Meet Report

I’ll post a video soon as well. This meet was sooooo long. We got there around 8:30 am (because that’s when the rules meeting was) and we were there until about 10:30 pm. There were two competitions and the pros were first and the amateur women were in the afternoon. They were hoping for the women to start at 1:30 pm but we didn’t start until 3:30 pm.

Squats: Easy first attempt with 176. I wasn’t sure how my knee was going to be but this flew. Second attempt was 192.5 and moved really quickly as well. Mark told me not to look at what he was calling for my third attempt. It was 210 and I WAS SO CLOSE. I bounced out of the hole and I really thought I was going to get it until my butt shot back and that was the end of that.

Bench: First attempt was 110 and it flew. Second attempt was 121 and it flew after I got the bar back into the proper path. I locked my SI joint during this and getting up from the bench was really painful. Mark was like “if I call for 60 kg, do you promise to push back and keep the bar path tight?” and I was like “uhh, okay”. I missed 60 kg because I didn’t push back and pushed up instead. One of the spotters was like “you pushed the wrong way” LOL

Deadlifts: By this point, it was like 10 pm and I was so tired. It had been such a long day. Priya had worked on my back and it felt a bit better. Opened with 303 and it was easy. Jumped to 325 for my second. It got a little bit in front but I had no doubts about it. Mark called for 341 for my third and I got it off the ground but I had zero energy left. Usually I’m pretty good at grinding out deadlifts but I was done. We had been at the meet for 14 hours. My back was also on fire but I feel confident that I could get this weight soon. The downside was that I was trying to break the awpc world record for the deadlift and I missed BUT the good thing is, the record is already mine and I had beaten it by 55 pounds. 

Basically I had a long, rough day. I went 6/9 and tweaked my back but I came away with Best Junior Lifter so that was neat. Shout out to bri-lifts and weightliftingcanadian for coming to watch even though I kind of sucked