lifting rocks

I love when men use the fact that they’re naturally stronger than women to justify why they are superior/should be in charge (that argument is bunk anyway but that’s a problem for another day) but think about that. like your best argument is that you’re more suited to manual labour?? you think you should run the world because you can lift more rocks than i can? see here sonny boy so can horses and you don’t see them disproportionately managing the fortune 500 OR giving me this weak attitude. get your head right and go chop some firewood since you’re so much better at it

When we find our anchor it grounds us, it keeps us powerful, gives us that mana, that spirit.
—  Dwane ‘The Rock’ Johnson 

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When I see this, I imagine Sans hiding behind a rock and lifting Frisk up to save them from that giant bone! Is it possible Sans might actually be doing his job to protect Frisk for once?

I would imagine this if my comic was NOT Underfell.

My Sans has no wish to save the human. He would never do something like that. Confirmed, Frisk has Yoshi powers and Sans did nothing.

EDIT: Saw you said “ Sans might actually be doing his job to protect Frisk for once”

What are you even talking about…? XD


“There is no way you stole this. You found it on a scrap heap somewhere.”

Runaways AU (thank you, @kyluxcantina) wherein Ben has taken the Falcon and run away from home. Han and Leia have kinda just let him be; they know where he is.

Hux ran away some time ago (hence the shaggy hair). He’s been doing shady things to get by. He meets Ben in a random cantina by a random spaceport, thinks he can scam a lift off that rock. 

They accidentally fall in love.

Patchwork Souls

This is for the lovely anon who made my week. (I promised a fic and here it is!) Thank you for being so kind, dear heart. Much love. <3


When Bruce first clapped eyes on him, he knew Jason Todd was his.
It was as if something in his heart clicked into place. He could almost hear the echo of the found puzzle piece. The world–so barren and cruel–turned into a safe haven. The street lamps glowed with a new aspect of home.
“Hello,” whispered his soul, reaching out, “I’ve found you.”
“Piss off,” the other soul replied.
But not really. Jason Todd’s soul was layered, buried under rocks for protection. Yet every time Bruce lifted a rock and set it away, the shattered soul remains gleamed with boyish love. Bruce was mending Jason, one soul piece at a time.
He could see it when Jason reached out first, small hand extended like a flickering flame, fear erupting in his teal eyes but pushing through it.
“I…didn’t think you should be alone.”
He could see it when Jason no longer flinched, but instead smiled every time the man turned around.
"Don’t worry, Pops. I’m right behind you.”
He could see it when Jason grew an inch–just an inch–but ran down the corridor and pertly informed him.
“B! I made it! I’m no longer malnourished! I can help you now!”
“Almost, Jay, almost.”

He could see it when the boy was sitting on the med bench, knee scraped and ankle fractured from climbing to the top of the tallest oak, eyes gleaming with an unearthly light.
“But for a moment–just a moment–I lived. The world was my friend. I understood the sun. I lived, Bruce.”
That’s why Bruce knew when he found his grown son underneath a collapsed building and pulled him to safety, burying his face into the dusty curls, whispering–
“I’ve found you.”
“Piss off.”
–that Jason Todd was still the same boy, same soul.
They were different now. Their hearts were torn. They were tired and bruised, permanent invisible tear tracks ignored. But their souls were the same. They were shattered, but souls can be mended.
And they would mend each other.

The one where Will is the one on Ogygia instead of Calypso, and Nico gets stranded on the island..

Blessed be the boys time can’t capture

The first thing Nico hears when he wakes up, is the churning of water splashing against a rock. He lifts his head from the sand and takes in his surroundings. It’s seems he’s on an island, palm trees are lining the beach that stretches out for miles. He squints his eyes as the sun shines right in them. It’s too much and too bright; he doesn’t like it. The whole thing is very beautiful. Nico can see that. Objectively. He’s sure he would’ve loved it if it weren’t for the fact that he has no idea where ‘it’ is. Or if he were a regular human. That’s to say, Nico isn’t exactly a… sunshine-y person.

He should probably get up instead of lying on the sand like some kind of dead fish.  He brushes the sand off his clothes once he’s standing. How did he get there? Let’s start there. He rakes his memory and vaguely recalls falling out of a boat. During a thunderstorm? A fight, maybe? Did someone push him? What was he doing on a boat in the first place?

It’s all very hazy and blurry, creating one big mess of colours going into other colours and faces changing to waves of water violently moving.

He groans when he can’t remember where he comes from or how he got here. It’s driving him crazy. He’s also really hungry and he decides that if he’s going to be here until he finds a solution, he better find someone to give him food. He never thought he’d ever say that, but gods he hopes there’s people here. He’s not keen on starving. When he imagines his own death, it’s usually a lot more heroic than starvation and involving much more monsters.

So, he walks around for a few minutes, still trying to find something, anything, to show him what he’s supposed to do now and being convinced he’s dying because of this unbearable heat. For a split second when he opened his eyes, he thought he might be in Elysium. But, no, Nico’s paradise consists of far less light. This is more like hell for him. It’s certainly hot enough. But as a son of Hades though, Nico knows what hell looks like and this is not it. It’s not nearly that bad.

Relief washes over him when he notices a little house looming a little further away. He walks a little faster, wanting to know if someone lives there. And more importantly, if that someone has food and some water he can drink without coughing for half an hour due to the salt burning his chest. Nico does not understand all the hype around the beach.

Getting closer to the house, he notices a person, a man standing hunched over. Nico can’t see what he’s doing. He goes closer. It quickly becomes clear that it’s indeed a young man. With hair that glitters gold in the sun. And if his face is as impressive as his backside, he must be extremely handsome. That’s not important, though. The last thing Nico needs right now is a cute boy to distract him form the task at hand: getting the hell out of here and going back to wherever it is he comes from. Not that he would let the boy distract him if he were cute. Nico’s quite good at focusing. On important things.

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After finishing talking with the sheriff outside, you returned to the weight room, stopping mid-step at the sight inside.

“Dean!” you laughed, clapping a hand over your mouth. “What the hell?”

“Is he doing something stupid again?” Sam asked, not looking up from his phone.

“Yes,” you said, taking a few steps closer. 

“What? Come on. I used to bench this no sweat back in high school,” Dean said from under the bar, flashing you a grin. You crossed your arms and narrowed your eyes at him.

“Didn’t realize you had equipment like this back then,” you said. “Thought you’d have been lifting rocks and calling it gym, old man.”

“How dare you,” Dean said, eliciting another laugh from you. 

“Alright, well we’re all very impressed–”

“I’m not,” Sam said, still focused on his phone.

“But you need to put that down before you hurt yourself,” you continued.

“Nah, I got this,” Dean said, his playful grin returning as he gave you a wink. He puffed out a few breaths before grunting into the lift, trying to push the bar overhead, but it barely moved an inch before his eyes widened, his entire demeanor changing in an instant.

“You ok?” you asked.

“Son of a bitch,” he managed to get out. “Yeah–uh, I definitely pulled something. Little help.”