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Tell Him No~ TJ Perkins Imagine

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You and TJ were in a tag team tonight against Brian Kendrick and Dana Brooks.Kendrick was getting on your nerves with his attempt to flirt with you, always slither his arm around you. He only did it to piss TJ off.

Standing by the curtain, an arm slithered around your shoulder.Rolling your eyes knowing already who it was. He couldn’t just lay off, TJ who was standing besides you turn to glare at Brian who smirked. 

“ Why don’t you ditch the nerd after the show and you come hang out with a real man?” scoffing, shrugging his arm off stepping closer to TJ. 

“ I’ll take Perkins over you or anyone any day” 

“ You’re missing out” Dana says as she comes up wrapping her arms around Kendrick. Shaking your head, you felt your hand being taken into someone else’s. TJ’s. A warm fuzzy feeling curled in your stomach, being this close to TJ feeling his warmth brought the nervousness out.

He was a nerd, a handsome nerd. Made you laugh, smile and he made a great cuddle buddy when you needed a cuddle. 

TJ’s theme went through the arena, “ See you out there princess.” He winked at you, leaning down kissing your cheek. A blush reached your cheeks watching him go out through the curtain. 

“ I don’t know what you see in him. He’s so-” Dana got interrupted as your theme went through the arena. Hearing the crowd cheer as you hopped through the curtain, TJ with a smile on his face does your signatures pose with you before you two walk down the ramp. 

As you slide into the ring throwing your hands, hearing the crowd cheer. TJ stood back watching the ramp, taking off your jacket throwing it over the ropes hearing Kendrick’s theme. 

As he made his way down,he had smirk on his face watching you. TJ who was watching didn’t like how Brian was smirking at you. He never did like the looks that Kendrick threw you or the way he wrapped his arm around you. 

TJ was jealous. He was jealous that you weren’t his. Being friends with and having feelings for you was hard. He didn’t want to tell you to ruin the friendship between the two of you. Everyone, meaning your friends and the fans see you together as a couple. Sure you and TJ flirt, cuddle and sometimes hold hands but you weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. 

If he only knew that you felt the same for him as he felt for you. 

Dana’s theme went through the arena, you didn’t pay attention to her entrance seeing TJ’s expression change as he kept his eye on Kendrick who stood in the ring leaning on the ropes while gazing at you. 

When the match started, it was TJ and Kendrick first. They went back and forth until TJ got knocked to the ground. He was crawling his way to you, leaping up tapping your hand tagging you in. The crowd were on their feet as you hopped over the top rope clotheslining Dana.

Getting to your feet, adrenaline pumping. She got to her feet, you kept going and going giving it all you’ve got. Throwing her around the ring, power bombing her until you were ready to do your finisher. 

You pinned her for the win, Kendrick tried to get to you but TJ stopped him before he could. The ref rose your hand and TJ’s as you two were declared the winners. Rubbing the back of your head, Dana had managed to grab your head slamming your head a couple of times on the mat. 

Getting out of the ring, Kendrick was glaring at you two. A squeal escaped your mouth as TJ lifted you off the ground twirling you before settling you on the ground. Gazing up at him, he cupped your face in his hand stroking your chin wit his thumb. Having a moment before he wrapped his arm around your shoulder heading backstage. 

“ What was that out there before the match?” TJ slipped his arm off, speeding up his space. He didn’t want to answer this question, he wasn’t ready to lose you as a friend.

“ TJ..” he continue to ignore you. 

“ TJ!” you shouted adding, “ Stop! please…” he stopped in his tracks not turning to face you. Grabbing onto his arm turning him around, “ I asked you a question. You know I don’t like being ignored” he sighed looking around the hallway biting his bottom lip before his eyes set on you. 

“ it’s nothing. Don’t worry. Okay?” 

“ Not okay, I saw the look on your face TJ. Were you jealous of Kendrick?” TJ looked away. It looks like he got caught, he simply shrugged as if it was his best answer. Your laugh caused him to snap his head towards your direction, a small glare on his face.

“ What’s so funny?” He asks. 

“ The fact that you think that Kendrick’s flirting is working. It’s not. I don’t have feelings for him. At all. I like some one else..” 

His heart sank at the mention of “ someone else.” 

“ Who?” he swallowed the lump in his throat. Stepping closer to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. Not caring if he was sweaty from the match as you leaned up on your toes. 

“ You” brushing your lips against his. He was shocked. It was him that you had feelings for you. He was so happy to hear that, wrapping his arms around your waist pressing his lips against yours.

Smiling into the kiss, “ Finally!” you heard someone shout. TJ pulled away from you turning his head, you turned to look chuckling seeing Noam watching the two of you. 

“ Get your Scottish ass out of here Dar, I’m busy” Noam threw his hands up backing up before TJ leaned down kissing you again. 

﴾ ❝  tj.❞ ﴿

・゚♫・゚♪ 。・゚  TJ isn’t completely sure how this all begun.  They’d gotten into some kind of playful bicker over something trivial,  the former first son shoved Bucky,  Bucky shoved back,  and a light-hearted playfight had evolved from there.  He hasn’t known the guy all that long but knows he has dark spots in his past,  a reputation known to the whole world, and a look that sometimes appears HAUNTED.  In other words,  TJ can relate to him more than anyone else he has ever met.  It’s only natural to want to keep him around, right?  On top of that,  Bucky doesn’t seem to give a single fuck about TJ’s reputation either,  nor make a big deal of his very well-known name.  It’s rare.  It’s nice.  Not to mention the guy is HOT as hell.

   TJ finds Bucky simply fascinating  ; and worth so much more than he believes he does.  He’s a better person than he thinks,  and TJ is going to convince him of that someday.  Until then,  they’re here on the former first son’s bed ;  wrestling like children.
It doesn’t take long until TJ is pinned beneath the ex-sergeant,  a near GIGGLE within his voice when he protests.  Hey,  asshole—  this is hardly a fair fight!”  It’s true,  but TJ knows that the the enhanced soldier could have really hurt him if he wanted to.  He’s not putting even half of his strength into this,  and it just shows how gentle Bucky actually is by nature.  TJ stops trying to struggle soon enough ; his breathing a little louder,  a little faster  —  only partially from the fight.  The smile remains on his face when he studies the other male’s features from this distance ( or lack of it ), blatantly admiring him.

    Silence befalls the pair,  and TJ is consumed with an urge.  Not the kind of urge he feels when he just wants to get laid.  It’s different,  strong,  and difficult to describe.  TJ doesn’t try to decipher it in his mind.  He doubts he even can,  especially not with the beautiful guy currently draped all over him.  So in typical TJ Hammond style,  he prepares to ACT upon the urge.  But before he even can Bucky beats him to it,  dipping his head and brushing their lips together.  Despite his initial surprise,  TJ lifts his head up from the bed a little to meet Bucky halfway,  softly capturing the brunet’s mouth with his own,  pouring all of his fondness for the guy into the gesture.  In doing so,  the former first son feels the kind of FIREWORKS exploding deep in his belly that he didn’t think even existed outside of sappy novels.  Wow.

・゚♫・゚♪ 。・゚   Bucky can’t pinpoint a time where he had ever felt so carefree as he did with the first son that everyone had deemed a lost cause. How it had all started, he wasn’t completely sure himself, but it had been sometime after the split between the Avengers, sometime when he was in limbo and on the run from Wakanda. The police had caught up to him, and Natasha had been kind enough to step in and tell them that she wanted to speak to the President about pardoning him. Bucky hadn’t thought that he deserved it in the least, but Natasha hadn’t given him much thought; she needed nothing more than a quick smile and her status with the Avengers, and then she was being allowed into the White House to speak with one Elaine Barrish herself. Bucky of course hadn’t said much as Natasha had his entire profile on display, but there was still a shuddering feeling running through him as he swallowed thickly and thanked her profusely when she had stated that none of it had been his fault in the least, to stop blaming himself for what had happened when he had been nothing more than prisoner of war. 

       On the way out, they had bumped into a disgruntled first son who looked more and more like he had had a rough night out, and for a moment Bucky as taken back by the similarities between them, but it was beyond easy to point out where they were much, much different. It didn’t take long for Natasha to introduce them, and it wasn’t long after that that him and TJ started to talk regularly, started to slowly brim into something much, much better and much warmer, something that made him bite his lip and try to force down the weird sensation in his stomach every time he laid eyes on the man. It wasn’t that Bucky was a prude and could only like women – he knew he swung both ways when it came to that door, but it was just odd to him that he was finding such happiness with someone who hadn’t been Steve in the long run. It made him bite his lip and kept him up at night, but it was times like these that Bucky thought that maybe he was a bit more sane than he had given himself credit for. That in itself was something that was hard to do, and slowly but surely Bucky began to believe that maybe there was hope for him and recovery after all. 

       For as lithe as TJ can appear, the boy has plenty of strength that nearly drives him crazy and somehow he’s been pinned at least twice by the former first son and he’s got a grin a mile wide on his face. It’s only when TJ lets his guard down for a moment that he fully pins him, hips straddling his waist and a smirk on his face as his fingers hold TJ’s wrists above his head. Wiggling his hips a little out of sheer little shit behavior, and he lets out a loud laugh. “Shut up, don’t be a little bitch! All’s fair in love and war, Hammond.” There’s nothing but a glint of mischief in his eyes, something warm and full of the need to drive the boy insane. He’s not putting his full weight down on the man; a 250 pound super soldier wasn’t something to treat lightly and he knew that he could hold back, that TJ wouldn’t think less of him for doing so. There was barely anything that the man actually did juge him for, and that alone meant more than Bucky could ever actually express. It made his head spin some days when he really thought about it, and it was always those nights when he got the least amount of sleep.

       Staring down at TJ, watching his breath fall rapidly from his lips, Bucky felt his mouth go dry. Every part of him wanted to reach forward, wanted to show TJ that not everyone could be as cold as the world had been to him. He wanted to shelter and protect him – something that Bucky wasn’t sure he should be offering to someone when he himself still needed protection. Bucky couldn’t stop himself though, and he was leaning down before he could tell himself no, and his lips were meeting TJ’s who leaned up to meet his. Everything in Bucky felt like it was on fire, his heart hammering harshly into his chest and a foreign noise left the back of his throat as he felt the warmth explode inside of his body. His fingers gripped at his wrists a little tighter for a moment before he pulls away a bit, his breath coming rapidly and his eyes search over TJ’s face before he whispers, “I’m…no, I’m not sorry.”