Lots of ‘typical Sam meals’, as a friend calls them. Eggs, cheese, bacon, Greek yogurt, chicken and pork are my usual protein sources, combo’d with fresh fruit, berries and veggies, and maybe some bread or potato. I also eat a lot of canned salmon mashed with avocado and spices for as quick and easy lunch, but I didn’t have any photos..

In general I go for veggies that don’t need cooking cause I’m a lazy ass. Greek yogurt always goes with chia or flax seeds, peanut butter, sunflower seeds and maple syrup.

Something chocolatey is usually involved too.


Not my best gym session, felt a little self concious and it was pretty busy. Will be sticking to going at around 8/9am tomorrow. It was great seeing more girls using dumbells though :D but yeh… get outta my way >_<

Got in a fairly decent upper body workout but it was mainly to check on my strength and fortunately I haven’t lost any in the week I had off. Incline chest press, flies, tricep extensions and deadlifts. Heavy weights and lowwwww reps with lots of sets!

Cardio and abs tonight then Leg day and HIIT tomorrow :D


For all you lifters, check out this 70 year old guy. =]

Dear endorphins, I think I love you

Last night was rough. I stayed up too late and then it took ages to falla sleep and I woke up twice during the middle of the night. When my alarm went off this morning I was seriously contemplating skipping going to the box this morning. I mean, I don’t have to go five days a week. Or I could go after work. But I knew that wouldn’t happen. Despite feeling like shit mentally and physically I forced myself to get out of the house and go. I am so glad I did. When I am working on learning new movements and getting proper technique theres no room in my brain for much else. It felt good clearing my head and sweating away some stress. Today’s WOD was a 20 minute long AMRAP. Before hand Brandon went over my power cleans with me and told me that to be honest, he thinks I could probably lift heavier. That part of my problems with form is that I am able to pull the bar up so high so easily. He was spot on. I added 10 more lbs to the bar and while it is harder to lift it definitely feels cleanier, like I’m not flailing around quite so much. He thinks I could potentially go up another 10 lbs, as well. We’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow and I’ll let you know how that goes. In case I haven’t said it enough already. I really love the lifting part of Crossfit. It is so new and exciting and makes me feel tough.

5 Power Cleans
10 T2B
15 Wall Balls

I lifted 45, modded the T2B’s with my attempt at K2E, and used a 10 lb wall ball. I went into the WOD hoping to get at leats 5 rounds. I managed 7 +5. the hardest part was honestly the K2E, by the last round my grip was so shot I barely got through them. I came dangerously close to ripping on of my baby calluses. Hands are killing me now. I could also stand to work on getting deeper into my squats on the wall balls and getting the ball higher. I have some hip and inner thigh mobility issues that I am trying to work on that will hopefully help that stuff improve.

When I go home I ran through a super fast cardio interval doing 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest doing burpees, mountain climbers, high knees, jumping jacks, and butt kicks. I also threw in some jump rope and crunches at the end. I may still try to squeeze in a round of 30 Day Shred later on. We’ll see how I feel after work.