Should girls lift?

Hell yes! Girls I hate to tell you, you all say it ‘all I want to do is get toned and I don’t want to get big’. Toned is muscle, and you cannot get big because you do not have the hormonal support to generate large muscle mass. So hit the weights. Doing cardio and only cardio is not going to tone the body, it is not going to work the muscle to the extent that weights would and by weight training as well you’re still going to burn calories for longer after the gym session than if you just do cardio. The way your body composition changes as we said before is dictated by your nutrition. So in the gym ladies do not be afraid of hitting that weight section. Any man  that looks derogatorily at a woman walking into a weighted area of a gym is not a man worth worrying about anyway.  So get in there, do your thing, be proud and progress.

- Lex Griffin 


Everyday I like my body a little bit more! Everytime I do my work out, I feel stronger and I love it. I’m doing this for myself, not because I want a fit body, I just want to be healthy. I’ve never done any sports (well I dance, but I mean, I was really sedentary). I wanted to be more active, I wanted to do something so I started lifting and I love it! I’m stronger, both mentally and physically. I finally found a sport that I really enjoy so… :D 

Is self-acceptance a form of mediocrity? I don’t mean letting yourself go or continuing to indulge in habits that don’t serve you, I mean self-acceptance in that when you realize you and your essence are greater than what’s in the physical or mental planes, you can live life in a way where you aren’t constantly in pain. You can truly BE (present).From this place, you truly can succeed.
—  Matt Ogus

Thursday - Gym’D - Lifting & Biking

I was so cold this morning I put on two jackets this morning. Brrrrrrr.


Weights are heavy, everyone. Weights are heavy.

Squats (140lbs) 5x5 & parallel pull ups 5x5; Bench press (100lbs) 5x5 & pulls ups 5x3; Barbell Rows (115lbs) & push ups 5x15.

I hit triple digits on the bench press finally. Yay! My arms are dead. My legs are dead.

Biking The roads were a little messy with snow and my legs were jelly so I mentally set a goal of 9 miles while I wobbled up to the bike. After the first mile I dropped it into 8 intensity (usually I am at 10 by default) because I was peddling through molasses.

Then the hunger attacked me. I cut the ride at 8 miles so I could leave just a bit early and grab a smoothie on the way to work. It was delicious.

Happy Thursday! Have the courage to do something amazing today.

What a wonderful coincidence that my one year liftaversary (not a real word, I know!) falls on a #transformationtuesday !!! So the top two pictures are exactly one year ago today and were taken the day I started lifting! So much has changed in one year, not only physically but mentally as well. I’m so incredibly proud of how far I’ve come and how strong I’ve gotten. I’m doing things I never thought I would ever do (i.e. compete in a bikini competition or crossfit). Each and every day I grow stronger and I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

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