Harry is a total Sweetheart.

Can I just say Harry is a total sweetheart during OTRA tour in Amsterdam it was chaos alot of girls pushing,yelling,pulling. And I had a sign saying I ❤ Louis. I was almost being hit down cause I stoot at the front since the gates opend for the vip/early acess and stuff. So I legit had girls smashing on my hands and polse where I was holding the sign because they wanted to stand upfront. (Note they came last moment and had faked being dehydrated so they could stand at the front. Because alot of girls ended up being dehydrated by the heat and pushing.) And I was trying to hang on to the gate because my bag with medicine at the time stood there. Then all of a sudden Harry Styles stops he looks at me turns his head to read the sign! Not even 2 seconds later a security guy from where Harry stood rushed to me to check on me. This happend mutiply tims after they walked from the mainstage to the lifthill stage.


Oh. My. Thank you so much for sharing!! I find his protective side so incredibly attractive and I love hearing about it! I’m glad he took care of you in the heat of everything. I can only imagine how it must’ve felt when you realised he was looking out for you. I know I’d be a bit baffled if it happened to me, especially when the night is over and you are left to your own thoughts and your mind replays the night. At the end of the day you were okay thanks to Harry Styles.