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  • some reviewers: ugh i hate purple prose
  • me, sinking into the viscous pool of purple prose like a spoon dipped into honey, like a tear falling into a puddle, swimming through it like some nightmare fish of the deep who knows nothing except that it is darkness and mystery and strangeness and that it belongs here in the depths of the blue and violet sea, safe from the endless lapping waves above and the sunlight that sparks and flares on their tips, lighting the azure ocean into an endless expanse of jewels: can't relate
Know Who You Are

Summary: In which you come home and remind Bucky who he is. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,081 

A/N: Inspired by Know Who You Are from the Moana soundtrack. This was supposed to be a drabble, but apparently I’m no good at the whole short and sweet thing. 

@avengerstories - you’ll forever be my editing hero

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If a man tortured by his nightmares is crying and no one is around to hear him, does he actually make a sound?

For months, the answer to that question was no.

No one knew about the way Bucky thrashed around like a madman in his sleep. They had no clue that the blankets that covered him became a cage that he couldn’t escape every night. They didn’t realize that his mind was exactly the same.

They didn’t know that he woke up with tears in his eyes that he didn’t remember shedding. They failed to hear him shout for the help that wasn’t coming. They were unaware that the first thing he did when he woke up was jump out of bed and search his surroundings, looking for the evil monster that lurked in his dreams. They were never there to watch the light leave his azure eyes when he looked in the mirror and realized that the monster he was running from was himself.

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crimson: fatal, sweet, and intoxicating. dancing in ruins, they are a beautiful sort of madness.

vermillion: rusty, wild, powerful, and brilliant. they are abandoned castles and gods made of stone.

amber: dripping with honey and lullabies. they are a quiet kind of queen.

lemon: live fast, die young. fearless and exhilarating, they know everything and nothing.

gold: heart stopping, blazing, beaming. they are lighting up the world tonight.

jade: elegant, sharp, seductive. they are cruelty at it’s finest.

cyan: neon lights and electric love.  they dream in light years.

azure: drunk on the sky, hopelessly hopeful, they are stuck wandering in a world not far from here.

midnight blue: inky, mysterious, and graceful. they know too much to have any optimism.

bordeaux: sophisticated and wondrous, they are stolen kisses and empty lies, fairy tale love and promises of tomorrow.

cream: moonstruck and sundazed, they are the smell of books and secrets better left unsaid.

alabaster: do not mistake their delicacy for weakness. wise and weightless, they are made of stardust.

dusty rose: bubblegum lips and paper masks. one way or another, they are rising to the top.

champagne: bubbly, dancing, the chic life. with lips painted red and hearts painted gold, they are taking on the world.

The Boy with Scarlet Cheeks

Summary: Dan has rosacea, a medical condition causing his cheeks to appear red and flushed, and he’s meeting Phil for the first time. The genre is mostly fluff but there’s a couple of self deprecating thoughts 

Words: 2985

A/N: this was fun to write because i have (very mild) rosacea but unlike dan in this story i don’t really mind it lol

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“Won’t you stop.”

“Stop what, Chuuya?”

Hazed over with pain, light gradually dimmed from azure eyes.

“Your tears.”

“You’re dying.” His voice trembled and cracked. “Why wouldn’t I cry.”

Chuuya scoffed. “Mocking me even when I’m bleeding out?”

Distain over-shadowed the grimace of agony. “You truly are a sadist.”

“A sadist, Chuuya?” The brunet replied with tears slipping down his cheeks. He held the executive closer and tried his best to brush aside blood-matted bangs from sticking to Chuuya’s pale face.

“Grieving over losing you so soon makes me a sadist?”

A shaky hand wipe away his tears, and Chuuya bitterly responded between bloody coughs.

“I’ve seen this way too often, Dazai.”

Blood trickled down between his eyes without ceasing, and he struggled to hold onto life several moments longer.

“They’re just for show aren’t they?”

Taken back, Dazai sharply inhaled in attempts to refute the accusation.


The executive’s hand fell back onto his chest as his breathing faded.

“You don’t actually feel anything, do you.”  

“Eyes only for you”

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader


Warnings: ~ 2,250 words Jealous!Dean (If that’s a warning), sunburn, one bad joke about lobsters

 Summary: Sam, Dean and you had a stressful hunt behind you and are definitely in need for a little break. After some arguing with Dean, he agrees to go to the beach with you for a few days. At the beach Dean isn’t quite as cooperative as you thought. But when another guy tries to make a move on you, he’ll eventually has to change his attitude about the beach.  

A/N: I’m in the need of some vacation and this little fic came out of it. I hope you enjoy spending a little time with Sam and Dean on the beach. Let me know what you think. Critiques always welcome. Enjoy!

“Deeeeeeaaaan. Pleeeeeeaaaase. Come on. Let’s go. Pleeeeeeeease!” I whined. Dean, Sam and I sat at the kitchen table, munching on our breakfast. The last hunt drained all three of us. What was supposed to be a simple salt and burn, turned into a cruel demon hunt. They had no mercy on us. They’d thrown me and Sam across the room against a concrete wall, bruising us from head to toe. Thank god Dean killed those sons of bitches, before they could do more harm. 

After that we were in the need of a break. Now I just had to convince Dean to get out of the bunker.

He just shook his head no, biting into another piece of bacon.

“C´mon baby. I really need some vacation and there’s this cute little cabin at the beach not far from here. Sam help me out here. You want to go to the breach too, right? RIGHT?” Sam laughed at my pathetic attempt to bring Dean to wear bathing shorts.

“Y/N’s right. What harm could do it to go on a little beach vacation? And by the way there’s a great library near the cabin. They got that book about vampires during civil war, I’m searching forever.” Dean rolled his eyes at his nerdy brother, but sighed defeated.

“Fine. But I don’t do shorts. Not even swimming shorts.” I was already jumping up and throwing my arms around Dean’s neck.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I squealed. “You won’t regret it!” I didn’t hear his response; I was already running to our shared room to pack for our little trip.  A few hours later we were on our way to the little cabin. My head rested on the seat between Sam and Dean, dreaming about the hot sand between my toes, the cool water and the hot sun on my skin. I grinned and kissed Dean’s cheek.

“What was that for?” He looked at me and returned my grin.

“For being an amazing boyfriend who goes to the beach with me.” I said hugging him from behind. He rested his hand above mine around his neck.

“Guys I’m still here.” Sam gagged at the sight of us. We laughed at him, cuddling even closer to annoy him more.

“Y/N, please tell me we got separate rooms.” He asked in fear of sharing a room with us. “Ugh no? I thought you’d like to watch?” His eyes widened at the mental picture I gave him. Dean bursted out laughing at the sight of his truly terrified little brother. I joined him, no longer able to keep a straight face.  

“I even booked separate cabins. I wasn’t sure *cough* if you’d want to be alone. *cough* You know to read that book you wanted to get.” He rolled his eyes, making us laugh again.  We already had such a great time that I didn’t even realize when Dean pulled Baby up a dirt path.

Behind a few trees appeared a little wooden cabin standing at the foot of a white sand beach.  The sight in front of us was breathtaking. The light blue water looked too good to be true. I’d jumped out of the driving car, if Dean wouldn’t have shot me a warning glare, predicting my intentions. We got out of the car and grabbed our bags, walking inside the little cabin. The interior of the cabin consisted of a small kitchen area with an adjacent living room and a wooden table with two chairs. Next to the living room was a door that led to the bedroom and the enclosed bathroom. Sam went to make himself comfortable in the neighboring cabin, leaving Dean and me alone.

“Sooooo … how about we change into our swim suits and go swimming? The water looks amazing.” I asked as I unpacked our clothes. Dean was already sitting on the couch, drinking a beer he got out of the fridge.

“Naaaah, I think I’m relaxing here for a bit, watching the game.” He told me, already turning the TV on for the ongoing football game.

“Come again? I thought we agreed on spending some time together.” I argued.

“Woah woah, wait you said, we would go on vacation and doing a little break from hunting. I never agreed on this whole swim suits and sand where-sand-doesn’t-belong thing.” I was perplexed at his words. Was he serious?!

“Are you serious Dean? After all the hunts where we couldn’t even spend a minute alone and you want to watch football?!” I snapped at him, making him look up at my voices volume.

“Hey! You never said how this hunting break will look like. I was never interested in going to the beach. I would have been fine to just relax a couple of days at the bunker. You wanted to go to the beach. Now go to the beach.”

“Fine. I’m so sorry to think you actually wanted to spend time with me. Do whatever you want. I’m gonna go outside.” I angrily stormed out of the cabin, grabbing my towel and sunscreen on the way outside. I walked to the small almost deserted little beach. I threw my towel into the sand and decided for a swim. The water was cold, but not too cold to make me shiver. I slowly walked inside the water until it hit my waist. I dived inside. When I was under water, I forgot for a brief moment the fight I had with Dean. The water relaxed my muscles immediately. I swam for a while until I let myself float on the surface of the water. The sun was warm and calmed my stressed mind.

After a while I realized how hot it got and swam back to the beach. I unfolded my towel and laid on top of it. I was about to fall asleep when I heard a deep voice next to me.

“Everybody’s getting all tan and you’re here red like you and to attract lobsters during mating season.” I looked in the direction where the voice came from and saw an incredibly handsome man standing above me with a big smirk across his face.

“Excuse me?” He chuckled and motioned to my body. I looked down and gasped as I saw how red my skin was.

“Fuck! I forgot to put on sunscreen .” I grabbed the bottle of sunscreen and tried to reduce the damage as best as I could.

“First time on the beach?” He asked and sat down next to me.

“Yes …. No, I just had a fight with my boyfriend and forgot to put on some sunscreen.”

“I’m sorry. Why did you fight?” He asked. I looked up and for the first time I saw his eyes. They were as blue as the ocean. Light azure blue with little dark specs around the iris. I didn’t realize I stared until he cleared his throat. I shook my head and told the stranger whose name turned out to be Dave why Dean and I fought. It was nice talking to him; having someone who’s not involved in the hunting world and just listens to normal couple problems. We talked for a while and he offered to lotion my very sunburnt back. I gladly accepted and opened my bikini to give him room to put on the sunscreen. What I didn’t see was hoe Dean watched our little conversation from the window of the cabin.

I moaned a bit of the gently movements Dave gave my back.

“How are you so good at that?” I asked him, enjoying the treatment. He chuckled and answered “I’m a masseur.” I sighed and nodded.

“That explains a lot …”

“Yeah it does …” I heard an all too familiar voice behind us. I turned around quickly and saw Dean standing next to us, arms crossed. He looked like he’d rip Dave’s throat out if he didn’t stop massaging me.

“I think I’m gonna leave you two alone.” I nodded and Dave left me and Dean alone. There was an awkward silence between us. Until Dean spoke up “so I’m not doing what you want and you do what? Go out and let some random douchbag touch you?! What the hell Y/N?”

“Dean … Let me explain.”

“No Y/N! I don’t want to hear your excuse. I thought I could trust you. So, every time we fought, you went out and cheated on me?” He yelled at me. That made my head snap up. I stood up, looking directly in his raging eyes.

“What the hell Dean? I never cheated on you! How can you think of me so low?” I yelled back at him, he made me angrier within every minute he was screaming at me.

“Oh sure. You didn’t cheat on me because I got here right on time. Sorry to interrupt your little act here.” He laughed cold heartedly.

“Dean, Dave would never sleep with me. Not that I want it anyway.”

“What do you mean he would never sleep with you?” He asked confused.

I pointed my finger behind him where Dave was standing a bit away from us.

“I don’t think his husband would be happy if he’d do that.” Dean turned around and saw Dave kissing another man.

“Oh …” He rubbed the back of his neck, visibly embarrassed.

“OH?! That’s all you have to say about your little outburst. You accuse me of cheating, yell at me for no reason and all you have to say is OH?!” I shouted angrily at him.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I should have trusted you. I’m sorry. But you have to be admit. From afar it looked suspicious how this man rubbed your back. After all you’re my girl.  And nobody’s supposed to give my girl a back rub but me” He smiled weakly at me. I couldn’t restrain my smile. I grabbed his hand and pulled his body towards mine, kissing him on the lips. He returned the kiss, thankful that I wasn’t mad at him anymore. We broke apart and smiled at each other widely.

“You know I love you, silly. I have eyes only for you.” He grinned at my cheesy choice of words. Suddenly that grin turned into a smirk and before I knew it he hoisted me over his shoulder running towards the water with me. That was when I realized he was wearing bright red swimming trunks. He laughed as he dived with me under water. For a brief moment, I was scared being thrown into the water, but I knew Dean would never let anything happen to me. After all I was his girl.


Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: During my moments of solemn reflection, the pads of my fingers subconsciously brush over the nearly healed scrapes on his forehead and nose.

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @motleymoose @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings

The quiet noise of the television washes over the bedroom, settling me into a simmering warmth. My bouts of laughter are hard to quiet, but I do the best I can to keep from waking up the sleeping man to my right. I let my eyes drift over to Finn’s soundly sleeping form; his breathing is steady, and his chest rises, then falls in a lulled cadence. An indistinct grin makes its way onto my lips at the sight of him and how soft he looks in the light. I am sleep laden, but still far more wide-awake than usual for this time of night.

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Around The World In 80 Days: Norway

The Aurora
Photo Credit: (Joe Azure)
Photo Credit: (Johan Kistrand)
87 Seconds
Photo Credit: (Fatih M. Sahbaz)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.


Pairing: CastielXReader

Word Count: 634

A/N: A fluffy little drabble. I’m not going to pretend this isn’t totally sappy.

The fall air was cool as you gazed out over the valley, absentmindedly noting the glint of sun reflecting off a car winding its way through the gully. Sitting down on the porch stair, you flipped through your phone, hoping for a message from Cas – disappointed, as with each time you checked, to find nothing. He’d been radio silent for months, ever since you broke his heart.

It was just after a hunt, one that nearly cost you your life. It was the moment you decided to get out of the game for good. Cas caught you by surprise as you packed your few belongings from the bunker, confessing his love for you, imploring you to stay, promising to watch over you. In truth, you loved him too, but you also wanted something normal - a life and a family you knew you couldn’t have with the angel. You told him as much. Closing your eyes, you could still perceive the hurt in his blue eyes as he averted them from you, the clamminess of your hand when he dropped it from his warm grasp, the rejection in his tone, the last words he uttered to you before vanishing, simply, “I understand.”

Shuddering, you hugged your arms to your chest, willing away the coldness of the memory. You stood, taking in the empty porch, the absolute quiet of the property stretching out in all directions, “So much for the normal life.” The rumble of a car on the long stone drive suddenly broke through the silence. Shielding your eyes from the setting sun as you walked down toward the drive, you wondered if Sam and Dean were finally making good on their promise to drop by. Unexpectedly, you were greeted by the familiar outline of Cas’ trench coat.

“Hello Y/N,” he nodded with a small smile, “it’s good to see you.”

“Cas!” you bounded forward, engulfing him in your arms, “I missed you.”

“As did I you,” he returned your embrace, fidgeting uncertainly in your grasp, “I’m sorry for my absence, but there was much to do before…I mean…while I…”

“Are you okay?” you leaned back, holding him by the shoulders, searching his eyes – it wasn’t like the angel to stumble for words, “Cas?”

“Yes,” his blue eyes were open wide, nervous, meeting your questioning gaze. Fumbling in his pocket, he proffered you a small trinket box.

With a curious smile, you accepted it, opening the top to discover a ring - the center stone emitting brilliant azure light from within, band encircled by ebony wings - the breath hitched in your throat.

“My grace,” his voice no more than a gravelly whisper, eyes fixed on yours, studying your reaction, “it’s yours.”

You delicately brushed a finger over the stone. Shaking your head, speechless, you stared back at him, disbelieving.

Emboldened by your silence, he went on, “As it turns out, in all of creation an angel has the unique distinction of being able to fall both figuratively and literally in love,” he paused, taking a deep breath, “I fell for you.”

Eyes beginning to well over with tears, you snapped the box closed, thrusting it back into his chest, “I understand.”

“Oh,” his gaze dropped, sullen, heart visibly sinking.

“Cas,” you gently caressed his chin to reassure him. Leaning forward you pressed a tender kiss to his lips, moving to whisper in his ear, “when a man gives a ring to the woman he loves, there is usually a question attached. And my answer is yes.”

His face brightened, a wide smile spreading across his features, crinkling into the corners of his eyes and nose, “Oh!”

You grinned as he slid the ring onto your finger – slipping his hand around your waist and pulling you close, capturing your lips with his.

Bend Heaven, Raise Hell

Characters: Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Zelo (OT6)+Side Characters

Setting/Genre: Gods!AU, Heaven and Hell!AU, Chapters

Length: 2061 words

Warnings: None

Summary: One Single Law can change how three realms work.

Chapter 1

CHAPTER 2: Wind, Water and Serenity.

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Andy Biersack x Reader (Highschool AU)

Requested by Anon. (This is so short I may do a series of these..?)

Originally posted by sporadicvoidfox

(not my gif)

You were leaving lunch and headed to your favorite place at school to relax. You turned the corner and walked down the hallway as the loudness of the crowd began to filter away, turning another corner you headed towards the end of the hall. It was silent, as usual, since no one came over in this area of the school. You had found this place one day when you had gotten tired of the bullying and annoyance of classmates, and since have hung out beneath the quiet stairwell with headphones on a regular basis. But today, something was off, you could tell as the sole of your shoes hit the linoleum flooring beneath it. Your footsteps were not the only resounding noise through the area. As you silently approached the small closet like space, you could hear a sound of distinct sobs. You turned the corner and spotted the new kid, his raven hair disheveled and his bright blue eyes wet from crying. There were obvious signs he had gotten into a full out fight, a slight hint of blood beneath his nose. When he arrived they stopped torturing you as much as they had before, using him as their main target now, fresh meat to tear up you supposed. He looked up at you, neither of you had spoken to each other yet, even though it was almost three weeks of his being here. You went and silently sat near him, both of your backs against the cold painted brick wall. “The hell do you want?” He stated bitterly in a braking voice, clearly not appreciating another’s presence at the moment. Not saying hi but still acknowledging his presence you unzipped your book bag. You pulled out a pouch of tissues as well as a candy bar you had been saving for a rainy day, and by the looks of it someone had definitely made his day horrid. You placed it beside him without a word, standing after quickly zipping up your bag once again. He looked like he was about to say something, but nothing left his mouth before you were gone, leaving him beneath the silent stairs. You strode down the hallway quickly, trying to conceal the rage that was slowly building up since you knew exactly who had done this. After a little while of searching the hallways, you found the guy you were looking for outside by one of the benches. He spotted you about to make some sort of quip, but before anything could roll off the tip of his tongue, you had him pinned to the school’s brick wall behind. “How miserable is your own life, that you get enjoyment out of beating up others? What gives you the right?!” You snarled, keeping from letting out your rage, the boy before you was Devin. A guy that had made your life at school a living hell for years until one day you finally stood up for yourself and punched back.

“Did you come here to defend your new boyfriend?” He scoffed and joked but you didn’t budge my grip at the collar of his shirt.

“Boyfriend or not it doesn’t matter, I’m here because I have basic morals you ass.” You replied, still keeping your calm. “Stop. Picking. On. Him.” Your tone was deadly, soft spoken yet meaningfully harsh.

“So what if I do? What does it have to do with you (y/n)?” He said as you slowly released your grip.

“I will beat your ass like I have before. And this time I won’t go fucking easy.” You sharply retorted this as he finally seemed to flinch at the remembrance of your past meeting.

“Fine.” He muttered though you knew it was insincere, he was going to return to his old habits soon. You just wished you knew what actually happened to the new kid, he must hate it here at this school if that’s his first impression.

It was once again after lunch and you headed to your quiet spot, one of the girls had been completely rude to you today and all you wanted was to submerse yourself in music. To your disbelief someone was actually in the piano practice room, which never happened, this caused you to fall into an even more bitter mood. Your footsteps resonated on the linoleum flooring once more, as you headed to the darker and even more deathly silent corner. You stopped instantaneously when you hear something for a moment from the spot, damn did this guy really decide to take over my hang out? You were not happy to say the least, but you decided you would make a point by going and taking a seat even if needing to dismiss his presence. With a sigh you walked over, bending down and taking a seat. You didn’t look up as you pulled your headphones from your backpack until you felt someone’s intense gaze on you. You looked up, finally taking in his full appearance. He had a lip piercing, his dark hair bringing out his light azure eyes, and he wore dark jeans with black shoes.

“Thank you, for yesterday.” He said softly in a deep voice, breaking the silence you had been attempting to maintain between you both.

“It’s nothing.” You replied with a small smile, after doing so you slipped on your headphones, he looked at you. And stared at you. You pulled off your headphones slightly irritated by this, you didn’t have the energy to keep up appearances at the moment. “Hmm?” You looked to him with a raised eyebrow, he shifted slightly and snapped out of his gaze.

“Sorry…I uh…I’m Andy.” The young man before you grinned slightly embarrassed, you returned his smile.

“(Y/n).” You realized as you had replied that this meant you were now engaged in socializing. You put your headphones away and looked to him once more after sitting more comfortably.

“Have you attended this school for long?” Andy asked you as he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck and you nodded. Well at least you weren’t the only shy one here.

“Just a few years.” You replied with a shrug, “Where are you from?”

“Cincinnati.” He replied with a warm smile. He seemed really nice and now you knew why he was such a target. People like you and him, interested in different things than the masses of the school, not wanting to be involved with petty gossip, these were things that they used as tools to bully you both. You felt kind of bad for him and decided that maybe you should ease up and be there for him, no one was ever really there for you when you first arrived. No one was ever there to help you fight your battles, so maybe you could make his life a little easier by doing so for him.

“Well if you’d like I can show you around a bit, if you ever need help.” You told him with a kind smile, he grinned back.

“I’d like that.” He replied eagerly, luckily the bell rang in time to stop the followed awkward silence and you dashed off to your next class.

Here you both sat as per usual at lunch, for the past few days you both had been getting to know each other and soon enough you realized that your friendship was what made you enjoy school. School had always been a blessing and a curse for you; it brought you escape from a difficult household yet brought you hell in the form of bullying. Though this guy, Andy, was beginning to challenge your views of the people and place around you. That was definitely something you greatly appreciated.

“(Y/n), you busy after school?” Andy asked nonchalantly while messing with the food before him. You shook your head with a small smile and reply.

“Nah, why?” He looked back to you with a grin that almost seemed it could transition into a smirk.

“Can I take up your offer to show me around? I’d like to walk around downtown a bit.” He stated as the cafeteria began to filter out, you nodded.

“Sure, let’s meet by the door on the outer hall after class?” You motioned your head in said direction kind of uselessly. Andy let out a chuckle as you both stood up to head to class.

“See you then (y/n).” He did a partial wave to you with a bright smile before taking off into the mob of students.

Happy Birthday, Prompto! (Prompto x Reader)

Character: Prompto Argentum

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Fluff

Title: Happy Birthday, Prompto!

Summary: Knowing it’s Prompto’s birthday, Noctis and the boys prepare a little surprise for him. Only that Y/N doesn’t know any of this either, and things develop in an interesting way to celebrate Prompto’s day.

Holding onto Prompto’s shoulder, she laughed at his silly joke. Noctis purposely bumped against her, silently teasing her about their closeness.

Y/N blushed like every time his friend reminder her of her obvious crush on Prompto. It was clear by the way she smiled happily every time they interacted, how she kept herself close to him.

Not to mention how friendly and affectionate the blond was towards her as well, always happy to hug her or make her laugh.

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