For all you lifters, check out this 70 year old guy. =]


Lots of ‘typical Sam meals’, as a friend calls them. Eggs, cheese, bacon, Greek yogurt, chicken and pork are my usual protein sources, combo’d with fresh fruit, berries and veggies, and maybe some bread or potato. I also eat a lot of canned salmon mashed with avocado and spices for as quick and easy lunch, but I didn’t have any photos..

In general I go for veggies that don’t need cooking cause I’m a lazy ass. Greek yogurt always goes with chia or flax seeds, peanut butter, sunflower seeds and maple syrup.

Something chocolatey is usually involved too.


RFID tags

RFID tags are worse to beep with because they also send a signal telling the towers/system what you “took”. So, say you go to ulta and somehow miss the RFID on the back of a naked pallet, and you beep going out the door. They now know you stole a naked pallet. Other tags don’t do this, they just make the towers beep and assume you took something but have no way of telling what you took if anything (those things beep a lot, and other things can set them off). I just thought I’d write this because I’ve never seen it on tumblr or liftbr and its so important.