lifting rocks

I love when men use the fact that they’re naturally stronger than women to justify why they are superior/should be in charge (that argument is bunk anyway but that’s a problem for another day) but think about that. like your best argument is that you’re more suited to manual labour?? you think you should run the world because you can lift more rocks than i can? see here sonny boy so can horses and you don’t see them disproportionately managing the fortune 500 OR giving me this weak attitude. get your head right and go chop some firewood since you’re so much better at it

Stormlight characters as things people in my school have said and done

Kaladin: on the first day back said “I’ve only been here for five minutes and I already want to die” and continued to state their want for death the rest of the school year
Shallan: was accused of being a kleptomaniac and said “I’m not a klepto! I just…steal stuff. I always give it back!”
Young Dalinar: threw up during science because they were drunk af
Current Dalinar: hosted a multi-cultural show. Let two (basically) weebs preform a (probably) anime dance dressed in animeish grab. Still extremely naive
Szeth: constantly punches lockers and walls. Hands are always bloody
Rock: my friend who I’ve known since grade 1 who I found out in my second year of high school can actually bake and carried my group through a French project to bake a cake. Never brought it up again
Wit: the guy who tried to give a kid five dollars for a ride on his scooter and then almost commissioned me to draw Mona Lisa baked af
Jasnah: has an extensive knowledge of criminals , makes constant jokes and references about them. It’s starting to get a bit scary.
Lift: stands at 5'0 but can down three meals at once
Elhokar: extraordinarily gullible despite having an amazing memory for certain things
Renarin: the one kid with the really soft voice who we’re pretty sure runs the mafia or something
Adolin: unsure of how he’s passing or how he’s actually dating a female

I already talked about it in the tags of another post, but I think it deserves a post of its own.

I just really love this shot of the floating rocks in the Last Jedi teaser.

In all of Star Wars so far, the telekinetic Force abilities always seemed very limited. You could only move one object in one direction and in one position. More advanced Force users could lift bigger objects faster and without much strain, but that’s about it.

It seemed a lot less like a skill and more like a muscle. A muscle can be grown so it could lift bigger objects faster and easier. But a skill needs to be honed, to be made more precise, to give the user better control and more options.

The way Rey lifts the rocks in this shot it seems a lot more like a skill (or more accurately, a lack of skill). The rocks are flying all over the place, spinning around, and moving in different directions. She can’t control just one, let alone all of them. And she can’t take them very far.

This approach gives the force a much more interesting flavour than previous depictions. The Force is shown not just as something that can be grown stronger and better, but also something that can be controlled and untilized and be in tune with. Which I think is what the Force was supposed to be all along.

Also, it just looks cooler.

Ptygmatic folds

We are all familiar with the shape of squished and baked rocks, that occur at every scale from the centimetre up to the hundreds of kilometres, illustrating the fractal nature of geological processes. When a single layer of harder rocks (called more competent by geologists) is squished amongst softer ones, the latter often get melded into each other, and don’t reveal clearly what happened to them during their metamorphism, information vital for the understanding of the tectonics of a region and such processes as mountain building. Enough data points like these folds in a calcite vein eliminates local variations and allows an assessment of the pressures and forces that shaped a region.

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Happily Ever After // Remus Lupin

 A/N: Don’t ask me what this trash is because I don’t know. I’ve been doing Driver’s Ed shit all week and my brain isn’t functioning properly sorry if this is terrible lmao. I don’t have the energy to edit this either pls don’t hate me 

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Remus woke with a start. Sharp, loud cries echoed through the dark bedroom. He let out a tired groan as he rubbed at his eyes, moving your arm off of his bare chest. He did his best to gracefully scoot out of the bed without waking you. Your chin slipped off his shoulder and rested softly on the corner of his pillow. A sleepy smile grew on his face as you stirred a little, mumbling his name and smiling in your sleep.

The baby in the crib at the window let out a piercing cry, and Remus winced, glancing at you. You’d woken up, but he didn’t need to know that. You watched him pad the rest of the way over to the white wooden crib after mentally deciding you were still sleeping. He peered down at the baby, smiling gently at her for a couple seconds as he fumbled with a beautiful lavender throw Lily had made for your daughter draped across a rocking chair Remus’ grandfather had built. You watched him through squinted eyes and blurry vision as he lifted your daughter carefully from her crib. He swaddled her in the blanket, hushing her quietly and rocking her in his arms. He smiled softly at her, “Hello, my love. What’s the matter? Oh, sweetheart, stop crying. Nothing to fret over, angel. Daddy’s going to fix you right up.” 

You felt a smile grace your face as you watched Remus. You didn’t think you’d ever seen a more beautiful sight; your whole world standing together, painted in soft, pallid moonlight pouring through the open blinds. You watched Remus leave the room, coming back shortly with a bottle and your now quiet daughter. He took a seat in the rocking chair, lifting the bottle to the baby’s mouth. If she hadn’t been quiet before, she definitely was now. Remus gazed down at her, an expression full of love and adoration for the girl evident on his face. You wanted to giggle at the smile on his face; the ‘stupidly in love’ grin he always gave you. Your daughter finished the bottle up quickly, but still she remained restless. You frowned. A bottle normally put her right back to sleep. You contemplated getting up to give Remus a break, but then he began talking to the child, and as you listened, you decided you wouldn’t dare interrupt this.

“My beautiful little angel,” he whispered, staring down at her. He began to rock slowly. His fingers danced on the baby’s belly for a couple seconds. She laughed and Remus smiled wider. What a beautiful sound it was, her laugh. Your husband spoke again, “I was always a night owl, too. Your mummy though,” he paused to laugh, “well, that woman passes out at seven and doesn’t wake up until noon the next day. But, sometimes, she can’t sleep. It’s normal, darling, don’t worry. When Mummy can’t sleep, I always tell her stories. You want to hear a story, love? I believe you’re a tad too young to count sheep.”

Remus wiggled his fingers on your baby’s belly once more, causing her to let out a little shriek. “I’ll take that as a yes, then, Hope.”

Hope. You’d insisted on naming your daughter that. Not only was it Remus’ mother’s name, but it was exactly what Remus needed when she came around, and it was exactly what she delivered. After James, Lily, and Peter were killed and Sirius was taken to Azkaban, Remus had fallen into a deep hole of depression, and you couldn’t help him out of it. Most of your pregnancy was spent alone, and the stress of it all nearly killed you and Hope both, but you made it through. And when she was born, the twinkle in Remus’ eye return and with each passing day of having his child, he began to smile again and your hope for him to get better, his hope for a future, the hopes you shared for your baby and each other had been restored. That’s what your child was, pure hope.

You were torn from your thoughts as Remus’ silky voice filled the room again and the story began. “Once upon a time, there lived a princess; a beautiful, kind girl with the prettiest, fairest smile and a knack for loving things others thought unlovable. I know what you’re thinking, darling. This already sounds a lot like ‘Beauty and The Beast.’ Perhaps it is, in a way. The princess lived in a glorious castle called Hogwarts where she ruled over her people in the Ravenclaw Tower, a place for the witty ones. The castle was a big place full of magic and wonder. Her loyal knights, Sir James and Sir Remus,” he paused and giggled quietly at himself, “lived in the Gryffindor tower, a place for the bravest of them all. And down deep in the dungeons of Hogwarts lived a slimy little man named Snivellus, a mad sorcerer who wanted to see the downfall of the Princess Y/N and take her throne.”

You forced back a laugh. Serverus Snape was many things, but he was not a mad sorcerer and only got the chance to see your downfall once, before it was quickly taken care of. Remus continued, “One day, Princess Y/N was with her best friend, Hademar the Owl, in Hogwarts’ Owlery writing a note to her parents, who lived far, far away. Sir Remus was off with his mate Sir James, chasing after the fair maiden Lily Evans. Sir James was hooked on her, and always had a new plan to steal Lily’s heart, which almost always involved Sir Remus doing something crazy. And so, the princess was left unprotected by her brave knights giving Slimy Snivellus the perfect chance to use his latest terrible sorcery on her. While the brave knights tried to coax Lily Evans into going on a date to Hogsmeade with the poor, lovestruck, hopeless Sir James, Snivellus sat in a dark corner with his pathetic chemistry set, brewing up a terrible poison. He had the perfect plan to steal Princess Y/N’s crown. He would dip a fresh apple into his nasty concoction and trick the princess into taking a bite, putting her in a deep sleep for the rest of your life.” He laughed a little, “And knowing Princess Y/N, it was a pretty good plan. Her subjects wouldn’t have a hard time believing she’d retired from her princess duties to sleep for the rest of eternity.”  

You could tell Hope was dozing, but Remus didn’t seem to care. He continued his story. “Greasy Ol’ Sniv slithered up the steps to the owlery, a shiny red apple in his hand. Sir Remus was still distracted with Sir James’ shenanigans and was nowhere to stop the villainous creature. Snivellus approached Princess Y/N with a sly, disgustingly menacing smile on his face and offered her the apple. She reached out to take the gift. You see, Princess Y/N was very kind and always believed in second chances. But, as soon as she touched the apple, Sir Remus felt a sick feeling in his stomach. He knew something was wrong. So, he pulled out is magical map and searched for Princess Y/N frantically. Once he found her, he raced to the owlery, wand in hand. What’s going to happen, my love? Hm, Hope? Think Dad- Sir Remus can save the day?”

You shifted slightly, becoming uncomfortable. Remus glanced at you, but you shut your eyes quickly. When you opened them up again, he was finishing up the story. “Just in time, Sir Remus burst through the door and shouted a spell, knocking the poisoned apple out of the princess’ hand. She started to shout at Sir Remus, not letting him explain his side of the story before resorting to screaming, as usual.” You tried not to snort at that little comment. Remus just put on a stupid smirk and kept story-telling, “Sir James was right behind Sir Remus, sweet Lily hot on his trail. He put magical, unreakable handcuffs on greasy, slimy, disgusting Snivellus. Lily gave him a victorious kiss and Sir James nearly went into cardiac arrest. As for the princess, she’d stopped yelling and allowed Sir Remus some speaking time. He finished his explanation of why he’d saved her ungrateful, shouting life with a brave smile and the princess’ heart thumped out of her chest – her very nice chest. She jumped for joy and thanked Sir Remus a million hundred times. She gave him lots of thank you kisses, and thank you other things, and eventually told Sir Remus that she was in love with him. Yeah, she was so whipped, Hope. After begging a million times, the princess finally convinced Sir Remus to marry her. As for Sir James and the fair maiden Lily Evans, they had a big beautiful wedding and loved each other until the very end…and still do. The Hogwarts castle was a peace with its new Prince and Princess and Daddy and Mummy lived happily ever after.”

Remus kissed the top of Hope’s head. He stood up and placed the sleeping baby back in her crib carefully with a whisper, “The End. Goodnight, my love. Daddy loves you so much, Hope.”

With a yawn, he sleepily walked back to the bed, laying down carefully beside you. You pursed your lips and shuffled around, coming to lay on his chest after he’d burrowed back into the blankets. You smiled, “Princess Y/N, huh?”

Remus let out a loud groan before pushing your giggling figure off his chest, rolling over on his side and hiding his crimson cheeks. You laughed, placing a soft kiss on his cheek and wrapping your arms and legs around him, “Goodnight, my brave prince.”

Going to the Movies

Summary:  Reader and Dean go out to the movies.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1553

Warnings: SMUT (oral male receiving, fingering, unprotected sex), fluff

A/Nt:  This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge.  Congratulations Kari!  My prompt was “Going to the movies” and I chose Dean, obviously.  This is unbetaed so all errors are mine alone.

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You walk into the bunker library to find Dean sitting in front of his laptop with a huge smile on his face.

“What’s up babe?”

“Look what I found,” he says, turning his laptop toward you.

You look at the screen; it’s a website for a drive-in movie theater a few towns over.  You grin back at him.  “I have a feeling were taking a drive tonight.”

“Y/N I’ve always wanted to go to a drive-in.  Sitting in Baby watching a movie with you sounds like a perfect night to me.”

He pulls you into his lap kissing your back.

“What do you say?  Can I take you to the movies?”

“Of course,” you say leaning sideways to look at him.

He dips you down, his lips trailing up your throat before he captures your mouth with his.  Your hand grips the back of his neck and his free arm pulls you closer as the kiss deepens.   You break away to catch your breath.  “What’s showing?”

“Who cares?”

You laugh.  “Ok, well when do we need to leave?”

“It’s a two hour drive, if we’re on the road in a half hour we could make the nine o’clock show.”

“I’ll get ready,” you jump off of his lap and dash to your room.

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Another shot from the climbing gym, last session both my boyfriend and I had a lot of fun working on some new boulders!
Can’t wait to get back on some real rocks.
May 28, 2017


Guys I am having a grumpy gills kind of day.

*complaining- skip to paragraph *
Took preworkout and left the office to go lift got calls on the way out and got distracted forgot I didn’t have my gym key since someone took my truck this morning for a job!! 😪 went to the house and forgot to grab Holly’s (work call distractions) got to to the gym and cussed… by this time my thin ledge of time was gone and I had to grab a quick bite and head back to work… its hot!!! Aaahhhhh

You guys are awesome!! For the last year to the day I have put in 5.2 million steps! I am healthier and happier and thankful for all you awesome peoples for sticking it out with me! Y'all do rock!
Gloating on y'all makes me feel better!!! 😊😊😊

Ps/TMI - cross your fingers that a baby is made this month! 👶


Lift descending into the throat of an inactive Icelandic volcano - magma drained back and left an open chamber with hydrothermally altered walls.

I dreamt that I found an enormous Pacific blood star clinging to a rock. It was bigger than a dinner plate and moved with unsettling speed. I lifted it off the rock easily - it wrapped slender red arms around my fingers, but as I turned it over, I saw that it had a tiny hypodermic needle where a mouth should be. It could rotate the needle (black, thin, no more than a centimeter long, encased in a pale fleshy mound) smoothly in several directions. It pricked my thumb, and as I frantically tried to peel the blood star off before it could drink my blood, I began to hear its thoughts in my head.

(Note: blood stars are so named because of their color, not a tendency towards vampirism.)

Enchanted // Moon Bin


the prompt: may I please request the mermaid/enchanted voice au with Moonbin of Astro??
(from this au) “I’m a mermaid/merman, and you’ve fallen in love with my voice. How do I break it to you that you don’t actually love me, you’re just enchanted?”

words: 3922

category: fluff + angst

author note: have you guys heard the new astro songs yet? the aroha song is so sweet! for this scenario i decided to make moonbin the mermaid rather than the reader, which i feel like was the best decision bc now i’m in love with this mermaid au. also, i might do a spin-off of this for eunwoo?? or a sequel for bin?? probably both?? anyway, pls enjoy merman bin~

- destinee

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“More Than The Stars”

Request: Hey 😊 would you do a Chris Beck imagine where you get seriously hurt during an incident on the shuttle and Chris saves you. He orders you bed rest for a while but after a few days you leave the bed and try to walk around but nearly fall but Chris is there to catch you. Then he supports you and you walk to your both favourite place and watch the universe pass you by. After a few moments where you just hold on to each other you share your first kiss together? 😊 I’d be very happy if you’d do this

Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader

Warnings: panic attack, fluff

Word Count: 1222

A/N: my idea of the shuttle has gravity, go with it. im sorry this took so long. i have two left after this one. please leave requests and feedback. let me know if you want to be on my permanent tag list. sorry if the ending sucks.

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You had been in space for almost a whole year now. The entire crew had to go back to save Watney’s ass. You were on board from the begging, but you were missing Earth. You were missing the solid ground, and most of all you were missing your comfortable California King bed. Sleeping standing up trapped inside an insulated sleeping bag wasn’t very comfortable.

Today, some repairs had to be done on the shuttle. It was getting hit by small asteroids, but the repairs still needed to be done. That was your job. You would carry yourself around the entire shuttle just to fix the little cracks and dents the shuttle had. You have spent more time out in open space than any person really should. You would be directed by Commander Lewis and Johansson. Johansson had to tell you how to fix some of the antennas on the outside of the shuttle. Chris would be standing by if anything were to go wrong.

You were all suited up and ready to go. Even though you had done these repairs multiple times, it never felt less scary. Being all alone in open space terrified you. Knowing Chris would be there to help made it all a little easier. It was your job, you knew what you were getting into when you signed up to be in this mission.

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anonymous asked:

When I see this, I imagine Sans hiding behind a rock and lifting Frisk up to save them from that giant bone! Is it possible Sans might actually be doing his job to protect Frisk for once?

I would imagine this if my comic was NOT Underfell.

My Sans has no wish to save the human. He would never do something like that. Confirmed, Frisk has Yoshi powers and Sans did nothing.

EDIT: Saw you said “ Sans might actually be doing his job to protect Frisk for once”

What are you even talking about…? XD

It’s the end.

Endings are terrifying. Change is terrifying!   But which is scarier – the change that happens quickly, or the change that happens slowly?

The castle isn’t real. Immortality isn’t real.   You will grow old, here in your coffin or out in the world.

The coffin isn’t safe. Suffering isn’t safe.

The status quo isn’t safe. You will die a captive or you will die free.

It’s the end, whether you like it or not.   We can do it all again, or we can have a revolution.

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