Something that enrages me as an avid lifter and a woman is seeing articles and pictures and posts and everything else that encourage women to lift, all while picturing a woman holding a five or 10 pound weight… Maybe 15 on a good day.

Now do not get me wrong, I LOVE the encouragement of women to lift! I think it is fantastic we are finally praising the strong body. As they say now “Strong is the New Skinny”. My life motto :) 

But when women are told to lift and only pictured with 10-15 pounds, it can get under my skin. 

I have been lifting for about four years now. What started in college as a requirement for my team soon turned into a passion to make myself the best I could be. For a long time I was focused on being in the gym to improve myself for volleyball. Although that is still a large focus of mine, my motivations have shifted a little. 

Since lifting more and lifting heavy there is a motivation to get stronger. When I see the difference of only being able to do one pull-up, then three, and now six, I get excited and pumped up to work harder. 

I lift heavier because I want to be stronger and I like the changes I see in my body. When I started, 15 pounds was my challenging weight for bicep curls. Now 25 and 30 are my challenge. I hope to progress and be lifting 35 pounds as my challenge! I won’t be satisfied, I want to keep progressing. I do not want to be a body builder, but I want to be impressive. I do not want to bulk up, but I want to be stronger. I want to hang on the pull up bar or stand on the squat rack next to anyone and do just as many reps or even more. 

As a first starter, you should lift what you can and keep good form– that’s the most important thing. 10-12 reps is plenty before a short rest. You can look up articles and pinterest boards for some simple start up workouts, OR Just Ask Me! I am happy to help and excited to get people started. 

For the more experienced lifters that would like to shake it up, I have tips for you as well. :) 

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Remember to challenge yourself. “What doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you”… Challenge and change yourself today! 




liftingheavy replied to your photo: Aerial yoga time!

wth??? lol

This was SO FUN for an “active rest day” type of activity! The class I went to had a sort of woman-power theme and was at a beginner level but we spent maybe half an hour doing sun salutations, balance poses etc., typical yoga stuff.

Then the silks in the photo I posted came down, and, like you see in the circus, they’re basically these stretchable hammocks. We got to swing around in them and use the loops of fabric to deepen regular yoga stretches. In the best ones, we got to hang upside down to decompress the spine and get a really deep stretch which felt AWESOME considering how much I inadvertently hunch over my laptop.

Obviously I wasn’t going to take photos during the class but here’s a random photo from the Internet of the kinds of things we did… Actually, I’ll post a photo of Coco doing aerial yoga because she is apparently a fan and she cracks me up.

External image


This week I’ve been really good about going to the gym (6 days in a row guys!) but my diet has sucked a bit. OK a lot!! I’ve eaten so much chocolate its ridiculous. I really need to get my diet under control so that I start seeing results. I’ve been lifting heavier than before and my muscles are so sore, which is great! But I’m so stressed with working full time and studying that I get home and stuff my face with crap. This week I need to be better.