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“He’s an actor on Broadway.  I broke up with him in December because he couldn’t manage his anger.  He’d scream at me on subway platforms.  Once he busted my lip while trying to grab something out of my hand.  That was when I finally ended it.  But he called me on New Year’s Eve and asked if he could go to a party with me.  We’d bought our tickets months earlier.  They were expensive so I agreed.  My sister was coming with us so I wasn’t worried.  Everyone had a great time.  …At the end of the night, we dropped off my sister and went back to his place.  I was so drunk that I curled up in a pile of clothes.  When I opened my eyes he was taking photos of me and laughing.  I immediately decided to leave.  It was literally the start of a new year and I wanted to begin on a good note.  He yelled at me to come back but I kept walking.  He followed me down the stairs and grabbed my arm.  He told me to ‘stop acting stupid.’  Then he pinned me up against the side of his building.  He was choking me and saying ‘calm down, calm down, calm down.’  A van drove by and started honking at us.  But they didn’t stop.  They didn’t help me.  I broke free and ran into traffic but nobody was stopping.  He caught me, and pushed me up against a van, and lifted me into the air by the neck.  When I woke up on the ground he was gone.  I asked the judge to sentence him to anger management courses.  He’s finished them.  But I’m still dealing with the trauma of that night.”

#76 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “could you please do a schoolboy van wherein reader is bestfriends with him but reader is starting to fall for van but couldnt do anything bc van is dead inlove with a popular girl??”

Note: I recently did a fic with a school setting, so I’ve tried to add a lil’ something-something to make this a very different story. I hope you like it! Also, I am so profoundly hungover. Happy Sunday! 


You had tried to wear the least attention-grabbing outfit possible. Blending into the crowd was the goal for the night, and you felt like you were doing a really fucking good job too. You watched Catfish play from your place against a wall. Somehow, despite the low lights and screaming fans, Benji’s eyes clocked you. You stood up straight as you watched him recognise you and almost freeze. He signalled to someone off stage, and Larry quickly ran to him. Larry looked across the room at you with the same disbelief. Maybe if you had hidden in the crowd instead of the shadows they’d not have seen you. You turned and made your way to the exit as fast as you could.

You were almost a block away when you heard Larry’s voice. You knew it, but it was deeper and older than when you last heard it. He was calling your name. He ran to catch up and he stopped in front of you, holding out his hand in a beg. “Y/N. Please. Don’t go. Gimme a sec,” he said. You didn’t know what to do, but you gave him the few seconds to catch his breath. “Fuck. Hi!” he beamed then, and pulled you into a hug. It was familiar and you wanted to cry. You held onto him harder than you wanted to. He started to talk but didn’t let you go. “What happened? Where did you go? You can’t leave now. If Van finds out you were here… Come on, you have to come back.” He broke the hug and took your hand. You pulled your arm away from him.

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Another great Submission for all you perverts...

I’m leaving work and walking to my car. I’m about to open my door when I’m pressed up against my car. Immediately there’s a hand over my mouth and an arm squeezing me, pinning my arms to my sides. I struggle, but he’s strong – far too strong for me to have a chance but that doesn’t stop me. His feet slide between mine and push them wide. He spins me around and I glance a van before something covers my eyes. I’m blindfolded, gagged, picked up, and placed in what I can only assume is the van. I can hear men talking as we drive somewhere. Their hands are under my shirt and up my skirt. I’m wet from the touches even though I don’t want to be. I struggle, but they slap me and pin me. One whispers in my ear to keep quiet and be a good girl. Suddenly we stop, and I hear the door slide open. It’s hot here, but I still can’t see. I’m dragged from the van and my shirt ripped open, exposing my naked breasts. My wrists are tied to something above my head, and I feel my skirt and panties forced off of me. I can hear them breathing as they circle me. A slap to my breasts, a pinch to my nipples, a hard spank on my ass all cause me to cry out. I’m whimpering as they call me their slut.
“You know you want this.”
“Go ahead and cry, slut”
“You don’t have any idea what I’m going to do to you. Just you wait.”

Then I’m lifted by fingers forced into me. My cunt is dripping. Why does my body want this? They laugh and mock me for my wet pussy, calling me a slut. I cry out as one of them thrusts deep his thick, hard cock into me. I feel my hands released from above. I gasp but choke as a cock fills my mouth. I can't​ see; I can’t breathe; I can only feel myself being used and thrust into over and over again. Finally I’m allowed a breath, but I breathe in wet and salty as cum covers my face. I can feel the tears and snot run down as another cock fills me and stretches my throat. My cunt is throbbing. I’m about to cum when he pulls out.
“You don’t get to cum, slut. Not yet. This isn’t for you. You are ours.”
I’m lowered onto a cock bigger than I’ve felt. Every thrust has my eyes rolling back. I know they would mock me if they could see how I wanted it – how I enjoyed it. I don’t know who this is, but his giant cock is driving me mad with pleasure. My cunt is throbbing and dripping. I can feel that I’m about to cum, but I suddenly fall back from that edge as I gag with cum running down my throat. Finally my mouth is empty. I’m covered in cum. I’m bent over, and I hear someone spit and then hot liquid run down my back and over my ass. I feel something hard against me, and then I scream as my ass is raped. I’m so full, I’m too full. My body betrays me, and I scream as I cum around two dicks.
I lose track of my body and my being. I can’t tell how many men are using me. I am only a toy for their enjoyment. Holes to be filled and fucked. I don’t want to love it, but my body tells me that I do. My pussy is wet, my nipples are hard, my back arches, and my throat releases moans when it isn’t being fucked. And I cum again…and again…and again…and again. So many, in fact, that they begin to run into each other and I’ve lost count.
I don’t know how long it goes on, but I slowly realize when it’s stopped. My body is too tired. I feel myself being lifted, feel the van move underneath me, and then finally the cold cement as I’m placed on the ground outside my car. I jerk as my keys are dropped on the ground an inch from my face, and I hear the van drive off. Naked still and covered in cum, I climb into my car.

An amazing submission. Thank you for your sick and twisted little fantasy.

From: @submittedrose


Flying high: part 3

A/n: so there’s probably going to be one more part to this series and I’m guessing you guys don’t really like this idea as much as the other ones, because I’m getting less feedback about this one. Sorry, I’m an insecure demon. Hope you enjoy!

Jason read the message and growled. He couldn’t believe that those assholes dared to send that video of them torturing you to your phone. You were curled up into a ball and were sobbing right next to him.

Jason tried to put his hand on your arm, hug you, anything to calm you down but you fought against him the whole time. “I won’t let you take me! Never again!” You cried over and over. By this time, Damian and Bruce had made it down to the cave.

Bruce tried to grab you but you screamed at the contact. It was obvious that you were having a panic attack. Bruce and Jason were trying to talk to you but it was like you couldn’t hear them.

“Stop it! Can’t you imbeciles see that you’re making it worse!” Damian shouted. You flinched away from him and the noise he was making, thinking that he was a threat. Damian noticed this and walked over to you, dropping to his knees right in front of you.

You whimpered when he grabbed your arm but you didn’t fight back. Gently, he cupped your face and made you look at him. He could tell that you were mumbling to yourself but he couldn’t understand any of it. The fear in your e/c eyes was clear as day to him, though.

“Y/n, you need to calm down. You’re safe here and none of us would ever hurt you on purpose. You are not at ITEX, you’re in the bat cave. The men you fought off were Jason Todd, who rescued you from ITEX, and Bruce Wayne, my father.” Damian said to you quietly.

“Can’t trust adults. They only make it worse and send me back.” You muttered but Damian heard it. He sighed and wiped a few tears away from your eye. “I understand that. It was only ever adults who hurt you so you think you can’t trust any of them. But y/n, I’m a kid. Just like you. You can trust me.” He whispered.

You nodded silently. He could tell that you didn’t believe him. “Y/n, we may not get along too well but you and I are partners. Robin and Ailés. Together, we’ll stop all the bad adults and we’ll keep the kids like us safe. We’ll make sure that kids like us will never be hurt again.” He said.

He spoke to you like you were younger than him, because in that moment you were. You panic attack reduced you to the scared little child you had been when you had been taken. Jason and Bruce watched all this on the other side of the cave and were amazed.

“Who knew that the little brat would be the only on able to calm her down? It took us hours to do what he just did in ten minutes.” Jason said. Bruce nodded, too busy watching his son transform before his eyes.

In that moment, Damian was more than his son. Damian was a hero, not because he had saved the day or stopped a big villain with his father’s help. He was a hero, because he had helped the person who no one had ever suspected to be so fragile in one of her most vulnerable moments.

Damian sat next to your bed, keeping an eye on the clock. You had fallen asleep after he had calmed you down and he had carried you up to your guest bedroom, refusing to let the others handle you.

A light knock on the door startled him. He quietly walked over and saw Jason in the hall. Damian stepped out of your room and closed the door behind him. Tapping his foot slightly, the younger boy looked like the epitome of impatience.

“What did you want Todd? I have to make sure y/n doesn’t have a nightmare.” Damian said. Jason smirked slightly.

“Y/n? Guess you gave up the last name thing with her. I want to know what’s gotten into you, demon spawn. The first time I walked into the cave after you had come back, I saw my little sister bawling her eyes out because of you. Now, you’re the one guarding her room like a little dog.” Jason said. Damian glared.

"She’s not your sister, Todd.” He said.

"No, but she’s close enough to me. Just answer the damn question!” Jason said. Damian sighed. “It’s because I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to feel so lonely and afraid like she is. Growing up, I didn’t have anyone except for the occasional teacher and mother. She was always too busy with the league and my tutors were always disposed of by the end of a month. Coming here wasn’t much better.” Damian explained.

Jason looked at him in the eyes. “I’m still not getting the whole story, am i?” Damian shook his head.

"When you found her crying, it was because she had just had another panic attack. A guard had grabbed her when we were undercover and had tried to put some toxin in her bloodstream. She completely lost it and I got her out of there. When she showed us her wings, that’s when I realized that she had been experimented on. Just like me.”

Jason’s eyes widened. “What?! You were experimented on too!”

Damian nodded. “Mother believed that trying certain enhancements could produce a far better heir to the al ghul line than a normal upbringing would. After the first test mother had done to me, I knew I couldn’t trust her completely. Coming to live with father hasn’t changed that. All its shown is that the only adults I can trust are Grayson and Pennyworth, and occasionally you and Drake.” He said. He turned to go into your room but froze when he saw the open window.

You were missing! Damian felt his heart start pound faster and he knew that he had to find you. Before ITEX did.

You sat on the roof of the apartment building, swinging your legs. You had needed fresh air and some space to clear your head. You stretched your wings out and flapped them gently. They had been hidden for so long, they had started cramping beneath your jackets.

You were about to leave when you heard a commotion in the alley below. You looked down and saw a woman trying to fight off a much larger man. She cried out as he pushed her to the ground and you decided to intervene.

One small step off the roof, and you went plummeting down straight as an arrow. You landed square on the guy’s shoulders and he went down and out for the count. You turned to the quaking woman and smiled reassuringly at her.

"Don’t worry, ma'am. I’ll call GCPD and he’ll be behind bars. You’re safe now. It’d probably be best for you to go home now though.” You said, your earlier panic attack not leaving many signs in your behavior.

The woman nodded rapidly and stepped forward to hug you. You tensed up but let her do it because you were such a nice superhero. “Oh, thank you Ailés! Or should I say, y/n?” She whispered as you felt a prick on the back of your neck.

"What?” You whispered weakly. You fell to your knees and looked up at the evilly grinning woman and knew you had to escape. You eyesight was blurring and going black around the edges but flying was the best way out. Standing up made your head spin but you fought it off.

You flapped as hard as you could and you were soon climbing past the walls of the alleyway. Another wave of vertigo hit you and you couldn’t fly. You spun out of control and felt your body slam against a fire escape. It was enough to knock you out and soon your body landed right in front of the woman.

She laughed at the sight of you and opened her phone. “It’s me. I’ve found experiment Aves-01. Come pick it up please. You can track my coordinates.“ She said. She hung up and looked down on you.

"Well little hero, say goodbye to your beloved Gotham. Soon you’ll be leaving and you’ll never see it again.”

Damian ran down to the cave and told his father of the situation. Jason was right behind him and they frantically urged their father to find you. It was taking more time than it should.

"If only Drake was here. As much as I am loathe to admit it, he would most likely have more luck finding y/n in less time than father would.” Damian said. Jason looked at him strangely.

"Who are you and what have you done with Damian Wayne? First, you’re being nice to y/n, even calling her by her first name. Now, you’re wishing Tim was here? I think the world is ending.” He said.

Damian glared and was about to say something but Bruce spoke up. “Found her! Here’s some video footage from an alley right outside the bank.” He said and the video popped up. The boys watched you get knocked out and a van come.

A group of people lifted you up into a cage and then the cage was lifted into the van. It drove away and turned right. Damian growled. “They treated her like she wasn’t even human!” He said.

Jason shrugged slightly. “Y/n told me that they only see her as a experiment waiting to be done. Nothing more, nothing less. We need to find her.”

Damian nodded and began to suit up. “They’ll most likely take her to the ITEX building in the city and go on from there. They will most likely transport her somewhere else too.”

"The way y/n described it was that they keep her in a facility for a week after she’s captured so that they can break her resistance to their treatments. Then they’ll transport her to the main lab and that’s normally when she escapes. According to her, they’re always stupid enough to leave her wings free.” Jason explained as he loaded his pistols and stuck a few smoke bombs in his belt.

Damian shook his head slightly. “Based on the video they sent to her, they won’t be making the same mistake this time.”

You woke up on a cold metal surface, with bright white lights shining down on you. Your head hurt like crazy and your pounding headache had made itself known. You tried to move your limbs, only to panic when you realized that they were immobilized.

The cold shackles of reinforced steel kept you on the table and you realized that your wings had been spread out and pinned down to. You started to struggle harder, praying for your strength to get you out of this hellhole.

A man’s laughter filled the room. “It’s no use trying to escape this time. Those restraints can hold superman and you are nowhere near his level. Even if you did some how get out of here, we now have implanted a tracker on your body. There’s no escape from us.”

You flinched as he started to trace your wings. He tugged lightly on one of your primary feathers and you bit back a cry. Your wings were very sensitive and the scientist’s inspection was hurting.

He smirked down at you and you looked away from his cold gaze. “No time for any fun unfortunately. I must follow the protocol. What is your name? Remember, the sooner you answer correctly, the less punishment you’ll get.”

"My name is y/n l/n.” You answered. The man sighed but you could see the amusement in his eyes. He pressed a button and an electric shock coursed through your body.

It felt like you were getting roasted from the inside out. Your muscles contracted and you frantically flapped your wings, trying to get away from the pain. You couldn’t help the scream that escaped you.

You collapsed back onto the table when the shocks had subsided. The man laughed quietly and watched as you panted. "I’ll try again. What is your name?”

“Ailés, winged defender of Gotham.” You refused to say the name they had given you. Saying that would show them that you had given up and that they had finally won. You refused to give them that victory.

The man laughed again. “You have a little rebel streak, don’t you? Well, I can fix that.” The electric shocks went through you again, stronger this time. You almost passed out but you held strong and remained awake.

“Alright. We’re getting nowhere with that question. Tell me each and every one of your names instead. I can tell that one more good zap might kill you and I’d get fired if I lost the most valuable asset to the company.” He said.

“I am y/n l/n. Ailés, ally to batman, partner of Robin. I’m the child that ITEX never was able to keep for longer than a year. I’m the child of (mom’s name) and (dad’s name). I’m the victim of ITEX and all the cruelties they have committed. I’m a survivor and I refuse to let you win.” You said.

The man slow clapped. “I believe that you have forgotten your one true name. Here’s your last chance to fix your mistake before your handlers come in.” You raised your head as high as you could and spat in his eye.

He roared and shouted for the handlers to come in. The two men entered with mallets in hand. You realized what their plan for you was and started struggling as hard as you could against the restraints.

“Nonono! Not that! Please don’t do it!” You shouted as they came near you. The one slapped you in the face and you lay there stunned. The other raised his mallet high and brought it down on your wing, crushing the fragile bones.

You screamed at the pain from your overly sensitive wings. Again and again they brought the mallets down on your wings, breaking the hollow bones within. The one part of the mallet had spikes and they alternated the sides to cause more pain.

Your screams reverberated throughout the building, making your fellow experiments wince in sympathy. Many were thankful that it wasn’t them on the receiving end of the torture and the others were terrified that they were next.

When it was finally over, your wings were unrecognizable. The feathers had been stained pink from your blood and every nerve connected to them felt like they were on fire. You were shaking and sobbing as the scientist walk over to you. You whimpered as he gently caressed your on mangled wing before he tugged on it. You screamed bloody murder.

He bent down to whisper in your ear and you tried to move away. “Next time, we’ll do that to each of your limbs and then we’ll see how deep a knife can go into different parts of your body. So, I’d think very carefully before answering this question. What is your name?”

You looked up as the ceiling and felt all hope leaving you. You realized that the others probably would never find you. You’d never escape and would never be rescued. If this was how the rest of your life was going to be, why bother to fight? It’d just make everything worse. You sighed and closed your eyes, unable to see the victory in the man’s eyes.

“I am Aves-01. Property of ITEX and an example of their scientific genius.”

What moving is like for those who haven’t

On this glorious day of April 25, 2017 we learned some kind-of-but-not surprising news from our beloved British Friends. 

And I’ve realized that a lot of people are emotional (as am I) due to these events, but fear not friends. Moving is not as dramatic and drastic as it may seem for those who have never moved house before. 

I have moved nearly 6 times in my life, and I’m about to move again (in the infamous May how ironic) and I can not be any more excited about it. But anyway for those lost in the dust of despair and imagination;

Here are the 6 steps that are involved when you’re moving:

Step 1: Looking
I imagine our friends Dan and Phil were on this step for a long time.  Probably for at least a year or so. The Looking consists of tabbed websites looking at possible new house recommendations. Maybe even a few fantasy ones like “how would it be if we were to move to LA or Tokyo?” It’s when you’re constantly watching Home Improvement and Property shows gaining ideas and even opinions. You get into the habit of “I wish I could have this but I can’t because I have no room” You find yourself walking through model homes on a whim and even planning appointments with realtors and investigating your interior design knowledge. This is probably the most anticipated phase of them all before actually deciding on whether you’re going to take the challenge and move house. 

Step 2: Planning
AKA, the most stressful. When the wallet comes out and the bank stubs are studied and your requirements are heavily evaluated. It’s when you’re not-actually-an-adult-but-you-actually-are comes into play. Remember when Dan and Phil had mentioned they were seeing an accountant? I firmly believe now that they were in the Planning stage. Although they could be ranking in that dough™ financially planning to move is stressful. Down payments, security deposits, what kind of upgrades are needed, it’s all fun and games until money comes into the game and you have to revolve around the anxiety of “Do I have enough money to buy this extravagant meal because I am moving in two months” kind of ordeal. It’s not a sigh of relief until you sign your name onto that deed with the landlord that YOU’RE IN. YOU GOT A HOUSE, A NEW HOME TO COME HOME TO CONGRATULATIONS ALL THAT HARD WORK AND WORRYING HAS PAID OFF.

Step 3: Packing
The most nostalgic and depressing time of them all. When the boxes come out and start clearing the shelves you reevaluate your life and in the meanings you’ve lived in. You find things you haven’t seen in years, such as old journals, notes, pictures, important dates from months back, etc. And with Dan’s case of dropping things behind other things, this must have happened to him A LOT. It’s when you argue over which dishes you should keep or throw away. Which towels to get rid of, how many clothes you’re donating, do we really need to keep that ugly looking picture from ages ago? Are we ever going to use that bloody mixer we got as a gift? The emotional and spiritual cleansing of things you heavily think out as “will I need this in a month or can I pack it away?” The walls become bare and the air closes in tight as your home does not feel like home anymore but simply just a house; with blank walls and memories packed away in boxes. 

Step 4: Moving
Or the physical stuff that is. When I have moved, we have moved lighter things such as clothes, night stands, food, tvs, mirrors, trinkets, things that are not currently being used by absolute necessities, usually a week before Moving Day. I picture Dan and Phil either renting a car to help with the travel of lighter things or the help of a friend with a roomy vehicle to shovel all their crap into. Slowly making it easier to just finally get into the house already.
Then comes MOVING DAY. Where all the big heavy stuff is lifted into a van, poorly wrapped, and expecting something to break in the time allotted in the duration of the move. It’s the last big push to moving into the new place and it slightly feels warmer knowing that all your stuff is in a foreign land. It’s comforting. 

Step 5: Playing
When the final sweep of the old place is done, all cleaned up and washed to pristine, the keys are handed in and you have to make a new habit on which route to take to the new place. It’s when you figure out which light switch does what, where to put the paintings and house plants, if the bed looks better on this wall or that wall. When all the clothes are neatly and perfectly folded and hung up in an aesthetic way you know won’t last for a month. It’s putting the dishes into the cupboard and thinking is it ideal to put them on the second or third shelf. It’s the “you can fit like 3 bodies into this closet!” When playing around the new place you get so excited by the thought of home you never truly want to leave it. Building new furniture and exploring the new aura it brings. It’s very exciting.

Step 6: Living
Finally, your new house becomes home. Where you finally feel safe at night because the best things about your old place came with you. It doesn’t matter which walls the memories were in it’s the fact that they’re kept. It’s a new chapter to life and a fresh clean slate. This stage appears usually a few days or weeks after the big move. When you’re finally comfortable in the new place and excited to have friends over for the first time. When you finally love it more than you thought you would.

Dan and Phil are very lucky and I wish them the best of new success in the new place. For those heart broken over The London Apartment, don’t be! Because they’re taking us with them. They didn’t have to make a big broad video about moving but they did. We only get to see from the perspective they want to show us which is their living accommodations, and the fact that they shared so much within that video is truly something. 
I’m excited for them as well as whenever they plan on doing an official tour of the new house. 

It’s just a new chapter in everyone’s life. 

#89 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “you finding out you’re pregnant a few weeks before van goes on tour, so when he comes back a few months later you have a big bump. He’s seen pictures while he’s been away, but seeing it in person and feeling your belly blows his mind” and “Can you write about Van with his tiny new baby and he’s terrified to share his baby with the boys because he’s absolutely convinced that Larry will drop it”

The tour plans were already set in stone by the time you found out you were pregnant. You weren’t worried though. Van would be gone for almost three months but during the second trimester. He’d be back for when you actually needed him, and you got the news early enough that they could postpone more touring and the album release for a while after he got back. You didn’t like that he’d have to do any of that. Catfish were on a roll, and stopping that momentum made you guilty. Van assured you that you were always his first priority and that his future babies would be too. He wanted a family, and nothing was more important than that at the end of the day.

On the day he left for the U.S. (and Canada and Australia and Japan and Brazil and everywhere ever) your baby bump was hardly a bump at all. You were somewhere in your third month of pregnancy. You looked online at other people’s bodies. The really thin people had obvious bumps, but you didn’t. It was hidden somewhere under your pointy hip bones and pre-existing belly. Van kissed you hard and you could feel that he didn’t want to leave; his fingers were twisted through yours too tight, he wouldn’t lift his forehead from yours. When the final boarding call sounded, and Larry came to pull him away, Van dropped to his knees and started to talk to your womb.

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