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Mid morning run and short lifting set from this morning! 😊

The run was really good and had a little extra distance and speed! I am feeling good! The lift was pretty short but it was still good and will definitely lead to some soreness! Also I am not a core worker even though I need to be! I was doing bear crawls into plank position for 30 sec! Yeah it was difficult for me! 😂💪👍

Leftovers for lunch today, they were more delicious today!

Hope y’all are having a great day!


Crazy day with some delicious food right at the end!

Went for a quick evening workout and then started the crazy run around! Came home showered up and went to meet up with fam for dinner! This weekend is going to be insanely busy!

NSV I am starting to see more difference in my body particularly my stomach and my arms! Starting to see some of those veins again!

We are redoing another airstream for a family member at the moment, New tile and a deep cleaning goes a long way!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!


Mid morning run complete! It was a good run even with a bit of soreness I have going on!

Last night I went and did a quick lifting set even though I didn’t really want to! I am glad I did!

Also Dakota is doing much better thanks for all the concerns for her! She is a very sweet girl! I stayed up most the night keeping an eye on her just in case!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful day!


Evening lift session complete! 👍😜💪😂

Had a good lifting set, I really need to work on my last pulldowns! New side quest is to do a pull-up! I want to do 1 pull-up! 👍😂

Taco salad prep for the next couple days lunches! I love tacos and salads so minus the tortilla and you have the next best thing! 👍😜

Also you get a pic of my insanity counter, preworkout and unicorn milk protein ftw!

Hope y’all are having a great evening! I ❤️ you all!