I published my first story in my By the Grace of God series on September 29, 2016 on AO3/FFN–and didn’t join Tumblr until sometime in October.  I’d noticed that a lot of my favorite authors had Tumblr accounts, and many amazing stories were born out of prompts from here. 

Folks, I joined here knowing NO ONE!  All I knew was that I wanted a place in this fandom–somewhere to discuss the show and meta with others who loved it as much as I did.  I started writing my series as an offering to the gatekeepers in hopes that they would find me worthy. 

I never expected to find friends.

So, this is me–thanking all you beautiful people. 
THANK YOU for inspiring me with your own creative works!
THANK YOU for motivating me in my own creative endeavors!
THANK YOU for talking to me in chat about literally everything!
THANK YOU for making artwork and stories based on my own work!
THANK YOU for making me feel welcome and loved!!!

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For my patient and loyal readers

I am proud to introduce my new sideblog:

It is dedicated exclusively to content created for my Supernatural fanfiction series, By the Grace of God.


  • Asks answered by characters
  • Master FicList page
  • Characters page, including bios and pics
  • Prompt fics set within the BTGOG!verse
  • Fanart by readers
  • Fanfics by readers set within the BTGOG!verse
  • Moodboards
  • And more!!

Please, check it out!  
I even learned how to use coding to make the “Characters” pager fancy.
And a SUPER shout-out to @nathyfaith​ (who is helping mod) and @carryonmycobaltangel​ for their hours of work, help, and expertise.  Without their efforts, y’all wouldn’t be seeing this blog for a few more months (if ever).
Sidenote: I am still working on the rest of the BTGOG Asks (there are around 30 left).  I’m gonna keep it going over on the new blog, so feel free to send them there!!

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