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Cherry Bomb (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! 🙌🏽

A/N: This is dedicated to the marvelous @ballerinafairyprincess for requesting this super awesome idea a couple days ago! ❤ I had so much fun writing this!! I’m super jealous I didn’t come up with this! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Request: Hi darling! Can I make a request please? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where they go for milkshakes and she shows him how she can tie the cherry stem into a knot in her mouth (something he has never seen before). And it goes from fluff to smut just like that? 😊

Warnings: Hella smut! Swearing. Semi public sex.


Bucky always made a habit of telling you stories of the 40’s. Mostly about how different the times were, especially the architecture or the music. Surprisingly, one of the many things he missed from the era were the milkshakes. There was a little ice cream shop in Coney Island named Lucy’s that had the greatest tasting shakes in the world according to him. One of his favorite pass times was telling you story after story of the small shenanigans he and Steve used to pull in there.

There was the time he dared Steve to down an entire large shake called ‘The Big One’ which consisted of shake and cake mixed together. He was practically in tears when he told you that Steve only made it halfway before he raced to one of the trash cans and blew chunks. Steve never forgave him for that, by the way. He still winces and clutches his stomach whenever he’s reminded of it.

There was also a time where Bucky took a girl named Suzette on a date that ended horribly. Turns out, she was a little on the scary side. She flat out refused to let him order because the waitress was female. And she even went as far as making him switch seats because apparently “there were only girls in the booth behind him.” Poor Bucky was so afraid of the girl, he ended up excusing himself to the bathroom and climbing out of the window, only to find Suzette already waiting for him. It took him a week to get rid of her.

So being the big softie you were, you vowed to find a similar little spot to take him. Not only would it help him get some fresh air, but it would replace some of those traumatic memories with good ones.

That’s how you found yourself seated across from a grinning Bucky Barnes as he sipped happily on his raspberry milkshake.

Not only was Lucy’s still open after almost eighty years of business, but it was currently run by Lucy’s own daughter, Leslie, who was in her early 80’s now. When she saw Bucky, she nearly had a heart attack. She weaved her way through the many people in the little shop until she was standing at our booth.

“You used to come in here with that smaller fellow, right?” She asked, adjusting her cane. She was practically glowing with excitement. “I remember coming’ in here after school everyday and seein’ you two.”

You could see the words processing in his head. He was barely remembering things now, surely he wouldn’t be able to remember t
“I think I taught you how to tie your shoes, right?” He asked suddenly, his eyes sparkling with nostalgia.

Leslie gasped, placing her hand on her heart. She began singing some old nursery rhyme, one that you’ve never heard.

“Bunny ears, Bunny ears, playing by a tree.
Criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me,”

Before she could finish, Bucky began singing as well.

“Bunny ears, Bunny ears, jumped into the hole,
Popped out the other side beautiful and bold!”

You both stared at him with wide eyes. Bucky however, grinned back at the two of you with triumph on his handsome face. He managed to remember something that wasn’t horrific or involved Steve. This was purely a personal memory he shared with her.

Leslie looked down at Bucky, her blue eyes watering.

“You two can have as many milkshakes as you want. For old time’s sake!” she exclaimed, wiping away the ones that fell.

Bucky and you thanked her. Even after she left, he couldn’t wipe the million dollar smile on his face. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t get a bit teary eyed as well.

Yeah, this was a brilliant idea.


The ride back home was a long one. Tony let you borrow his favorite black mustang which he usually used for taking Pepper out. You figured the car would give you some relationship points, considering Tony claimed he “always got lucky” in this thing. Taking a sip of your to-go shake, you got the second best idea of that evening.

“Hey Bucky,” you say, looking over at him. His eyes are fixed on the road, his hair blowing slightly from the open window. Man, how did you get so lucky?

Bucky hummed, looking back over at you. His lips curved upwards into a small smile. One that made your insides melt. You popped the lid off of your milkshake and tooked the small cherry out of it. “You wanna see something cool?”

The car slowly came to a halt at the red light. Oddly, only you were the only ones at the intersection. For this specific road, that was kind of rare. Bucky placed the car into park and turned his full attention to you.

You plucked the stem from the cherry and placed it in your mouth. Bucky’s eyebrows raised.

“Wow, doll,” he deadpanned. “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my hundred years. Congrats.”

You swatted his arm playfully, earning a giggle from him. Gosh, he could be such a man child sometimes. You weren’t complaining, though. You loved that side of him. It rarely came out, but when it did, it was only with you.

You fiddled with the stem in your mouth, tugging it with your teeth until it formed a perfect knot. You didn’t notice it at first, but Bucky’s eyes never left your mouth. He subconsciously ran his tongue along his bottom lip, taking the pink flesh into his teeth. Your lips were his favorite part of your anatomy besides a few other hidden places as well. It turned him on that only he’d see those places.

Sticking your tongue out, you took the knotted stem from your mouth and held it up for him to see. But to your dismay, he didn’t even acknowledge it. Instead, he was staring elsewhere.

“I thought it was cool.” you frowned, tossing it out of the window.

Before you could turn back to him, you felt his hand grab onto your chin roughly and force you to look at him. Your eyes looked into his blue ones, which burned into yours. What had gotten into him. That’s when you made the mistake of licking your lips.

It was just a simple gesture of distress, nothing big or anything. But it caused Bucky’s erection to strain against his dark jeans. In one move, he crush his mouth onto yours. You groaned into the kiss, letting his tongue dominate yours with ease. You’d never say it outloud, but you were one submissive lady. And this newfound dominance was making you wetter by the second. That, mixed with the fact that you could still taste the raspberry milkshake on his tongue just added to the experience.

Reaching between the two of you, he undid both of your seat belts. His hand held you in place, forcing your mouth open a bit more into the kiss. Letting out a whimper, you obeyed him. But before it could get any better, he pulled away.

You pressed your thighs together, desperate for any kind of friction. By now, it had been at least five minutes. The light had turned yellow now, yet there still wasn’t anyone else remotely near from what you could see.

You ran your hand along his clothed thigh, dragging your nails against the material lightly. Bucky groaned, resting his head back against the headrest. Slowly, you reached for the zipper of his jeans. You pulled the zipper down, unbuttoning them as well.

Taking the hint, he lifted his hips up and you slid the material down his thighs. The sight of his fully erect cock resting against his stomach made your mouth water. You’d seen it plenty of times, but it still got you off knowing that only you could make him that hard.

Lifting yourself up, you crawled over the middle console of the car and swung one of your legs over Bucky’s lap. You placed your knees on either sides of the seat. His hands ran along the back of your thighs, traveling upwards. They slowed once they got to the waistband of your skirt. Before you could figure out a way out of the material, Bucky placed his hands on the waistband and ripped the material apart.

“Hey!” you whined. “That was my favorite skirt.”

Bucky pressed a kiss to your cheek, ignoring you. “I’ll buy you as many skirts as you want doll,” he pressed another kiss onto your neck, causing a gasp to escape from you. “But right now, I wanna see that pretty little pussy of yours stretched around my cock.”

You let out a moan. This was the first time hearing his dirty talk, but you weren’t complaining one bit. It was music to your ears. You slid a hand between the two of you and slid the material of your thong to the side. You pressed a kiss to his lips as you lowered yourself onto his cock.

You knew he was big, he’s a fucking super soldier, for Christ’s sake. But the way he stretched your walls, filling you up until you were resting all the way onto his hips, caused you to groan -not from pleasure, but pain. It wasn’t extreme, but enough to subside the pleasure.

“Блядь…” he sighed, his forehead falling into your chest. You gave an experimental roll of your hips. He inhaled sharply, pressing small kisses onto your chest. You repeated your actions, this time, giving a gentle bounce. Slowly, the pain began to subside and your body coursed with pleasure. You placed your hands behind you, on his thighs, and began bouncing on his cock.

“Shit…” you groaned, closing your eyes at the feeling of him entering and exiting your body.

Bucky ran one of his hands along the material of your blouse, feeling the warmth of your skin radiate from behind it. With a loud rip, the material came open. Your eyes shot open, peering down. The buttons from your blouse were gone, leaving you in just your black bra, one you wore for special occasions.

When he placed his hand on the material, you reached out and grabbed ahold of it. “This is my special bra!” you pouted. He gave you an amused smile, before ripping it off as well.

“BUCKY!” you shouted, turning an angry scarlet. But before you could scold him further, he placed his hands on your hips and began thrusting into you. You placed your hands on his shoulders as he pounded into you, his cock hitting inside you deeper and deeper.

“F-f-fuck!” your body jolted upwards from the force, making you stutter on your words. You placed a hand on the roof of the car to prevent hitting your head.

Your bodies moved in sync, rolling your hips into each other. Bucky’s mouth found itself onto your breast, sucking on it gently. You keened, pressing your chest further into his face.

Your other hand found its way into his hair, pulling on the long strands gently. He let out a growl, biting down gently on your flesh.

That’s when you heard it.

The sound of a car door opening and shutting loudly.

You could see the figure of the police officer walking towards your car, sending little red sirens off in your head.

“What? What’s wrong?” Bucky asked, moving his head to the side and peeking at the side mirror.

The both of you instantly scrambled apart, desperately trying to make yourselves presentable. Bucky practically tossed you into the passenger seat, trying to pull his jeans back up his thighs. Slipping back on your ruined blouse, you held the material closed with your hands. As for your skirt, you simply placed it back onto your lap.

“If we go to jail, I’m so gonna kick your ass, Barnes!” You hissed, trying to smooth out your I-just-had-sex hair. Jesus, it was so obvious.

“Relax doll,” he laughed, winking over at you as he buttoned his jeans.

“I hear prison sex is the best sex there is.“

-FIN. ❤

I Got You On My Mind [Part 3]

Jungkook Soulmate AU

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

Summary: Jungkook can feel when your entire world falls apart, and his shatters into a million more pieces.

Word count: 2k words

Originally posted by aestheticvbts


An immobilizing sense of panic shot through Jungkook, causing him to freeze. He could feel his heart racing in his chest, and his vision became unfocused in his state of unadulterated fear. Immediately, Jungkook sensed that the sudden emotion was being transmitted through your soulmate bond, and soon fear wasn’t the only feeling Jungkook was contending with.

“Y/N? What’s going on?” Jungkook thought helplessly. He moved through the crowd, leaving behind whichever girl he had been talking to, and tried to escape the confines of the party. The sense of panic he had been feeling had suddenly ceased, which was even more worrying. “Talk to me–are you alright? Fuck! Y/N!

By the time Jungkook reached the front door, he was covered in a sheen layer of sweat–in part from the heat of the party, and mostly because of his increasing worry. He burst through the door, lurching into the cool, night air.

“Y/N!” he bellowed, head swinging side to side as he searched for you. Cursing, Jungkook realized he had no idea where to even look. He couldn’t hear your thoughts, so relying on luck, he turned to his right and ran.

Jungkook sprinted down the empty road, his footsteps falling heavily and echoing through the silence. His lungs burned and his muscles ached, but the cold grip of fear around his heart kept him running.

In his mind, he could feel your presence slipping away. Even if you were silent, there was always a warm, comforting feeling of your presence. But now, it was being replaced with cold nothingness.

He prayed that you were safe–he knew that he had caused whatever had made you so panicked. Jungkook wished he could go back in time, stop you from leaving. Maybe even go back further, and stop you from hurting at all.

But he knew that it was useless to hope.

As Jungkook turned a corner, he was blinded by bright, flashing blue, red, and white lights. An ambulance was stalled in the middle of the road alongside a single car. Jungkook’s feet skidded to a stop as he stared at the scene unfolding before him.

“No,” he whispered, his voice breaking. Staggering forward, Jungkook’s eyes began to water with unshed tears. A man stood in his path, so Jungkook grabbed him roughly by the shoulders and spun him around. The man stared up at Jungkook, his eyes wide and his face pale. “What happened!?”

“T-there was an accident,” the man explained, his voice shaking. His eye’s darted to the right, so Jungkook’s followed.

On the ground, a girl lay sprawled on the cement in front of the parked car. Two paramedics were kneeling beside her, assessing her injuries as they prepared her body for the stretcher.

Jungkook knew immediately that it was you. His body moved forward on its own accord as Jungkook’s mind screamed.

“No,” he repeated, his voice becoming louder. It cracked as he spoke. The paramedics turned around, alarmed at the sight of the distressed boy.

“Sir, please stand back,” one of them said, standing up with his hands in front of him placatingly. “We need you to stay out of the way so we can get to the hospital.”

“She’s my soulmate!” Jungkook cried, surging forward to get closer to you. The paramedic sprung up, grabbing Jungkook by the shoulders and holding him back. “Let me see her! Is she alive? Oh god–tell me she’s alive!”

Jungkook’s hoarse cries filled the quiet night, his words becoming mangled together until they were indecipherable. Another pair of hands grabbed Jungkook and stopped him from struggling–he was pretty sure they belonged to the man who had hit you.

And god, Jungkook wanted to be angry with that man. He wanted to be furious. But Jungkook knew that everything was his fault. If you died, it would be because of Jungkook. The fight left him, and Jungkook crumpled to the ground.

Silent sobs wracked his frame as he kneeled, watching your lifeless body being whisked away on a stretcher into the ambulance. Sirens began wailing as the ambulance lurched to life, but to Jungkook, the sound seemed far away. He could only stare as the ambulance–as his soulmate–sped away into the night, disappearing into obscurity.

Jungkook’s mind was blank. He felt numb everywhere, he couldn’t even feel his own body. It was like he had slipped away and was watching himself from someplace else, wishing that what had happened wasn’t real.

He wondered if this was all just an elaborate nightmare. If, at any moment, he would wake up never having met you. That way, he had a chance to undo all the mistakes he had made. Jungkook wished that were true, but he knew better than to wish.

“Come on, I’ll take you to the hospital,” the man from before spoke, his tired voice lined with guilt. “Don’t worry son, I’m sure she’ll be alright.”

Jungkook felt himself being lifted, and he stood up shakily. The man led Jungkook into his car, struggling to get the large boy into the vehicle. They rode in silence to the nearest hospital, and by the time they arrived, Jungkook wasn’t sure how much time had passed.


Since he had arrived at the hospital, Jungkook had done nothing but stare at the walls in the hallway in front of him, waiting for you to exit the emergency room. After a few hours, your body was whisked away to an intensive care unit. Jungkook followed the line of doctors and nurses that wheeled you away, met by looks of pity.

The doctors tried to explain the extend of your injuries to Jungkook, but their words fell on deaf ears. All he could do was stare at you. You had been moved to a hospital bed, looking impossible small underneath thin, white sheets. There were cuts and bruises all across one side of your face. Like before, you were unresponsive.

Eventually, the room emptied out, and only you and Jungkook remained. He dragged a chair across the room, its legs squeaking against the cleanly polished tiles. Jungkook sat down beside your bed and did nothing but stare.

White walls and the scent of antiseptic surrounded Jungkook. His dark clothing was a stark contrast against all the white and pale grey around him. He hated everything about hospitals–they brought up so many terrible memories.

But for once, he was able to find comfort. The steady beeping of your heart monitor ignited a spark of hope within Jungkook.

From the night into the morning, nurses drifted in and out of the unit to check on you. They cast worried looks at Jungkook, who had not moved in several hours. One even tried to bring to bring him food, only to return an hour later and see it untouched.

People tried speaking to Jungkook again. He couldn’t bring himself to listen properly, but a few words lingered, like “serious head trauma” and “potential brain damage.” Those words echoed around in the background of Jungkook’s mind ceaselessly.

In the time Jungkook had spent watching you, he also had time to think. He tried to recall every one of your thoughts he had heard. Every conversation you had shared. It was impossible to reestablish them all–he had been listening to you for as long as he could remember.

In his life that had been filled with so many horrors and so much sadness, you were the one bright light in the darkness that surrounded Jungkook. And how, that light was so close to being extinguished. With nothing better to do, Jungkook whispered quiet confessions, hoping that even in your unconscious state, you would hear them.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Jungkook whispered, his voice rough after everything he had put it through. “I’m sorry for everything–everything I’ve done, everything I’ve said. I never wanted to hurt you, never. You mean the world to me.”

He could feel his eyes begin to water, but in the sanctity of the empty room, Jungkook did not stop talking.

“I never thought we would meet so soon,” Jungkook confessed, tears slipping down his cheeks. He reached out for your hand, holding it carefully in his larger ones. “I wasn’t ready. Right now, I’m not…I’m not a good person. I wanted to change–become someone you could be proud of. But in the end, you already knew exactly who I was. I wasn’t ready to face you, and I pushed you away. I’m sorry.”

Jungkook kept talking, pouring his heart out to your unhearing ears. He spoke until his voice faltered and he had no more words to say. But even then, he knew it wasn’t enough. He would do anything to make you understand. He wasn’t sure if you could live not knowing if you would every forgive him.

Suddenly, in his clammy palms, Jungkook felt your hand twitch. His eyes widened and jumped to your face. Your eyelids were twitching as you roused slowly. Jungkook leapt to his feet and searched for the assistance button.

“Nurse!” he yelled, his voice cracking. He jammed the button frantically, unsure of what to do as you began to wake.

Jungkook watched in awe as your eyes opened slowly. You squinted into the bright light, your eyes darting around the room as you tried to make sense of what was happening.

“What happened?” you croaked, your voice hoarse after almost a day of misuse. Your eyes moved to Jungkook who was standing beside you. “Why am I here?”

“You were in a car accident,” Jungkook explained softly, a sense of relief flooding through him. His soulmate was alive–everything was going to be alright. “You have a few injuries, but you’re going to be fine.”

“Oh…okay,” you replied slowly, still not understanding. “But why are you here? Where’s Jieun? Who are you?”

Jungkook’s heart stopped in his chest. Did you forget?

“Would you mind telling me the date?” Jungkook asked, sounding much calmer than he felt.

“It’s August 6th, I think,” you said after a moment. Jungkook stared, wide-eyed. You had completely forgotten the past three months. “But that doesn’t answer my question.”

“My name’s Jungkook,” he spoke finally, trying to keep his voice steady. “Y-you may have forgotten me, because of your injuries. But I’m your soulmate.”

“Really? My soulmate?” you repeating, squinting in disbelief. “But you go to my university. Why haven’t you said anything before?”

“We didn’t find out until recently,” Jungkook supplied with a small smile. A nurse burst into the room, gasping when she saw that you were conscious. She called for a doctor, but neither of you paid her entrance any mind.

“Wow,” you breathed, a huge smile lighting up your face. “I can’t believe I finally met you. And that I forgot everything. Will my memories come back?”

“Probably,” Jungkook said, although he wasn’t sure if he wanted that to be true. “We haven’t spent a lot of time together, so you’re not forgetting much.”

“Hey, how do I know you’re not lying?” you suddenly demanded, pointing an accusing finger at Jungkook. It almost made him laugh, and it definitely made him smile. “What’s something only my soulmate would know?”

“When we were younger, we used to think of love songs,” Jungkook remembered suddenly. “You thought of Taylor Swift a lot. I sang ‘Marry Me,’ mostly.”

“Right, we did that,” you confirmed quietly, blushing at the memory. You looked up at Jungkook, your eyes wide and vulnerable. “So, we’re really soulmates. Wow. Do you…do you love me?”

“Yes,” was Jungkook’s immediate response. He realized, in all the times that he had actually spoken to you, that was the first time he had never lied.

Eventually, a doctor entered the room and began asking you questions. Jungkook stared from the sidelines as the examination progressed. The entire time, your eyes kept jumping to Jungkook’s, a bright blush on your face. Every time, Jungkook indulged you with a smile, but he could only wonder when this wonderful illusion would fall apart.

- Girl in Luv

Wow!! Part 3 already guys. Thank you so much for all the support 💛 I know this is like cliffhanger after cliffhanger, but I have PLANS. This story’s becoming a lot more complex than what I had imagined when I first began writing it, but I hope you guy still enjoy it. Tell me if you liked it, and let me know what you think is going to happen! So thanks again for all the love guys!!! Happy reading 🤓

Sometimes, I sit in the aisles of my Walmart, back against various boxed snacks, and I think about how ants are super strong but because they’re so small they don’t look strong. If an ant were human sized we’d be screwed. They could lift up a car with no problem. I look down and see an ant scuttling across the white tile and I think of its wasted strength potential. I also think about how I killed my brother but then my mind goes back to the ants.

Tutor Me? ReggiexReader! Part 3.

Hey guys, as promised, here is part 3 of Tutor Me? This is actually going to be the final part of this mini series, though if anyone would really like it, there is an epilogue that contains the next scene but it does contain smut. like real smut. if you’d like me to upload the epilogue, please send me an ask! don’t worry too much though, I’ll definitely do some more Reggie oneshots! he’s such a cutie lil fluffball. 




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(GIF not mine.)

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Summary: You and Sam decided you need some reminding of who you belong to after a guy at a bar hits on you. 

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: an asshole guy at a bar, language, mirror!kink, spanking, hair pulling, oral (male receiving), dirty talk, nsfw gif below the cut!!

A/N: yay for fic 1 of smut appreciation day! look out for the dean x reader at 3pm EST and the cas x reader at 6pm EST!

ps this gif is sooooo Sam after a nice, thorough fucking ;-)

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“I’ll go get us another round,” you smiled, kissing your boyfriend Sam on the cheek before scooting out of the booth and heading over to the bar.

You rested your elbows on the bar top, holding up 3 fingers to the bartender before looking around in boredom as you waited for you, Sam and Dean’s beers.


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Lucky Star

Word Count: ~1800

Pairing: Sehun/Reader

Notes: ceo! au // strong language

don’t cry tonight after the darkness passes, baby don’t cry tonight it’ll become as if it never happened

You stumble out of the bar, dragging your heels and bag behind you. Your disheveled hair reeks of vodka and mixed cocktails, the smell making you gag every second. It’s 2am on a Tuesday night, and you’re wasted on the empty streets, jobless and abandoned.

The alcohol-suppressed memories dance around your hazy mind, and any recollection of the atrocity that happened this afternoon makes you sick. You wobble through the dark, empty path only lit by a flickering yellow street lamp near the end. Somewhere down the line, your legs give in, and you collapse onto the cold graphite road, making your exposed thighs shiver. You wince and groan, pulling yourself onto the wall of a nearby store, which closed hours ago.

“Just my fucking luck,” you curse at your phone, whose screen remain lifeless. You throw your head back onto the wall and stare at the swirling buildings. How can someone lose everything in one night?

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Edge Of A Knife

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 1,343
Warnings: Drinking.  Drunk sex.  Smut.  Unprotected sex.  Use of a gag.  Knife play.  Public Sex. Rough sex. Cussing. 
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by @blackcoffeeandgreenteaforme Prompt: Baby (Impala)  / Quote: “You are sexy when you are mad.”
Challenge: This was written for @faith-in-dean‘s British Men of Letters Challenge. My prompts were “So….I’m bored….wanna fuck?” and “I’m not as think as you drunk.”

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Just Us || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: Hi! I love your writing and I was wondering if you could write something based on the 10th episode? Betty makes the small gathering as Jughead’s bff, it is interrupted by Cheryl blah blah. And you, J’s girlfriend, take him away when you find him sitting there alone? Like you see he’s not enjoying it so you want to take him somewhere (maybe Pop’s) where it’ll be just the two of you. Or maybe after the fight? That’s up to you. Love ya xx

A/N: Hope you enjoy!

Gif by @juggiehead


“Excuse me, pardon me, excu—hey! Buddy! Move!” you snapped as you pushed through the massive crowd that had arrived at Archie’s house.

You had spent the last thirty minutes shoving your way through the crowd as you checked every room in the house, looking for Jughead. The one place you hadn’t checked yet was the garage. As you pushed the last person out of your way, nearly stumbling into the garage, you saw Jughead sitting in a chair, petting Vegas.

“There you are.” you said as Jughead looked up.

He sighed.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?” he asked as he looked down. “Here to drag me back to the party?”

You snorted.

“No. Because unlike our friends, Jughead, I actually listen to what you want,” you said as you fished around in your jacket pocket for your car keys. “And I’m thinking you’re craving some peace and quiet and a burger or two at Pop’s right now,”

Your boyfriend of ten months looked up at you and you lifted up the car keys.

“Well, are you just gonna sit there or are we gonna get some burgers?” you asked.

Jughead beamed and he jumped up, following you as you grabbed his hand, leading him through the crowd until the two of you were finally outside.

“Well,” Jughead sighed. “Since we finally escaped that…”

He looked towards your car before he held his hand out for you.

“Shall we?” he asked.

You smiled as you took his hand, the two of you making your way to your car.

“I’m sorry I didn’t try and stop Betty and Archie earlier,” you said as your swirled your straw around your milkshake. “I knew you didn’t like parties and I still went along with it.”

Jughead shook his head.

“No, Y/N, it’s fine,” he said. “We’re here now, aren’t we?”

You looked around the empty diner and sighed.

“Yeah, but—”

“Y/N,” Jughead said again as he interlocked his fingers with yours. “It’s fine. Truly. You and me at Pop’s? This is exactly where I wanna be on my birthday.”

You smiled.

“Okay,” you said softly. “I, uh, did get you a gift though. Come here.”

Jughead rose his eyebrows at that but got up anyway, making his way over to your side of the booth.

““A gift?”” he repeated as he sat down next to you.

You nodded as you pulled your hands away from Jughead’s and pulled out an envelope from your back packet.

“Yeah, um, I know you said you didn’t want anything but I had to get this for you. I hope you like it.” you said as you handed him the envelope.

Jughead smiled softly.

“Y/N, you didn’t have to get me anything,” he said as he opened the envelope.

He pulled out two tickets from it and his eyes widened once he realized what they were.

No.” he said in disbelief as he looked up at you bewildered.

You bit back a smile and nodded.

“Yep.” you confirmed.

He let out a breathy laugh.

“The Riverdale Film Festival? H-How’d you get tickets? I’ve tried every year to get them and they’re always sold out.” he asked.

You looked down shyly.

“Well, uh, remember when I had to cancel date night a couple months ago? Said I had some family stuff to take care of?” you began.

Jughead nodded.

“Well, um, there was no family stuff. I was actually camped outside the ticket booth the night before they went on sale. I was able to snag two of them the next morning.”

Jughead’s eyes widened again.

“Y/N, I—”

“Do you like it?” you asked tentatively.

““Do I like it?”” he repeated. “I love it. I-This is the best gift someone has ever gotten for me. Thank you.”

You beamed at his words.

“I’m really happy you like it, Juggie,” you said. “And there’s two tickets in there so you can take whoever you want. Archie or maybe—”

“Y/N, what are you talking about? You’re coming with me,” Jughead said defiantly. “There’s no one I’d rather be with.”

You smiled again before Jughead captured your lips with his in a sweet, passionate kiss. A perfect ending to the day.


A/N: Hope you liked it! Please send me feedback!


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A day with daddy

Pairing: Chris Evans x Wife!Reader x Evans baby

Word Count: 1193

Warnings: Fluffy fun, and language

The time had come to have to return to work, at least for the day. You were reading for your next movie that was coming up in a few months and you were going to have to leave the baby home with Chris.  He was thrilled to have your daughter, Piper, to himself for the whole day.  The new mommy hormones were not helping you today as you were getting misty eyed as you handed her over to your husband.  “There is plenty of milk in the fridge for her. Just remember to warm the water in the microwave and let the bottle warm in the water after.”

“Baby, I know.  We will be fine, I swear.  Go to the studio before you’re late.”  He cradled Piper in his left arm as he leaned to kiss you.  You bit your lip looking at him holding your baby.  The sight never failed to swell your heart with love.

“Okay I’m going.  Call me if you need anything.” You took tentative steps towards the front door.  You could hear Chris talking to the baby as you opened the door and walked out.

“Say bye to Momma, Piper.  Bye Momma, we love you.”  He had taken her hand and was waving it at you.  You smiled as you closed the door knowing she would be perfectly fine with her father.  It was just so hard to leave your baby for the first time.

After Chris watched your car leave the driveway, he lifted Piper up to face her.  “Okay Miss Piper, what should we do today?” That sweet baby face just looked at him.  A little drool dribbled from the side of her mouth.  “Well let’s go see what’s on T.V.  I don’t know if I remember what the world is like outside this house anymore.”  He put her up on his shoulder so she could see.

Chris did not get the chance to really listen to the T.V. long. He had set Piper on her play mat on her stomach for tummy time, as you had said, so she could work on her muscle strength.  Piper was not having it.  Her entire head was red from screaming.  So much so that Chris grew a little concerned and laid on the floor with her.  He was face level with her talking to her trying to calm her down.  “Come on Pips.  You are all right.  You can stay like this for a little while.  Your mom told me we had to do this.  And you know mom is the boss.”  The pep talk did not help.  Piper continued her crying.  The crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks.  The poor daddy couldn’t take anymore and picked up the baby trying to sooth her.  

“It’s okay, baby girl.  I’ve got ya.  Just don’t tell mom we didn’t keep you on your tummy for long.”  He bounced her and paced back and forth which calmed her a bit. When she was just sniffling, he looked at her little face.  “How about a bottle?  Huh? That sound good?”  He heated the milk and fed her.  After a few ounces, Piper seemed content.  He put her up on in shoulder again to burp her.  The belch he got from the baby made him laugh. “That’s my girl.  That was almost as good as your momma’s burps.  Momma burps like a man.  That is something to keep between you and me though.”  Chris laughed as he pulled Piper off his shoulder to look at her.  As soon as he moved her, Piper spit up all over him.  

“Ahh shit this is my favorite Pats shirt. “ Piper just gurgled at him before she spit up again, covering herself.  Chris sighed, walking up the stairs to go change them both.  An hour later, both of them were clean and changed.  He sent a cute video of him and Piper to you showing how much they missed you and that the baby was still in one piece.  You responded with a love and kissy face before going back to your reading.

It wasn’t long before Chris was starving, but Piper had other plans. She did not want to be put down and screamed every time he tried.  So now, he was eating left over cold pasta out of the plastic container standing at the counter because she wanted to watch the ceiling fan.  He laughed for a moment at how his entire world revolved around someone who enjoyed staring at the fan as a fun pastime.  It showed how much his life had changed in the years since he met you, and he loved every second of it.  With his lunch finished, he looked down at the girl in his arms, “well princess, what do you want to do now?”  His phone started vibrating in his pocket.  It took him a second to fish the damn thing out as he maneuvered her back onto his shoulder.  It was his mom.

“Hey mom!  What’s goin’ on?”  His mom called to check on him and her granddaughter while you were gone for the day. Asked how it was going and if Piper was behaving.  They talked for a few minutes before Piper let her father know she was being ignored by stretching out as far as her little six-week-old body would let her and proceed to loudly filler her diaper.  Chris laughed as he finished his call.  “Mom, I gotta go.  Piper needs to be cleaned up again.”  He tried to get her upstairs quickly but he heard that sound again as Piper grunted with her red little face.  A warm wet feeling seeped through his shirt.  

“Piper, really, again? Ugh you’re killing me, Smalls.” Another hour passed with him having to bathe her then clean himself up and change his shirt again.  By that time, she needed another feeding and diaper changing.  Chris was worn out and it was barely 4pm.  You would be home in a couple hours and he hadn’t even thought what to do for dinner.  Today had been a lot harder for him than he imagined.  

Chris brought Piper downstairs and set her on the floor on her mat. This time, though, on her back so she could see her mobile.  He laid down beside her talking quietly to her.  Telling her all about the things, they were going to do for you when you got home.  They would help make dinner and do the dishes and then have a good story before bedtime. It was no time before; both were fast asleep on the floor.  You walked in with a pizza in hand calling out to Chris.  There wasn’t a return text when you said you were on your way.  You figured the baby had kept Chris busy. The sight of those two on the floor made you smile.  Of course, you had to get a picture, first, before you did anything else.  You knew you were a lucky woman to have the two people you loved the most in this world, peacefully sleeping after a day together. It didn’t get much better than this.

Drug Wars (Pt. 4)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything, so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered and please don’t do drugs.

A/N: I don’t know, I’m sorry. You should probably read from Part 1, because this will just spoil everything for you. Also, I don’t know why I keep doing that thing with the milk, just view it as a metaphor. None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

The air was cold and filled with cries.

“Where are you taking him?!”

You were running, each step echoing through the empty corridor – you kept shouting, but he didn’t stop.

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Imagine it though!
Who would be in hero class!? Who would be in sidekick class!? Who would be in cliques? Superhero tryouts!

Just imagine Deadpool!
“What’s your power?”
“I can’t die”
“Mmhm CAR”

It would be amazing

Freak in the Sheets

Pairing: Tyler/Reader Warnings: Smut, Spanking, Dominant Tyler, Bondage, Name Calling, Choking, Public Sex Rating: Mature A/N: The ask for this was a bit vague, so I’m very sorry if this was your ask and it’s not what you wanted. Also, I love the gif because Delena is my life.

Originally posted by lovershub

“What else is there left to do?” Josh asks, walking ahead of everybody. You, Tyler, Josh, and a few other people had went to an amusement park, and had been there for hours. You had practically gone on every single ride you could, and your legs started to hurt. Tyler, being the amazing boyfriend he is, had been carrying you on his back for the past hour, and you could tell he was also growing tired. “Nothing, we all hurt. Let’s just go get food” You offer. Everyone agrees and you head to the car, getting in and laying your head on Tyler’s shoulder. The ride to the nearest restaurant was pretty silent, most of you pretty beat. Of course, that changed pretty quick when the car parked in the lot, and the smell of food hit you all. The car empties and you all run out and head inside, taking a seat and ordering your food. The way the seating was arranged was there was six of you at a table. On one side, it was the three others, and on your side, Tyler was by the wall, you were in the middle, and Josh was on the outside next to you. The conversations were meaningless while you all waited for your food, and you were going on about how fun the rides were. However, you shut your mouth immediately when Tyler set his hand on your thigh and slowly started to move towards the button on your pants. “Something wrong babe?” Tyler asks, a mock concern look on his face. You nod your head and he unbuttons your pants, sliding down the zipper, before moving his hand away. You look at him and glare, and go to fix your pants, but he slaps your hand. He looks at you and shakes his head, before returning to his conversation. “I’ll just do it myself” You say, crawling over Josh to stand up. Tyler looks at you and shakes his head, but you smile and walk to the bathroom anyway. As soon as you push through the stall, you get a text from Tyler:“I swear to God if you touch yourself in there, when we get home I’m going to destroy you” You gulp and feel your palms grow a bit sweaty. The thought of whatever Tyler would do to you made you even more wet, and you knew Tyler wouldn’t do it for you out there. You lock the door and head to one of the stalls, locking yourself in there as well. You pull out your bullet and start working on yourself, thinking a out Tyler the entire time.// A while later, you’ve finished. You put everything away and go to the sink to wash your hands. You look in the mirror, and once you’re satisfied with how you look, you unlock the door and push it open. However, when you look up to walk out, you’re pushed back in and slammed against the wall. You look up to see Tyler’s dark eyes staring back into your own. “You’ve been in here an awful long time” he says, messing with the bottom of your skirt. He runs his hand up your thigh, and pushes past your underwear, delving his fingers into you. You take in a shaky breath and he shakes his head. “It’s not just wet, it’s more creamy and your walls are too relaxed.” He says, pulling his hand back out. “You’re fucking done” he says, grabbing your wrist roughly and dragging you out of the bathroom. “Hey, we’re gonna head out, she’s not feeling well” Tyler says, acting polite and fun with everyone, completely different from you. Tyler puts some cash on the table for the food, and follows you outside. You get to the car and stand on the passenger side, opening the door. Tyler is quick behind you to shut the door and press himself against your back, boxing you in to the car. “If you want to act like such a little slut” he starts, hiking up the skirt and fidgeting with your underwear. “Tyler, no. People can see us” you say, pushing back on him slightly. He grabs your hands with one hand and hold them against the car, while he uses his other to take down your underwear and work on getting his own things off. “No one will care or see us, it’s too dark. Besides, you didn’t listen” He says sliding off his underwear. He takes his hand off your hands and you place them on the car. He uses one hand and snaked it around your waist, pulling on your waist so your ass was sticking out towards him. He quickly inserts himself in you, thrusting hard and fast. He reaches around and put one of his hands in your shirt, massaging and playing with your breast. With his free hand he moves your hair over, licking along your neck before settling on a spot, sucking and biting gently. With each of his thrusts, your body slams into the car, sure to leave a bruise at some point. “I need a new angle” he mutters, lifting you up and practically throwing your body to the hood of the car. You’re laying on your back now, so he walks in front of you, wasting no time to slide himself back in, the thrusts feeling more comfortable. You begin to moan, louder than you had intended. To shut you up, he leans down to kiss you, more passionate, not really matching to his thrusts. They were hard and fast, but the kiss was soft and sensual. You feel yourself coming close. “I feel your walls, you close?” Tyler asks. You nod, and he stops what he’s doing, sliding out and adjusting himself. He walks in the car and you stay on the hood, exposed and confused, with a little bit of anger. You put your underwear back on and get in the car. “Tyler, I hate you” you say. “I told you not to touch yourself” he says, pulling out of the lot and heading home. You still felt horny from the lack of release, so you try to be discreet and rub your thighs to create the friction. Of course, Tyler notices and slams on the brakes. “You better fucking stop” he says, but you continue. You start moaning and look directly into his eyes as you bring a hand between your thighs. “You don’t know how to fucking listen do you?” He asks, starting the car back up, speeding to your house. At the speed you were going, you pulled your hands away from yourself and grabbed onto parts of the car. It doesn’t take long for you to arrive, and you both get out of the car, heading inside. He slams your body to the wall, grabbing you by your neck and squeezing hard enough for there to be a bit of a struggle. “I gave you direct orders, no room for interpretation. So why the fuck couldn’t you just listen?“he asks, squeezing harder. You feel yourself slowly drifting out of consciousness, but Tyler notices and releases you. You cough a bit, but Tyler is quick to grab you by your face and push his lips onto yours, kissing forcefully. He grabs one of your thighs and you get the hint, jumping with your legs around his waist. The kissing continues all the way up the stairs, until he reaches the bed and drops you on it. He looks at you in the eyes as he slides off his belt, before wrapping it around your wrists and attaching it to the bed post. He pulls off your shirt, and then unclasps your bra, sliding them up as far as he could due to the restraints. You pull on them just to test it, but it doesn’t budge. He slides off your skirt and underwear, positioning himself down between your legs. He doesn’t give you any warning before plunging his fingers into you, your back immediately arching off the bed. “Just making sure you’re nice and wet..” he says, taking off his own clothes. He grabs your hips and slowly eases himself into you, his thrusts slow and steady. It wasn’t what you expected, or wanted either. “I thought you wanted to "destroy me” so why are you being so boring?“ You ask. He stops moving and slides out, standing up and walking to your dresser. He pulls out a leather paddle, and grabs your hips, flipping you so you’re on your hands and knees in front of him. "You really don’t know how to keep your mouth shut, do you? Or maybe you just want this. Is that right, you little slut?” He asks, using all his force on the first hit to your backside. You let out a yelp, not expecting how hard he would’ve started. “Tell me you want it” he says. You bite your lip and stay quiet. “I said” he starts, hitting you again. “Tell me you want it” he finishes. “I want it..” you mumble into the bed sheets. He hits you about eight more times with all his might, before positioning​ himself behind you. He slides back in, this time, going much faster and harder. Right now, you were practically his rag doll. His fuck toy for the night. He has one hand on your back and one hand on your hip, his thrusts becoming ruthless. You try and pull your hand out to rub your clit, but the restraints prevent you from doing so. Tyler moves his hand around your waist and finds his way to your clit, as if he read your mind. "I can feel how tight you are. Wait for me” he says. You moan and groan, trying to contain yourself. You feel his thrusts becoming sloppier and then it’s followed by vulgar sounds and you feel him spill inside you, you finally letting go and releasing. You feel Tyler undo the belt and you rub your wrists, laying down on your back. Tyler lays down beside you and grabs your wrists, kissing them gently. “Are you okay?” He asks. “Of course. Better than okay” you say, smiling at him.
Bad Moon Rising [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

Summary: You somehow manage to get a flat tire in a bad neighborhood after your closing shift at work. An unlikely stranger is willing to help, as much as you’re unwilling to accept it.

A/N: Alright. Here’s my first go at this. I wanted to add more detail, but I think I’m going to end up making this into a short series (I already have part 2 written!) so I wanted to get through the inciting incident first. Hope y’all like it!

Warnings: Language.

The night was frigid and exceedingly dark, the heavy cloud cover blocking out any light from the moon. You hated working late, but that was exactly what you had done every day this week. Working late was one thing but working late in retail was another. At the end of a dayshift you could grab your stuff and leave. But a night shift just took it out of you. You had to restock and tidy up and didn’t end up leaving until an hour after the store had closed. Now you were exhausted and just wanted to get home, so you decided to take your shortcut. It would get you home faster but you had to drive through some sketchy areas first. During the day this wasn’t a problem, but now was nearly midnight and the city was basically dead. This route would get you home much faster, however, and all you could think about was getting in bed.

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RFA: MC Passing out

helloooo can i request headcanons for how rfa members would react to mc passing out from exhaustion after the party?? thank u! i love your writing! C:


- You were cleaning up after the party when the world began to spin

- You tried to get to a couch, but you ended up blacking out on the floor

- When Yoosung came into the room, he fREAKED OUT

- He rushed to your side, and carefully shook you, trying to wake you up

- Doesn’t know what to do? Like were you attacked?

- Just sits by your side, almost crying, until someone less emotional comes into the room


- You were just sitting by Zen after the party, just chatting about how it went

- When your vision started to blur….. and then darkness…. 

- You slumped onto Zen’s shoulder, and he thought you were just leaning on him 

- But when your head lolled off his shoulder and nearly fell off the couch, he realized

- He lay you down on the couch, and put his jacket over you

- Could not focus on closing the party until you woke up


- With Jaehee, you wouldn’t get to pass out 

- When you began rubbing your eyes furiously, Jaehee knew what was wrong already

- After all, she was no stranger to all-nighters

- She made you lay down on a couch nearby, gave you some water, and forced you to rest for an hour or so 

- When all the donations were organized, Jaehee took you to her house and gave you a cup of tea  


- The two of you were just saying goodbye to the few remaining guests when you felt your knees grow weak

- Jumin barely caught you before you reached the ground, and he quickly dismissed the guests

- He lifted you up, bridal-style, and took you to the car he came in

- Not waiting for Driver Kim, Jumin drove you to his office and took you to the infirmary 

- He was going to take you to a hospital, but the office was much closer

- Totally paranoid, forces you to stay in bed for two days


- When you just slumped over against the wall, he thought you were pranking him

- But when you slid down to the floor, nearly hitting your head on a potted plant, Seven rushed over

- He did his best to drag you to a sofa nearby, and wetted your forehead with a towel 

- Kept holding your hand and replaced your towel often, constantly watching over you

- He makes you eat healthily, and demands that he needs to follow you everywhere (just in case you faint ofc)

[V and unknown]

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Can I say something? / ed

Originally posted by electric-hearts-war

I was in the kitchen of my best friends apartment, getting a glass of water. Ethan had invited me over to watch a movie, the third time he’s done it this week.  Grayson normally joined us but he was getting ready to go to the beach with Aaron.

“Perfect timing, the movies about to start.” Ethan said as I walked back to the couch. I set my glass on the table and was about to sit down when Ethan pulled me to sit on his lap. I looked at him confused and he gave me a cheeky grin. I shrugged it off and leaned back so our shoulders were touching.
“Woe, what’s going on here?” I heard Grayson say as he walked into the living room.
“We’re watching a movie.” I said. He lifted his eye brow at Ethan. Ethan smirked at him. I rolled my eyes, they’re such guys..
“Well I’m gonna go, have fun with the ‘movie’” he said using air quotes before he left.

“Why did he use air quotes?” I asked turning to look at him.
“Well you’re sitting on my lap.” He said, putting an arm around my waist.
“That was your fault then.” I said. He smiled at me and I turned to the tv.

“Seriously? The notebook again?” I asked once the movie started.
“What?” He asked innocently. I looked at him and laughed.
“We’ve watched this movie 2 twice already this week. Actually, we’ve sat in this apartment each time we’ve hung out this week.” I said turning to face him more. He moved his hands, one on my hip and the other on my knee.
“You dont like my apartment?” He pouted.
“You know I love it.” I said.
“Fine, c'mon. Let’s go do something.” He said turning off the tv. I stood up with him doing the same. We put our shoes and on and walked out the door.

“Where are we going?” I asked as he lead me to his car.
“You’ll see.” He said turning back to look at me. We got into his car and he started to drive.

We drove for a while, blasting music that we sang to each other jokingly. He came to a stop, near the top of a hill and parked. I have gave him a confused look. He just smiled at me and got out of the car. I got out of the car as well, meeting him near the hood of the car.
He leaned on the front and I did the same.
“Wow, that’s beautiful.” I said looking out at the view of the ocean, the sun getting ready to set. I felt him look at me so I turned towards him.
“Cmon, get up.” He said gesturing for me to sit on the car. I shook me head laughing and tried getting on but failed and slipped off. He laughed at me and turned me so I was facing him. He walked forward making me walk backwards until my back hit the truck. He put his hands on my hips and I thought he was going to kiss me.

He lifted me up and onto the hood of the car. I laughed awkwardly at my earlier thought.
“Thanks” I said. He nodded and turned around, leaning on the car but between my legs. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he leaned his elbows on the sides on my thighs, resting his hands on my knees. He leaned back so his back was on my chest and we watched the view.

A few moments later, he turned around resting his hands on my hips. My hands stayed around his shoulders and He smiled at me.
“What?” I asked laughing. He shook his head and just looked at me.

“Can I say something?” He asked, seeming more serious.
“Of course.” I said. He licked his lips and took a breath.
“I- uh, never mind..” He sighed. He went to turned around but I grabbed his shoulder to stop him.
“Tell me” I said softly.
“It’s nothing.” He said looking down.
“It’s obviously something. You can tell me.” I said. He looked up at me and meet my eyes. He slightly smiled and took a deep breath. He licked his lips and moved his hands back to my hips.

“Don’t think I’m weird, ok?” He said. I nodded and laughed.
“I really want to kiss you.” He said slowly, studying my reaction. My face heated up and I started to blush due to my nervousness. I licked my lips when he looked from my eyes to my lips and back.

He started to lean in and I met him in the middle. I moved my hands to the back of his neck pulling him closer to me. He did the same when he pulled my hips towards him, deepening the kiss. I let my hands run through his hair while his hands traveled my body.

We pulled away and looked at each others, our breathing heavier than before. He licked his lips and smiled at me.
“I think this was better than the movie.” He said making me laugh.
We kissed again, spending the rest of the day there until the sun set.


anonymous asked:

"Is opal up?” adam asks, but ronan is already nodding and closing the distance and whispers “back of the car” and adam is laughing into the kiss and there is nothing better than that taste in ronans mouth. ---- you wrote this headcanon and I kind of love this idea could you write it??

Despite what people thought of him, Ronan Lynch was very good at keeping track of time. 

There was a nice, steady way to life at the barns. Ronan woke up at around the same time every day (more often than not it was the same time), and prepared breakfast for Opal, and went around doing his chores at the barns. He would send the obligatory ‘good morning’ message to Adam, because his heart was gone with Adam at university. Then he would not reply to  Gansey’s texts, which would prompt Gansey, Blue and occasionally Henry to come see him, and then Ronan would do whatever was left around the barns (if there was anything left to do) before going off with his friends, and feeling alive. 

Alive and a little lonely, because Adam was gone. 

Amongst all these things, that revolved around a schedule, Ronan Lynch made sure that the one thing he always kept track of was when Adam would be home from school. Ronan had to wait until Christmas Break, because things were getting very hectic for Adam, and Ronan could not be that much of an asshole to Adam to interrupt his school life. 

So Ronan sat on his porch, one Friday morning. The sun was barely up, he still had some time before he decided to do his chores. He twirled his phone around in his hands, watching the minutes clock by slowly, ever so slowly. He wanted to text Adam. 

And then there was a roar. 

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