lifted ford

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how much can you even lift

FORD: Probably about a hundred pounds? A lot more if I–

STAN: I can lift a vehicle.

FORD: What? No you can’t.

STAN: Sure I can! I can lift…

                                              …A FORD!!!

STAN: (He’s just mad ‘cuz he couldn’t think of a better joke)

STAN: Wait-

Ford Safety Week Day 7: Ford and his whole family <3

Headcanon: Ford is QUITE STRONG after 30 years surviving in other dimensions! Usually he keeps it on the down-low because he wants to let Stan still be “the strong twin,” but when it comes to being overjoyed about his family, sometimes an extreme, lift-4-people-off-the-ground-at-once group hug is required :)

Fiddleford is here because family doesn’t only mean blood relatives, and I think these are the 4 people he cares about the most <3

It’s literally 5:30 in the morning what is wrong with me .;T