light bay

The cosmic swirl of giant waves in an enormous reservoir of glowing hot gas are visible in this enhanced X-ray image from the Chandra Observatory. The frame spans over 1 million light-years across the center of the nearby Perseus Galaxy Cluster. With temperatures in the tens of millions of degrees, the gas glows brightly in X-rays. Computer simulations can reproduce details of the structures sloshing through the Perseus cluster’s X-ray hot gas, including the remarkable concave bay seen below and left of center. About 200,000 light-years across, twice the size of the Milky Way, the bay’s formation indicates that Perseus itself was likely grazed by a smaller galaxy cluster billions of years ago.

Image Credit:  NASA, CXC, GSFC, Stephen Walker, et al.

🕯🕯No Wickedness Here🕯🕯

🕯🕯🕯Dispel negative energy and put your heart at ease.🕯🕯🕯

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🕯White Candle (to dispel negative energy)

🕯Bay Leaf (for protection)

🕯Turmeric (for purification) 

🕯Salt (for protection and purification)

🕯Basil (for protection)

🕯Amethyst (for calming and good feelings)

🕯Quartz (for healing)


🕯Take the salt and basil and sprinkle it around the room, lining all the walls. Make sure to put extra around doors and windows.

🕯Place your candle in the center of the room, or as close as possible. Place the quartz and amethyst next to it. Then light the candle.

🕯While sitting next to the lit candle place a dot of turmeric on each wrist.

🕯Light the bay leaf, then carry it around the room. Make sure to use proper fire safety. After you’ve circled the entire room let the bay leaf burn completely. 

Moving Forward

Let the candle and bay leaf burn out completely. Fill yourself with the positive energy of the objects around you. Breathe deeply and reject the wickedness around you. This is your space, and you are safe there. Repeat when needed.

Supertree Grove - Singapore

Supertree Grove is a uniquely designed vertical garden. The “trees” are 25-30m high and provide a shaded canopy during the day, before being lit up at night. With over 200 species of plants covering their frames, the trees are environmentally friendly and harvest solar energy.

Gardens by the Bay - Singapore 

A national icon of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is a nature park, spanning 250 acres, in the heart of Singapore. The most famous section of the park, Super Tree Grove, features vertical gardens, ranging between 25 and 50 metres high. Each Super Tree houses unique and exotic species of ferns, vines and orchids. The Super Trees are able to harness solar energy, which power the light show that happens every night. They also collect rain water, which is used for the parks water fountains. Sky High walkways between the trees offer visitors great views of the park, and nearby Marina Bay Sands. 

“Milky Bay”

Another shot of the steaming lake, this time with the Milky Way in the background. I did the light painting a little different for this shot, making the flashlight brighter and only briefly illuminating the steam, essentially making it a shorter exposure so there was less motion blur and some more detail to the gaseous streams floating just about the water.