appearance. The leather jacket is taken off to reveal his tattoo-covered arms and a light blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He meets you on the porch and puts the jacket around your shoulders, pulling you into him. His mouth comes down on yours for a minute before he pulls back and says “Hi” with a grin on his face. You’re enthralled with him and the way he looks tonight. All you can do is smile back up at him. You lead him into the house to see your mother in the kitchen wearing an apron. He slips his hand into yours while your mother gives Luke a warm smile and jokes about how she would hug him but she’s covered in food. Your father walks in and shakes Luke’s hand and pulls him away to talk about his bike. The moment they leave your mother gushes about the way he looks at you and how much she loves him. It makes you so happy how accepting your family was of him, tattoos and all from the first time they met him. Dinner is served and you sit next to Luke, across from your parents. He takes your hand again and you look up at him to find he’s already grinning down at you. Conversation is smooth and laughs are flowing throughout. Luke’s sense of humour melds with your family’s and keeps dinner from having any awkward silences. The night comes to a close after dessert and Luke has to leave. He hugs your mother and thanks her for the meal. He shakes your fathers hand, telling him he’ll help him fix his car the next time he comes around. Your parents leave you two to say your goodbyes. He turns to you holding out his jacket. He slips it on and brings you into a tight hug, stroking your hair and saying how much he loves you. You lean up to connect your lips to his to get your proper kiss instead of a repeat of the one from when he first came over. He’s the first to pull away so as not to get too carried away. After all, you are in your parents house. You watch him get on his bike from the porch and before his helmet goes on, he blows you a kiss. You catch it and he starts the bike, leaving you standing by yourself. You walk back in and think of what a perfect night it was.

Too Late

Summary: You and Sam were in a relationship before he decided it was safer for you to stay away from him, so you left the bunker and attempted to start a new life. But, what happens when you see him again 3 months later?

Pairings: Sam x Reader, Reader x OC 

Word Count:  2029

Warnings: angst

A/N: This idea came out of nowhere aha. As always, I love getting feedback from you all!

You walked into the bar, casually dressed in a grey button-up shirt, light blue denim pants and beige ankle boots. The plan was to spend some much needed time with your boyfriend, Jake. He had been on a case for the past 2 days in Wisconsin, hunting a nest of vamps with his cousins who he’d been hunting with since the age of 17. It was nice to find someone who understood the life you lived, even if you were a semi-retired hunter now. Research and giving out hunter intel was your usual job now days, but you were still up for killing monsters if they got a little too close to home.

Taking a seat at the bar, you ordered a beer before taking your cell from your jeans pocket and letting Jake know you were already here. The bartender handed you the bottle of beer, which you thanked her for, before you caught sight of a very familiar, brown haired man sitting at the other end of the bar. He had a drink in one hand, his gaze firmly set on a collection of papers in front of him.

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professional vagabond

here’s a clash of style that i really love to do. not that i’m the first guy to do it, i just feel like it fits my personality best. a little high brow with a little vagrancy is what i’m all about!

so here i have a fitted long sleeve button up with narrow stripes in white and light blue. over this i have a vest that actually has a very subtle plaid pattern over it. clashing patterns can be a trainwreck or it can be dope as hell. use you’re digression and commit to it! (most of “pulling off a look” is in the confidence anyways!) i’ve also accessorized the look a bit with some red braces (suspenders). the light color of the red goes well with the light blue of the stripes of the shirt in my humble opinion. (then again i’m partially colorblind so maybe check a color wheel or something?)

to give this a smart look i’ve rolled my sleeves up in the “j.crew” or “italian” or whatever way you’d like to call it. It looks especially nice with shirts like this with a different color or pattern on the inside of the shirt cuffs. to do this just pull the sleeve back like you would a regular cuff, but pull it up past the elbow. then bring the bottom of the sleeve up to the cuff. you can do these very clean or a little messy with the flaps kinda hanging out there. since i’m trying to dress this down a bit, i left the shirt upbuttoned a bit and opted for a bit of a sloppy cuff job.

below i have my torn jeans. these have just straight cuts across the knees that are dope. These jeans work really well for this look for a few reasons. firstly, because the cut in the knee is relatively clean, when standing straight up you can barely tell the jeans have a cut there, but you can clearly see the wholes when a leg is bent. secondly, the rest of the jean is blemish free and otherwise still very classy looking so it ties into the rest of the outfit well.

i’ve got some sunnies hanging on the shirt to really punctuate the look and of course the classic black vans on the souls (i SWEAR i own many many shoes that aren’t black vans. you’ll see!)

-nik hampshire

pants: diesel
shirt: diesel
vest: express
glasses: hawkers
braces: merc

Light blue long sleeved button-down shirt, sleeves partially folded up. Skinny jeans, tucked into knee-high riding-style boots. Light makeup, hair plaited into a french braid. This was good enough, right? Erika scrutinized herself heavily in her full-length mirror, no longer paying attention to the music playing in the background. These jeans, they clung to her hips and thighs, making them look bigger. 

She huffed quietly at herself, a little frustrated over the scrutiny she was putting herself under. She was good enough, right? There had to be some reason for Lise to ask her out. Erika fiddled with a rose gold colored watch, struggling to put it on herself. She was terribly nervous still. And goodness, how she wanted to talk to her parents about this, but she was afraid of how they would react!

She checked the time for the hundredth time. More than an hour remained until the time Lise was supposed to come by and get her. She spent several more moments looking herself over in the mirror, searching for mistakes, anything out of place; then busied herself with mindlessly petting a needy Winnie.


Blind Date/ Closed RP with amayak19

Makoto was very nervous about today. He was set up on a blind date with a male named Amari, He wasn’t told much about the other. He just hoped that they’d both get along. This was his first date. He had let Nagisa pressure him into it. 

He fidgeted with his dress shirt. He was wearing a nice light blue button up shirt. He was wearing khaki’s and brown colored shoes. He wasn’t exactly sure how to dress for their date.

His thoughts were racing. What if this guy looked at him and just left. He’d be pretty crushed if that happened.  But he wouldn’t blame the other. He just hoped this would all go well. That maybe this would work out. 


Ok so we have Yuri and Yugo’s duel coming up. And I’m willing to bet Yugo’s not winning it.

Imagine this for a second.

The duel is over, Sora and Ed have since left(maybe Sora’s taking Ed to find the Doktor), Yugo’s down, having had the crap beaten out of him Yuri.

Battered and bruised he’s on the ground, watching as Yuri advances on him, disk raised. Yuri presses a button and there’s a flash of blue light.

Yuri picks up the cad and, it’s blank. Which isn’t right, Yugo was too hurt to run(or cornered and otherwise couldn’t go anywhere). But there’s a blank card, and no Yugo. Yuri is upset, but decides to pursue Sora(or something) and leaves.

Then we pan over to Yugo as he’s opening his eyes, and we’re shown him floating in a sort of, void-space thing which is gradually revealed to be Yuri’s mind-space.

Also please consider Yugo hearing someone say Fusion and(because Yuri is unaware of the ride-along in his head so it’s only due to element of surprise he manages to do this) managing to take control long enough to yell ‘It’s Yugo not Yuugou!’ in Yuri’s voice.

And Yuri’s left trying to explain why he did that when he regains control. And realizing that the annoying Syncho duelist is in his head.

The Preschool Teacher (Part 1)

I hurry up and I try to drive faster as I head out to pick up my son from school. As soon as I got to the destination and parked the car, I hopped out and hurriedly went to the front door of the small preschool alongside the other parents and nannies that were waiting. I clutched tightly my black shoulder bag and smoothed out my white blouse and my black high waist skirt.

The bell started to ring and children just started running out of the door and I started to look for Teddy, my Teddy. My brown curly haired and freckle-faced Teddy. The wave of children lessen but my son is not yet here. The other kids are now with their mothers, fathers or nannies. Last out of the door was this tall man wearing a light blue button up shirt and black pants and he has a kid in his arms.

“There, there little guy stop crying now.” The man comforted the child whose cries we’re familiar to me. Teddy.

“Hi, I’m his mom.” I greeted as I ran up to them. I gently placed my hand on Teddy’s back. Teddy immediately reached for me and I immediately carried him in my arms. “What happened to him?”

“Well, a kid from the class threw a ball at him, pushed him into the sandbox and told him that you don’t love him.” The man answered. “Oh, by the way I’m Mr. Evans. I’m Teddy’s teacher.” He offered his hand and I tried my best to shake it while Teddy was in my arms.

“What happened to Mrs. Hall?” I asked him as I studied his face. His face is a sight to look at. He doesn’t even look like a preschool teacher.

“Mrs. Hall moved to Chicago three weeks ago. Don’t you know that?” He furrowed his eye brows.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It might have slipped on my mind.” I lied. I didn’t know because it was my sister who usually picks him up. Teddy started to wiggle in my arms signaling that he doesn’t want to be carried anymore. I let him down and he holds my index finger tightly. Out of nowhere, Mr. Evans and I looked into each other’s eyes.

“You know, Teddy is one of the best students in class.” He said breaking the silence. He’s so formal.

“I know, he loves school a lot but you know, he still has troubles with his L’s and his R’s.” I gave him a small smile and rubbed Teddy hair. Teddy gave me a sweet smile in return.

“I used to have the same thing when I was younger.” Mr. Evans said. “You know, I can help him with that. My mom and I used to do this thing and… I can help him if you want to.” He offered. I furrowed my eyebrows at him and I looked down at Teddy who looks very excited at what he heard.

“I think Teddy would love that.” I just can’t say no to him. I just can’t disappoint him anymore. Teddy gave me a huge hug.

“Thank you, Mommy!” Teddy cheered. My heart delighted at the sight.

“So, we’ll start tomorrow. Will that be good?” Mr. Evans asked me. I can feel his eyes on me. My cheeks start to flush.

“Oh sure, sure.” I managed to say. Teddy started cheering and his mood instantly brightened as if he forgot about what happened to him before. “After class right?” I asked him and he just nodded in reply.

“Thank you, Mr. Evans!” Teddy smiled.

“Yes. Thank you, Mr. Evans.” I thanked him. I accidentally looked at him straight in the eye. I felt chills down my spine and I can’t help but bite my lip.

“Just call me Chris,” he flashed his smile at me. Chris. I can’t help but to repeat his name on my head.

“Camilla,” I said back. Chris then knelt and gave Teddy a high five.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, little fella?” Chris said to my son and he just nodded in return.