I just did that thinking thing!

Guys!!! i just got an idea im very excited about. plz let me know what u think of it

so what if all the lifters of tumblr got together and decided that for the entire month of december we will not lift anything for ourselves but we will donate everything we lift to people in need and charities. (u can still lift as gifts for ur friends or maybe a thing or two for urself as an xmas gift). think about just how many people in need will benefit. also since december is the month for xmas imagine all the kids who will get nice gifts they might not have been able to get before. December is also usually cold in many places (duhhh winter) so we could try to lift clothes that will help keep people warm like wool socks and long sleeved shirts and scarves etc. we can lift canned items from grocery stores and just everything we can to help people. 

im literally sitting in bed giggling and smiling out of excitement. i really want to do this and by december i will have my golf magnet and hook so i can make bigger hauls too :))))) wht do u guys think?

My girlfriend is my favorite thing in this world. My favorite voice, laugh, smile, person. she’s everything to me and I’ve never been so in love with such a beautiful soul. I wanted to post something sweet about her tonight because I’m so proud of the way she’s been kicking her ass in the gym. Look at those muscles. She’s so hot. kap96 😍